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  Hurricane Otto threatens Costa Rica and Nicaragua
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Power Outage Main Event: Irma wallops Florida
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B. 09-21 Hurricane Maria 'leaves 15 dead in Dominica' Dominica
2. 09-20 Whole of Puerto Rico without power Puerto Rico
D. 09-19 Hurricane Maria takes aim at Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands Puerto Rico
E. 09-17 Hurricane Maria to become major storm near Caribbean islands Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles
F. 09-12 Hurricane Irma: Quarter of Florida Keys homes 'destroyed'
6. 09-11 Hurricane Irma: Two-thirds of Florida without power
09-10 Irma wallops Florida Cudjoe Key, Florida
I. 09-09 Hurricane Irma: Florida braces for storm arrival Miami
J. 09-09 Mexico reports at least two dead from Hurricane Katia Veracruz, Mexico

Hurricane Irma: Florida braces for storm arrival Hurricane Irma: Cuba hit with strong winds and heavy rain Map of Camaguey Archipelago Cuba  The category five storm made landfall on the Camaguey Archipelago, off the north-eastern coast. But the Bahamas have largely been spared Hurricane Irma pummels Turks and Caicos islands Map of Turks and Caicos Caribbean  Irma has pummelled the Turks and Caicos Islands after leaving a trail of destruction across the Caribbean, killing at least 14 people Hurricane Irma causes devastation in the Caribbean   Hurricane Irma has caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving at least nine people dead Hurricane Irma causes devastation across the Caribbean Map of Barbuda Antigua %26 Barbuda  Irma is reducing buildings to rubble and leaving at least seven people dead. Barbuda is said to be 'barely habitable'. St Martin is almost destroyed Hurricane Irma: Residents prepare for 'catastrophic' storm   Islands in the Caribbean have made last-minute preparations for Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decad   Houston floods: White House seeks disaster aid from Congress   The White House will ask Congress for emergency funding to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey Flood: 'No way to prevent' chemical plant blast or fire   During heavy rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, the Arkema plant at Crosby lost refrigeration of chemical compounds which need to be kept cool Houston floods: Night curfew to stop robbery and looting   The US city of Houston has declared a night-time curfew as it battles the impact of Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey: Texas battered by high winds and rain Map of Rockport Texas
Whole of Puerto Rico without power   Hurricane Maria has knocked out power across the island of Puerto Rico, home to 3.5m people Hurricane Maria takes aim at Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands   Hurricane Maria to become major storm near Caribbean islands Map of Leeward Islands Lesser Antilles  The category one hurricane will rapidly strengthen over the next 48 hours and will hit Leeward Islands late on Monday Hurricane Irma: Quarter of Florida Keys homes 'destroyed' Hurricane Irma: Two-thirds of Florida without power Map of Naples Florida Florida  About 6.5 million homes in Florida, two-thirds of the total, are without power after Hurricane Irma cut a deadly path through the state Irma wallops Florida Map of Cudjoe Key Florida

year 2017 Top ^

Sep.21  Dominica  Hurricane Maria 'leaves 15 dead in Dominica'
Sep.20   Puerto Rico
Sep.19   Puerto Rico
Sep.17   Lesser Antilles  
Sep.12   Florida
Sep.11   Florida
Sep.10   Florida  
  Hurricane is snapping trees like matchsticks and knocking out power to more than 1 million people with 130 mph winds
Sep.9   Miami
 Mexico  Mexico reports at least two dead from Hurricane Katia
Sep.8   Cuba  
Sep.7   Caribbean  
  Antigua & Barbuda  
Sep.6   Antigua & Barbuda  
Sep.5   Puerto Rico  
Sep.4  Caribbean  Hurricane Irma: Caribbean islands brace for powerful storm
Sep.3  Texas  Hurricane Harvey: Texas governor warns bill could be $180bn
Aug.31   Washington
 Lesser Antilles  Hurricane Irma now Category 3 storm
Aug.30   Houston
Aug.29   Houston
Aug.26   Texas  
  The biggest storm to hit the US mainland in 13 year has slammed into Texas with initial winds of up to 130mph (215km/h) battering coastal areas
 Some residents are feared trapped in collapsed buildings. More than 200,000 customers are without electricity. Hurricane Harvey has been confirmed to have caused at least eight fatalities; one in Suriname and seven in the United States

year 2016 Top ^

Nov.22   Costa Rica  
  A storm in the Caribbean has been upgraded to a hurricane and is threatening Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua, forecasters say
Oct.8   North Carolina   Hurricane Matthew kills 10 in US, floods Carolinas   Matthew has killed at least 10 people in the US as it is moving along the country's south-east coast. Three people died in North Carolina   Haiti   Hurricane Matthew: Haiti south '90% destroyed' Map of Tiburon peninsula Haiti  Nearly 900 people are known to have been killed in Haiti, with aid officials saying up to 90% of some areas have been destroyed Oct.7   Haiti Hurricane Matthew: Haiti dead reach 800 as south awaits aid Oct.6   Haiti   Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds dead in Haiti storm disaster Map of Roche-a-Bateau Haiti
  The death toll in Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew - the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade - has soared to more than 300, officials say
Oct.5   Haiti Hurricane Matthew: Struggle to reach worst-hit parts of Haiti Oct.4   Haiti Hurricane Matthew: Category Four storm pounds Haiti   Cuba Powerful Hurricane Matthew slams Cuba Oct.2   Jamaica     Hurricane Matthew threatens Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba  One of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recent years has been moving across the Caribbean towards Jamaica, Haiti and eastern Cuba Sep.30   Jamaica     Powerful Hurricane Matthew on Caribbean track toward Jamaica  Matthew grew into a Category 5 storm on Friday as it crossed the Caribbean Sea on a course that could have it pounding Jamaica within days Sep.5   North Mexico     Hurricane Newton takes aim at Mexico's Los Cabos resorts Map of Los Cabos Baja California Mexico
  Authorities in the southern portion of Baja California peninsula ordered schools closed and set up emergency shelters as Hurricane Newton gained strength
Sep.2   Florida   Florida coast battered by Hurricane Hermine Map of Cedar Key Florida Florida
  The first hurricane to hit Florida in a decade has killed 1 person, caused severe damage and knocked out power to 300,000 homes and businesses
Sep.1   Florida   Hurricane Hermine makes landfall on Florida coast   Hurricane Hermine has made landfall in northern Florida, becoming the first hurricane to hit the state since 2005 Aug.4   Yucatan   TS Earl drenches southern Mexico after hitting Belize Map of Quintana Roo Mexico
  Tropical Storm Earl pushed over Mexico's southern Gulf coast early Friday after drenching Belize and northern Guatemala
Aug.3   Belize   Hurricane Earl heads for landfall in Belize  Earl is heading for landfall in the Caribbean nation of Belize, felling trees and power lines as it heads westwards, officials say Jan.14   Portugal   Hurricane Alex forms, first January hurricane in decades Map of Azores Portugal
  Alex formed in the Atlantic Ocean Thursday, the first hurricane to form in January since 1938

