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Greek debt crisis: ECB not raising funding limit   The European Central Bank says it not increasing its emergency funding for Greek banks, amid fears that Greece may default on its debts on T... Greece debt: Crisis meeting over bailout referendum Tsipras in intensive talks with creditors  Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has held intense talks with international creditors in efforts to find a solution to Greece's debt crisis Greece crisis: Emergency summit called for Monday
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B. 2016-05-24 Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal Brussels
C. 2015-07-19 Germany 'may consider' debt relief Berlin
3. 2015-07-17 Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead European Union
4. 2015-07-11 Debt crisis: Eurozone to resume talks on reforms Brussels
2015-07-11 Eurozone 'sceptical' of reform pledge Brussels
6. 2015-07-11 Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks Brussels
H. 2015-07-10 MPs back bailout reform plan Athens

Greece debt: Greeks vote in bailout referendum Defiant Tsipras seeks referendum backing Puerto Rico governor says territory 'can't pay $72bn debt'   Greek debt crisis: Banks to remain shut all week
IMF attacks EU over bailout Debt crisis: Eurozone to resume talks on reforms   Eurozone 'sceptical' of reform pledge  Eurozone finance chiefs are seeking further signs from Greece that it is serious about delivering its promises of reform in return for a debt... Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks   MPs back bailout reform plan   Greece's parliament has backed a government package of economic reforms aimed at ending the country's debt crisis and securing a new bailout Debt crisis: Deadline day for new proposals PM Tsipras to present new plan at eurozone summit Greece finance minister quits Debt crisis: Tsipras says voters made 'brave choice'   Debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer

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May.24  Brussels  Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal
Jan.4  Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico misses second major debt payment as economy struggles

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Jul.19  Berlin  Germany 'may consider' debt relief
Jul.17  European Union  Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead
Jul.14   IMF
Jul.11   Brussels
Jul.10   Athens
Jul.9   Athens
Jul.6   Athens
Jul.5   Athens
  With almost all the ballots counted, results from the Greek referendum show voters decisively rejecting the terms of an international bailout
 61% of those whose ballots had been counted voting 'No', against 39% voting 'Yes'. Governing Syriza party had saying the bailout terms were humiliating
Jul.4   Greece
Jun.29   Athens
  Puerto Rico
Jun.28   Athens
  The Greek government has confirmed that banks will be closed all week, after a decision by the European Central Bank not to extend emergency funding

  West Germany
Jun.27   Greece
Jun.24   Brussels  
Jun.18   Greece  
  An emergency summit of leaders from eurozone nations will be held on Monday, after the latest attempt to resolve the Greek debt crisis failed
Jun.17   Athens Greece says deal on debt crisis unlikely at talks Jun.5   Greece Tsipras tells lenders not to humiliate Greece over debt May.18   Greece Greek debt deal within next week, says Varoufakis
  Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has said he expects an agreement with the country's international creditors within the next week
Feb.27   Athens Greek PM vows 'no third bailout'
  Greece will not need a third international debt bailout when its current programme ends in four months, the country's prime minister has said
Feb.26   Athens Greek violence ahead of debt vote
  Police and protesters have clashed after the first anti-government demonstration since Greece's far-left Syriza party took power last month
Feb.16   Greece Greek debt deal hangs in balance Feb.11   Brussels No agreement in Greek eurozone talks
  Greek and eurozone officials have failed to reach an agreement over Greece's debt crisis, though both sides said there was still hope for a deal
Feb.1   Paris Greece Finance Minister: 'Europe comes first'
  Yanis Varoufakis seeking to renegotiate Greece's huge debt obligations says his priority is the well-being of all Europeans
Jan.31   Athens   Greek PM offers olive branch on debt
  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said he is confident that agreement can be reached with creditors over repayment of Greece's debts

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Sep.29   New York Argentina 'in contempt' of US court
  A US judge has ruled that Argentina is in contempt of court for refusing to obey an order to repay the debt it owes to two US hedge funds
Jul.30   New York Argentine debt talks end in failure

year 2013 Top ^

Oct.16   House of Representatives US Congress approves debt deal   The US Congress has passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the federal debt limit, with hours to spare before the nation risked de...   U.S. Senate Senate passes US budget deal
  The US Senate has passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the federal debt limit, with hours to spare before the nation risks default
 U.S. Senate  US Congress races to draft debt plan Oct.15  U.S. Senate  US debt talks grind on amid disarray  Washington  Obama snubs proposed US House fiscal plan Oct.14  U.S. Senate  US lawmakers inch to fiscal deal  Washington  White House debt meeting postponed Oct.10   House of Representatives   Republicans make debt ceiling offer
  US Republicans have offered President Barack Obama a short-term debt limit increase to stave off default
Oct.7   Beijing   China warns US to agree debt deal
  A senior Chinese official has warned that the 'clock is ticking' to avoid a US default that could hurt China's interests and the global economy
Oct.3  Global  Lagarde: Debt limit fix 'mission critical' Oct.2  Washington  Obama warns of US default danger Jul.28   Beijing China orders government debt audit
  China has ordered a nationwide audit of all government debt, underlining fears that the recent slowdown in its economy may impact the financial sector Jun.9   Japan   Euro crisis is over, says France's Francois Hollande
  French President Francois Hollande has declared an end to the eurozone debt crisis, which has gripped the region for the past four years
Jan.14   Washington   Obama takes stand on debt fight
  America is 'not a deadbeat nation', US President has said, as he warned Republicans unconditionally to approve a rise in the US debt ceiling

