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15 feared dead in explosives factory fire in India. Southern India Egypt: 'IS attack' kills 13 policemen in Sinai Restaurant blast: Police search for shopkeeper. Central India   Boko Haram suspected in suicide bomb at school, 48 dead   Northern Nigeria: A suicide bomber-- dressed in a school uniform and apparently carrying explosives in a student rusksack-- killed at least 48 people at a boys... 13 shot dead in west China after attack on police Map of Kashgar Xinjiang China  Western China: Police shot dead 13 assailants who drove one or more vehicles into a police building and set off explosives in an attack that injured three police officers Attack in China's Urumqi kills 31 Map of Urumqi China  Western China: Attackers have crashed two cars into shoppers at a market in the Xinjiang capital, Urumqi, and thrown explosives. More than 90 people were hurt US warns of Sochi 'toothpaste' bomb. Washington   Afghan Taliban attack US consulate   Western Afghanistan: A suicide bomber had detonated explosives outside the building before dawn on Friday. Other fighters then opened fire Iraq suffers deadliest day of 2012 as 103 are killed  There were at least 35 attacks in 7 provinces Monday, authorities said, ranging from shootings and assassinations to car bombs and roadside ... Finns stop 'Patriot missile' ship    Finland: The Finnish authorities have impounded an Isle of Man-flagged ship bound for China with undeclared missiles and explosives, officials say   US disrupts 'Iranian terror plot'   Washington: The US says it has broken up a plot by agents linked to Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington using explosives Detroit 'underwear bomber' trial begins More than 30 dead in Somalia bombing Police detonated Breivik's explosives. Norway Big bomb defused in Northern Ireland Map of Newry United Kingdom
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Disasters Main Event: Taliban kill 95 with a...
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2018-01-27 Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital
C. 2017-11-21 Nigeria suicide bombing kills at least 50 in mosque Mubi, Adamawa, Northern Nigeria
D. 2017-06-21 IS destroys iconic al-Nuri mosque in Mosul
4. 2016-11-30 15 feared dead in explosives factory fire in India Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, Southern India
F. 2016-03-19 Egypt: 'IS attack' kills 13 policemen in Sinai El-Arish, Sinai
6. 2015-09-13 Restaurant blast: Police search for shopkeeper Petlawad, Madhya Pradesh, Central India
H. 2014-12-11 Deadly suicide bombing interrupts play
I. 2014-11-10 Boko Haram suspected in suicide bomb at school, 48 dead Potiskum, Northern Nigeria
9. 2014-10-06 Explosion at nuclear complex in Iran kills two workers Parchin, Tehran

Nigeria suicide bombing kills at least 50 in mosque. Northern Nigeria   IS destroys iconic al-Nuri mosque in Mosul Map of al-Nuri mosque Mosul Iraq
  Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital Map of Chicken Street Kabul Afghanistan
  Kabul: 158 others injured in the centre of Afghanistan's capital. Attackers drove an ambulance laden with explosives past a police checkpoint in a secure zone

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  ISIS destroyed Mosul's al-Nuri mosque and its iconic leaning minaret known as al-Hadba when fighters detonated explosives inside the structures

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Dec.11  Deadly suicide bombing interrupts play
Oct.6  Explosion at nuclear complex in Iran kills two workers

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Dec.16  Explosives alert evacuates Harvard
Dec.15  'Barrel bombs' fall on Syrian city
Aug.23  Suicide bomb attack at north Baghdad park
Apr.15  Interpol issues notice for escaped French gangster

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Nov.1  Syrian rebels: Regime using 'vacuum bombs'
Oct.15  Syria is using Russian-made cluster bombs?
Jun.6  Suicide attacks kill 21 in Afghanistan
May.22  Bomb 'targets Colombia ex-leader'
Apr.21  Huge explosives cache seized in Kabul

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Dec.31  Airport: explosives found in man's luggage
  Authorities in Northern Ireland on Saturday defused a bomb packed into a bin containing 500 pounds of homemade explosives

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Dec.27 Explosives found at Greek embassy
. Rome Oct.29 US and UK probe terrorism threat. London Jun.23 Man arrested over G20 summit 'plot'
  Toronto: Byron Sonne, aged 37, has been charged with possession of explosives in what police say is an arrest related to a G20 summit
Mar.7 Suicide bombing kills 11
. Lahore Feb.6   Police seize explosives in central Portugal   Police seized more than 3,000 pounds of explosives from a house used by the Basque separatist group ETA Feb.1 Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches Map of Ashkelon Israel
  Two barrels filled with explosives washed up on beaches in Israel. Authorities disposed of both without injury
Jan.6 Explosives gaffe highlights failings. Slovakia