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.31   Bahamas Missing ship: El Faro 'found by search team'
Oct.24   Mexico Storm Patricia weakens over Mexico but risks remain Oct.23   Mexico Hurricane Patricia: Major risk of floods and landslides   Mexico   Hurricane Patricia makes landfall in Mexico   Category Five Hurricane Patricia, the strongest on record, has made landfall in Jalisco state in western Mexico, meteorologists say Oct.21   Mexico   Tropical Storm Patricia picks up steam as hurricane warning issued   Patricia picked up strength off southern Mexico, prompting officials to issue a hurricane warning for parts of the country's Pacific coast Oct.4  South Carolina  South Carolina flooding 'once in 1,000 year event'   Bahamas Missing ship: Oil and debris found in hunt for El Faro Oct.3   South Carolina     Obama declares emergency in South Carolina
  US President has declared a state of emergency, as heavy rainfall is set to lead to more flooding over the weekend in many parts of the east
Oct.2  Bahamas  Ship with 33 people missing in Hurricane Joaquin Sep.30   Bahamas Hurricane Joaquin strengthens as it nears Bahamas
  Hurricane Joaquin, the third of the Atlantic season, has strengthened into a category 3 storms, the US National Hurricane Center says
Aug.31  Cape Verde  Hurricane Fred hits Cape Verde archipelago with flooding, downed trees Aug.29   New Orleans New Orleans marks 10 years since Hurricane Katrina Aug.28   New Orleans   Hurricane Katrina: George Bush in New Orleans 10 years on
Map of Warren Easton Charter High School New Orleans USA
  Former US President has returned to New Orleans 10 years on since a crisis his administration was criticised for at the time over its slow response
Aug.22   Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands prepare for weakening Hurricane
  The drought-stricken northern Caribbean is preparing for heavy rains and wind as a hurricane Danny approached Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
Jun.6   North Mexico   Hurricane Blanca roars toward the Baja California Peninsula
Map of Baja California Mexico
  A powerful Hurricane Blanca roared towardpeninsula, as authorities put thousands of troops on alert and businesses boarded over windows

year 2014 Top ^

Oct.19   Canada   Gonzalo deals glancing blow to Newfoundland
Map of Newfoundland Canada
  Hurricane Gonzalo was before racing out into the North Atlantic Sunday after earlier battering Bermuda without causing any deaths or serious injuries
Oct.18   Bermuda   Hurricane Gonzalo: Bermuda 'bruised' by direct hit
  Bermudans are clearing up after a direct hit from Hurricane Gonzalo left a trail of damage in its wake on the tiny Atlantic territory
Oct.17   Bermuda Hurricane Gonzalo slams Bermuda
Oct.16   Bermuda   Hurricane Gonzalo bears down on Bermuda  A powerful hurricane bore down on this tiny British territory, threatening to batter Bermuda with dangerous winds and life-threatening storm... Oct.14   Bermuda   Hurricane Gonzalo already major storm
  Gonzalo gathered strength moving over open water away from the eastern end of the Caribbean, as it headed toward Bermuda
Oct.13   Antigua & Barbuda Tropical Storm Gonzalo sweeps into Caribbean
Oct.12   Bermuda   Fay hits Bermuda, becomes hurricane in open waters
  Fay toppled utility poles and knocked out power to thousands of people before moving out over open ocean and strengthening into a hurricane
Oct.8   Caribbean   Atlantic hurricane season weakest so far since 1983
  This year's Atlantic hurricane season has had fewer storms to this point of the year than any since 1983, with only five named storms
Sep.27  Mexico  Rachel becomes hurricane off Mexico's Pacific coast Sep.22   Mexico Mexico says power at 15 percent in Los Cabos
Map of Los Cabos Mexico
  Mexican authorities are struggling to get power back on in the resort area of Los Cabos a week after Hurricane Odile barreled through
Sep.20   Mexico   Tropical Storm Polo passing south of Baja California Map of Cabo San Lucas Mexico
  Polo churned south of the peninsula, whipping up waves and swirling more rain onto residents still recovering from Hurricane Odile
Sep.11   Mexico   Tropical Storm Odile drifts off southern Mexico Map of Lazaro Cardenas Mexico
  Odile gradually picked up strength as it drifted erratically off southern Pacific coast, and forecasters predicted it would turn into a hurricane
Sep.10   Mexico Tropical Storm Odile moving slowly along Mexico's Pacific coast Sep.4   Mexico   Hurricane Norbert heads up Mexico's Pacific coast Map of Los Cabos Mexico
  Hurricane Norbert scattered rain along Mexico's Pacific coast on Thursday as it headed for a brush with the Los Cabos resorts
Aug.25   Bahamas   Cristobal strengthens into hurricane as storm moves away from Bahamas
  Cristobal moved away after strengthening, leaving a swath of soaked Caribbean islands and at least five fatalities in its wake
Aug.7   Hawaii   Hurricane Iselle to hit Hawaii on Thursday
  Hawaiians are bracing for a rare direct tropical cyclone hit as Hurricane Iselle threatens the US island chain
May.25   Mexico   Amanda now most potent May hurricane in E. Pacific
  Hurricane Amanda has rapidly gained force far off of Pacific coast and is now the strongest May hurricane on record for the Eastern Pacific

