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China 'smashes' trafficking gangs  Chinese police have broken up two major child trafficking gangs and freed 181 children. Authorities arrested 802 suspects across the country Police target drug gangs in biggest slum Map of Rocinha Brazil
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B. 2017-07-06 28 dead in prison fight in Acapulco Las Cruces, Acapulco, Mexico
2015-05-17 Texas bikers in deadly shootout at Waco restaurant
3. 2014-10-03 Police arrest 'triad gang' members Hong Kong
4. 2013-05-28 Gangs talk truce in world's murder capital Honduras
F. 2013-01-11 France taking on Islamist gangs in Mali Konna, Mali
G. 2012-07-05 China 'smashes' trafficking gangs China
H. 2011-11-13 Police target drug gangs in biggest slum Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro
I. 2011-11-12 Brazilian police move on Rio slum Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro
9. 2011-11-09 Mexico troops 'committing abuses' Mexico

Police arrest 'triad gang' members    Hong Kong: Police in Hong Kong have arrested 19 people, including suspected members of triad gangs accused of attacking pro-democracy protesters Gangs talk truce in world's murder capital   Honduras: Honduras, the country with the world's highest murder rate, is backing talks between its two most violent gangs in search of a truce France taking on Islamist gangs in Mali Map of Konna Mali
28 dead in prison fight in Acapulco Map of Las Cruces Acapulco Mexico  Mexico: The pre-dawn fight between rival gangs in a prison in south-western Mexico broke out in the maximum security wing of Las Cruces prison Texas bikers in deadly shootout at Waco restaurant Map of Central Texas Market Place Waco TX Texas

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  Police in the US state of Texas say nine people have been killed in a shootout between rival biker gangs in the city of Waco

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  State military forces on Friday retook a key town of Konna in northern Mali after intense fighting that included help from French military forces

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  Rio de Janeiro: Brazil's police say they have completed an operation to clear Rio de Janeiro's biggest slum, Rocinha, of drug gangs
Nov.12 Brazilian police move on Rio slum   Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian police have begun an operation to clear Rio de Janeiro's biggest slum, Rocinha, of drug gangs Nov.9 Mexico troops 'committing abuses'  Human Rights Watch: Mexico's security forces are committing widespread abuses in the fight against drug gangs but are not being held to acco... Aug.13 Ex-NYC top cop to advise UK on gangs  London: Bill Bratton will advise the British government on tackling the street gangs blamed for the violence that raged nationwide Mar.13     Gadhafi forces retake rebel town Map of Brega Libya
  Eastern Libya: Libyan state TV reported that the opposition-held town of al-Brega had been 'been cleansed from the criminal gangs and mercenaries'

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Nov.26   Troops sended to violence-plagued Rio  Rio de Janeiro: Authorities sent in the military to help quell violence that continued in the slums, with gangs torching buses and five cars before dawn Nov.25 Rio police 'in control of favela'
  Rio de Janeiro: Police in Rio de Janeiro say they now have total control of the Vila Cruzeiro shanty town, as they continue a crackdown on violent drug gangs Jun.14 Prison gang fighting kills 28   North Mexico: A clash between rival gangs in a prison in north-western state of Sinaloa has left some 28 inmates dead

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Sep.21     L. American cartels expand to West Africa  Colombian and Mexican drug cartels have jumped the Atlantic Ocean, working closely with local criminal gangs to carve out a staging area Jul.29   More members of drug gang arrested  Mexico: Six members of La Familia Michoacana, one of most active drug gangs, including someone accused of being the organization's bookkeeper Jul.11   Gangs gun down police in 8 cities  Mexico: Coordinated attacks killed 3 federal police officers and 3 soldiers in what officials are calling an unprecedented onslaught by drug gangs

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Nov.22 Beheadings in jail riot
. Guatemala Jan.28   Gangs face off in tribal violence Map of Naivasha Kenya
   Kenya: Hundreds of people from rival tribes confronted each other on a main road in Naivasha as tensions remained high in the Rift Valley town

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Aug.30   Mafia suspects arrested  Southern Italy: Police are arresting dozens of suspected members of rival gangs linked to the killing of 6 Italian men in Germany Aug.29 Military rulers seek to crush dissent
. Myanmar Aug.4 LA holds anti-gangster protests. Los Angeles Jun.27 Police kill 13 suspected drug traffickers. Rio de Janeiro Jun.26 Children 'seized for ransom'. CAR May.22 Elephants at risk from gangs, eBay. Central Africa Feb.7 Plea for gang violence crackdown  Los Angeles: Mayor of Los Angeles has called for international help to deal with gangs, saying his city was 'ground zero' for Latino gangs

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May.17 156 killed in police vs. gang violence
  Sao Paulo: Police lost 41 comrades in gang attacks, and killed 22 more suspected criminals

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Nov.1   Sixth night of riots
  Paris: In the troubled suburbs police is firing rubber bullets and tear gas as they faced down gangs of youths Aug.3   Gangs rampage in Khartoum
   Sudan: Tear gas has been used and a helicopter is flying low over the city center Mar.7 Prison fire 'kills 140'
   Dominican Republic: Clashes between rival gangs in the prison in the eastern town of Higuey led to a fire

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Sep.10   Armed gangs kill 17 civilians
   Burundi: Armed gangsters killed 17 civilians after ambushing a bus in the province of Cibitoke

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Jan.2   Prison riot leaves 45 dead   Brazil: Police blamed the deaths on fighting between rival gangs

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Mar.15 EU crackdown on people smuggling
  European Union: The Balkan route is often used by organised gangs to move thousands of economic migrants into Europe

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