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Egyptian kidnappers release Americans Kidnappers free U.S. tourists in Egypt British Red Cross worker killed in Pakistan Remaining hostages released  Gunmen have released the remaining 45 hostages, ending a three-day crisis that began when the kidnappers raided a school in a small village Colombia captures FARC kidnapper Tourist kidnappers 'shot dead' Kidnapped tourists moved to Libya France seeks return of kidnappers  France has asked Chad to hand over 6 French charity workers convicted for trying to kidnap 103 children   Final S. Korean hostages freed by Taliban
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B. 2016-05-30 Freed Mexico footballer fought kidnapper North Mexico
2. 2016-05-30 Alan Pulido: Freed Mexico footballer is 'safe and sound' Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, North Mexico
2013-10-10 Libyan prime minister freed after kidnapping Libya
4. 2013-09-15 Nigerian kidnappers free archbishop Port Harcourt, Nigeria Delta
F. 2013-01-20 Algeria 'kidnappers taken alive' Amenas, Algeria
G. 2013-01-16 Algeria troops besiege kidnappers Amenas, Algeria
7. 2012-07-16 Egyptian kidnappers release Americans Egypt
8. 2012-05-31 Kidnappers free U.S. tourists in Egypt Sinai
J. 2012-04-29 British Red Cross worker killed in Pakistan Balochistan, Pakistan

Nigerian kidnappers free archbishop   One of Nigeria's most senior Anglican clerics Ignatius Kattey, who was kidnapped by armed men more than a week ago, has been freed Algeria 'kidnappers taken alive' Map of Amenas Algeria  Five suspected members of the Islamist group which held foreign and local workers hostage at an Algerian gas plant have been arrested Algeria troops besiege kidnappers Map of Amenas Algeria
Freed Mexico footballer fought kidnapper  International footballe, who has been rescued after being abducted, fought one of his kidnappers and used his phone to call police Alan Pulido: Freed Mexico footballer is 'safe and sound'   International football player Alan Pulido is 'safe and sound' after police rescued him from kidnappers who seized him in north-eastern Mexic... Libyan prime minister freed after kidnapping

year 2016 Top ^

May.30   North Mexico
  North Mexico

year 2013 Top ^

Oct.10   Libya  
  Ali Zidan has been freed after armed kidnappers abducted him earlier from a hotel in apparent retaliation for a U.S. special forces' raid
Sep.15   Nigeria Delta
Jan.20   Algeria
Jan.16   Algeria  
  Troops have surrounded a gas facility in the east of the country where some 20 foreign workers are being held hostage by Islamist militants

year 2012 Top ^

Jul.16   Egypt
May.31   Sinai
Apr.29   Pakistan

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.13   Southern Philippines  
Feb.27   Colombia

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.28   Sudan
Sep.25   Libya

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.27   Paris  
Aug.30   Afghanistan  
  Kidnappers released the 7 remaining hostages and handed them over to Red Cross officials
Aug.27   Jerusalem Israeli father rejects Hamas claim Aug.8   Nigeria Delta Violence in Delta expands into gang war Jul.30   Afghanistan   Taliban resumes talks on hostages  The kidnappers and Afghan negotiators resumed talks to free 22 South Koreans who were still alive despite 2 rebel deadlines expiring Jul.22   Afghanistan   Taliban extend deadline for hostages   The kidnappers of 23 Koreans extended the deadline for the S. Korean government to agree to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 24 hours Jul.13   Nigeria Delta 3-year-old freed by kidnappers Jul.8   Nigeria   Kidnappers free UK girl   Kidnappers in southern Nigeria have released 3-year-old Margaret Hill who was held hostage for four days Jul.5   Nigeria   'Threat to kill' missing UK girl   Kidnappers who seized a 3-year-old have threatened to kill her unless her father agrees to take her place Jun.17   Gaza   'Kidnappers' deny Johnston deal
  The alleged kidnappers of correspondent Alan Johnston have denied that they have reached a deal announced by Hamas for his imminent release
Feb.13   Nigeria   Kidnappers release hostages
  24 Filipino hostages abducted from a Baco-Liner cargo ship more than three weeks ago have been freed

