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Arizona sheriff 'profiled' Hispanics Thousands at US immigration rallies US senators plan immigration reform FBI: Doubts over US-Mexico border death US launches immigration reform Greek Olympics athlete banned after offensive tweet US ends young migrant deportation  The US is to end deportations of illegal immigrants who came to the US as children and to offer the chance to apply for work permits Family convicted in 'honor murders' Map of Ontario Canada  A Canadian jury Sunday convicted three members of a family of Afghan immigrants of the 'honor' murders of four female relatives California enacts pro-migrant law Swedish police hunt serial shooter   15 shootings in Malmo over the last year may be linked to a single perpetrator who is targeting immigrants living in the city Tourists warned after drownings triple Roman police find sewer children
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B. 2017-09-03 Daca: Trump 'to scrap' amnesty for young immigrants Washington
2. 2017-07-23 Eight found dead in truck in Walmart car park Walmart, Interstate 35S, San Antonio, TX, Texas
D. 2017-02-20 Day Without Immigrants: 'More than 100 fired over strike USA
2015-09-14 Hungary enacts tough new migrant laws Hungary
F. 2015-04-19 South Africa anti-immigrant violence: Hundreds held South Africa
6. 2015-02-26 Boat capsizes off Macau, 15 people missing Macau, Southern China
7. 2014-11-07 Train kills 2 immigrants near Greek-Turkish border THESSALONIKI, Greece
I. 2014-03-20 Captive migrants freed from US house Houston
9. 2013-11-28 Blast at Brak al-Shati arms depot kills 30 Brak al-Shati, Libya

South Africa anti-immigrant violence: Hundreds held  More than 300 people have been arrested in connection with a wave of violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa   Boat capsizes off Macau, 15 people missing   A suspected people-smuggling boat carrying 19 people capsized. Those aboard included 3 crew members and 16 suspected illegal immigrants Train kills 2 immigrants near Greek-Turkish border Captive migrants freed from US house Blast at Brak al-Shati arms depot kills 30 US Senate passes immigration reform
  Daca: Trump 'to scrap' amnesty for young immigrants  US President has decided to scrap a programme that protects young undocumented immigrants, according to reports Eight found dead in truck in Walmart car park   Eight suspected illegal immigrants have been found dead inside a trailer truck parked outside a Walmart store in the US state of Texas, authorities... Day Without Immigrants: 'More than 100 fired over strike   More than 100 workers in the US have lost their jobs after taking part in last week's Day Without Immigrants protest, US media say   Hungary enacts tough new migrant laws

year 2017 Top ^

Sep.3   Washington  
Jul.23   Texas
Feb.20   USA

year 2015 Top ^

Sep.14   Hungary
  Hungary has brought in tough new migrant laws which it says will 'start a new era' in preventing the inflow of illegal immigrants
Apr.19   South Africa
Feb.26   Southern China  

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.7   Greece
Mar.20   Houston

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.28   Libya
Jun.27   U.S. Senate
  The http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23092179Senate has passed a broad immigration reform bill that includes a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants

May.24   Arizona
Apr.10   New York
Jan.28   U.S. Senate

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.5   Arizona
Aug.15   Washington
Jul.25   London
Jun.15   Washington  
Jan.29   Canada

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.8   California

year 2010 Top ^

Oct.23   Sweden  
Sep.16   Australia

year 2009 Top ^

Apr.4   Rome
  Italian police have found more than 100 immigrants, including 24 Afghan children, living beneath railway stations
Mar.30   Libya Fishing boats sink off Libyan coast  Two fishing vessels carrying over 600 people sunk. those on board the vessels apparently were immigrants. Libyan authorities rescued 42 Feb.15   Washington US army 'wants more immigrants'
  The army is to accept immigrants with temporary US visas, for the first time since the Vietnam war

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.30   Southern Italy   Police arrest suspects in Mafia killings Map of Campania Italy
  Authorities arrested 2 suspects responsible for the September18 killing of 6 African immigrants in Castelvolturno

