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Mexico City issues 6th smog alert after ozone levels spike Map of Mexico City Mexico  Mexico City officials have issued their sixth pollution alert of the year and ordered more cars off the road to reduce emissions Mexico City extends traffic cuts into Wednesday over smog Map of Mexico City Mexico
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Beijing pollution: Police force to combat toxic smog
Sandstorm blankets huge area of China in dusty pollution

year 2017 Top ^

May.3   Beijing  
  A sandstorm blown by gusting winds has enveloped a huge area of central and northern China in thick pollution hazardous to people venturing outdoors
Jan.7   Beijing
  A new team of environmental police will try to reduce hazardous levels of toxic smog engulfing Beijing, the city's acting mayor has said

year 2016 Top ^

May.24   Mexico  
May.3   Mexico
  Mexico City has extended into Wednesday a pollution alert that requires 40 percent of cars and trucks to keep off the streets
Apr.4   Mexico   Pollution alert in Mexico City on eve of new driving rule Map of Mexico City Mexico  City has declared an alert after smog rose to 1 times acceptable limits on the eve of an unpopular program to reduce the number of cars Mar.16   Mexico   Mexico City extends air pollution alert for into 4th day Map of Mexico City Mexico  The authorities saying that despite slight improvements smog levels remained at almost 1 times acceptable limits in some areas Feb.12   Global   Polluted air causes 5.5m deaths a year  More than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year as a result of air pollution, according to new research

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.17   Beijing   Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert
  Beijing authorities have issued a second pollution red alert, little more than a week after the first ever such warning
Nov.27   Beijing   Beijing hit with severe air pollution  Smog engulfed large parts of the country despite efforts to clean up the foul air. The U.S. Embassy reported the level of the poisonous, tiny...   Yucatan   Urgent pollution alert for Bacalar fresh-water lagoon   Mexico's environmental protection agency has issued a call for local authorities to stop sewage and waste discharges into the fresh-water la... Nov.21   Brazil   Brazil dam toxic mud reaches Atlantic via Rio Doce estuary   A wave of toxic mud travelling down the river from a collapsed dam has reached the Atlantic Ocean, amid concerns it will cause severe pollut...

year 2014 Top ^

Oct.19   Beijing Beijing Marathon runners wear masks to combat smog
Apr.17   Beijing China says one-fifth of its farmland is polluted  Nearly one-fifth of China's farmland is polluted, mostly from yearslong accumulations of toxins from factories, mining and agriculture Apr.14   China Asian air pollution strengthens Pacific storms  Air pollution in China and other Asian countries is having far-reaching impacts on weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere Apr.12   Western China   China water pollution hits 2.4m   China's biggest oil company has been blamed for water contamination affecting over 2.4 million people in Lanzhou Mar.25   Global   Air pollution 'killed seven million'  Seven million people died as a result of air pollution in 2012, the World Health Organization estimates Mar.16   Paris Car ban to start in polluted Paris   Hundreds of police will monitor traffic in Paris on Monday after pollution levels prompted the French government to impose major restriction... Mar.15   Paris   Pollution prompts Paris car ban  Alternative driving days are being introduced in the French capital, Paris, in an attempt to tackle dangerous levels of air pollution Feb.5   Southern France   Cargo ship splits on French coast   France has raised a pollution alert after an empty Spanish cargo ship split in half on a breakwater near Bayonne on the Atlantic coast Jan.15   Beijing   Beijing air pollution at dangerously high levels  Air pollution has reached dangerously high levels in China's capital, where toxic small particles registered 26 times the level considered s...