year 2013 Top ^

Oct.28   England     Hurricane-force winds batter northern Europe
Map of Kent United Kingdom
  A major Atlantic storm packing hurricane-force winds pummeled England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, knocking out power to 220,000 homes
Oct.21   Mexico   Raymond becomes major hurricane, menaces Mexico's Pacific Coast Map of Acapulco Mexico
  The powerful but compact hurricane was parked off southern Mexico's Pacific coast, growing slightly as it dumped heavy rains north of Acapulco
Sep.19   Mexico Hurricane Manuel hits Mexico; dozens missing Sep.18   Mexico   Hurricane Manuel threatens Mexico Map of Guerrero Mexico
  Tropical Storm Manuel, which has battered the south-west of Mexico, has gathered strength and is now a category one hurricane
Sep.14   Mexico Hurricane Ingrid forms off Mexico Jul.11   Taiwan     Taiwan braces for Typhoon Soulik
  Taiwan is braced for the arrival of Typhoon Soulik, a tropical hurricane expected to bring strong winds and torrential rain to the island
May.29   Mexico   Hurricane Barbara lashes Mexico
Map of Oaxaca Mexico
  Barbara has been lashing parts of Mexico's Pacific coast after making landfall in the town of Santo Domingo Zanatapec, in Oaxaca state
May.23   Southern U.S.   US could see seven to 11 hurricanes in 'active' season
  US weather forecasters have predicted an unusually active Atlantic hurricane season of seven to 11 hurricanes

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.29   New York Sandy closes in on US East Coast
Oct.28   New York   New York to shut down for storm
  New York City's public transport system is to be suspended ahead of the arrival on Monday of Hurricane Sandy
Oct.26   New York   'Frankenstorm' barrels towards US
  Hurricane Sandy could merge with a winter storm to create what they have dubbed "Frankenstorm" as it churns towards the US
  New England   Northeast looking at possible 'superstorm' in Sandy
  The storm that has already claimed nearly two dozen lives in the Caribbean churned Friday near northern Bahamas
Oct.25   Bahamas   Hurricane Sandy bears down on US  Hurricane Sandy has swept north over the Bahamas towards the US, having killed at least two people as it tore through Jamaica, Haiti and Cub...   Cuba   Sandy packs punch as a strong Category 2 hurricane
  Sandy churned over eastern Cuba early Thursday as a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 mph, slipping a bit in strength since making landfall
Oct.24   Jamaica Hurricane Sandy reaches Jamaica Oct.14   Lesser Antilles   Tropical Storm Rafael pummels Virgin Islands
Map of Virgin Islands Lesser Antilles  Rafael unleashed heavy rain and powerful gusts on the Virgin Islands early Sunday and could turn into a hurricane Sep.7   Bermuda   Bermuda closes schools as Hurricane Leslie advances
  Leslie remained stalled about 415 miles away from Bermuda, where and government offices were to let out early to give residents more time to prepare
Sep.5   Bermuda   Hurricane Leslie threatens Bermuda
  Leslie was hundreds of miles away from Bermuda, but forecasters said the slow-moving storm could pack powerful winds as it nears the British territory
Sep.3   Louisiana   Louisiana still reeling from storm
  Almost one week after Hurricane Isaac came ashore, the US Gulf Coast is still grappling with severe flooding and 250,000 people have no electricity
Sep.1   Louisiana   Mitt Romney visits hurricane zone
  Mitt Romney has visited an emergency centre in hurricane-damaged Louisiana, a day after accepting the Republican nomination for US president
Aug.29   New Orleans   Isaac pummels sodden New Orleans
  New Orleans is hunkering down as Hurricane Isaac pummels the city with strong winds and drenching rain
Aug.28   Louisiana   Hurricane Isaac lashes Louisiana
  Hurricane Isaac has come ashore in south-eastern Louisiana and is heading towards New Orleans with winds of up to 80mph (130km/h)
Aug.27   Washington   Obama declares storm emergency
  President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, as Tropical Storm Isaac threatens to hit the US as a category two hurricane
Aug.21   Caribbean   Caribbean could see hurricane by weekend
  Tropical Storm Isaac formed in the Atlantic Ocean and churned toward the Caribbean Sea on, and it could become a Category 1 hurricane by Thursday
Aug.8   Yucatan   Hurricane Ernesto hits Yucatan Peninsula Map of Campeche Mexico
  Tropical Storm weakened, but is expected to strengthen once again as it reaches the Bay of Campeche Wednesday afternoon
Aug.7   Belize   Hurricane warnings in Mexico, Belize
  Tropical Storm Ernesto is expected to become a hurricane evening as it churns through the southern Caribbean toward the Yucatan Peninsula Jul.10   Oceania   Emilia rages to Category 4 hurricane in Pacific
  Hurricane Emilia raged into to a Category 4 storm Tuesday, hurling 140 mph winds as it spun across the Pacific Ocean
Jun.16   Mexico   Hurricane Carlotta makes landfall in Mexico
Map of Acapulco Mexico
  A storm over southwestern Mexico weakened further to a tropical depression, expected to continue to drench the area for another day or two
Jun.15   Mexico   Carlotta now a hurricane off Mexico Map of Puerto Angel Mexico
  Hurricane Carlotta bore down on southwestern coast, prompting residents and tourists alike to brace in the face of potent winds and heavy rains
Jun.14   Mexico   Tropical storm forms south of Mexican coast Map of Puerto Angel Mexico
  A tropical storm Carlotta formed in the Pacific Ocean is expected to reach hurricane strength before it gets to Mexico's southwestern coast
May.25   Mexico   Hurricane Bud tracking toward Mexico's coast Map of Manzanillo Mexico
  Authorities warned people along Mexico's southwestern coast to get ready for Hurricane Bud, a pounding storm expected to smack land Friday night
May.24   Mexico   Hurricane Bud threatens Mexico Map of Manzanillo Mexico
  Hurricane Bud quickly strengthened early Thursday after forming off the southwestern coast of Mexico just hours before
Apr.4   New Orleans   Katrina police jailed over shootings
  Five former New Orleans police officers who shot six unarmed civilians, two fatally, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have been jailed

