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Rancadore rearrested after new warrant for Mafia boss Map of west London United Kingdom
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B. 2017-11-16 Notorious Mafia boss Salvatore 'Toto' Riina dies aged 87 Parma, Northern Italy
2. 2016-10-06 Italy mafia fugitive found hiding in secret room in own home Benestare, Southern Italy
D. 2014-06-23 Police in Italy solve 105-year-old NYPD mob detective’s murder Sicily
2014-06-21 Pope Francis attacks 'evil' mafia in 'Ndrangheta base Calabria, Southern Italy
5. 2014-04-04 Rancadore rearrested after new warrant for Mafia boss
G. 2014-03-21 Stop doing evil, Pope tells mafia Vatican
7. 2014-02-11 US-Italian mafia raids catch 26 Gioia Tauro, Calabria, Southern Italy
I. 2014-01-30 3 year-old killed in suspected mafia hit Cosenza, Calabria, Southern Italy

Italy mafia fugitive found hiding in secret room in own home Map of Benestare Italy  Southern Italy: Antonio Pelle, 54, has been found hiding in a secret compartment in his own home after five years on the run Vincent Asaro cleared over 'Goodfellas' heist Map of Brooklyn New York  New York: A reputed mobster has been found not guilty of planning a brazen 1978 airport heist that helped to inspire the Mafia film Goodfellas Police in Italy solve 105-year-old NYPD mob detective’s murder  Sicily: Giuseppe 'Joe' Petrosino, known as 'the Detective in the Derby,' was a pioneer in taking down organized crime back in the early 1900s   Pope Francis attacks 'evil' mafia in 'Ndrangheta base Map of Calabria Italy
Notorious Mafia boss Salvatore 'Toto' Riina dies aged 87 Map of Parma Italy

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  Northern Italy: Ex-boss of the feared Cosa Nostra, was jailed in 1993. He was serving 26 life sentences and is believed to have ordered more than 150 murders

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  Southern Italy: Pope Francis has condemned the mafia's 'adoration of evil' at a mass in Calabria, the southern Italian base of the 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate

  London: Convicted Mafia boss Domenico Rancadore has been rearrested by police in west London just a month after he avoided extradition from the UK to Italy
Mar.21   Stop doing evil, Pope tells mafia  Vatican: Pope Francis has launched a stinging attack on the mafia, warning gangsters that they will go to hell unless they repent and stop doing evil Feb.11   US-Italian mafia raids catch 26   Southern Italy: Police in the US and Italy say they have arrested 26 people in a joint raid against a new mafia-operated drug trafficking route Jan.30   3 year-old killed in suspected mafia hit   Southern Italy: 'Coco' Campolongo was shot in the head along with his grandfather and his grandfather's companion -- victims of an apparent mob hit over mon...

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Aug.8   Wanted mafia boss arrested in London  Domenico Rancadore, 64, has been arrested in London after nearly two decades years on the run, police have said Jul.26 Italy police target Mafia near Rome
Map of Ostia Italy
  Italian police have arrested at least 50 people in a big anti-Mafia operation in the coastal region near Rome
May.25   'Mafia martyr' Puglisi beatified   Sicily: More than 50,000 people have attended the beatification of Don Giuseppe Puglisi, a Roman Catholic priest murdered by the mafia in 1993

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Oct.9 Italy sacks 'mafia link' council   Southern Italy: The entire council of the city of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy has been sacked to stop it from being taken over by the mafia, officials...

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Dec.7   Police arrest Mafia boss hiding in bunker  Naples: Police in Italy arrested an alleged top Mafia boss hiding in an underground bunker below his home in a small town near Naples Nov.10 Murdoch like 'Mafia boss,' says lawmaker
  London: News International chief rejected allegations his company behaved like a Mafia organization over the News of the World phone-hacking scandal

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Mar.15   69 members of Georgian-run mafia arrest   Spain: olice across Europe arrested 69 suspected members of a Georgian-run mafia, including 24 in Spain, which was leading the investigation

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Nov.1   Italy raid nets two mafia bosses   Naples: Italian police have arrested two more suspected mafia bosses Pasquale and Carmine Russo, a day after seizing their brother Salvatore Jun.21   Mafia man arrested in Venezuela   Italian fugitive Salvatore Miceli, listed as one of the country's 30 most dangerous men, has been arrested in Venezuela Mar.21 Crowds march against mafia  Naples: Thousands of Italians have marched through the city in one of the largest anti-mafia protests of recent years

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Dec.16   Sicilian mafia 'decapitated' by raid
Map of Palermo Italy  Sicily: Paramilitary police carried out massive arrests against the Sicilian mafia in Palermo, 'decapitating' the organization's leadership structure Sep.30 Police arrest suspects in Mafia killings. Southern Italy

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Dec.24 Firm quits Sicily to spurn Mafia
Nov.5   Senior Mafia boss arrested
  Sicily: The police have arrested Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the reputed new boss of the Sicilian Mafia, who had been at large for 20 years
Oct.22 Mafia turnover '$120bn'
. Southern Italy Aug.30   Mafia suspects arrested  Southern Italy: Police are arresting dozens of suspected members of rival gangs linked to the killing of 6 Italian men in Germany

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Jun.5   'Mafia cops' get life in jail
  New York: Two former policemen were convicted of murder committed while serving as hitmen on a Mafia payroll
Apr.11   'Top Mafia boss' caught  Sicily: Bernardo Provenzano, considered to be the head of the Sicilian Mafia, has been arrested

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Apr.26   Mafia 'takes major hit'
  Chicago: 14 alleged mobsters have been charged with crimes including 18 murders, in one of biggest ever crackdowns

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Jun.16   Church sex investigator resigns  Washington: Frank Keating has resigned after accusing bishops of blocking his work. He compared bishops to the Mafia Jan.16   Andreotti accused of Mafia links
  A leading Mafia turncoat testified that 7 times prime minister, in a long political career, protected the mob

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Jul.31 'Mafia boss' held for Olympic fixing
  Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, Russian crime boss, tried to fix skating competitions at the 2002 Winter Olympics

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May.17 Mafia boss arrested
  Southern Italy: Angelo Nuvoletta, one of Italy's most-wanted fugitives, was a key link between the Camorra and the Sicilian Mafia

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