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.26   Washington US Treasury in debt limit delay
  The US Treasury is to begin taking extraordinary measures to delay reaching a 31 December borrowing limit
Dec.15   Ghana   Ghana told to free Argentine ship Libertad by UN court Map of Tema Ghana
  A UN court has ordered the immediate release of ARA Libertad, an Argentine naval ship, impounded by Ghana over a debt dispute
Oct.17   China China growth pace slows to 7.4%
  China's economic growth slowed further in the third quarter as the European debt crisis and a weak recovery in the US economy hurt demand for its goods
Oct.15   Argentina Argentine naval chief replaced
  The head of Argentina's navy has been replaced following the seizure in West Africa of a naval training ship and its 300 crew amid a debt dispute
Oct.12   Norway     Peace Prize is a slap on the back for European Union
  The Union won the Nobel Peace Prize as it grapples with the worst crisis since its founding -- devastating debt and the threat of disintegration Sep.9   Northern Italy   South Korean film wins at Venice Map of Venice Italy
  South Korean film Pieta, about a brutal debt collector, has won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival
Sep.6   Japan Asian markets rise on ECB action
  Asian stock markets have risen, joining a global rally, after the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled a plan targeted at easing the region's debt crisis
Aug.22   Berlin     Germany and France in Greek talks
  The leaders of Germany and France are set to hold talks in Berlin on whether to give Greece more time to make the cuts required by its debt bailout
Jun.24   European Union   Eurozone crisis causes aid cuts to poor
  The European debt crisis has led to cuts in government development aid to poor countries, says a new report by the aid watchdog Data
May.22   Global East Asia 'vulnerable to euro crisis'
  The eurozone debt crisis could harm the growth of East Asian economies, the World Bank has warned
Apr.16   Beijing China increases US debt holding
  China has increased its holding of US debt for the second month in a row as its foreign exchange reserves continue to rise
Apr.5   Spain   Eyes on Spain as euro debt fears resurface
  The Spanish government sold 2.6 billion worth of bonds, which came in at the lower end of the estimated range of 2.5 billion and 3.5 billion
Mar.8   Greece Greece confirms debt deal success
  The Greek government has indicated that it has secured sufficient backing for a debt swap deal that will enable it to avoid defaulting on its debts Mar.7  Greece  Greece debt swap deadline looms Feb.21  Greece  Greece gears up for tough reforms Feb.14   European Union   Moody's downgrades European countries
  Moody's cut the credit ratings of six European countries on amid continued anxiety over the continent's debt crisis and its sluggish economy

