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  Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike  Shouting condemnation and promises of retaliation, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah condemned Israel's decision to send warplanes into Syria FBI warn of retaliation over al-Awlaki killing  U.S. officials are warning the killing of American-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlak in the Arabian Peninsula, could spark retaliatory att...   Suicide attacks in retaliation for bL's death Map of Charsadda Pakistan
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B. 2015-12-25 Muslim prayer hall attacked in Corsica Ajaccio, Corsica, Southern France
2. 2014-12-04 Reported US military sex assaults rise Washington
3. 2013-10-26 Iran 'hangs 16 rebels' in reprisal Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchesta, Southern Iran
E. 2013-10-10 Libyan prime minister freed after kidnapping Libya
F. 2013-01-31 Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike Iran
G. 2011-10-01 FBI warn of retaliation over al-Awlaki killing FBI
2011-05-12 Suicide attacks in retaliation for bL's death Charsadda, NW Pakistan
8. 2010-08-04 S Korea in massive military drill South Korea
9. 2010-05-25 Airstrikes wound 17 Rafah, Gaza

Libyan prime minister freed after kidnapping
Muslim prayer hall attacked in Corsica Map of Ajaccio Corsica France  Southern France: A crowd has vandalised a Muslim prayer hall in Corsica in apparent retaliation for an attack on firefighters in the French Mediterranean island Reported US military sex assaults rise  Washington: Reported sexual assaults in the US military rose by 8% this year to 5,983, with nearly 2/3 of those who reported saying they faced retaliati... Iran 'hangs 16 rebels' in reprisal Map of Zahedan Sistan and Baluchesta Iran

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  Southern Iran: Sixteen rebels have been hanged in Iran in retaliation for the deaths of at least 14 border guards in an ambush, say Iranian news agencies
  Ali Zidan has been freed after armed kidnappers abducted him earlier from a hotel in apparent retaliation for a U.S. special forces' raid


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  NW Pakistan: The twin suicide bombings killed 73 people, nearly all of them military recruits who had just completed their training

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Aug.4 S Korea in massive military drill
   South Korea: South Korea has launched its biggest-ever anti-submarine exercises, despite warnings of retaliation from the North
May.25   Airstrikes wound 17   Gaza: A pair of airstrikes launched by the Israel Defense Forces in retaliation for mortar shells fired into Israel from Gaza Jan.9 Rockets fired in India-Pak. Border skirmish   Pakistan: Indian border guards fired four rockets into Pakistan in what they said was retaliation to a similar fire from the other side

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Dec.29   U.S., Yemen reviewing targets for strike  The U.S. and Yemen are now looking at fresh targets in Yemen for a potential retaliation strike, in the aftermath of the botched attack on an... Mar.16 Mexico to raise tariffs on U.S. exports

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Sep.3 North Korea to be rebuilding nuke plant
North Korea to be rebuilding nuke plant Aug.27 State erupts in violence after Hindu shot. India

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Oct.14 26 dead in 'revenge killings'
. Sunni Triangle Jul.12   Israeli troops enter Lebanon  Southern Lebanon: The Israeli Cabinet authorized retaliation on Lebanon and blamed the Lebanese government for the raid

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Sep.27     Israelis launch air strikes
Map of Gaza City Israel  Gaza: The strikes in central Gaza and Gaza City are in retaliation for dozens of Qassam rocket attacks by Palestinian militants Sep.24     Israel launches strikes against Hamas
  Gaza: Israel launched a 'crushing' retaliation with deadly airstrikes, troops massed at the border and a planned incursion Sep.14     Al-Zarqawi's group claims responsibility    Iraq: Al Qaeda in Iraq is saying the attacks are in retaliation for the U.S.-Iraqi military offensive in the city of Tal Afar Aug.23 Canada hints at trade war with U.S.

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Dec.4 United States scrapped tariffs on steel
  Washington: Japan has joined the European Union in dropping the threat of retaliation Jan.5   Israel plans retaliation for blasts  Helicopters fired rockets at a factory in Gaza. Sharon approved plans for further strikes against Palestinian activists Jan.2 Obasanjo apologizes for massacre
. Nigeria

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Dec.10     U.S. warns it has nuke option  Washington: The administration warns any nation using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. will face massive retaliation Jul.31   7 dead in Hebrew University blast
  Jerusalem: An explosion went off in a cafeteria. Hamas was claiming responsibility for the explosion in retaliation for attack in Gaza Jul.15   Pearl killer calls for uprising
  Pakistan: Pearl threatened retaliation by calling for a Muslim uprising. Pearl family welcomes verdict
Jun.5   Israel enters Jenin  West Bank: Tanks and troops backed by helicopter gunships headed for the centre of the town in retaliation for a suicide attack

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Sep.21   European Union back US war plans
  Europe leaders agreed that retaliation for the attacks would be legitimate. Russia, China and Latin America offered support Sep.15 Fears of new Afghan exodus  Iran: Iran has closed its border with Afghanistan to stop refugees from fleeing potential US retaliation for terror attacks Jul.27   Tanks shell Palestinian targets
  West Bank: Police and Force 17 outposts were destroyed in the West Bank in retaliation for the death of a Jewish settler Jun.4 Iraq carries out oil threat  Oil running through an Iraqi-Turkish pipeline stopped in retaliation for a change in the UN's oil-for-food programme Jun.1   Jewish settlers urge retaliation  Israel: A 63-year-old Israeli settler died after he was shot as he drove his car. Palestinian was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers

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Dec.8   Cuba to cut U.S. phone ties   Retaliation for the failure to pay a tax imposed by Havana in response to U.S. use of frozen Cuban funds Nov.18   Israel threatens retaliation for soldier's death
  Palestinian attack left one Israeli soldier dead and two others wounded

before year 2000
Apr. 1, 1933 Persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany begins
  The Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses was in retaliation of the Jewish boycott of German goods

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