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Race against time to drain 'quake lake'
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B. 2016-03-23 Runaway Japanese zebra dies in golf course lake Toki, Gifu, Japan
2. 2015-12-10 San Bernardino attack: Police search lake Seccombe Lake Park, Southern California
D. 2015-11-27 Urgent pollution alert for Bacalar fresh-water lagoon Bacalar, Yucatan
E. 2015-10-13 Helicopter crash: Survivor found in lake Lake Toba, Sumatra
2015-10-10 Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers Baga Sola, Chad
G. 2015-08-18 Lake Cajititlan: Fish die off in large numbers Lake Cajititlan, Guadalajara, Mexico
H. 2015-05-06 Lava lake at Kilauea Volcano rises to record heights Kilauea, Hawaii
I. 2015-01-06 13 skydivers leap to safety as plane crashes Waitahanui, New Zealand
J. 2014-12-14 129 drown after boat sinks on lake Katanga, Congo

  Water rising too fast at quake lake  Sichuan: Fears were mounting for the safety of more than a million people as waters threatening to burst a dam of landslide rubble Quake lake aftershock causes landslides. Sichuan Water seeps from quake lake. Sichuan   Aftershocks threaten quake lake  Sichuan: Authorities expected water to begin draining from a lake created by last month's devastating earthquake   Water behind 'quake lake' at top of dam
Runaway Japanese zebra dies in golf course lake Map of Toki Gifu Japan  A zebra that ran away from a horse riding club in Japan has died in a golf course lake after it was tranquilised San Bernardino attack: Police search lake   Southern California: A lake in California is being searched by police investigating last week's shootings in San Bernardino, in which 14 people were killed Urgent pollution alert for Bacalar fresh-water lagoon   Yucatan: Mexico's environmental protection agency has issued a call for local authorities to stop sewage and waste discharges into the fresh-water la... Helicopter crash: Survivor found in lake   Sumatra: Fransiskus Subihardayan, 22, was found naked and weak in the volcanic Lake Toba in western Sumatra Island by rescuers   Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers Map of Baga Sola Chad  Suicide bombers have attacked a fish market and refugee camp in the town of Baga Sola in western Chad, killing more than 30 people Lake Cajititlan: Fish die off in large numbers   Mexico: Fishermen have been removing thousands of dead fish from a lake near the western Mexican city of Guadalajara Lava lake at Kilauea Volcano rises to record heights   Hawaii: The latest eruption occurred at the Kilauea summit lava lake Sunday night across from a visitors center 13 skydivers leap to safety as plane crashes    New Zealand: As skydiving plane suffered an apparent engine failure it managed to leap out in parachutes moments before the plane plunged into a lake   129 drown after boat sinks on lake Map of Katanga Congo   Congo: The true toll of the disaster is not known. 129 bodies have been recovered and there are 232 known survivors. The MV Mutambala was a private boat Crocodile kills man retrieving balls at golf course dam. South Africa Once-massive Aral Sea dries up to almost nothing    Kazakhstan: The Aral Sea was once the world's 4th-largest lake. Now much of it is a vast toxic desert straddling the borders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekista... Massive landslide block mountain river; 6 people killed Map of Sindhupalchowk Nepal  Nepal: Police says a massive landslide has blocked a mountain river and caused the water to form a lake that threatens to burst and sweep several villages BP oil leak into Lake Michigan. Indiana Jamie Anderson completes U.S. sweep in slopestyle. Sochi Cartel leader detained for American's death. Mexico Human torso found near Toronto 11 kids from a family die in boat accident Map of Bahia Brazil  Northeastern Brazil: Eleven children from the same extended family died over the weekend in a lake after the boat they were in overturned Residents flee after U.S. lake dam fails. Iowa Massive lake Chad could dry up Man who swam to Suu Kyi home charged. Myanmar   Quake lake 'now draining'

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  Sichuan: Water has flowed into an abandoned town, as drainage from an unstable lake formed by last month's massive earthquake accelerates
  Sichuan: Authorities watched nervously as rising water behind an earthquake-created dam neared a spillway designed to relieve pressure on it

  Sichuan: Chinese soldiers and engineers were urgently trying to dig a spillway from an earthquake-created lake that is threatening to burst its banks
May.28   160,000 evacuated over quake lake fears  Sichuan: An unstable lake created by a landslide is China's 'most urgent task' in the aftermath of massive earthquake May.27   Thousands flee over 'quake lake' fears  Sichuan: Authorities evacuated thousands of people as engineers prepared to blast a potentially dangerous lake created by landslides May.26 China ready to dynamite 'quake lake'  Sichuan: Military engineers are prepared to dynamite a potentially dangerous lake created when landslides dammed a river after the earthquake

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Jul.18   Water find 'may end Darfur war'
  A huge underground lake has been found in the region, which scientists believe could help end the conflict in the arid region

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Nov.2     Cholera hits Cameroon
  An outbreak has killed at least 28 people in Far North province neighboring Lake Chad
Apr.28   28 missing in ferry capsize
   Tanzania: The MV Nyamanga carrying passengers and cargo on Lake Victoria has capsized and 28 people were feared dead
Apr.10   120 feared dead as boat capsizes   Ghana: A local ferry was travelling from Afram Plains to Rwora Rwora on the lake Volta

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Oct.6   Downpours hamper Stan rescue efforts
   Guatemala: Rescue workers searched for victims of a mudslide near a volcano-ringed lake popular with tourists Oct.2   21 elderly tourists die on lake
  New York: The Ethan Allen, a boat in NY state, has capsized and sunk. The majority of the 47 passengers were Canadians

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Feb.3   40 feared drowned
   Uganda: A motor-powered boat with about 75 passengers, mostly traders, capsized in Lake Albert in western Uganda
Jan.18   No survivors found in Lake Erie crash
  Canada: A single-engine plane carrying at least 9 people crashed in snowy weather shortly after taking off from an island in Lake Erie

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Mar.24     Up to 150 drown as boat capsizes
   Burundi: Up to 150 Congolese have drowned after an ferry carrying 200 passengers capsized in bad weather on Lake Tanganyika

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Aug.26 China desperate for break in the weather
  Officials are keeping close tabs on the swollen Dongting Lake as levees and dikes groan against the weight of the water
Aug.24   Flooded lake reaches crest
  China: The swollen Dongting Lake slowly begun to ebb after thousands of people worked around the clock to erect barriers Aug.22   600,000 begun evacuating   China: Dongting Lake in Hunan province is threatening to overflow and engulf surrounding cities and farmland   Million people battling lake Map of Lake Dongting Hunan China
  Southern China: Families living nearby China's second largest freshwater lake have begun to flee their homes.
 850,000 civilians and soldiers have mobilised to shore up dykes and embankments. More than 1,000 families have been evacuated
Aug.20 Flood emergency in province of Hunan. China Giant lake flood threatens millions. China Jul.27 Over 50 feared dead in boat tragedy. Southern India Jun.8   40 feared dead in lake accident
   Uganda: Boat capsized in Lake Victoria after it came upon bad weather
Jan.21 Volcano survivors risk poisoning. Congo Jan.19   Half of the city has been burned Map of Goma. Congo
   Congo: Lava edged with black crust inched through the city of Goma. Lava flowed into nearby Lake Kivu
Jan.12   Gerg races to back-to-back wins
   Austria: Hilde Gerg won her second World Cup downhill in 2 days as a leading medal contender at Salt Lake
Jan.10   100 dead in village violence
   Nigeria: Dispute was over fishing rights to a local lake

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