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.9   Beijing Lung cancer cases soar in Beijing  Beijing health officials say smoking is still the number one cause of lung cancer, but they admit air pollution is also a factor Oct.23   Beijing   Beijing announces emergency measures amid fog of pollution
  Skies regularly shrouded by a filthy gray smog, bringing chaos to the transportation network and forcing millions to seek refuge behind surgical masks Jun.24   Jakarta   Indonesia formally apologizes for smoky haze  Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has apologized to Singapore and Malaysia for record-bad pollution caused by forest fires in his... Jun.20   Singapore   New high as haze chokes Singapore
  Pollution levels reached a new record high for a third day in a row in Singapore, as smoky haze from fires in Indonesia shrouded the city state Jan.19   Geneva Countries agree UN mercury rules
  More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution, at UN talks
Jan.12   Beijing   Beijing pollution at hazard level
  Air pollution in the Chinese capital Beijing has reached levels judged as hazardous to human health

year 2012 Top ^

May.28   San Diego   Tuna record Fukushima pollution
  Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to have radioactive contamination from Fukushima nuclear accident

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.8   Milan Milan bans cars to stop pollution
  The city of Milan is banning all traffic from its streets for 10 hours on Sunday in an attempt to reduce smog

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.30   Tehran   Holiday as air pollution plagues capital Map of Tehran Iran
  Iran has declared a two-day public holiday in Tehran after air pollution hit dangerous levels

year 2009 Top ^

May.19   Washington   Obama to curb vehicle emissions
  President is to announce limits on pollution that will set national standards on car and lorry emissions in the US for the first time Jan.31   China Sharp rise in birth defects
  A senior family planning official in China has noted an alarming rise in the number of babies with birth defects blaming environmental pollution

year 2008 Top ^

Aug.1   Beijing IOC meets amid concerns
Jul.31   Beijing Emergency Olympics smog plan announced
  Chinese officials have announced a plan to deal with Beijing's persistent pollution problem as athletes flock toward the country
Jul.28   Beijing   Lingering pollution worries China
  China has admitted it could introduce further emergency measures to cut air pollution during the Olympics
Jul.22   China Most Chinese happy with nation's direction
  Strikingly large numbers are happy with nation's direction and economy yet are deeply worried about prices, pollution and the rich/poor gap
Apr.14   Beijing Building ban for Olympics
  All building sites in Beijing will be shut three weeks before the start of the Games, as the city tries to clear its skies of pollution

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.19   Germany German ire at EU fine on car CO2
  Chancellor Merkel has opposed European Union plans to cut pollution from new cars, saying it was 'not economically favourable' Oct.27   Southern California Pollution warning over fires
  Residents in five southern counties hit by the deadly wildfires have been warned to beware of extremely hazardous air quality
Oct.25   Beijing Pollution casts shadow over Games
  The International Olympic Committee said that Beijing's air pollution problem means some outdoor events may be postponed
Aug.8   Beijing Pollution risk for Olympic events
  Olympic chief Rogge says air pollution could lead to some events at the 2008 Games being postponed
Jun.7   European Union   Europe's seas face 'bleak future'
  EU-funded report: seas are in a serious state of decline as a result of coastal development and pollution from agriculture,
Jun.3   Australia PM pledges climate plan
  John Howard has announced a shift in policy, promising to set up a carbon trading scheme to cut pollution

year 2006 Top ^

Feb.15   USA Mine giant settles pollution case Map of North USA
  Newmont has agreed to pay Indonesia $30m in an out-of-court settlement over a pollution in North Sulawesi

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.10   Tehran   Hundreds treated over Tehran smog
  More than 1,600 people have been taken to hospitals as pollution in the capital reaches critical levels

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.20   New Delhi Workers' Protests Bring Chaos to Delhi
  Workers protesting against rigorous pollution controls
  France     Chirac attacks U.S. over pollution
  At U.N. conference on climate change

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B. 2017-05-03 Sandstorm blankets huge area of China in dusty pollution Beijing
C. 2017-01-07 Beijing pollution: Police force to combat toxic smog Beijing
D. 2016-05-24 Mexico City issues 6th smog alert after ozone levels spike
E. 2016-05-03 Mexico City extends traffic cuts into Wednesday over smog
F. 2016-04-04 Pollution alert in Mexico City on eve of new driving rule
G. 2016-03-16 Mexico City extends air pollution alert for into 4th day
H. 2016-02-12 Polluted air causes 5.5m deaths a year Global
2015-12-17 Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert Beijing
J. 2015-11-27 Beijing hit with severe air pollution Beijing

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