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Iran dismisses EU oil imports ban  Iran has said an oil embargo adopted by European Union foreign ministers over the country's nuclear programme is 'unfair' and 'doomed to fai...   China firms 'evade Iran embargo'  The U.S. has asked the Chinese government to do more to stop companies helping Iran with its nuclear programme and missile technology   Israel-Hamas arms embargo urged  Amnesty International has called for a freeze on arms sales to Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian groups following the Gaza conflict Fuel embargo blocks UN aid
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B. 2015-09-28 Raul Castro calls for US to lift trade embargo UN Gen. Assembly
C. 2013-08-28 North Korea ship 'broke embargo' Panama
2013-05-27 EU ends arms embargo against Syrian rebels Brussels
4. 2013-03-14 Arms push on Syria war anniversary Syria
F. 2012-01-23 Iran dismisses EU oil imports ban Iran
G. 2010-10-18 China firms 'evade Iran embargo' Washington
7. 2009-02-22 Israel-Hamas arms embargo urged Israel
I. 2008-04-23 Fuel embargo blocks UN aid Gaza
J. 2008-04-23 First recount result released Zimbabwe

  Arms push on Syria war anniversary
  Raul Castro calls for US to lift trade embargo  Cuban President has told the UN that normal relations with the US will only be possible if America takes a number of measures North Korea ship 'broke embargo'  Panama says an undeclared Cuban weapons cargo found on a N. Korean ship is an 'undoubted violation' of the United Nations' arms embargo   EU ends arms embargo against Syrian rebels

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Sep.28   UN Gen. Assembly  

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Aug.28   Panama  
May.27   Brussels
  European Union foreign ministers have agreed not to renew the union's arms embargo on the Syrian opposition
 On the same day peace delegates met to talk again about how they want calm to come to Syria
Mar.14   Syria
  As Syrians mark the second anniversary of the start of the nation's unrest, the EU is set to discuss lifting its arms embargo to allow supplying rebels

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Jan.23   Iran  

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Oct.18   Washington

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Feb.22   Israel  

year 2008 Top ^

Apr.23   Gaza
  The United Nations is being forced to suspend its humanitarian work in Gaza because of the Israeli fuel blockade
  Zimbabwe   First recount result released  Initial results of an opposition-decried recount showed in favor of President Mugabe's party. Britain calls for Zimbabwe arms embargo Jan.23   Jerusalem   Gaza embargo 'will not be crisis'  Prime Olmert has said he will not let his country's blockade of the Gaza Strip turn into a humanitarian crisis

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Aug.23   Sudan   Khartoum 'defying Darfur embargo'
  Amnesty International has accused the Sudanese government of deploying weapons to Darfur in defiance of a UN arms embargo Jul.15   India   Sale 'threatens EU Burma embargo'  An arms embargo is being threatened by Indian plans to sell an attack helicopter to the Rangoon regime Jun.16   Jerusalem     US 'to unblock' Palestinian aid  The US will lift a 15-month embargo on aid to the Palestinians once a new government excluding Hamas is sworn in May.7   Sudan   Amnesty accuses over arms  Amnesty International has accused Sudan of violating an embargo on Darfur and is dismayed at Russian and Chinese arms supplies

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Dec.18   Ivory Coast   Diamond trade goes on despite ban  Diamonds are still being smuggled out via Mali and Ghana in violation of a U.N. embargo Sep.7   Lebanon Israel eases blockade of Lebanon
  The air blockade was lifted but a naval embargo would remain until a sufficient UN force was in place

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Nov.15   Ivory Coast UN arms embargo for Ivory Coast
  The Security Council has voted unanimously to impose an immediate arms embargo. The ban will last 13 months

year 2003 Top ^

Apr.2   Bosnia   Sarovic quits over Iraq arms  The chairman of 3-member presidency resigned after being implicated in a violation of the U.N. embargo

year 2002 Top ^

May.14   Cuba   Lift Cuba embargo, Carter tells US   Former US President has called to end 40-year economic embargo in a televised address in Havana

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.19   Liberia   U.N. calls for embargo on diamonds  U.N. called for diamond embargo from Liberia until it no longer involve in trafficking gems from Sierra Leone Dec.14   Cuba     Putin Condemns Embargo  Russian president and Fidel Castro talked on trade, debt issues Nov.29   UN   Embargo against Afghanistan
  U.S., Russia seeks arms embargo to shut down terrorist training camps and the drug dealing

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