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Taiwanese vote for new president Prime minister becomes new president. Myanmar Brazil votes for new president Farc call for talks with new president. Colombia Colombia votes for new president   Guinea-Bissau votes for new president  Guinea-Bissau will hold a runoff presidential election, five months after the leader of the nation was assassinated by a group of soldiers   Bhutto widower is new president
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2017-05-14 France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president
C. 2016-03-14 Myanmar parliament voting on new president Myanmar
D. 2015-10-25 Argentina elections: Voters pick new president Argentina
4. 2015-09-03 Guatemala swears in new president after Perez Molina resigns GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala
F. 2014-10-25 Brazil chooses its new president in tightest election Brazil
G. 2014-07-21 Indonesia to name new president Jakarta
H. 2014-05-25 Ukrainians vote for new president Ukraine
I. 2014-03-30 Egyptians set to vote for new president in May Cairo
J. 2012-12-18 S Koreans vote for new president South Korea

  Myanmar parliament voting on new president   Myanmar's parliament has begun electing a new president, who is almost certain to be the first civilian to lead the country in more than 50 ... Argentina elections: Voters pick new president   Argentines are going to the polls to choose their next president in a general election that ends 12 years of rule under the Kirchners Guatemala swears in new president after Perez Molina resigns Map of GUATEMALA CITY Guatemala  Newly sworn-in Alejandro Maldonado demanded that all top government officials submit their resignations and promised an honest administration Brazil chooses its new president in tightest election  Millions of Brazilians are set to vote for a new president in what correspondents say is the tightest vote the country has seen in decades Indonesia to name new president   Jakarta: Indonesia is to name its new president, following a hotly-contested election that saw both candidates claim victory Ukrainians vote for new president    Ukraine: Ukrainians are going to the polls to vote in a new president after months of unrest following the ousting of former President Viktor Yanukovych Egyptians set to vote for new president in May  Cairo: Egypt's presidential election will be held May 26 and 28, the electoral commission announced on Sunday   S Koreans vote for new president    South Korea: Millions of South Koreans are casting ballots in a presidential election seen as too close to call   Clinton meets with Egypt's new president  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Egypt's first democratically elected leader Mohamed Morsi to 'assert the full authority of the presidency' Mexicans vote for new president. Mexico No warm welcome for Paraguay's new president
  France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president Map of Elysee presidential palace Paris France

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  Paris: The president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, proclaimed the official result of the vote in a ceremony Sunday at the Elysee presidential palace.    Macron has promised to rest...

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  The impeachment have been carried out in accordance with the Constitution, but some Latin American presidents are calling it a coup d'etat


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  Pakistan: Asif Ali Zardari, 53, had been the front-runner in the race to replace former President Musharraf
 The election was by lawmakers in the two houses of the National Assembly and in the four provincial assemblies. Zardari received 281 votes. Retired Chief Justice Siddiqui received 111 votes and Senator Mushahid Hussein received 34
Sep.5   Pakistan votes for new president  Voting has started to elect a successor to Pervez Musharraf, who resigned as president last month rather than risk impeachment May.25   MPs elect new president
  Beirut: Lebanon's parliament has elected army commander General Michel Suleiman as president, ending deadlock which has left the post vacant.    He had won 118 votes out of 127.. Suleiman, who was standin...
May.7     Russia swears in new president  Moscow: Dmitry Medvedev wasted no time, naming his predecessor Vladimir Putin as his new prime minister two hours after he was sworn in

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Oct.28 Argentina choosing new president May.16     Nicolas Sarkozy sworn in as new president
  Paris: The new president reached out to his political opponents in his inaugural speech, pledging to reunite the country.    Sarkozy recounted the legacies of French leaders before him. He was officially inaugurated in an elaborate ceremony at the Ely...
Feb.13 Acting leader sworn in as new president. Turkmenistan Feb.10   Turkmenistan elects new president
  Voters are going to the polls to choose a successor to late autocratic President Niyazov amid hopes of a political thaw

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Oct.15   Ecuador votes for new president   The ew president will be the 8th leader in 10 years of the politically turbulent nation

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Nov.16   Sri Lanka votes for new president
  13 candidates are running but the vote is seen as a straight contest Rajapakse and Wickramasinghe
Oct.9   Poland votes for a new president  Donald Tusk of Civic Platform party, Lech Kaczynski of the Law and Justice party are the front runners Apr.6   Saddam sees new president's election   Iraq: Former dictator watched from his jail as the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan assumed the title Saddam held

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Jun.1   Council dissolved as new president named
  Baghdad: Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar had been appointed interim president. Prime Minister Allawi named members of the new Cabinet

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Aug.7   Bolivia's new president  Jorge Quiroga will take over after Hugo Banzer, who resigned because cancer

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Nov.22   Peru has a new president  Valentin Paniagua becomes head of state, Javier Perez de Cuellar as his prime minister

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