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Sep.25   $1M reward offered for cash depot heist
   Sweden: A group of heavily-armed thieves used a helicopter to land on the roof of the cash depot. They used explosives to get into the building Sep.16   Top terror suspect killed in raid
Map of Java Indonesia   Indonesia: Indonesian police stormed a suspected terrorist hideout in central Java. 3 others were arrested. Police found eight sacks of explosives Sep.14 Airliner bomb plotters get life sentences  London: Three men convicted of plotting to bomb planes flying to North America with liquid explosives hidden in soft drink bottles were given life s... Sep.8   U.S. to test carry-ons for explosives
  Washington: The Transportation Security Administration is giving its airport checkpoint officers a kit to test for explosive powders
Jun.5 Suspected suicide blast kills 30 at mosque
. NW Pakistan Apr.10 Suicide bombing kills five U.S. soldiers. Mosul Feb.17 Explosives haul missing. Gaza Feb.11 Deadly attacks hit Afghan capital
  Kabul: An assault on three government buildings has left at least 27 people, including eight attackers, dead. 2 suicide bombers detonated explosives

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Dec.17 15 arrested over 'terror plot'
   Bahrain: 15 people were arrested for what government officials said was a plot to detonate explosives during a series of Shia Muslim observances
Oct.3 Six killed in explosion
Map of Tskhinvali Georgia
  South Ossetia: A car full of explosives blew up near a Russian military base in the regional capital, Tskhinvali
Sep.21 Video shows Pakistan hotel truck bomb Jun.22 Female suicide bomb kills 16 in Baquba. Iraq Jun.19 Suicide attacker kills 10
Map of Helmand Afghanistan
  Helmand: A bomber detonated his explosives as a convoy of foreign troops was passing through Gereshk district, killing 10 civilians
Jun.6   Explosives seized near Pakistan capital Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan
  Rawalpindi: Police seized three explosives-filled vehicles and detained a half-dozen people as the result of a tip
Apr.10  35 arrested in Olympics bomb plot Mar.5 China hijacker takes Australians hostage
  Western China: A hijacker armed with explosives took 10 tourists hostage on a bus in northwest China, before police shot him dead
Mar.4 Suicide bombers kill 3
  Pakistan: 2 bombers set off explosives at a naval college, killing at least three other people and wounding 15, one critically
Feb.1 Female bombers kill 64 at markets   Baghdad: Two mentally disabled were strapped with explosives and sent into busy markets, where they were blown up by remote control Jan.21 Gas explosion kills 20 in illegal mine
Map of Shanxi China
  China: The accident happened when miners were attempting to reopen a mine that the government had used explosives to close in 2004
Jan.20 Candy box bomber kills 6
   Iraq: Carrying explosives in a box of candy, a suicide bomber detonated, killing a sheikh whom the U.S. had recently freed, and wounded 4 others

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Dec.21   Al Qaeda jail break thwarted
   Belgium: Police arrested 14 Muslim extremists after uncovering a plot to free an al Qaeda suspect from prison using weapons and explosives
Nov.12     Police smash 'al Qaeda'
   Nigeria: Nigerian security agents arrested several men who had materials for making explosives
Nov.9   Sunni chiefs killed in blast    Iraq: A bomber detonated his explosives belt in the house of Sheikh Faez al-Obeidi. 5 tribal leaders have been killed in a suicide attack Sep.25 Visa policy may be terrorists' portal
  U.S. Congress: The director of national intelligence: There is deep concern because al Qaeda may be recruiting and giving explosives training to Europeans
Aug.1 Gas station blast kills 50. Baghdad Jul.15   U.S. touts progress as bomb kills 10
  Baghdad: A car bomb packed with explosives detonated in a central Baghdad square, killing 10 people and wounding 25
Jul.11 Suicide bomb kills 9. Algeria Jul.7   At least 105 killed in village market blast
Map of Amerli Iraq
  Northern Iraq: A truck, resembled an Iraqi military truck, laden with two tons of explosives detonated in an outdoor market in Amerli
 250 people were wounded in the bombing.. The village predominately populated by Shiite Turkmens and Kurds, located in Salaheddin province. Bombers killed another 48 people in villages in Diyala province
Jun.13 Hamas bombs, controls compound. Gaza Apr.14 Suicide bombers strike Casablanca Map of Casablanca Morocco
   Morocco: 2 brothers strapped with explosives blew themselves up near an American cultural center; police arrested another 3 suspects
Apr.12 8 killed in suicide attack on parliament   Baghdad: After the attack in the cafeteria, more explosives were found near the parliament room. An explosion is killing at least two MPs Mar.12   Suicide bomber hurts 3 in Net café    Morocco: A man with explosives under his clothes was blown up at a Casablanca Internet café Jan.16   Afghan civilians stop attack at U.S. base   Kabul: 2 civilians thwarted a terrorist attack when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the gate

