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Archbishop contests 'inappropriate behavior' claim  Scotland's Roman Catholic archbishop cardinal Keith O'Brien is contesting accusations of 'inappropriate behavior' with priests US priests in sex abuse pay-out  An order of Catholic priests has agreed to pay $166.1m to hundreds of Native Americans sexually abused by priests at its schools 45 people lynched amid cholera fears
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Crime Main Event: Ex-Pope defrocked nearly 4...
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B. 2017-03-10 Pope Francis open to having some married men become priests Vatican
2. 2014-11-26 Catholic sexual abuse case is Spain's biggest Granada, Spain
3. 2014-11-24 Three priests, teacher arrested in sex abuse case Granada, Spain
E. 2014-06-23 Mormons oust 'women priest' backer Utah
2014-01-17 Ex-Pope defrocked nearly 400 priests Vatican
6. 2013-09-24 Benedict denies abuse cover-up Vatican
7. 2013-04-05 Pope calls for action on sex abuse Vatican
I. 2013-02-25 Archbishop resigns amid abuse claims Scotland

  Benedict denies abuse cover-up  The former Pope, Benedict XVI, has denied any role in covering up child sex abuse by priests, in his first public comments since retirement Pope calls for action on sex abuse  Pope Francis has called for 'decisive action' in the fight against sex abuse of minors by priests Archbishop resigns amid abuse claims
  Pope Francis open to having some married men become priests   Pope Francis has said hes open to the possibility of ordaining married men to minister in remote communities facing priest shortages 7% of Australian Catholic priests allegedly abused children  An inquiry examining institutional sex abuse has heard 7% of the nation's Catholic priests allegedly abused children between 1950 and 2010 Catholic sexual abuse case is Spain's biggest   A Spanish judge on Wednesday filed preliminary charges of sexual abuse against three Catholic priests and a religious teacher Three priests, teacher arrested in sex abuse case   A young man written a letter to the Vatican. Spanish police arrested three Catholic priests and a religion teacher on suspicion of abusing a... Mormons oust 'women priest' backer  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has excommunicated Kate Kelly, a prominent backer of ordination of women priests   Ex-Pope defrocked nearly 400 priests

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Mar.10   Vatican  
Feb.5   Australia

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Nov.26   Spain
Nov.24   Spain
Jun.23   Utah
Jan.17   Vatican
  Close to 400 priests were defrocked in only two years by the former Pope Benedict XVI over claims of child abuse, the Vatican has confirmed

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Sep.24   Vatican
Apr.5   Vatican
Feb.25   Scotland
  Scotland's Roman Catholic archbishop, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, has resigned amid allegations that he abused four men studying to be priests

Feb.24   Scotland

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Mar.25   Oregon

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Dec.23   Haiti
  Most of them voodoo priests, have been lynched in Haiti since the beginning of epidemic by mobs blaming them for the spread of the disease
Jul.15   Vatican Vatican 'speeds up' abuse cases  The Vatican has issued new instructions to speed up the handling of the 'most urgent' cases of sex abuse by priests, after a series of abuse... Jun.8   Vatican Police ask women priest activists to leave May.28   Rome Open letter to pope urges end to celibacy Apr.2   Vatican Fury at anti-Semitism link in abuse row  Jewish groups and victims of sex abuse by priests have condemned the Pope's preacher for comparing criticism of the pontiff to anti-Semitism Mar.20   Vatican   Pope says 'sorry' for Irish church abuse
  Benedict XVI said he is 'truly sorry' for the abuse suffered by victims at the hands of Catholic priests in Ireland
 The pope addressed the crisis that has rocked the Irish Catholic Church in an 18-page letter, which was made public
Mar.19   Vatican Catholic abuse scandal goes global  Allegations spreading across a half dozen countries. Pope Benedict XVI has signed a pastoral letter about Ireland's abusive priests Mar.12   Vatican Pope defends celibacy rule

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Jul.15   Los Angeles LA cardinal offers abuse apology
  The Roman Catholic Church in LA has apologised to hundreds of people abused by priests after agreeing to a record-breaking settlement   Los Angeles Church 'agrees abuse pay deal'

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Nov.16   Vatican   Vatican stands by celibacy ruling
  The Vatican has backed the tradition for priests after a meeting between the Pope and advisers
Mar.8   Ireland Priests hit by abuse claims Map of Dublin Ireland
  More than 100 Catholic priests in the Dublin region are suspected of having abused children in the last 66 years

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Feb.27   USA Church 'shamed' over sex abuse
  More than 4,000 Roman Catholic priests have faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years
Feb.16   USA Sex abuse priests: '4,450 accused'  The survey by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops found that children made more than 11,000 allegations

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Oct.4   Vatican   Pope warns Archbishop on gay priests
  John Paul II has warned the new Archbishop of Canterbury, that new difficulties have arisen between the two Churches
Sep.9   Boston Diocese 'settles sex abuse cases'
  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese has agreed to pay $85m to more than 500 people who were sexually abused by priests

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Dec.13   Boston Cardinal Law quits over sex scandal  Archbishop has resigned amid accusations that he covered up paedophilia by Roman Catholic priests in his diocese Dec.8   California Catholics face financial crisis  A new California law makes it easier for individuals to sue priests for damages in sex abuse cases Oct.18   Vatican Bishops to work on abuse policy  The Vatican and U.S. bishops will form a joint commission to create a policy to deal with priests accused of pedophilia Jul.28   Canada   Pope speaks out on sex scandals
  John Paul II has said that the abuse of children by priests is a source of 'deep sadness and shame' to the Church Jun.14   Texas Bishops approve policy on abusive priests  A resolution is barring clerics who have engaged in sexual abuse from continuing in the ministry Jun.13   Texas Bishops' summit makes apology  Bishop Wilton Gregory, the leader of America's Roman Catholic bishops made a frank apology to victims of predatory priests Jun.4   USA   Bishops draw up abuse response  Roman Catholic bishops have drafted a national proposal on how to deal with priests who sexually abuse children Jun.2   Sydney Bishop admits abuse money offer
  After denying that he tried to cover-up sexual abuse of children by priests, George Pell admits offering victims money
Apr.24   Vatican   Sex abuse priests 'to be sacked'
  Washington archbishop Cardinal McCarrick says the meeting is close to consensus on a 'zero tolerance' policy
Mar.24   New York Paedophile priests face crackdown
  The Roman Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Egan has publicly promised to take a tough line on priests who abuse children
Mar.21   Vatican   Pope denounces 'evil' sex priests  John Paul II has broken his silence on a wave of sex scandals which threaten to undermine the Church's claim to moral authority Feb.23   Poland Archbishop 'molested students'
  The Pope has ordered an inquiry into allegations that Monsignor Juliusz Paetz sexually abused seminarians and priests
Jan.8   Vatican Rules issued on paedophile cases
  Church has published guidelines how to handle cases of child abuse by priests

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Mar.20   Vatican Priests sexually abuse nuns
  The Vatican acknowledged that some priests and missionaries were forcing nuns to have sex with them and to have abortion Feb.7   Gujarat   Mourning the dead in Bhuj
  Hindu priests held ceremonies to pray for the dead in quake by building fires in sacrificial pits

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