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.26   Israel   Iranian Jews slam 'emigrant stunt'  The well-publicized landing of 40 Jews in Israel spurred glee among some Israelis and the immigrants themselves Aug.10   USA US crackdown on illegal workers
  US Homeland Security secretary : Businesses found guilty of employing illegal immigrants will face more criminal charges and higher fines
May.16   European Union EU targeting illegal employment
  Under new proposals from the European Commission, businesses caught employing illegal immigrants face jail sentences
May.7   Paris     Sarkozy: I have mandate for change  France's new leader wants to implement swift change to make his country more business-friendly, and less attractive to would-be immigrants

year 2006 Top ^

May.1   Chicago Immigrants stage boycott day
  Up to a million immigrants have joined a day of nationwide action to protest against proposed immigration reform.    Iin 'A Day Without Immigrants' the immigrants boycotted work and school and avoided spending m...
Apr.10   USA Mass protests for immigrants  Hundreds of thousands are protesting across the US against plans to tighten the immigration law Mar.12   Spain   200 immigrants intercepted
  Spanish authorities have intercepted more than 208 immigrants were travelling in four boats within 24 hours

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.5   Paris   Crisis talks over riots  Prime Minister de Villepin and other top ministers met with community leaders in to quell rioting by immigrants Aug.29   Paris   Immigrants die in new fire  A building was housing African immigrants in the central Marais area Aug.27   Paris Fire survivors hold march  The survivors of a fire that swept through a building housing African immigrants have held a march Aug.17   Colombia     104 people missing off Colombia
  A boat carrying illegal immigrants capsized and sank in rough waters in the Pacific Ocean. Only 9 survivors found
Jul.26   London 2 bomb suspects are African immigrants  Yasin Hassan Omar came from Somalia in 1992, while Muktar Said Ibrahim arrived from Eritrea in 1990 May.14   Mexico     Fox criticized for comment on blacks
  President Vicente Fox said that Mexican immigrants to the U.S. take jobs 'that not even blacks want to do'

year 2004 Top ^

Jan.12   Mexico     Americas leaders meet for summit
  Mexican President backed Bush's proposal to grant temporary guest worker status to Mexican illegal immigrants Jan.7   Washington   Bush calls for changes on illegal workers
  Plan allows some 8 million illegal immigrants to obtain legal status as temporary workers

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.19   Southern Italy 11 Bodies Found on Migrant Boat Jun.21   Tunisia     Hopes dim for missing
  Rescuers scoured the waters after a boat carrying would-be African immigrants to Europe capsized
Jun.20   Tunisia Migrant boat sinks. 200 missing

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.4   Philippines   Outrage over rape report
  Philippine officials: Malaysian police deporting illegal immigrants sexually abused a Filipina girl, 13, during detention
  England   Illegal Heathrow staff arrested
  15 illegal immigrants were working in high-security zones. 9 of the 15 have been deported
Jan.9   Hong Kong   Immigrants lose right to stay
  Highest court has ruled against more than 5,000 mainland Chinese immigrants

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.6   Australia Stance yet to stem refugee flow
  1,800 illegal immigrants attempted to enter Australia in September and October, 2001
Sep.5   Washington   Bush, Fox meet at White House
  Mexican President seeks wide-ranging immigration agreement this year including a blanket amnesty for illegall immigrants
Sep.3   Spain   Spain detains 42 African immigrants
  Immigrants, at least half of them Moroccan, tried to reach Spanish shores, travelling in two boats
Jul.31   Germany Protest over the deportation Jun.15   Australia Immigrant boat captured May.23   Arizona   Desert heat kills 12 immigrants
  Men died of heat exposure and lack of water in a rugged Arizona wilderness along the U.S.-Mexican border
May.11   Netherlands Traffickers jailed for Chinese deaths Apr.5   England Driver jailed for Chinese deaths
  A Dutch, P. Wacker, 33, has been jailed for 14 years for the manslaughter of 58 immigrants who were found in the lorry
Apr.1   Greece Immigrant boat grounded Feb.18   Cambodia   Cambodia denies link to ship
  Government is denying that a ship carrying 900 immigrants that ran aground was registered under a Cambodian flag
Feb.17   France Hunt for crew of grounded ship
  Ship had 1,000 illegal immigrants. Police belive the ship was deliberately grounded 20 metres from the shore
Feb.16   France Immigrant boat aground Jan.21   Spain   Immigrants seize church
  328 immigrants began a hunger strike to demand the right to live and work

year 2000 Top ^

Jun.19   England 58 immigrants suffocated in Dutch truck
  Illegal Chinese immigrants found dead in the back of a transport truck carrying tomatoes

before year 2000
Jan. 1, 1892   New Jersey   The first immigrants pass through doors of Ellis Island Map of Ellis Island New Jersey
  It was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954

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