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.28   Yucatan   Hurricane Rina lashes Yucatan
  Tropical Storm Rina continued to weaken Thursday as it began affecting some of Mexico's most popular beaches
Oct.27   Yucatan   Hurricane Rina nears Cancun
Map of Cancun Mexico
  Tropical Storm Rina continued to weaken Thursday as it began affecting some of Mexico's most popular beaches
Oct.26   Yucatan   Rina set to weaken
  After strengthening to just below Category 3 status, Hurricane Rina was set to begin weakening
Oct.25   Yucatan   Hurricane Rina to hit Cancun, Yucatan
  Worried travelers and those living on Yucatan were waiting and watching Hurricane Rina on Tuesday after the storm intensified to a Category 2
Oct.12   Mexico   Hurricane Jova weakens in Mexico
Map of Manzanillo Mexico
  Heavy rain remained a 'major threat' as Hurricane Jova quickly lost steam after making landfall along Mexico's Pacific coast
Oct.11   Mexico   Hurricane closes in on western Mexico Map of Manzanillo Mexico
  Hurricane Jova closed in on Pacific coast, a weakening but still powerful Category 3 storm. It was moving north-northeast with 115 mph winds
Sep.30   Bermuda   Hurricane Ophelia grows to Category 3
  Hurricane Ophelia got even more powerful Friday night as it churned across the Atlantic toward Bermuda
Sep.4   Bahamas   Katia could become major hurricane
  Hurricane Katia continued to intensify as it churned in the Atlantic Ocean, spurring warnings about rip tides and fears
Sep.1   Caribbean   Hurricane Katia churns in the Atlantic
  The hurricane moved through the Atlantic, downgraded to a tropical storm, but it is expected to intensify after the next 24 to 36 hours
Aug.28   New York   Huge storm tears across New York   Seawater surged into flood-prone areas as Tropical Storm Irene hit the city, downgraded from a hurricane but still bringing fierce winds and rain Aug.27  New York  Hurricane Irene lashes New York   New York   Evacuation time running out
  Officials in the mid-Atlantic states and southern New England sounded fresh warnings about Hurricane Irene
  North Carolina Hurricane Irene lashes US coast
Aug.25   New Jersey   Hurricane Irene churns towards US
  A swathe of states along the east coast, from North Carolina to New York, have declared emergencies ahead of the arrival of Irene
  North Carolina   Hurricane Irene: US prepares for storm
  Authorities on the east coast of the US have begun preparing for the onslaught of Hurricane Irene this weekend
Aug.23   Bahamas   Irene loses strength in Caribbean
  Hurricane Irene has weakened to a category 1 storm, but it could regain strength and hit the US east coast over the weekend
  Caribbean   Irene intensifies over warm waters
  An intensifying Hurricane Irene churned northwestward over the tropical waters of the Caribbean
Aug.22   Puerto Rico   Hurricane hits Puerto Rico
  Irene strengthened into the first hurricane of 2011, dumping heavy rain as it moved away from Puerto Rico and towards the Dominican Rep. and Haiti
Aug.21   Dominican Republic   Storm Irene heads towards Dominican Rep
  The Dominican Republic has issued a hurricane alert as a tropical storm closes in on its southern coast. Haiti could also be hit
  Puerto Rico   Caribbean under hurricane warnings
  Authorities posted warnings for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as forecasters predicted Tropical Storm Irene would strengthen
Aug.5   New Orleans   Police guilty over Katrina deaths  A US federal jury has convicted five police officers in New Orleans over fatal shootings in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Jul.23   Mexico   Hurricane Dora weakens off coast
  Dora weakened to Category 1 strength as it continued to churn in the Pacific Ocean off the northwest coast of Mexico
Jul.17   Bahamas   Bahamas under tropical storm watch  Bret has become the second tropical storm of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season packing maximum sustained winds of 40 mph Jun.30   Mexico   Storm Arlene makes landfall on coast
  Tropical Storm Arlene, the first named storm of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season, made landfall along Mexico's Gulf coast
Jun.27   New Orleans Police go on trial over Katrina shooting Jun.9   Mexico   Hurricane Adrian to remain offshore
  Adrian churned across the Pacific early as forecasters warned of dangerous surf and rip currents on the southwestern coast

