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EU's 'spare 1bn euros' for Africa Rallies divide Buenos Aires before tax vote Traffic snarls latest bump in farm crisis Map of Cordoba Argentina  Disagreements between the government and farmers over export taxes flared up as drivers used their trucks to snarl traffic Farmers resume strike against export tax S Korea 'due to lift US beef ban' Map of Seoul South Korea  Seoul's farm ministry: South Korea has agreed to relax restrictions on beef imports from the US Pig farm killer jailed UK eases foot-and-mouth farm ban
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1. 2015-04-04 Traffic accidents kill 26 in 2 Chinese provinces Nayong, Yunnan, Southern China
2014-08-27 Indian woman, armed with farm tool, fights off leopard Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India
3. 2014-01-31 Boulder smashes through Italian farm Ronchi di Termeno, Northern Italy
E. 2013-04-18 Greece farm shooting: 30 injured Nea Manolada, Greece
F. 2013-03-26 Wind farm opposed by Trump approved Aberdeen, Scotland
6. 2012-10-17 378 Peruvian workers sickened by pesticide Ica, Peru
H. 2012-10-02 China firm sues Obama over farms Oregon
8. 2011-08-12 'Vampire rabies' killed man in US Louisiana
J. 2011-07-26 Police detonated Breivik's explosives Aasta, Norway

  U.N. secretary-general in Sri Lanka visit  Ban Ki-moon toured a displacement camp of Manik Farm, days after the country declared victory in a 25-year civil war against rebels Mugabe ally implicated in farm seizures  Farmers are implicating Senate President Edna Madzongwein the latest farm seizures in which Mugabe loyalists take over white-owned farms Mass kidnappings by gunmen  Police were looking for 27 farm workers who were kidnapped in northwestern Mexico by gunmen in at least 20 vehicles President drops farm tax after protests
Traffic accidents kill 26 in 2 Chinese provinces   A bus plunged into a river in Yunnan, killing 14 people. In Gansu, a farm vehicle careened while making a turn on a mountain road, killing 12... Indian woman, armed with farm tool, fights off leopard Map of Rudraprayag Uttarakhand India  The fight is said to have lasted a half-hour and pitted a leopard against Kalama Devi, 54, armed only with a farm tool in an isolated field Boulder smashes through Italian farm   Dramatic pictures are showing the destruction wrought by a huge boulder that smashed through a farm after being dislodged by a landslide Greece farm shooting: 30 injured   About 30 migrant workers have been injured in a shooting on a strawberry farm in Greece after requesting salaries that had not been paid Wind farm opposed by Trump approved   Consent for a wind farm off Aberdeen which is opposed by Donald Trump has been granted by the Scottish government, angering the US tycoon 378 Peruvian workers sickened by pesticide   Hundreds of Peruvian farm workers, the majority of them women, became sick after inhaling a pesticide sprayed on a nearby field   China firm sues Obama over farms  Ralls Corp, a Chinese-owned firm in the US is suing President Barack Obama after he blocked a wind farm deal on national security grounds 'Vampire rabies' killed man in US  A migrant farm worker from Mexico who died in 2010 was the first human ever to die in the US of rabies transmitted by vampire bat   Police detonated Breivik's explosives Map of Aasta Norway  Police detonated explosives found at a farm owned by the suspect in last week's bloodbath in Oslo and the island of Utoya E. coli 'linked' to German farm Map of Uelzen Germany  A farm in northern Germany has been identified as the most likely source of many of the infections in the outbreak Eugene Terreblanche killed

year 2015 Top ^

Apr.4   Southern China

year 2014 Top ^

Aug.27   India  
Jan.31   Northern Italy  

year 2013 Top ^

Apr.18   Greece  
Mar.26   Scotland  

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.17   Peru  
Oct.2   Oregon

year 2011 Top ^

Aug.12   Louisiana  
Jul.26   Norway
Jun.5   Hamburg

year 2010 Top ^

Apr.3   South Africa
  South African white supremacist leader was beaten to death after a dispute over unpaid wages, on his farm in the country's north-west

year 2009 Top ^

May.23   Sri Lanka  
Apr.17   Zimbabwe  

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.11   North Mexico  
Jul.18   Argentina
  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is dropping an agricultural export tax that has provoked months of protests from farmers