year 2006 Top ^

Feb.10   Kuwait     Jill Carroll's kidnappers set 'final deadline'
  Kuwait TV reported that U.S. journalist's kidnappers set a deadline of February 26 for their demands to be met
Jan.28   Iraq   Captors: Last chance for demand
  Kidnappers have renewed their threat to kill four Western hostages unless U.S.-led forces release Iraqi prisoners
Jan.21   Baghdad   U.S. Muslim group to plead for hostage
  Representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations arrived to urge kidnappers to release Jill Carroll
Jan.17   Baghdad Journalist's kidnappers make demands
  The kidnappers who abducted Jill Carroll, 28, demanded that the U.S. release all female Iraqi prisoners in 72 hours
Jan.1   Italy   Italians revel in hostage releases  4 of their countrymen had been released by separate kidnappers in Yemen and Gaza

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.2   Iraq Kidnappers threaten to kill peace activists
  Al-Jazeera: The kidnappers threatened to kill the hostages unless all prisoners in detention centers are released
Nov.30   Berlin   Merkel defiant over German hostage  Chancellor vowed that her government would 'not be blackmailed' by kidnappers of an archaeologist in Iraq Jun.19   Australia Ex-hostage Wood 'feared for life'
  An Australian engineer rescued from kidnappers in Baghdad has arrived back in his home country

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.16   Baghdad   2 Americans, Briton kidnapped
  Three were seized by kidnappers from their home in the upscale al-Mansur district Aug.22   Iraq Kidnappers free journalist Micah Garen  French-American was released in Nasiriya along with his Iraqi translator after being kidnapped more than a week ago

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.11   Mexico   Kidnappers release one of Thalia's sisters
  Laura Zapata, sister of actress and performer Thalia, has been released after being held for 18 days by kidnappers
Sep.26   Mexico   $1 million for return Thalia's sisters
  Friend: Kidnappers want $1 million for the safe release of Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi
Feb.1   Pakistan   Confusion over US journalist's fate
  A deadline set by Mr Pearl's kidnappers expired. E-mail was saying he had been killed
Jan.31   New York Paper pleads for kidnapped journalist  The Wall Street Journal has appealed to the kidnappers of Daniel Pearl to release him unharmed

year 2001 Top ^

Jul.2   Philippines Gunmen release 2 hostages
  Kidnappers will continue attacks until government withdraws from Muslim-majority islands
Jun.21   Philippines   Severed heads could be soldiers
  3 heads found in an area where kidnappers claimed to have killed an American hostage
Jun.18   Philippines   Military closing in on kidnappers
  Military is rejecting a negotiation offer from the Abu Sayyaf
Jun.11   Southern Philippines   Kidnappers: U.S. hostage executed  Abu Sayyaf in a call to a radio station said kidnappers have killed Guillermo Sobero, an American hostage   Philippines   Kidnappers snatch new captives
  Muslim gunmen seized 15 new hostages, mostly children, in a village swoop
Jun.10   Southern Philippines Kidnappers call off beheading  Government said it would drop any objections to the introduction of a Malaysian negotiator   Philippines Troops killed 2 kidnappers
  Government forces captured 3 other. Leader Sabaya threatened to chop the heads off the Americans
Jun.6   Philippines   U.S. hostage shot in back
  Protestant missionary M. Burnham has reportedly been wounded in a clash between the kidnappers and government forces
Jun.3   Philippines   Bodies found as kidnappers flee
  Police have found the bodies of 2 hostages captured by Muslim extremists. One of the bodies had been beheaded
Mar.15   Saudi Arabia   Hijack plane lands in Saudi  A Russian passenger plane hijacked after takeoff from Turkey. Kremlin is assuming the Kidnappers are from Chechnya

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