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.9   New Orleans Split verdict on Katrina killing
  A federal jury has convicted three police officers and cleared two over the killing of a man after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005
Nov.9   Haiti   Tomas aftermath raises cholera concern Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  In the wake of the hurricane, cholera has reached the congested capital, where 73 people have come down with the potentially deadly infection
Nov.6   Haiti   Hurricane Tomas destroys homes
  Having spent its fury on Haiti, Tomas was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm but continued on its wet and blustery path
Nov.5   Haiti   Hurricane lashes already devastated Haiti
  Already devastated this year by a killer earthquake and a deadly cholera outbreak, Haiti felt the brute force of Tomas, which could trigger floods
Nov.2   Saint Lucia   Tomas leaves five dead on St. Lucia
  At least two people are missin. The storm hit St. Lucia as a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday morning and caused major damage
Nov.1   Haiti   Weakened storm may still threaten Haiti
  A disorganized Tropical Storm Tomas limped toward the central Caribbean, but the storm could re-intensify into a rare November hurricane
Oct.31   Caribbean   Tomas weakens to Category 1
  A weakened hurricane was heading into open Caribbean waters after pounding the island of St. Vincent with gusty winds and heavy rain
Oct.30   Haiti     Cholera deaths rise above 330
  The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Haiti has risen to more than 330, and Hurricane Tomas may worsen the situation as it approaches
Oct.29   Caribbean   Tropical Storm Tomas forms in the Atlantic
  Tropical Storm Tomas formed in the Atlantic Friday and could strengthen into a hurricane by late Saturday
Oct.22   Honduras   Hurricane watch issued ahead of Richard
  A hurricane watch and tropical storm warning remained in effect for Honduras from the Nicaragua/Honduras border westward to Limon
Oct.13   Cuba   Category 2 Paula heading for Cuba
  Hurricane Paula weakened as the storm brushed past Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and headed for Cuba
Oct.12   Yucatan   Hurricane Paula threatens Yucatan
  Small but powerful Paula was closing in on the tip of Yucatan Peninsula and western Cuba Tuesday night with sustained 100 mph winds
Sep.21   Canada   Igor rakes Newfoundland
  The storm previously known as Hurricane Igor is leaving behind downed trees, washed out roads and a desperate search for a missing elderly man
Sep.19   Bermuda   Hurrciane passes just west of Bermuda
  The mammoth of a hurricane Igor has reached its closest point to Bermuda, as winds and rain continued to pummel the island into Monday morning
  Bermuda Bermuda feels wrath of Hurricane Igor Sep.16   Mexico   Hurricane Karl bears down on Mexico
  Category 2 Hurricane Karl headed toward the coast with 100 mph (160 kph) winds with higher gusts and could become an intense Category 3 Sep.12   Caribbean   Hurricane Igor intensifies in Atlantic Ocean
  Igor was packing maximum sustained winds of up to 105 mph. The center of the storm was about 1,145 miles east of the Leeward Islands
Sep.11   Caribbean   Tropical Storm Igor to become hurricane
  As Tropical Storm Igor spins across the Atlantic Ocean, forecasters say the storm will probably strengthen and become a hurricane
Sep.6   Texas   Hurricane watch issued for Texas, Mexico
  A hurricane watch was issued for portions of the Texas and Mexico coasts ahead of Tropical Storm Hermine
Sep.2   North Carolina   Earl weakens as it nears US coast  Areas along the US East Coast have declared states of emergency as Hurricane Earl churns towards the region Sep.1   North Carolina   Hurricane prompts evacuations
  Evacuations have begun in areas of the US East Coast likely to be hit by Hurricane Earl. The hurricane has strengthened to a category 4 again
Aug.30   Lesser Antilles   Earl becomes category four storm  A storm moving through the eastern Caribbean has strengthened to a Category Four hurricane, prompting warnings for several islands Jun.30  Texas  Texas on alert as Alex sweeps in Jun.29   Louisiana Hurricane hits Gulf oil clean-up Jun.2   Oman     Cyclone threatens Oman, Pakistan
  Torrential rain and hurricane force winds were forecast for the coast of Oman as Phet, a Category 4 storm bore down on the sultanate’s coast

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.8   Louisiana   Hurricane Ida moves into U.S. Gulf Coast
  Hurricane is prompting a declaration of emergency in Louisiana and concern along the U.S. Gulf Coast
Sep.1   Mexico   Jimena downgraded to Category 3 Map of Cabo San Lucas Mexico
  The hurricane remained dangerous as it bore down on the peninsula of Baja California, with the resort town of Cabo San Lucas lying in its path
Aug.30   Mexico   Hurricane Jimena nears western Mexico Map of Baja California Mexico
  Packing winds of 140 mph, Jimena was approaching Baja California as a Category 4 storm. There's a chance this system could be a Category 5
Aug.23   New England   Girl dies after wave knocks her into ocean Map of Acadia National Park USA
  A 7-year-old girl died after a large ocean wave kicked up by Hurricane Bill knocked her and two other people into the Atlantic off Maine
Aug.22   Massachusetts   Hurricane heads for New England
  Hurricane Bill skipped Bermuda and set its sights on the Massachusetts coast, with forecasters warning people to be on alert
Aug.19   Caribbean   Hurricane Bill reaches Category 4 strength
  Bill churned far from land with maximum sustained winds near 135 mph, 380 miles east-northeast of the Leeward Islands
Aug.18   Caribbean   Bill becomes Category 3 hurricane
  Hurricane, with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph. churned in the Atlantic Ocean toward the west-northwest as a major Category 3 hurricane

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.9   Cuba   Paloma smacks Cuba, then weakens
  Once-ferocious hurricane weakened into a tropical storm after flooding the southern coast with crashing waves and a powerful storm surge on an island
Nov.7   Caribbean   Hurricane Paloma strengthens
  Hurricane Paloma intensified to a Category 3 storm, lashing Grand Cayman Island with wind and rain on its way toward central Cuba
Nov.6   Caribbean   Paloma becomes hurricane
  A tropical storm strengthened into a Category 1, packing winds of nearly 75 mph, hurricane in the Caribbean Sea
Oct.11   Mexico   Hurricane Norbert weakens
  Norbert has weakened to a Category 1 after it swept across southern Baja California peninsula, tearing off roofs
Sep.28   New England   Hurricane Kyle strengthens Map of Maine USA
  Category 1 hurricane got stronger as it headed toward Maine and Canada
Sep.15   Texas   Ike blamed for 27 deaths  The remnants of the hurricane moved into Canada after the storm left a trail of destruction from the U.S. Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes Sep.14   Texas Fuel shortage fear after storm  Oil refineries put out of action by Hurricane Ike could take eight to nine days to recover Sep.13   Houston   Hurricane Ike pounds Texas coast   As Galveston's west end was deluged, Houston officials warned residents to stay put because it was no longer safe to try to escape Sep.10   Texas   Texans flee as Hurricane Ike approaches  Residents along part of the Gulf Coast have been told to leave after Ike left Cuba and began to gain strength in the warm Gulf of Mexico Sep.9   Cuba Ike bears down on Cuba again Sep.8   New Orleans Mayor fears city too weary to flee Ike  Hurricane Ike was expected to gain strength as it barreled toward the Texas-Louisiana border Sep.7  Cuba  Ike makes landfall as Category 3 hurricane Sep.6  Caribbean  Caribbean lashed by Hurricane Ike   Caribbean   Hurricane Ike threatens islands   Emergency measures are being taken as Hurricane Ike sweeps in, just days after Tropical Storm Hanna passed through the region Sep.5   Haiti   Aid ship reaches Haitians hit by hurricane Map of Gonaives Haiti  A ship carrying U.N. relief supplies, including food and water, arrived in the hurricane-ravaged Haitian city of Gonaives Sep.1  New Orleans  Gustav evacuees urged to stay away Aug.31   New Orleans Hundreds of thousands flee coast   Minnesota   Hurricane hits Republican plans Map of Saint Paul Minnesota  The Republican party's convention has been scaled back as nearly 2m people flee Hurricane Gustav. McCain said it was no time for party politics Aug.30  New Orleans  New Orleaners told to flee Gustav  Cuba  Hurricane Gustav reaches Category 4  Cuba  Cuba, Gulf Coast braced for Gustav Aug.29   Caribbean   Powerful Gustav heads to Caymans  Hurricane Gustav continues to threaten Cuba and the US Gulf Coast. It could develop into a category 3 storm over the weekend Aug.28   Jamaica   Gustav hits Jamaica; Haiti says 51 dead  Tropical Storm struck Jamaica with pounding rain and winds just short of hurricane strength Aug.25   Haiti   Gustav takes aim at Haiti, Domin. Republic  Tropical storm continued on its path toward Haiti and the central Caribbean and threatened to reach hurricane strength before landfall Aug.13   New Orleans Katrina shooting case collapses Jul.23   Texas   Hurricane Dolly lashes Gulf Coast
  Hurricane has hit the Mexico-Texas coast, lashing the region with winds of up to 100mph, dumping about 12in of rain over Texas
Jul.21   Texas   Hurricane warning for Texas, Mexico
  A flurry of warnings were issued along the coasts of Texas and Mexico as Tropical Storm Dolly advanced across the Gulf of Mexico
Jul.8   Bermuda   Hurricane Bertha weakens
  The first hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic season lost strength, dropping to a Category 1 storm with top wind speeds of 80 mph by late in the day
Jul.7   Bermuda   Hurricane Bertha gains strength
  Hurricane strengthened hours after becoming the first hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic season