  European Union
Jul.15   Argentina
Jun.4   Argentina
May.28   Argentina
Apr.17   South Korea

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.11   Western Canada
Aug.8   England
  Britain was easing a nationwide ban on moving livestock that was imposed after an outbreak of the disease in southern England
Aug.4   England   Foot-and-mouth strain identified Map of Surrey United Kingdom
  The strain of the disease found at a Surrey farm has been identified it is identical to that used at the Institute for Animal Health
Aug.3   England Farm infected with foot-and-mouth Map of Guildford United Kingdom
  60 animals on the farm at a farm in Surrey have been found to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease
Jul.31   Japan Scandal-hit farm minister resigns  Prime Minister Abe has accepted the resignation of Norihiko Akagi, days after the ruling coalition suffered an election drubbing

year 2006 Top ^

Feb.24   France     France confirms bird flu strain  France has confirmed the deadly virus H5N1 has been found on a turkey farm in the east of the country Feb.20   European Union     EU and India fight bird flu spread
  Europe is stepping up efforts as Indian officials and farm workers cull hundreds of thousands of chickens
Feb.9   Nigeria   Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull  A large-scale cull is being planned at a farm where thousands of chickens have died from bird flu

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.18   Hong Kong   WTO seals farms deal
  Ministers from 149 states saved long-running talks with an interim deal to end farm export subsidies by 2013
Dec.9   United Kingdom     Blair sets EU budget bottom line
  Tony Blair has said he cannot sign up to a deal unless there is a full review of EU farm subsidies in 2008

year 2004 Top ^

May.10   European Union   EU set to scrap farm export aid
  The Union is to eliminate its lavish subsidies on farm exports provided its main partners do the same

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.12   Mexico Tough talking at trade summit
  The United States and Europe have clashed with developing nations on farm subsidies
Jul.20   Western Canada   Search in pig farm killer case expands
  Police have spent more than a year digging for bodies at the farm of alleged serial killer Robert Pickton
Jun.25   European Union   EU agrees radical farm reform
  Agriculture ministers have agreed to the compromise deal that abolish most of the subsidies
Jun.13   Germany   Germany backs France on farm aid
  Schroeder said Germany decided to help out France politically over plans to reform the EU farm system

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.28   Zimbabwe   54 farm seizures halted
  High Court has cancelled eviction orders against 54 white farmers. Government said the ruling would have no major impact
Aug.14   Zimbabwe   Second farm occupied
  Black militants armed with clubs and stones have forced a white farmer from his land
Jul.10   European Union   Row looms over EC farm shake-up
  Proposals for the biggest reform in the controversial Common Agricultural Policy are set to meet fierce resistance
Jun.11   Italy Hunger solution splits UN summit
  Leaders of developing countries have urged the European Union and the US to remove farm subsidies and open markets

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.2   Zimbabwe     Court backs Mugabe on land reform
  The Supreme Court permits government to continue with the redistribution of white-owned farm land
Sep.8   Zimbabwe     Militants seize white farm
  Militants burned workers' homes. Country waited for Mugabe to endorse a deal to end the land crisis
Jun.9   England   New case of foot-and-mouth
  100 animals were slaughtered on farm as a precaution
Apr.24   England   Foot-and-mouth: man feared ill
  Farm worker had been putting down livestock. Health officials are awaiting test results
Mar.23   France   Foot-and-mouth spreads in France
  A second case has been confirmed. Ministry of Agriculture said tests on animals on a farm had proved positive
Mar.2   Belgium   Belgium fears foot-and-mouth
  Agriculture Minister ordered a nationwide ban on the transport of farm animals

before year 2000
Feb. 12, 1809   Kentucky   Abraham Lincoln born Map of Hodgenville Kentucky Kentucky
  Lincoln was the second child of Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, in a one-room log cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County, Kentucky

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