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West urges end to film protests   European Union: Western countries have appealed for an end to violent protests targeting their embassies, sparked by a film mocking the Prophet Muhammad   Anti-Islam film protests escalate Map of Khartoum Sudan   Sudan: Protesters angered by a film made in the US and mocking Islam have attacked Western embassies in Tunisia and Sudan   Gulf states to close Syrian embassies  The six countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council is calling on the international community 'to stop what is going on in Syria' Ireland shutters embassies in Vatican, Iran Egypt on alert after Israeli embassy riot   US and France embassies attacked   Syria: The US Secretary of State has said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has 'lost legitimacy', amid diplomatic tension between the two countries Bin Laden's driver gets life sentence. New York   Explosives found at Greek embassy  Rome: Italian police found an explosive package, the second time in as many weeks that embassies there have received explosives through the mail   Parcel bombs hit Rome embassies
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Crime Main Event: US forces seize Al Qaeda l...
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B. 2013-10-31 Anger over Australia Asia spy claims Indonesia
2013-10-05 US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings Tripoli, Libya
D. 2013-08-09 US embassies to reopen after alert Washington
E. 2013-08-05 US extends embassy closures Washington
5. 2013-08-04 Intercepted al Qaeda message led to embassy closings Washington
6. 2013-08-01 US embassies to shut over threat Washington
H. 2013-04-06 Embassies stay amid N Korea tension Pyongyang, North Korea
I. 2013-04-05 N Korea in foreign embassy warning Pyongyang, North Korea
J. 2012-09-14 West urges end to film protests European Union

US embassies to reopen after alert. Washington US extends embassy closures   Washington: The US says it will keep 19 embassies in north Africa and the Middle East closed until Saturday, due to a possible militant threat Intercepted al Qaeda message led to embassy closings. Washington US embassies to shut over threat   Washington: The US will close a number embassies and consulates, mostly in the Middle East, on Sunday in response to an unspecified threat, officials say Embassies stay amid N Korea tension. North Korea N Korea in foreign embassy warning Map of Pyongyang North Korea
Anger over Australia Asia spy claims. Indonesia US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings Map of Tripoli Libya

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   Libya: In Libya, US commandos captured Al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader accused of the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
   North Korea: North Korea has told foreign embassies in Pyongyang it cannot guarantee their safety in the event of conflict, and to consider evacuating employees

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  Italian police are searching all embassies and consular offices after parcel bombs exploded at the Swiss and Chilean missions
Nov.3 Greece suspends shipments after blasts  A series of parcel bombs targeting embassies in Greece and officials across Europe 'are not related to international terrorism', government ... Jan.3   U.S., Britain close embassies in Yemen  Threats by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula against targets in Yemen prompted the closure of the embassies there

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Jun.9 First Gitmo detainee arrives in U.S.
  New York: Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani indicted in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa arrived in New York to face criminal charges

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Feb.21     Storm over Serbia embassy attacks   Washington: Attacks by Serbian protesters against embassies in Belgrade have drawn strong criticism from the US and the UN

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Nov.21     Putin attacks 'jackal' opponents  Moscow: The president has accused opposition of scavenging like jackals for funds from foreign embassies and the West of meddling in Russian politic... Aug.5 Al Qaeda member: U.S. embassies targets. Global Jul.15   Blast near UK, Israeli embassies    Chile: A small explosion near the building that houses the British and Israeli embassies in Santiago caused minor damage and no injurie

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Apr.19 Rocket hits embassy row  Kabul: An attack caused a large explosion in a district that houses embassies and the headquarters of NATO's mission Feb.4     Nordic uproar at Syrian protests   Denmark: Denmark and Norway have condemned Syria for failing to stop attacks on their embassies in a row over the cartoons   Danish, Norwegian embassies ablaze
   Syria: Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators stormed the Danish Embassy in Damascus and set fire to the building in protest at the cartoons
 Protesters scaled the Danish mission amid chants of 'God is great', before moving on to attack the Norwegian site. Denmark and Norway urged their citizens to leave and condemned Syria for failing international obligations. Palestinians protest in Gaza and the West Bank

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Oct.22   Drop off supplies, Musharraf urges
  Pakistan: President has appealed for people to drop off supplies at embassies and consulates around the world

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Jul.29   High-level al Qaeda operative captured
  Pakistan: Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani is a Tanzanian wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa

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Jun.14   PM: Bomb suspect confesses
   Thailand: A terror suspect confessed to planning bomb attacks on Western embassies and targets in tourist destinations

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Dec.25   Australia plans 'fortress' embassies  Australia will relocate its embassy in the Philippines, and move 2 other missions into stronger compounds Oct.11 Embassy guards help foil suicide bombing
  Tel Aviv: Just blocks from the U.S. and French embassies a man wearing a vest with explosives set off a metal detector at a cafe
Aug.30   U.S.: China separatists 'plotted attacks'
   Kyrgyzstan: 2 men suspected of planning attacks on embassies in Kyrgyzstan last spring have been deported to China

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Oct.10   3rd anthrax case
  Florida: Officials launched a criminal investigation into the source of the disease. US embassies were told to stock up on the antibiotic Jul.24   Mobs attack embassies   Macedonia: Rioters rampaged through the streets, smashed windows and torching vehicles. They claimed NATO collaborating with rebels Jun.17 3 arested in U.S. embassy bomb plot. India Feb.28   Coup rumors fly
   Guatemala: Spokesman for President said reporters and embassies had received calls falsely reporting that Portillo had fled to Brazil
Jan.3   Embassy bombing trial
  USA: The first trial from the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

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