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  Eurozone delays Greek loan choice  Eurozone finance ministers have delayed a decision on giving Greece the next instalment of bailout cash Eurozone 'to approve' Greece loan  Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Luxembourg, where they are expected to approve a 12bn-euro loan to debt-stricken Greece   Pakistan seeks IMF help on floods  Officials have held talks with the International Monetary Fund to discuss its $11bn loan package in the wake of the devastating floods   World Bank to loan Pakistan $900m
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1. 2016-11-11 Egypt wins approval for $12bn loan from the IMF Cairo
C. 2016-05-24 Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal Brussels
3. 2015-02-17 Greece 'to request loan extension' Greece
E. 2014-02-27 World Bank stalls $90m Uganda loan Uganda
2012-06-09 Spanish bank bailout request welcomed Spain
G. 2012-04-28 South Sudan awaits big China loan Southern Sudan
H. 2012-02-19 Greece seeking critical new bailout Belgium
8. 2011-11-02 Bailout loan withheld from Greece France
J. 2011-10-03 Eurozone delays Greek loan choice European Union

South Sudan awaits big China loan  Officials in South Sudan say China has agreed to loan it $8bn for major development projects to build roads, bridges and telecom networks   Greece seeking critical new bailout  Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet to decide whether Greece has done enough to merit a huge bailout loan   Bailout loan withheld from Greece
Egypt wins approval for $12bn loan from the IMF  The International Monetary Fund has approved a three-year $12bn (11bn) loan for Egypt to help the country out of its deep economic crisis   Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal  Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to extend further bailout loans to Greece as well as debt relief, in what they call a 'major breakthr...   Greece 'to request loan extension'  Greece is expected to request a six-month extension of its loan agreement on Wednesday, according to reports World Bank stalls $90m Uganda loan   The World Bank has postponed a $90m (54m) loan to Uganda over its tough new anti-gay law that has drawn criticism from around the world   Spanish bank bailout request welcomed

year 2016 Top ^

Nov.11   Cairo
May.24   Brussels

year 2015 Top ^

Feb.17   Greece

year 2014 Top ^

Feb.27   Uganda

year 2012 Top ^

Jun.9   Spain
  Spain's decision to request a loan of up to 100bn euros from eurozone funds to help shore up its struggling banks has won broad support
Apr.28   Southern Sudan
Feb.19   Belgium

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.2   France
  The next 8bn euros of rescue loans will be withheld from Greece until after its referendum on the eurozone rescue plan, European leaders say

Oct.3   European Union  
Jun.19   Luxembourg

year 2010 Top ^

Aug.23   Pakistan
Aug.16   Pakistan
  The bank is to loan $900m to Pakistan to help it recover from its worst ever flooding. UN says international aid has been slow
May.17   Greece EU to give Greece first tranche of loan  Greece is due to receive the first tranche of a 110bn-euro loan to help it overcome its debt crisis May.7   European Union Eurozone approves Greece bail-out  Leaders of the 16 EU member states that use the euro have approved an 110bn euro loan to Greece to prevent its debt crisis from spreading Apr.11   Greece   Greece is offered 30bn euros loan
  Leaders of the 16 eurozone nations have agreed to fund up emergency loans for debt-hit Greece, if the country wants the cash
Feb.16   Washington US to build two nuclear power stations   Obama has announced $8bn of federal loan to begin building in the state of Georgia the first US nuclear power stations for 30 years

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.2   New Delhi World Bank loans India $1bn for Ganges  The World Bank has agreed to loan India over the next five years to clean up the Ganges, one of the most polluted rivers in the world Nov.2   Milan Milan seal Beckham loan deal  AC Milan confirmed that England midfielder David Beckham would be returning to them on loan in January May.21   New Zealand Global hunt for accidental millionaires  A couple fled after a bank mistakenly paid them NZ$10 million (US$6 million) when they applied for a loan of just NZ$10,000 Feb.13   Los Angeles Beckham to return to L.A. Galaxy

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.20   Milan Beckham arrives for AC Milan loan
Nov.19   Iceland     IMF approves $2.1bn Iceland loan
  The International Monetary Fund has approved a $2.1bn loan for Iceland, after the country's banking system collapsed in October
Jun.19   FBI FBI holds 406 for mortgage fraud
  The Justice Department was pursuing 144 cases. The arrests include estate agents and loan originators, who help homebuyers to take out loans

year 2007 Top ^

Apr.8   Kazakhstan Kazakhs get loan to save Aral Sea
  The government has secured a multi-million dollar loan from the World Bank to implement the project to save the northern part of the sea

year 2006 Top ^

May.10   Puerto Rico Loan deal for crisis
  Puerto Rican officials have struck a deal on ending a budget crisis that has shut down government offices

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.17   Washington     IMF: Violence curbing Iraq reconstruction
  The International Monetary Fund gave Iraq a $436 million emergency loan last year to help rebuild the economy
Apr.10   England MG Rover gets 6.5m loan lifeline  The government has offered a loan to prevent redundancies being made at car manufacturer

year 2003 Top ^

Jan.8   Jerusalem     Sharon rejects corruption charge
  Prime Minister has rejected as 'despicable political libel' the allegation that he received an improper $1.5 million loan

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.5   USA United Airlines faces bankruptcy
  Federal government threw out request for loan guarantees
Aug.4   Uruguay U.S. $1.5bn aid deal for Uruguay
  Emergency loan is aimed at keeping financial system from collapsing and to enable banks to reopen
Jun.14   Brazil     Brazil expected to draw on IMF loan
  Government will draw down $10 billion amid market concerns over the large debt burden ahead of October presidential elections

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.5   Argentina     IMF blocks loan
  The IMF could not hand over a $1.3bn loan payment because it had been unable to complete a review
Sep.7   Argentina   IMF approves $8 billion loan increase
  The International Monetary Fund brings total loan to $22 billion
Aug.3   Argentina   IMF to accelerate $1.2 billion loan
  $1.2 billion loan for Argentina and $15 billion line of emergency credit for Brazil

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.18   Japan     Fujimori extends Japan stay
  Peruvian President extended his stay amid growing confusion. He wanted to secure a loan
Nov.16   Russia $150 million loan to fight AIDS
  The World Bank is negotiating a loan to help fight the world's highest AIDS growth rate

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