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Ivory Coast's disarmament begins  Rebels and government forces have begun the process of disarmament more than 5 years after the country descended into violence N. Korea receives oil shipment  North Korea has started unloading the first shipment of oil to be delivered under a key nuclear disarmament deal S Korea resumes food aid to North  South Korea says will resume food aid, a day after Pyongyang said it would implement a nuclear disarmament deal N. Korea: We'll move on nuke deal  North Korea said that the standoff over frozen funds had been resolved and it would now start implementing a nuclear disarmament deal N Korea confirms funds transfer  North Korea has confirmed it has received some $25m of its funds following a row that had hindered progress on a nuclear disarmament deal N Korea funds transfer 'to begin'   The transfer of funds from a bank in Macau ,a key issue in nuclear disarmament talks, is about to begin N.Irish militants 'end violence'  The Ulster Volunteer Force announced it will reopen disarmament negotiations N. Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament
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1. 2012-09-29 Libyans hand over hundreds of weapons to army Benghazi, Eastern Libya
2. 2011-01-25 Nuclear treaty passes lower house Moscow
D. 2010-12-20 Russia warns US on nuclear treaty Moscow
2010-08-05 Hiroshima brings U.N. call for disarmament Hiroshima, Japan
5. 2010-07-20 PKK sets disarmament conditions Kurdistan
G. 2008-10-01 U.S. nuke envoy in North Korea for talks North Korea
7. 2007-12-22 Ivory Coast's disarmament begins Ivory Coast
I. 2007-07-13 N. Korea receives oil shipment North Korea
J. 2007-06-25 S Korea resumes food aid to North South Korea

  PKK sets disarmament conditions  The leader of a Kurdish rebel group engaged in a guerrilla war with Turkey is willing to disarm in return for greater political and cultural... U.S. nuke envoy in North Korea for talks
  Libyans hand over hundreds of weapons to army Map of Benghazi Libya  Hundreds of Libyans have handed in weapons in Benghazi and Tripoli as part of a disarmament drive organised by the army to target militia groups Nuclear treaty passes lower house  Russia's lower house of parliament ratified a landmark disarmament treaty with the United States, the first pact in the post-Cold War era Russia warns US on nuclear treaty  Russia has warned US lawmakers that any change to the new nuclear arms disarmament treaty between the two countries could destroy the pact Hiroshima brings U.N. call for disarmament Map of Hiroshima Japan

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Sep.29   Eastern Libya

year 2011 Top ^

Jan.25   Moscow

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.20   Moscow
Aug.5   Japan
  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon used an appearance at the Peace Memorial ceremony to advocate for his plan for worldwide nuclear disarmament
Jul.20   Kurdistan

year 2008 Top ^

Oct.1   North Korea
  Christopher Hill arrived for talks aimed at saving a disarmament deal with the reclusive communist nation

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.22   Ivory Coast  
Jul.13   North Korea
Jun.25   South Korea  
  North Korea  
Jun.24   North Korea  
Jun.13   China  
May.3   Northern Ireland  
Feb.13   Beijing
  North Korea agreed to shut down its main reactor within 60 days before eventually dismantling its atomic weapons program
 N. Korea will receive initial aid equal to 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil for shutting down and sealing the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, to be confirmed by international inspectors

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Mar.13   Lebanon     Factions resume talks  Leaders of rival factions focused on the fate of the president and the call for the disarmament of Hezbollah Jan.20   Colombia Faction lays down arms  About 2,600 paramilitaries have taken part in the biggest disarmament drive of the peace process

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Jul.28   Northern Ireland   IRA halts its armed campaign
  The leading Protestant unionist party has dismissed the move to resume disarmament as a 'hollow gesture'
May.1   New York   Call to nuclear powers to disarm
  The nuclear powers are set to face calls to speed up disarmament as a conference on nuclear control opens

year 2004 Top ^

Aug.22   Nigeria Darfur disarmament plan laid out  Nigerian President proposed to give a greater role to African Union troops in restoring peace to Sudan's region

year 2003 Top ^

Mar.1   England     Blair likens Saddam to Hitler  Prime Minister would be pushing for Iraq's disarmament 'irrespective of the position of America' Feb.8   UN     Annan: U.S. should seek consensus
  Secretary-General said that the issue of Iraqi disarmament is 'not for any one state but for the international community' Jan.27   UN Blix: Baghdad doesn't accept disarmament
  The U.N.'s chief weapons inspector and ElBaradei, in charge of nuclear-related inspections, presented their progress report
Jan.26   England     Blair: Give inspectors more time
  It should not take months to establish whether Saddam is complying with disarmament, British Prime Minister said

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.25   Sierra Leone   Diamonds slow peace
  UN said: rebels and loyalist militiamen are eager to fill pockets with diamonds and stalling a disarmament

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