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U.S. assessing Pakistan nukes  U.S. military intelligence officials are urgently assessing how secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons would be if Musharraf falls   Sarkozy: Trust Arabs with nukes  After agreeing to nuclear cooperation with Libya, French President said the West should trust Arabs to develop such technology for peaceful ...   Putin: U.S. force fostering nukes
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B. 2011-04-26 Iran's nukes under cyberattack Iran
2. 2009-05-20 Pakistan denies increasing nuke capability Pakistan
3. 2007-11-11 Turmoil raises concern for nukes Pakistan
E. 2007-10-23 Israel: Iran nukes are world issue London
5. 2007-10-22 N Korea 'may lose nukes next week' North Korea
2007-09-02 N. Korea agrees to close nuke facilities Switzerland
H. 2007-07-26 Sarkozy: Trust Arabs with nukes Libya
8. 2007-02-10 Putin: U.S. force fostering nukes Germany

  Pakistan denies increasing nuke capability  The information minister denied accusations that his country is expanding its capability to produce nuclear weapons   Turmoil raises concern for nukes  Global security experts expressed concern that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal could wind up in the hands of Islamic radicals   Israel: Iran nukes are world issue  Prime Minister Olmert said that Iran's controversial nuclear program is 'a major issue for the entire world' and called for stronger sanctio...   N Korea 'may lose nukes next week'  North and South Korean officials met to help prepare for upcoming talks on energy aid as part of a February deal N. Korea agrees to close nuke facilities
  Iran's nukes under cyberattack

year 2011 Top ^

Apr.26   Iran
  Iran has been targeted by a new computer worm named Stars, according to defense official Gholam Reza Jalali

year 2009 Top ^

May.20   Pakistan

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.11   Pakistan
Oct.23   London
Oct.22   North Korea  
Sep.2   Switzerland
  U.S. negotiator: North Korea agreed to declare and disable all its nuclear facilities by the end of the year

Aug.10   Washington
Jul.26   Libya
Feb.10   Germany
  Russian President at a security forum blasted the United States for the 'almost uncontained' use of force in the world

year 2006 Top ^

Sep.7   Washington   Khatami speaks on nukes, Jews  Former Iranian President: Dialogue and negotiation are the only ways to resolve the nuclear issue Jan.17   Jerusalem PM says Iran must not acquire nukes

year 2005 Top ^

May.9   UN N. Korea 'may have 5 or 6 nukes'
Feb.18   Moscow Putin: Iran not developing nukes Feb.9   North Korea N. Korea Admits to Nukes, Out of Talks
  North Korea publicly admitted for the first time that it has nuclear weapons and suspending participation in talks

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.19   Iran     Iran rejects U.N. call on nukes
  Iran has rejected a resolution from IAEA demanding the country immediately suspend all uranium enrichment Jan.23   Pakistan     Musharraf: We will act over nukes
  President has vowed to prosecute any Pakistani nuclear experts who passed their knowledge to other countries Jan.21   U.S. Congress Expert not convinced on NK nukes
  Sigfried Hecker could not say if it really was bomb-grade plutonium metal as North Korea claimed Jan.11   South Korea   Seoul seeks nuke visit report  Officials are due to get a first hand report on North Korea's Yongbyon facility from an unofficial U.S. delegation

year 2003 Top ^

Aug.26   Iran Iran nukes still a concern - IAEA Jul.24   North Korea N. Korea threatens tactical nukes Jul.20   South Korea Blair, Roh discuss N. Korea nukes May.8   New Delhi PM rejects no-nukes pact
  Prime minister told his parliament that 'friendship with Pakistan' was in both nations' best interests Apr.27   South Korea Seoul tells N.Korea to scrap nukes Map of Seoul South Korea
  Seoul: North's declared possession of nuclear weapons is a security threat that broke a 1991 nuclear-free declaration
Apr.24   North Korea   N. Korea 'admits having nukes'  American and North Korean delegations have had separate meetings with Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhao Xing Mar.29   North Korea N. Korea refuses nuke inspections
  North Korea is fearing the same fate as Iraq, according to a newspaper
Jan.21   South Korea   South pushes nukes issue at Korean talks  A delegation of senior North Korean officials has arrived for 4 days of high-level talks

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.10   Washington   U.S. warns it has nuke option  The administration warns any nation using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. will face massive retaliation Oct.26   Mexico United call for N. Korea to scrap nukes
  U.S., Japan and South Korea call on North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons program
Oct.20   North Korea   N. Korea 'ready to talk' about nukes  In a second day of meetings North Korea says it is ready to talk on condition the U. S. stops treating it as an enemy Oct.19   South Korea   U.S. warns N. Korea over nukes  Assistant Secretary of State called on Pyongyang to fully disarm or face 'maximum international pressure' Oct.17   Washington     Rumsfeld: N. Korea may have nukes  North Korea may have nuclear weapons already after renouncing a 1994 pact to give up its weapons efforts Jul.31   U.S. Senate   Defector: Iraq could have nukes by 2005
  Senators opened hearings on a possible U.S. attack on Iraq with testimony from a former Iraqi nuclear engineer

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