year 2007 Top ^

Sep.27   Mexico   Tropical Storm Lorenzo becomes hurricane
  The storm, speeding along at 75 mph was expected to come ashore in Mexico
Sep.6   Nicaragua Hurricane Felix death toll nears 100  Nicaragua  Felix death toll rises above 40 Sep.5   Mexico   Henriette blows toward Mexican mainland Map of Guaymas Mexico
  Hurricane took aim at Mexico for the second time in 2 days, moving toward the city of Guaymas with top sustained winds of 75 mph
Sep.4   Mexico   Henriette slams Baja peninsula
  The hurricane weakened slightly after it made landfall on the southern tip of Baja  Nicaragua  Category 5 Felix makes landfall Sep.3   Nicaragua   Thousands fleeing coastal areas
  Hurricane Felix has weakened to a category 4 storm but is still packing winds of 230km/h and is 'extremely dangerous'
  Nicaragua   Hurricane Felix heads for Central America
  A potentially catastrophic hurricane is packing winds of 160 mph or more
Sep.1   Caribbean   Felix reaches hurricane status  Felix is setting its sights on Aruba and prompting Jamaica to issue a tropical storm watch Aug.21   Yucatan   Hurricane pushes into Mexico gulf
  Dean has moved offshore after lashing Yucatan Peninsula and Belize, toppling trees and houses and bringing torrential rain
Aug.20  Yucatan  Hurricane Dean grows into Category 5   Yucatan   Hurricane Dean spins toward Yucatan
Map of Yucatan Mexico
  After battering the southern coast of Jamaica, the hurricane picked up strength.Forecasters said Dean could be a Category 5
Aug.19  Jamaica  Jamaicans start to feel hurricane Aug.18  Haiti  Hurricane churns up the Caribbean Aug.17   Caribbean   Dean strengthens to Category 4 hurricane
  Dean pounded Caribbean islands, bear down on Jamaica and headed toward the Gulf of Mexico
Aug.14   Hawaii   Flossie churns toward Hawaii
  Hurricane Flossie is barreling toward the 'big island' packing dangerous winds, pounding surf and potentially flooding rain
Aug.12   Hawaii   Hurricane Flossie expected to weaken
  Hurricane packed 140 mph wind as it spun closer to Hawaii, but the Category 4 storm would weaken before passing by the islands

year 2006 Top ^

Oct.23   Mexico   Hurricane Paul threatens Baja resorts
  The hurricane is becoming the third hurricane this season to threaten the resort popular with Hollywood's elite Sep.25   New Orleans Superdome reopens Sep.17   Mexico   Hurricane slams Mexico
  Hurricane Lane left a trail of destruction on Pacific coast that killed 3 people, washed away roads
Sep.16   Mexico   Hurricane powers towards Mexico
  The Lane has strengthened into a Category 3 storm as it roars towards Pacific coastline
Sep.11  Bermuda  Florence cuts power to thousands Sep.10   Bermuda   Florence becomes hurricane
  Florence intensified as it headed for Bermuda, where residents installed storm shutters
Sep.1   Mexico   Hurricane nears Baja California peninsula
  Thousands of tourists and local residents are bracing for the impact of the storm John
Aug.30   Mexico   Hurricane John threatens Mexico
  Category 4 hurricane lashed tourist resorts with heavy winds and rain as the storm marched up Pacific coast
Jul.18   New Orleans 3 charged over Katrina deaths Mar.23   New Orleans Katrina lost child mission ends Feb.27   New Orleans   Mardi Gras returns
  Tens of thousands of revellers are gathering for the climax of the first Mardi Gras since Hurricane Katrina

