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Rescuers refloat 66 stranded pilot whales Map of Farewell Spit New Zealand
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1. 2018-03-23 Hamelin Bay: Nearly 150 beached whales die in Australia Hamelin Bay, Western Australia
C. 2018-01-15 Venezuela helicopter attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez in bloody siege El Junquito, Venezuela
3. 2017-09-04 Belgian military pilot falls from helicopter Amay, Belgium
E. 2017-07-13 Fugitive Venezuelan pilot, reappears at vigil Venezuela
F. 2017-05-17 Dutch king was guest pilot for 21 years Netherlands
2017-02-09 Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach Farewell Spit, New Zealand
7. 2016-12-07 Pakistan crash pilot made mayday call after engine problem Havelian, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
I. 2016-05-25 Nadiya Savchenko: Russia frees Ukraine servicewoman Kiev
9. 2016-05-21 EgyptAir audio indicated no apparent issues hours before losing contact Egypt

Pakistan crash pilot made mayday call after engine problem Map of Havelian Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan  The pilot of a flight that crashed made a mayday call just before losing contact. All 48 people on the twin-propeller plane flying to Islamabad were killed   Nadiya Savchenko: Russia frees Ukraine servicewoman   Russia has freed jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who became a symbol of resistance against Moscow. EgyptAir audio indicated no apparent issues hours before losing contact China navy plane hits buildings, no casualties reported Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko given 22-year sentence Pilot killed in crash of Jordanian police helicopter Canadian pilot dies after falling into Antarctic crevasse MTV helicopter crash kills two in Argentina Actor Morgan Freeman in plane scare Turkey Russia jet: Marine killed in pilot rescue bid   A Russian marine has been killed on a helicopter mission to rescue the crew of a jet downed by Turkey near the Syrian border American Airlines pilot dies on overnight flight Small plane crashes during maneuver at air show Russian helicopter pilot rescued from Arctic ice Russian MiG fighter jet crashes in southern Russia, pilot bails out Taiwan TransAsia pilot shut wrong engine Map of Taipei Taiwan  Aviation regulator has released data showing the pilot of a plane which crashed in Taipei had switched off the working engine after the other lost power Saudi Arabia's military training aircraft crashes, killing 2
Hamelin Bay: Nearly 150 beached whales die in Australia   Only six whales have survived a mass stranding of pilot whales on the coast of Western Australia Venezuela helicopter attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez in bloody siege   Two police officers and severa 'terrorists' have been killed in an operation to capture a pilot accused of leading an armed rebellion last y... Belgian military pilot falls from helicopter   A body has been found in the search for a pilot who fell out of a military helicopter during an air show in eastern Belgium Fugitive Venezuelan pilot, reappears at vigil  Oscar Pérez, the rogue policeman who used a stolen helicopter to fire on government buildings, has re-emerged at an opposition vigil   Dutch king was guest pilot for 21 years  Willem-Alexander said that he has ended his role as a regular "guest pilot" after 21 years on KLM's fleet of Fokker 70 planes Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach Map of Farewell Spit New Zealand

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Mar.23   Western Australia  

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Jan.15   Venezuela  

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Sep.4   Belgium
Jul.13   Venezuela  
May.17   Netherlands
Feb.9   New Zealand
  Volunteers in New Zealand are racing to rescue survivors after more than 400 pilot whales beached themselves

year 2016 Top ^

Dec.7   Pakistan  
May.25   Kiev
May.21   Egypt
May.11   Southern China
Mar.22   Russia
Feb.2   Jordan
Jan.12   Antarctica

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.13   Argentina
Dec.6   Mississippi
Nov.24   Northern Syria
Oct.5   Upstate New York
Aug.30   Austria
Jul.28   Canada
Jul.3   North Caucasus
Jul.2   Taiwan  
Apr.26   Saudi Arabia
  Defense Ministry says a military training aircraft has crashed, killing the instructor and a student pilot

