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Lava lake at Kilauea Volcano rises to record heights   The latest eruption occurred at the Kilauea summit lava lake Sunday night across from a visitors center Volcano grows Japanese island   An eruption on the tiny volcanic island of Nishinoshima in November 2013 formed a small islet right next to it when molten lava cooled Hawaii lava destroys first home   A stream of lava from Kilauea volcano that has been creeping towards a Hawaii town for months has set the home on fire Hawaiian lava flow creeps toward homes   Rain has helped tamp down smoke from a creeping lava flow which threatens residents of a Hawaiian village Hawaii residents evacuate lava flow   Residents of a Hawaiian village threatened by lava have begun evacuating as the flow reaches 75yds (68m) from the first house in its path Guatemala volcano Pacaya erupts   A volcano began spewing ash and lava, prompting the authorities to consider the evacuation of some 3,000 people living in the area Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano shoots ash and lava   Tungurahua volcano has erupted three times, spewing ash and lava in an important increase in activity 6 people swept away by hot lava flow after volcano erupts Map of East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
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2017-11-27 Bali volcano: Lava pools up in crater Mount Agung, Bali
C. 2015-08-01 Highly active volcano erupts on Reunion amid media frenzy Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion, Southern Africa
D. 2015-07-10 Mexican volcano erupts, spewing plume of ash, lava Colima Volcano, Mexico
E. 2015-05-06 Lava lake at Kilauea Volcano rises to record heights Kilauea, Hawaii
F. 2015-02-28 Volcano grows Japanese island Nishinoshima, Japan
G. 2014-11-10 Hawaii lava destroys first home Pahoa, Big Island, HI, Hawaii
H. 2014-10-29 Hawaiian lava flow creeps toward homes Pahoa, Hawaii
I. 2014-10-28 Hawaii residents evacuate lava flow Pahoa, Hawaii
J. 2014-03-02 Guatemala volcano Pacaya erupts Pacaya, Guatemala

Highly active volcano erupts on Reunion amid media frenzy   As the volcano spewed red-hot lava high up in the air in southeastern corner, some reporters thought a large-scale evacuation would take pla... Mexican volcano erupts, spewing plume of ash, lava Map of Colima Volcano Mexico
Bali volcano: Lava pools up in crater Map of Mount Agung Indonesia

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Nov.27   Bali  
  Indonesian authorities on Monday expanded the established danger zone around an erupting volcano that is hurling ash 9,800 feet into the atmosphere

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Aug.1   Southern Africa  
Jul.10   Mexico  
  Colima Volcano in western Mexico has erupted, spewing ash more than 4 miles into the air and sending lava down its flanks

May.6   Hawaii  
Feb.28   Japan  

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Nov.10   Hawaii  
Oct.29   Hawaii  
Oct.28   Hawaii  
Mar.2   Guatemala  
Feb.1   Ecuador  

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Aug.10   Indonesia  
  Gushing hot lava from an erupting volcano killed six people sleeping in a beach village on an eastern Indonesian island

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Sep.13   Guatemala   Guatemala volcano triggers alert
Map of Fuego Guatemala  Guatemala is evacuating tens of thousands of people after the Fuego volcano started spewing ash and lava

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Dec.4   Ecuador   'Throat of Fire' volcano erupts
Map of Tungurahua Ecuador  Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupted Saturday, sending ash and lava spewing nearly a mile into the sky Aug.28   Sumatra   Thousands flee Indonesia volcano Map of Mount Sinabung Indonesia  Thousands of Indonesians have been forced to flee after a volcano erupted. Officials issued a red alert after Mount Sinabung began to spew lava Jan.2   Congo   Volcano Mount Nyamuragira erupts   Africa's most active 10,333-foot volcano is spewing lava off its southern flank, 25 kilometers north of the city of Goma

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Dec.15   Philippines Residents flee as volcano threatens

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Jan.2   Chile Melt from volcano raises flood fears
  Chile Tourists flee as volcano erupts

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Jun.7   Indonesia Volcano spews gas, lava
Jun.6   Indonesia 11,000 flee Mount Merapi volcano May.13   Indonesia   Mount Merapi eruption may be imminent  Red-hot lava began flowing from the crater of rumbling volcano as vulcanologists warned residents

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Oct.24   Ecuador   Volcano erupts on Galapagos island
  The 4,920-feet Sierra Negra volcano, located on Isabela, began erupting, producing three lava flows
Jul.3   USA   Lava dome falls in Mt. St. Helens  A large part of the growing lava dome fell, sending an ash plume above the crater rim May.23   Mexico   'Fire Volcano' erupts
  So-called 'Fire Volcano' is spewing lava and glowing rocks in its biggest explosion since 1999

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Oct.29   Sicily   Etna burns through forests
  Boiling lava has swallowed swathes of Sicilian forest, but towns are not at risk of being engulfed Oct.13   Caribbean   Volcano dome falls to sea
  A large chunk of the hard lava broke away from Montserrat's volcano and tumbled into the sea, causing alarm
Jan.20   Congo Goma petrol station blast kills 50  Lava flows have ignited a petrol station. People were trying to siphon fuel from the elevated tanks Jan.19   Congo   Half of the city has been burned
Map of Goma. Congo
  Lava edged with black crust inched through the city of Goma. Lava flowed into nearby Lake Kivu
Jan.18   Congo   Aid agencies battle volcano disaster  Aid agencies are scrambling to help 400,000 people displaced after 50-metre-wide red-hot lava has cut through the town   Congo   Volcano kills 45 people Map of Goma Congo
  Red-hot lava began pouring out of Mount Nyiragongo down through the town of Goma

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Jul.27   Sicily   New Etna cracks offer hope
  Workers are battling round-the-clock to prevent lava flow reaching tourist facilities Jul.26   Sicily   Army battles Mt. Etna lava  Army has been called in to help to fight the molten lava which cut across the path of 3 central pylons of ski lift   Philippines   Thousands flee as volcano erupts
  The volcano shot lava 60 meters into the air. Residents rushed out of their homes in panic
Jul.25   Sicily   Etna forces state of emergency   Mount continues to spew molten lava thousands of feet into the air. In Catania international airport has been closed Jul.21   Sicily   Lava crawls towards Etna village  Thick rivers of lava has reached to within 3 miles of Nicolosi. Mud barricades is preparing

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Dec.18   Mexico   Volcano spews fire, lava
  Many of the 40,000 residents remained in their homes, despite being urged to evacuate

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