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.28   California Dozens indicted in alleged Katrina scam Nov.2   Honduras Rain hinders Hurricane Beta relief
  Steady rains have prevented aid from reaching victims on Atlantic coast. Thousands remain in shelters
Oct.30   Nicaragua   Hurricane Beta belts Nicaragua, Honduras
  The weakening storm moved inland following a landfall with 105 mph winds
Oct.29  Nicaragua  Hurricane Beta now Category 2 Oct.28   Nicaragua   Beta nearly a hurricane  Tropical Storm Beta was expected to strengthen before making landfall in Central America Oct.25   Florida   Coastal areas picking up the pieces  People are mopping up water in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma Oct.24   Florida Wilma made 3 million homes without power   Florida   Wilma roars across Florida
  The hurricane slammed into south Florida with high winds, driving rains and storm surges, killing one man
Oct.23   Cuba   Wilma hits Cuba as Florida braces  High winds and heavy rains are lashing western Cuba as the hurricane strengthens to a Category 3 storm   Mexico   Relief in Mexico as Wilma leaves  The hurricane has left Mexico's Gulf coast after pounding the Yucatan for more than 48 hours Oct.21   Yucatan   Hurricane batters resorts  The Yucatan is suffering severe damage from Wilma, which is forecast to pound the area for at least a day   Yucatan   Hurricane Wilma's eyewall hits Yucatan  The center of fierce Wilma brushed the Peninsula as thousands of tourists huddled in shelters and hotels Oct.20   Cuba   Evacuations face little resistance  Hurricane Wilma was expected to drench western Cuba. The residents packed their belongings   Yucatan   Wilma may hit by Sunday night  Hurricane weakened slightly to Category 4, churning slowly toward Yucatan Peninsula Oct.19   Mexico     Hurricane Wilma forces evacuation  Mexico, Cuba and Florida have started evacuating thousands of people from areas threatened by the hurricane  Haiti  Hurricane Wilma 'strongest ever' Oct.18   Caribbean Wilma turns into a hurricane   Cuba   Hurricane Wilma grows in strength  Wilma is threatening Cuba and Mexico and is expected to strengthen as it ploughs north through the Caribbean Oct.5   El Salvador Hurricane Stan's death toll climbs to 135   Mexico   66 dead in wake of Hurricane Stan
  The forecasters warned of possible life-threatening flash floods in southeastern Mexico
Oct.4   Mexico   Hurricane strikes Mexican coast
  Stan has ploughed through mainland after killing at least 66 people in Central America
  Mexico   Hurricane Stan churns toward Mexico
  Tropical Storm strengthened to a hurricane, threatening a port and forcing the evacuation of oil platforms
Oct.2   New Orleans   Parish president: FEMA still fumbling  The president of St. Tammany Parish accused the agency of continuing to mismanage the hurricane aftermath Sep.29   New Orleans Police face Katrina looting probe Sep.27  New Orleans  City police chief resigns Sep.25   New Orleans   Evacuees return home after Rita
  The mayor says residents can start returning to parts of the city just days after it was swamped by the hurricane
Sep.23   Texas   Hurricane poised to strike
  The storm Rita makes landfall, although its winds may prove weaker than feared
Sep.21  Texas  Storm triggers mass evacuation Sep.16   USA   Day of prayer for Katrina victims  A day of prayer is being held across the US as Americans remember the hurricane victims Sep.12   Washington Emergencies chief steps down Sep.10   USA   Red Cross calls for storm workers  The American Red Cross needs 40,000 extra volunteers to help deal with the unprecedented impact of Hurricane Katrina  New Orleans  Police hunt for dead Sep.9   Washington US emergency aid chief sidelined   Washington     Powell criticises storm response
  Former US Secretary of State fails to understand why better preparations were not made before the hurricane
  U.S. Congress $51.8b storm aid approved
  Congress approved emergency spending to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts
Sep.8   Washington   Bush declares Katrina prayer day
  US President has declared 16 September 16 a national day of prayer and remembrance for the victims of the Hurricane
  Texas Mexican troops cross into U.S. for relief
  The army convoy, carrying water treatment plants, is to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina
  New Orleans     Cheney embarks on hurricane tour  Vice-President has arrived on the country's Gulf coast for a tour of the areas worst affected by Katrina Sep.7  U.S. Congress  Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief Sep.3   New Orleans   Massive airlift rescues thousands  Survivors of Hurricane Katrina are being taken to safety in what is being called the largest-ever airlift in the country   Washington   Bush, China's Hu to defer meeting
  U.S. President and President of China have agreed to postpone their meeting because of Hurricane Katrina
Sep.2   New Orleans   Hurricane aid efforts gather pace  Aid operations are starting to ease the plight of tens of thousands of victims in the devastated city Aug.30   Mississippi Race to rescue hurricane victims
  Official in the badly-hit state of Mississippi say there could be hundreds dead along the coast
 New Orleans  'Up to 80' dead in hurricane Aug.29   New Orleans   Hurricane Katrina lashes coast
  1,836 people lost their lives in the hurricane and in the subsequent floods.    The costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast as far as 100 miles from the storm's center. ...
Aug.28   New Orleans   Katrina may be 'our Asian tsunami'  Flooding expected from the hurricane could wreak catastrophe on New Orleans, overwhelming its sewage systems Aug.27   New Orleans   Gulf Coast residents urged to get out
  Hurricane-savvy Louisianans are leaving the state in advance of Katrina's potential arrival on the sate of Mississippi
Aug.25   Florida   Two die as hurricane hits
  Katrina has hit south-east Florida, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity
Jul.20   Texas   Hurricane pounds Mexico-US border
  Emily has hit north-eastern Mexico and parts of Texas, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes
Jul.18  Yucatan  Hurricane Emily hits Yucatan Jul.16   Jamaica   Hurricane Emily 'extremely dangerous'
  Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 155 mph passed south of Jamaica and headed toward Yucatan
Jul.15   Jamaica   Hurricane Emily aims at Jamaica
  The hurricane weakened slightly as it barreled through the Caribbean
Jul.7   Jamaica   Hurricane batters Caribbean coast
  Hurricane Dennis has hit coastal areas of Jamaica and Haiti with winds of 135mph threatening to intensify
  Jamaica   Hurricane Dennis heads to Jamaica
   Dennis slowed and strengthened to a Category 2 as it lumbered through the Caribbean
May.19   El Salvador   Hurricane Adrian hits El Salvador
  Hurricane is cutting off power and forcing officials to close schools and evacuate some 14,000 people