Feb.15   New Zealand
  Rescuers on Saturday refloated 66 pilot whales stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand as a race to save their lives continued
Feb.12   New Zealand Nearly 200 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand beach   2 dozen of the 198 whales that were found beached have already died. The animals stranded themselves on a famous spot for whale beachings Feb.1   Jordan     Jordan vow after IS beheading of Japan hostage Goto
  Jordan has vowed to do all it can to secure the release of a pilot captured by Islamic State, after a video shows the beheading of Kenji Goto
Jan.2   Kentucky 'Girl survivor' reports US plane crash   A disoriented 7-year-old has walked to a home to report that her plane had crashed. The pilot and 3 other passengers are dead

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.25   Jordan     Father urges IS to show mercy for captured Jordan pilot   Youssef al-Kasaesbeh, the father of Lt Moaz al-Kasaesbeh seized by Islamic State militants in Syria has renewed a plea for his release Dec.24   Northern Syria     ISIS not responsible for downing of Jordanian fighter jet   U.S. confirmed that a fighter jet was shot down in the fight against Islamic State militants in northern Syria and that the pilot had been c...   Northern Syria   IS captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria
Map of Raqqa Syria
  Islamic State (IS) militants have captured Moaz al-Kasaesbeh, the pilot of a Jordanian warplane that crashed in northern Syria.    ISIS claimed it had shot down the jet with a...
Dec.11   Sri Lanka Air force plane crashes in fog near capital, killing 4 Map of Authrugiriya Sri Lanka
  The plane crashed in foggy weather just outside the capital and the pilot had reported difficulty in locating his landing strip
Dec.1   Jordan Pilot killed when U.S. jet crashes in Jordan
  F-16 Fighting Falcon he was flying crashed in an noncombat incident. The plane suffered maintenance problems after takeoff
Nov.21   Karachi Pakistan air force jet crashes, killing pilot   The Mirage fighter jet was on a routine night-time training mission Friday when it went down on the outskirts of the capital of Sindh provin... Nov.12   Southern California   Virgin Galactic pilot 'thrown free' from spacecraft
Map of Mojave desert USA
  The pilot who survived the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo accident was thrown clear as the craft broke up around him, investigators say
Nov.3   Southern California Descent tool probed in Virgin crash   A safety device on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft that crashed on Friday killing a test pilot had been deployed early, US investigators say Oct.31   Southern California   Virgin spacecraft crash kills pilot Map of Mojave Desert USA
  At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashed in the California desert
Oct.14   Melbourne   Kit plane crashes on Melbourne house Map of Chelsea Melbourne Australia
  A light aircraft has crashed into a home in the city of Melbourne, Australia, killing the pilot
Oct.8   California Pilot dies fighting California fire Map of Yosemite National Park California
  The pilot of an air tanker battling a wildfire in Yosemite National Park in California has died after the plane crashed into a canyon wall on Tuesday
  England USAF F-15 jet crashes in Lincolnshire   A US military aircraft has crashed in a field near houses and a school. The pilot is believed to have ejected and has escaped with minor inj... Sep.12   Oceania Two US Navy F/A-18C Hornets crash on Pacific operations Map of Wake Island USA Oceania
  The US Navy is continuing to search for a missing pilot, after two of its jets crashed into the western Pacific Ocean, a spokesman has said
Aug.27   Virginia US F-15 military jet crashes in Virginia   A US military jet has crashed in Virginia but the fate of the pilot is unknown, military officials say Aug.13   Northern Ireland     Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane' Map of Belfast City Airport United Kingdom
  A pilot lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land, an accident report has said
Jul.9   Puerto Rico 2 whales die along Puerto Rico's southwest coast Map of Playa Sucia Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  Government officials in Puerto Rico are investigating the deaths of 2 of 3 pilot whales that stranded themselves in the island's southwest region

