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Mass rally for Hariri anniversary. Beirut   Bush promises full Hariri investigation
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B. 2017-11-21 Lebanese PM Saad Hariri returns to Beirut
C. 2017-11-10 Tillerson warns against Lebanon proxy wars after Hariri crisis Washington
2017-11-04 Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned Saudi Arabia
4. 2015-02-14 Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death Martyrs Square, Beirut
5. 2014-01-16 Lebanon's Hariri trial opens without the accused Hague
G. 2011-01-14 Hariri to help form new Lebanon cabinet Beirut
H. 2009-12-20 Lebanon and Syria move to thaw relations Syria
8. 2009-03-01 U.N. opens Hariri assassination case UN Tribunal
9. 2009-02-14 Thousands mark Hariri's assassination Beirut

Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death. Beirut Lebanon's Hariri trial opens without the accused. Hague Hezbollah suspects to be tried over Hariri Hezbollah: Israel was behind Hariri killing   Hezbollah reject Hariri warrants  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has rejected indictments of four of its members over the 2005 assassination of Lebanon's former PM Tribunal issues indictments in Hariri's killing Hariri tribunal issues indictment Hariri to help form new Lebanon cabinet. Beirut Lebanon and Syria move to thaw relations Pro-West bloc retains control  Saad Hariri, the leader of Sunni-dominated 'March 14 coalition,' claimed victory hours after the polls closed in Sunday's crucial election   U.N. opens Hariri assassination case  UN Tribunal: The United Nations launched a special tribunal to prosecute the assassins of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri Thousands mark Hariri's assassination. Beirut   Crowds mass for memorials   Beirut: Thousands of people are gathering to mark three years since the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri   UN approves Hariri assassination tribunal  UN Security Council: In a challenge to Syria, the Security Council voted to set up a court to prosecute the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Thousands rally on Hariri anniversary. Beirut Tension high for Hariri protest. Beirut U.N. probe IDs Hariri suspects Cabinet meets on Hariri tribunal. Beirut U.N. to probe Gemayel slaying. Beirut Lebanon approves court amid crisis  Beirut: Depleted government has approved a draft setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in the assassination of Hariri Cabinet crisis threatens tribunal. Beirut Hariri 'killed by suicide bomber'. Beirut   Lebanese PM: Al-Assad threatened Hariri  Fouad Siniora: Syrian President threatened to 'break' Lebanon if Hariri did not support a longer term for Lahoud   Syria 'crucial' to Hariri inquiry
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri returns to Beirut   Lebanese PM Saad Hariri has arrived back in Beirut for the first time since announcing his resignation in Saudi Arabia more than two weeks a... Tillerson warns against Lebanon proxy wars after Hariri crisis  Washington: US Secretary of State has warned other countries against using Lebanon for proxy conflicts, following the resignation of its prime minister Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned

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   Saudi Arabia: Hariri, in a televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia, accused Iran of sowing 'fear and destruction' in several countries, including Lebanon

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  The head of the UN inquiry says improved co-operation from Syria was critical to its success

  Washington: President promised the son of slain Prime Minister that the assassination will receive a full and firm investigation
Jan.11   Rice: Syria on notice over Hariri
  Washington: The U.S. is warning that further action would be taken by the U.N. Security Council
Jan.2   U.N. team seeks to quiz Assad
  The Hariri investigators have asked to interview Syrian President and the Foreign Minister

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Dec.30     Ex-VP: Assad threatened Lebanese PM
  Former Syrian Vice President Abdul-Halim Khaddam said that Rafik Hariri was threatened by Syria
Dec.13 Hariri findings 'delayed by Syria'
  UN: Syria's reluctance to cooperate with the investigators may delay the findings for up to two years
  UN debates latest Hariri report
  UN Security Council: The Security Council has begun discussing the latest report into the assassination of former Lebanese PM
Dec.12 Syria faces more Lebanon pressure Dec.11     New Hariri report 'blames Syria'
  UN Secretary General has received the second report into the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister
Nov.11   Lahoud meets Hariri murder team
  A UN team investigating the killing of ex-Lebanese Prime Minister has had a meeting with the President Oct.31 Syria denies hindering UN inquiry Oct.26   Russia opposes UN action on Syria
  Moscow will block any effort to impose sanctions on Damascus over its role in the Hariri assassination
Oct.25 Draft demands Syrian cooperation  UN: A draft U.S.-French resolution says Syria 'must detain' officials suspected of involvement in the Hariri assassination   Security Council debates Hariri report
  UN Security Council: The Council is meeting to discuss a report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister
Oct.22 Syria disputes U.N. Hariri report
  The foreign ministry adviser has said his country was an easy target for investigators
  Hariri's son calls for justice  The son of slain former Prime Minister said his father was a 'martyr' and called for an international court Oct.21     Bush: Hariri report 'deeply disturbing'  California: President urged the UN to address the findings of its report implicating Syria in the assassination Governments deny UN murder claims   Syria: The Syrian and Lebanese governments have denied any involvement in the assassination of Rafik Hariri Oct.20 U.N. probe links Syria to Hariri killing
  The investigators have found 'converging evidence' of Lebanese and Syrian involvement in the killing of ex-Prime Minister
Sep.20     U.N. quizzes Syrians in Hariri probe  A U.N. investigator traveled to Damascus to begin questioning over the assassination of a top Lebanese politician Sep.1   Hariri killing suspects charged  Beirut: The prosecutor has charged four pro-Syrian generals in connection with the murder of former Prime Minister Hariri probe to seek Syrian help
  Investigators believe the 5 suspects already arrested are not the only people involved in the bombing
Aug.30 Ex-security chiefs held. Beirut Aug.25     U.N.: Syria hindering Hariri probe
  A U.N. official said that Syria was not fully cooperating with the investigation into assassination of ex-Prime Minister
Jun.20   Hariri camp secured majority in parliament  Beirut: The anti-Syrian opposition is breaking Damascus' long political hold on its tiny neighbor Jun.17   Truck bomb killed Hariri - U.N.
  German prosecutor heading the U.N. investigation: the blast came from an explosives-packed truck
Mar.27 Hariri blast video aired on TV. Beirut Mar.24   U.N. report points finger at Syria  A fact-finding team investigating assassination of Rafik Hariri has blamed Syria for the political tension UN urges independent Hariri probe
  A report into the killing of former Prime Minister has called for an international investigation to be carried out
Mar.14   Massive protest marks Hariri death  Beirut: Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Beirut for an opposition rally 4 weeks since Hariri was assassinated Feb.16 Hariri buried amid chaotic scenes  Beirut: The body of the assassinated former prime minister has been buried amid a passionate crush of mourners Feb.15 Beirut blast 'was suicide attack' Feb.14 Huge blast kills ex-PM
  Beirut: Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has been killed in a large-scale bomb attack on his motorcade in Beirut
 Hariri and at 9 others were killed when a massive bomb ripped through chic seafront boulevard. Members of the opposition hold Syria and the pro-Damascus Lebanese government responsible for the death of the businessman. The government held an emergency Cabinet meeting

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Oct.20 Prime minister resigns. Beirut

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Apr.15   Prime minister Rafik Hariri quits
  Beirut: Hariri is opening the way for the formation of a new government

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