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Nov.13   Suicide bomber kills 10 on bus
Map of Shaab Iraq
  Baghdad: A bomber wearing an explosives belt blew himself up inside a bus in the Shaab neighborhood
Nov.2 Bogota bomb kills 2, injures 5   Colombia: A jeep carrying explosives went up, killing 2 passengers and injuring 5 Oct.2 Banks attacked in restive city Map of Oaxaca Mexico
  Mexico: Protesters threw explosives at 2 banks in Oaxaca, shattering windows and further raising tensions
Sep.21 Kidnap victims used as bombers
   Iraq: Insurgents are using kidnapping people with their cars, rigging the vehicles with explosives, and blowing them
Aug.14     UK police search for explosives
  London: British investigators searched for evidence of explosives in woods, near where they arrested 24 suspects
Aug.10 Suicide bomber kills 34 in Najaf
. Iraq Jul.28     Israel: Hezbollah has new, powerful missile  Hezbollah guerillas launched previously unknown Khaybar-1 rocket packs 220 pounds of explosives Jun.26 Deadly bombs hit markets. Iraq Jun.15 Bus blast kills 10. Kandahar Jun.13 Beach deaths 'not Israel's fault'. Jerusalem May.3 Bomber kills at least 16 at recruiting office. Sunni Triangle Feb.23   Iran offers nuke data
   Austria: Iran has offered the IAEA information on a secret project that U.S. intelligence has linked to high explosives

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Nov.14   Kabul bombs kill NATO peacekeeper
  2 suicide attackers rammed cars laden with explosives into vehicles belonging to NATO-led peacekeepers
Oct.9 Suicide attack hurts 4  Kandahar: The attacker rammed a car laden with explosives into a vehicle carrying Britons in Kandahar city Sep.23  Suicide bomber hits bus Jul.20 Suicide bomber kills at least 8
  Baghdad: A bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives detonated himself outside an Iraqi army recruitment center
Jul.16 Suicide bomber kills 90 near Baghdad
   Iraq: A bomber detonated his explosives near a propane fuel tanker parked near a gas station in the center of Musayyib
Jun.12  US troops attacked May.30 Hilla suicide bombers kill 27. Iraq May.25 Madrid rocked by car bomb

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.25   IAEA: Tons of Iraq explosives missing  Some 380 tons of explosives are missing from a former Iraqi military facility that was supposed to be under US control Oct.15 Blasts at churches
. Baghdad Aug.15 Najaf mosque under threat. Iraq Mar.30  Suicide bomber hits Congress Mar.24 Palestinian teen stopped with bomb vest Map of Nablus Israel
  West Bank: Israeli soldiers stopped a 14-year-old boy wearing explosives at a checkpoint near the city of Nablus

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.9  Bomb kills 6 Nov.15 Synagogue blasts: 23 dead
  Istanbul: As Jewish worshippers prayed during Sabbath, 2 vehicles laden with explosives blew up near a pair of synagogues
Sep.15 Bomb kills 2, wounds 29
Map of Ingushetia Russia
  North Caucasus: A suicide bomber detonated a truck loaded with a ton of explosives at a key government building in Ingushetia
Aug.1   Suicide blast kills 50
  North Caucasus: A bomber drove a truck laden with explosives through the gates of a military hospital for Chechnya-bound troops May.12 Blast kills 37  Chechnya: Another 200 injured after a truck with explosives was driven by a suicide bomber into government buildings Apr.13 Explosion rattles Kabul
  A car packed with explosives exploded, killing 4 people who apparently were planning a terrorist attack

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.29  Weapons find sparks Paris airport arrest Oct.21   Bus blast kills 16  Israel: A suicide bomber drove a vehicle loaded with explosives next to a bus packed with passengers and blew it up Oct.11 Embassy guards help foil suicide bombing
  Tel Aviv: Just blocks from the U.S. and French embassies a man wearing a vest with explosives set off a metal detector at a cafe
Jul.19 UK pay-out for bomb victims. Kenya Jul.16     'ETA arms cache' found
   France: 6 people have been arrested and an arsenal of weapons and explosives seized
Jul.15 Israeli F-16 strikes house. Gaza Jul.14   Israel destroys 'bomb factory'
  Gaza: Aircraft have destroyed a Palestinian building, which was being used as a laboratory for making explosives

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.23   Probe into plane bomb plot
  USA: US and France are investigating how a man managed to smuggle explosives by hiding them in the heel of his shoe
Dec.22 Explosives feared on Paris flight. Boston Dec.1 3 explosions killed 8, wounds 170  Jerusalem: 2 suicide bombers detonated explosives which tore through the entrance to a crowded pedestrian mall Oct.30 Tamil suicide boat rams tanker
  Sri Lanka: Boat packed with explosives has rammed an oil tanker, setting the ship on fire. 3 people are missing
Aug.24   6 ETA suspects seized
  Barcelona: Police seized a large quantity of explosives when making the arrests near Barcelona
Aug.16   15 dead in factory blast
  India: 8 more workers remain unaccounted for at a government-owned explosives factory Jun.22   Riots spread
  Northern Ireland: Cars being set on fire and army and police under attack by rocks, petrol bombs and explosives
Apr.18     6 with explosives arrested  Canada: They planned to disrupt an international conference with smoke bombs, grenades Feb.12   Swoop on bomb factory
  Northern Ireland: Police have seized explosives and components at factory believed to be run by Protestants

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