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.21   Mozambique Mozambique plane crash 'intentional'
  Mozambique's civil aviation institute has said that it believes that the pilot of a plane that crashed last month deliberately caused the accident
Dec.6   Russia   Russia investigates crash jet pilot
Map of Kazan Russia
  Investigators in Russia are examining whether the pilot of a passenger jet which crashed near Kazan with 50 deaths had a valid pilot's licence
Dec.4   Florida Ten pilot whales die and dozens more beached Map of Everglades National Park Florida
  Ten whales have died and as many as 30 more are stranded after a pod beached off Florida's Everglades National Park
Oct.22   Lesser Antilles American Airlines plane makes emergency landing Map of Turks %26 Caicos Lesser Antilles
  Authorities in Turks & Caicos say a plane has made a safe emergency landing after the pilot reported a fire in the cockpit and a smoking engine
Oct.14   North Mexico   Small plane carrying 14 missing in Mexico's Baja Map of Baja California Mexico
  The pilot of the Cessna 208B lost contact with air traffic controllers shortly after taking off from the airport in the beach town of Loreto
Oct.9   Northern England Airport emergency landing man 'just wanted to get down' Map of Humberside Airport United Kingdom
  Passenger John Wildey, who was forced to land a light aircraft after his pilot fell ill at the controls said he panicked and then just thought of survival
Sep.27   Idaho Pilot suffers heart attack midair Map of Boise Idaho
  A plane carrying 161 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot suffered what was proved to be a fatal heart attack
Jun.22   Ohio   Two die in wing walker crash in Ohio Map of Dayton Ohio
  A wing walker and a pilot were killed when their biplane crashed during an air show. The plane carrying Jane Wicker overturned and hit the ground
Apr.28   Peru   5 saved, 2 missing after balloon goes into Pacific
  A hot-air tourist balloon has fallen into the ocean, and authorities have rescued five women while the craft's pilot and another man remain missing
Mar.22   Philadelphia Bogus pilot caught in US jet cockpit
  A Frenchman has been charged with impersonating a pilot after he was found in the cockpit of a plane due to take off in Philadelphia, police say
Jan.12   Mali French pilot killed in Mali helicopter raid
  An effort to halt advancing militant Islamist forces has resulted in 'many deaths' in northern Mali

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.7   Kabul Prince Harry deployed to Afghanistan
Jul.24   Hawaii   'No sign' of Amelia Earhart wreck
  An expedition to find out what happened to celebrated US pilot Amelia Earhart is returning to Hawaii without the evidence it was looking for
Jul.22   Northern Japan U.S. fighter jet crashes in Japan   A pilot who ejected after a U.S. fighter jet crashed into the waters off northern Japan on Sunday was rescued and was in stable condition Jul.3   Texas   'Insanity' clears JetBlue pilot
Map of Amarillo Texas
  Clayton Osbon screamed about a bomb on a flight and had to be restrained by passengers was found not guilty for reasons of insanity
Jun.21   Jordan   Syrian pilot flees to Jordan seeking asylum
  Jordan announced that a MiG-21 pilot in the Syrian military who fled with his jet will be granted asylum May.15   Western Canada   Hang glider pilot apologizes for deadly flight Map of Agassiz British Columbia Canada
  The pilot of a tandem hang glider from which a British Columbia woman fell to her death last month has apologized to the woman's family
Apr.3   Wisconsin Widow lands plane as husband dies Map of Cherryland Wisconsin
  80-year-old Helen Collins with little flying experience has staged an emergency landing in Wisconsin after her pilot husband collapsed and died

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.14   France   AF447 pilot: Damn it, we're going to crash
  Harrowing new details have emerged from the last moments of Air France Flight which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009, killing all 228
Sep.19   Russia   Pilot error, drunk navigator caused crash
Map of Petrozavodsk Russia
  Pilot error, intoxication of the navigator, and a failure of the crew to interact properly caused a plane crash that killed 47 people in June of this year
Aug.21   England Red Arrows pilot died at show Map of Bournemouth United Kingdom
  A special tribute has been held at the Bournemouth Air Festival for the pilot killed when one of the RAF's Red Arrows crashed following a display
Jul.29   Poland   Pilot error in crash that killed Polish leader
  Unclear instructions from Russian air traffic controllers and bad weather at Smolensk airport also played a part