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.26   Florida   4 dead as Jeanne moves through Florida
  Hurricane Jeanne, which made landfall with 120 mph winds, downgraded to a tropical storm
  Florida Jeanne leaves Floridians powerless
  Hurricane is knocking out power to more than a million customers as it headed toward the Gulf of Mexico
Sep.25   Florida Jeanne eyewall hits Florida Sep.24   Florida   Florida prepares for fourth hurricane
  Hurricane Jeanne continued its westward crawl toward the northern Bahamas
Sep.17   USA   US takes stock of Hurricane Ivan
  The authorities have begun a major relief operation as south-eastern states continue to assess Hurricane's deadly impact
Sep.15   USA   Americans flee as hurricane nears
  Hundreds of thousands are evacuating their homes along the southern coast, as Ivan heads inland from the Gulf of Mexico
Sep.13  Cuba  Hurricane batters Cuba Sep.11   Jamaica   Jamaica counts cost of hurricane Ivan
  At least 11 people have died, trees were uprooted, roofs ripped off, and roads swept away
Sep.10   Jamaica   Hurricane Ivan lashes Jamaica
  Waves 2-stories high and torrential rains flooded eastern Jamaica and punishing winds knocked down trees
  Jamaica   Hurricane's fringes lash Jamaica
  Heavy rains, high winds and waves around two-storeys high have begun pounding Jamaica
Sep.8   Caribbean   Hurricane hits Caribbean islands
  Ivan has swept through the south-eastern islands, killing at least 12 people, flattening homes and knocking out power
Sep.7  Grenada  Hurricane Ivan kills at least 12 Sep.4   Florida   Hurricane Frances pounds Florida
  The hurricane has smashed into the central east coast, bringing strong winds and torrential rains
  Bahamas   Hurricane spins slowly toward Florida
  Frances soaked Florida's southeast coast as the center of the far-reaching storm tore through the Bahamas
Sep.3   Florida   Hurricane prompts mass evacuation
  About 2.5 million have been ordered to leave their homes along state east coast in advance of the expected arrival of Frances
Sep.2   Bahamas   Bahamas battered by Frances
  The ferocious winds of the hurricane flung debris and kicked up 15-foot waves in the sparsely populated areas
Aug.14  Florida  Hurricane Charley death toll at 13 Aug.13   Florida   Hurricane batters coast
  Packing winds up to 145mph, Charley is ripping up trees and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents
  Florida   Residents flee as Charley nears
  Hundreds of thousands were moving inland as hurricane picked up strength churning toward the state's Gulf Coast
Aug.3   North Carolina   Hurricane Alex winds near 100 mph
  The first hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic season strengthened to a Category 2 storm off Outer Banks
Mar.27   Brazil   Rare hurricane stirs South Atlantic
  It's the first since 1966 a hurricane-strength storm in the South Atlantic Ocean

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.27   Canada   Juan strengthens, heads to Canada
  Hurricane picked up strength in the Atlantic with sustained winds of 85 mph
Sep.19   USA   US cleans up after hurricane
  Clean-up operations are underway along the east coast where Isabel caused damage put at half a billion dollars Sep.18   Virginia Isabel knocks out power to 2 million   USA   Hurricane batters coast
  Fierce winds and heavy rains have begun hitting the US eastern coast as Isabel moves ashore
Sep.17   Virginia   Residents flee hurricane
  Isabel is expected to begin lashing North Carolina and Virginia with tropical storm-force winds by midnight
Sep.16   North Carolina   Coast boards up, flees Hurricane Isabel
  North Carolina declared a state of emergency to allow emergency vehicles to move into place
Sep.5  Bermuda  Fabian pounds with 120 mph winds Sep.4   Bermuda   Fabian approaches Bermuda
  Weather Service issued a hurricane watch as storm was with maximum sustained winds near 120 mph
Aug.30   Caribbean   Hurricane Fabian strengthens in Atlantic
  Forecasters said the hurricane was still several days from reaching land
Aug.24   Mexico   Hurricane Ignacio threatens Baja  Winds had increased to 105 mph, making it a Category 2 hurricane Jul.15   Texas   Claudette weakens to tropical storm
  The first hurricane of the Atlantic season was slamming into central Texas and weakening over land
Jul.13   Mexico   Hurricane alert
  A hurricane watch was issued Mexico and Texas as Tropical Storm Claudette moved slowly toward shore

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.26   Mexico   Hurricane Kenna slams Mexico
  Hurricane roared to shore north of resort city Puerto Vallarta unleashing a wall of water that ravaged a seafront
Oct.25   Mexico   Category 5 Kenna roars toward Mexico
  Soldiers and civil authorities evacuated thousands of people and closed schools as Pacific coast braced for hurricane
Oct.3   Louisiana   Lili hits Louisiana, loses strength
  Maximum sustained winds had dropped to 90 mph, making it a Category 1 hurricane
Oct.2   USA   Coast cowers as Lili approaches
  Authorities were urging coastal residents from east Texas to the mouth of the Mississippi River to get out Hurricane way
Oct.1   Texas   Lili strengthens, aims for U.S.
  A hurricane watch was issued as hurricane moved past Cuba toward the Gulf of Mexico
Sep.30   Cuba   New hurricane heads for Cuba
  Tropical storm Lili which has already killed 8 people in the Caribbean is strengthening
Sep.22   Yucatan   Isidore makes landfall
  Hurricane pounded the region with heavy rains and high winds. Isidore moved inland across the tip of the Yucatan
Sep.21   Yucatan   Hurricane Isidore threatens Mexico
  Hurricane is heading towards south-eastern Yucatan peninsula
Sep.20   Cuba   Isidore causing 'catastrophic damage'
  Hurricane, packing 100 mph winds, relentlessly battered the western tip of Cuba, dumping more than 2 feet of rain
May.30   Mexico   Hurricane Alma forms off Mexico
  Alma became the first hurricane of the year in the eastern Pacific

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.4   Cuba   Hurricane Michelle slows
  Wnds up to 75mph and rains have caused mass evacuations, floods, and tidal surges
 Cuba  Michelle menacing Cuba Nov.3   Nicaragua   Hurricane Michelle leaves 20 dead
  Coastal areas received half annual rainfall in 5 days
Oct.6   Dominican Republic   Hurricane Iris threatens Caribbean
  3 people have been killed as Hurricane sweeps towards Jamaica
Sep.9   Bermuda   Hurricane Erin closes on Bermuda
  Government is setting up shelters and calling out the local militia force

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