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  Iran nuclear deal: Tehran on track, says John Kerry  The US says Iran has taken a 'significant step' towards meeting its nuclear commitments, by sending a large quantity of uranium abroad US conservatives condemn Iran nuclear deal  US conservatives have lined up to condemn the deal reached between major world powers and Iran. The Congress has 60 days in which to consider   Iran nuclear deal to take effect   An interim deal on Iran's nuclear programme is due to enter into force in a few hours' time US: Deal to implement Iran nuclear deal near  The US dismissed a report that an agreement had been reached to begin implementing a deal that requires Tehran to limit its nuclear program   Obama defends Iran nuclear deal  US President Barack Obama has defended a deal between Iran and world powers on Tehran's nuclear program   Iran nuclear deal makes Mid-East safer place - Kerry  The US secretary of state has said the deal reached on Sunday over Iran's nuclear programme will make Israel and the Middle East a safer place US, Iran nuclear deal spurs bipartisan concern in Congress Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks
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B. 2017-10-12 Iran nuclear deal: Trump to withdraw support Washington
C. 2016-01-16 Iran nuclear deal: 'New chapter' for Tehran - Rouhani Tehran
3. 2015-12-28 Iran nuclear deal: Tehran on track, says John Kerry Washington
E. 2015-07-14 US conservatives condemn Iran nuclear deal U.S. Congress
F. 2014-01-01 US: Deal to implement Iran nuclear deal near Washington
G. 2013-11-25 Obama defends Iran nuclear deal San Francisco Bay Area
7. 2013-11-24 Iran nuclear deal makes Mid-East safer place - Kerry USA
I. 2013-11-24 US, Iran nuclear deal spurs bipartisan concern in Congress U.S. Congress
2013-11-23 Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks Geneva

Iran nuclear deal: 'New chapter' for Tehran - Rouhani  Iran 'has opened a new chapter' in its ties with the world, President Hassan Rouhani said, hours after economic sanctions on Tehran were lifted Sanctions lifted after Iran found in compliance on nuclear deal
  Iran nuclear deal: Trump to withdraw support

year 2017 Top ^

Oct.12   Washington  
  US President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw backing from the nuclear accord with Iran on Friday and lay out a more confrontational strategy

year 2016 Top ^

Jan.16   Tehran  
  Iran has completed the necessary steps in a deal to restrict its nuclear program, officials from the EU and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.28   Washington
Jul.14   U.S. Congress  

year 2014 Top ^

Jan.19   Iran  
Jan.1   Washington

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.25   San Francisco Bay Area  
Nov.24   USA
  U.S. Congress
Nov.23   Geneva
  Iran and six world powers meeting in Geneva have reached a deal on Tehran's nuclear programme, foreign ministers say
 Iran agrees to halt some of its work on uranium enrichment for six months. Negotiators from the UK, US, Russia, China, France and Germany want Iran to stop enriching uranium in return for a loosening of sanctions
Nov.11   Washington Iran 'backed out of nuclear deal' Nov.8   Geneva   John Kerry says no Iran nuclear deal yet   US Secretary of State John Kerry has stressed that no agreement has yet been reached on Iran's nuclear programme, as he arrived for key talks Nov.6   Geneva U.S. official: Iran wants nuclear deal -- fast Sep.25   Iran     Iran wants nuclear deal 'in months'   President Hassan Rouhani says he wants to reach a deal with world powers on Tehran's nuclear program in three to six months

year 2012 Top ^

Nov.6   Canada India settles Canada nuclear deal

year 2010 Top ^

May.17   Tehran Iran agrees Turkey nuclear deal
  Iran has signed an agreement to send uranium abroad for enrichment after mediation talks in Tehran with Turkish and Brazilian leaders
Feb.2   Iran     Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms
  The president has said it is ready to send its enriched uranium abroad for further enrichment under a deal to ease concerns about its nuclear program
Jan.2   Iran Iran demands reworked nuclear deal

year 2009 Top ^

Apr.29   Washington Torture tape delays US-UAE nuclear deal
Jan.15   Washington U.S.-UA Emirates sign nuclear deal

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.11   Washington     N. Korean nuclear deal may elude Bush
  The administration signaled that it may not be able to reach an agreement with North Korea on its nuclear program before President Bush leaves office
Oct.1   U.S. Senate US approves Indian nuclear deal
  The Senate is ending a three-decade ban on US nuclear trade with Delhi, by the 86-13 vote
Sep.5   Washington   U.S. may pull nuclear deal to punish Russia  The administration is poised to withdraw an agreement on nuclear trade as punishment for Russia's military action against U.S. ally Georgia

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.30   Washington     N Korea 'failing on nuclear deal'  North Korea has failed to provide all the information about its nuclear program it had promised in return for international aid Oct.3   North Korea     N Korea agrees nuclear deadline  North Korea has agreed to disable its main nuclear reactor and give complete details of its nuclear program by December 31 Jul.27   Washington   U.S., India reach nuclear deal
  A landmark deal on nuclear cooperation for civil purposes will benefit both countries and strengthen international non-proliferation efforts
Apr.13   North Korea   N Korea reaches nuclear deadline   The deadline is for for closing a key nuclear reactor but it's unclear whether the Yongbyon facility will be shut as agreed Feb.12   Beijing N. Korea agrees nuclear deal   U.S. and Chinese officials: North Korea has agreed to close down its nuclear weapons program in exchange for energy aid

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.16   U.S. Senate   Senate agrees India nuclear deal
  The Senate has overwhelmingly voted to pass a deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India
Jul.28   Tehran   Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council are giving Iran until 31 August to suspend uranium enrichment
Jul.26   House of Representatives   US House backs India nuclear deal
  The House of Representatives has approved an agreement to share civilian nuclear technology with India
Jul.4   Iran   Iran defiant on nuclear deadline
  Iran will issue its reply in August to the Western plan for incentives and talks over the nuclear program
Apr.5   U.S. Congress     Rice defends India nuclear deal  Secretary of State has urged Congress to ratify a deal to give India civil nuclear technology

year 2005 Top ^

Jul.30   Iran Iran sets deadline on nuclear deal
  Iran would not resume uranium enrichment and would continue talks with the EU
May.25   Switzerland EU, Iran strive for nuclear deal

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.20   Iran   New nuclear deal proposed  Iran has formed its own alternative proposals for easing international concerns

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.12   Iran   Protest over nuclear deadline  The IAEA has set a 31 October deadline for Iran - triggering a walk-out by Iranian diplomats in protest Jan.19   North Korea Russia offers N.Korea nuclear deal
  Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Losyukov has given North Korean officials so-called 'package plan'

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.13   North Korea   N. Korea threatens to ditch nuclear deal  North Korea has rejected a U.S. demand to submit to nuclear inspections

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