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.9   Texas New 787 makes emergency landing   A Boeing 787 Dreamliner made an emergency landing during a test flight Tuesday afternoon after the pilot reported smoke in the cabin May.7   Spain 'Death flights' suspect returned
  An Argentine pilot Julio Alberto Poch accused of participating in 'death flights' during the 'dirty war' in the 0s and '80s has been extradited from Spain
Apr.28   Cameroon Pilot error blamed for Kenya Airways crash
Jan.26   Beirut   Ethiopian pilot was told to change course
  Air traffic controllers in Lebanon were telling the pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines flight to change course shortly before it crashed into the sea

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.10   London Pilot charged after UK airport arrest
Map of Heathrow United Kingdom
  British police stopped a United Airlines pilot from flying while intoxicated, pulling him from a Boeing 767 aircraft at Heathrow airport
Sep.13   West Bank Jet crash kills Israel hero's son
  F-16 fighter jet has crashed in the West Bank, killing the 21-year-old pilot, Assaf Ramon, the son of Israel's only astronaut, Ilan Ramon
Aug.16   Moscow 2 jets collide, crash in air show training
  2 air force jets rehearsing aerobatic maneuvers collided, killing one stunt pilot and sending one fighter crashing into nearby vacation homes
Jun.22   Australia   Pilot buries copter crash survivor in sand Map of Northern Territory Australia
  A pilot dragged his passenger to safety and buried him neck-deep in sand to protect him from hypothermia after their helicopter crashed in mudflats
Jun.18   New Jersey   Jetliner lands safely after pilot dies
Map of Newark New Jersey  Continental Flight 61, Boeing 777 , whose pilot died while flying from Brussels to Newark, New Jersey, has landed safely Mar.25   Southern California US fighter jet crash kills pilot
  A state-of-the-art air force F-22 Raptor plane has crashed in the desert near Edwards Air Force Base
Mar.13   Brazil Man steals plane, crashes into mall
Map of Goiania Goi%E1s Brazil
  Kleber Barbosa da Silva pushed the pilot out of a rented plane before takeoff and slammed it into several cars parked at a shopping mall
Feb.24   U.S. Congress   Hudson pilot urges safety funding
  The pilot of a plane that ditched into the river in New York has called on US airlines to invest more in recruiting and training pilots
Feb.6   Australia Pilot saves 5 after ditching plane in sea
Jan.16   New York NY mayor hails 'hero' crash pilot

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.8   San Diego Three dead in jet crash
  A military F-18 fighter jet has crashed into a residential area of San Diego, killing 3 people on the ground and injuring the pilot
Nov.23   Australia   Whales trucked to beach in rescue
Map of Tasmania Australia
  Australian wildlife officials have returned 11 pilot whales to sea, the part of a pod of 64 mothers and calves found stranded the day before
Jul.23   Indonesia Crash pilot on trial Map of Java Indonesia
  The pilot of an plane that crashed at an airport on Java island last year, killing 21 people, has gone on trial accused of negligence
Jul.6   Mexico American pilot killed in cargo jet crash Map of Saltillo Mexico
  McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-15,, carrying a load of auto parts, crashed, killing the pilot and injuring the co-pilot
Feb.20   Florida Fighter pilot dies after crash
  A US military pilot has died after two F-15C fighter jets crashed into the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission. Both men were able to eject
Feb.14   London   Pilot jailed over 9/11 can claim damages
  A British court says an Algerian-born Lotfi Raissi deserves compensation after being wrongly jailed on a U.S. warrant in the Sept. 11 attacks
Jan.30   Ireland Pilot 'breakdown' diverts flight
  An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing in Ireland after a pilot suffered a mental breakdown
Jan.17   London   Heathrow jet lands short of runway   The pilot of a British Airways passenger jet that crash landed appeared to be struggling to bring the plane down safely

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.26   Panama U.S. teen is only survivor of crash
Jul.18   Sao Paulo   Pilot in crash tried to abort landing
  An initial probe of a Brazilian plane crash that killed nearly 200 people suggests the airliner's pilot tried to abort a landing
May.26   Texas   'Love triangle' pilot leaves Nasa
  The space shuttle pilot Bill Oefelein is at the center of a love triangle that included a former astronaut who faces attempted kidnapping charges

year 2006 Top ^

Jul.10   Rome     Italian team makes heroes' return
  An entire nation gave World Cup team a triumphant heroes' welcome. The pilot hung an Italian flag out of the cockpit
May.23   Greece Greek, Turkish fighter jets crash  The pilot of a Turkish fighter jet was rescued, after colliding with a Greek F-16 following a mock dogfight

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.19   Indonesia Pilot jailed for murder

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.19   Washington     Pilot suspected of drinking
  Virgin Atlantic pilot has been detained by police on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol
Jan.26   South Korea U.S. U-2 spy plane crashes Jan.2   Afghanistan Air Force pushes 'go pills'
  A lawyer for U.S. 'friendly fire' pilot, says the Air Force had pressured the pilots to take amphetamines

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.5   France     Panic as Concorde engine fails
  The pilot en route from NY to Paris rapidly descended 27,000 feet as passengers clutched each other in fear
Sep.20   Washington   U.S. holds Sudanese pilot as threat
  A former Sudanese Air Force pilot may have been planning to hijack an airliner and fly it into a target in the U.S.
Jul.2   Germany 71 mostly children killed in midair collision Apr.25   Taiwan   Pilot blamed for runway crash
  Pilot error and bad weather were the causes of the crash in October 2000 of a Singapore Airlines jumbo jet
Apr.19   Milan   Speculation grows over Milan crash
  Detectives are investigating the background of an elderly Swiss pilot. His son said 67-year-old father had killed himself
Jan.6   Florida Crash pilot was Bin Laden supporter

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.27   South Africa Battle over AIDS drug
  The government plans to run the pilot program for two years Sep.28   England   Algerian suspect 'trained hijackers'
  An Algerian pilot Lotfi Raissi, 27, instructed 4 of the hijackers involved in the suicide attacks
May.24   Israel Israel shoots down light aircraft
  Single-engined Cessna 152 crossed over border from Lebanon. A non-licensed pilot was killed
May.9   Sudan Red Cross pilot killed
  A Danish pilot was killed when the plane he was flying came under fire over Sudan
Apr.19   Washington   EgyptAir crash report
  Report will conclude that there was no mechanical problem and suggests that the pilot brought the plane down on purpose
Apr.7   China   Diplomats meet U.S. fliers
  Washington and Beijing are now working on a letter containing a regret for the missing Chinese pilot but not the apology
Apr.5   China     China questions U.S. crew
  China has welcomed a U.S. regret over the loss of a Chinese pilot but is keeping up calls for an apology
Jan.31   Japan   Jet near-miss injures 34
  Jet swerved in mid-air to avoid another aircraft. The pilot yanked the controls to avoid hitting the other plane

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.14   Indonesia   Pilot likely cause SilkAir crash
  U.S. concluded that voice recorder was intentionally disconnected and flight controls placed in a nose-down position

before year 2000
Apr. 12, 1961   Kazakhstan Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin is first man in space Map of Baikonur Cosmodrome Kazakhstan
  A Russian Soviet pilot and cosmonaut; the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth
 The Vostok 3KA-3 (Vostok 1) spacecraft with Gagarin aboard was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Gagarin thus became both the first to orbit the earth. His call sign was Kedr
May. 21, 1927   Paris Charles Lindbergh completes first solo nonstop flight across Atlantic
Map of Le Bourget Field Paris France
  As a 25-year-old U.S. Air Mail pilot, Lindbergh made Orteig Prize-winning solo nonstop flight from the Roosevelt Field in New York to Le Bourget Field

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