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.6  European Union  New EU treaty 'may not be needed' Dec.5   Paris France, Germany outline fiscal pact
  Ahead of a key summit, the leaders of France and Germany agreed on a new fiscal pact that they say will help prevent another debt crisis Nov.21   U.S. Congress Debt talks on verge of failure
  Talks in 'super-committee' aimed at cutting the US government's borrowing are on the verge of failure
Nov.20   Turkey   Iraq-Turkey debt dispute hits flights
  Iraq has banned all Turkish flights from landing in response to a dispute over millions of dollars owed by an Iraqi government oil company to Turkey
  Spain   Spain conservatives win election   Centre-right Popular Party (PP) has won a resounding victory in a parliamentary election dominated by the country's deep debt crisis Nov.16   Rome   Monti officially becomes Italy's PM
  Mario Monti, the man tasked with hauling Italy out of the debt crisis that brought down Silvio Berlusconi, took office as prime minister
Nov.13   Rome   Monti seeks to form Italy cabinet
  Mario Monti is starting work to form a government to lead Italy out of its acute debt crisis which prompted the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi
Nov.9   Italy Italian debt enters danger zone
  If Italy tried to borrow money today, payable in 10 years, it would have to pay an interest rate of more than 7%
Nov.7   Rome   Berlusconi teeters as debt costs mount   The Italian government's borrowing cost has risen as fears grow over political uncertainty in Rome. Italy 'needs 300bn euros' Nov.1   Greece   Greek cabinet endorses referendum  Greece's cabinet has given unanimous backing to a controversial plan by PM Papandreou to hold a referendum on a EU debt rescue package   Greece Greek vote casts shadow on debt deal Oct.31   Greece Greece to hold bailout referendum  Papandreou: Greece will hold a referendum on a new European Union aid package intended to resolve the country's debt crisis Oct.26   Belgium EU leaders reach eurozone agreement
  EU leaders announce a deal on debt crisis measures, including a hard-fought deal with private sector investors to take a 50% loss on Greek bonds.    Banks must raise more capital to protect them against losses resulting f...
  Belgium EU heads locked in talks on debt
  EU leaders are continuing an emergency summit in Brussels aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis
  Belgium Debt crisis doubts as Euro leaders meet
  EU leaders are gathering for an emergency summit in Brussels aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis
Oct.25   Belgium EU leaders to finalise euro plan Oct.23   Belgium EU discussing 'limited' changes to treaty
  Europe's leaders have agreed to change the EU treaty if necessary to help resolve the eurozone's debt crisis
Oct.18   New York Goldman Sachs reports $393m loss
  Goldman Sachs' trading was 'significantly impacted' by the debt crisis in the eurozone and the wider global economic uncertainty
Oct.15   Paris   EU summit 'will be decisive' on crisis
  A European Union summit later this month will agree 'decisive' measures to tackle the eurozone debt crisis, the French finance minister has said
Oct.13   Spain S&P lowers Spain's credit rating Oct.10   Slovakia     Euro bailout fund faces key vote
  Slovakia will vote later on measures to bolster the powers of the eurozone bailout fund, seen as vital in combating the bloc's debt crisis
  New York US shares rise on euro bank pledge
  Investors took comfort from the pledge by French and German leaders to do what it takes to protect European banks from the debt crisis
Oct.9   Berlin   Euro crisis talks 'end in accord'  The German and French leaders will propose 'important changes' to the way the eurozone operates after talks on controlling the debt crisis Oct.7   Italy Italy and Spain debt downgraded
  Italian and Spanish government debt have both been downgraded by the Fitch credit rating agency by one notch, from AA- to A+
Sep.27   Greece Greece calls for German debt help   Prime Minister Papandreou has delivered an impassioned plea to German business leaders to help his country out of its current debt crisis Sep.26   European Union Bank shares rally on rescue hopes
  European bank shares have risen as investors react to the latest attempts to stabilise the eurozone debt crisis
Sep.24   Global   IMF promises support for economy
  The IMF says it will take decisive action to tackle the eurozone debt crisis and support the global economy
  Greece Moody's downgrades Greek banks
  Moody's downgraded the long-term deposits and senior debt ratings of the banks by two notches
Sep.19   Italy Italy has debt rating cut by S&P Sep.17   Greece   PM George Papandreou cancels US visit  Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has cancelled a visit to the US amid mounting concern over the country's debt crisis Sep.15   South Korea Asian shares up on five-bank move
  Asian stocks have climbed on optimism Europe's debt crisis will ease after five central banks announced new emergency liquidity measures
Sep.12   New York Global markets fall on debt fears
  US shares have opened down, following falls in European and Asian markets on fears that Greece may default
Sep.6   New York US and Europe shares fall further
  Concerns continue about the high level of eurozone debt, as well as the risk of a return to recession on both sides of the Atlantic
Aug.23   Japan Moody's cuts Japan's debt rating
  Rating agency has cut Japan's long-term sovereign debt rating, citing concerns about the size of the country's deficit and borrowing levels
Aug.20   Southern China     Biden assures China on US debt Map of Chengdua China
  United States Vice-President Joe Biden, who is visiting China, has said the US would never default on its debt
Aug.14   Beijing   New US envoy reassures China
  Gary Locke, the new US ambassador to China, has said that Beijing's investments in the US are safe despite recent debt problems
Aug.12   Rome New Italian debt plan announced
  Italy has announced the 45bn euro plan, a fresh round of austerity measures after an emergency cabinet meeting
Aug.2   Washington   Obama signs bill to end default threat   President Barack Obama has signed legislation to increase the US debt ceiling and avert a financial default after Congress voted   Spain Spain debt fears delay PM's holiday
  Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has been forced to postpone his holiday as investors continue to flee his country's debt
  U.S. Senate   US debt-limit bill heads to Senate
  The Senate is to vote on a bill to raise the nation's debt limit, one day after the House of Reps backed it and hours before a deadline
Aug.1   House of Representatives US House passes debt-limit bill Jul.31   Washington Obama announces US deficit deal   Washington   US parties hopeful of debt deal
  US political rivals are cautiously optimistic about the chances of raising the $14.3tn debt limit by Tuesday and averting possible default
Jul.30   U.S. Senate US Senate in intense debt debate   U.S. Senate   Senate facing crucial debt vote
  The Democrat-controlled Senate is seeking a vote on its plan to raise the nation's $14.3tn debt limit
Jul.29   U.S. Congress   US Congress split over debt issue   US House and Senate have split along party lines as it seeks a solution to an ongoing deadlock over raising the nation's debt limit   House of Representatives   Republicans scramble to save debt bill
  Republicans are scrambling to rescue their deficit-cutting bill after a vote on it stalled because of a revolt from members of their own party
Jul.28   House of Representatives   House delays key debt limit vote
  A Republican bill to raise the ceiling, cut spending and avert default on debt is inching toward back-to-back votes in the House and Senate
Jul.27   House of Representatives Boehner pushes House on debt plan Jul.26   Washington Republican debt plan under fire Map of White House USA
  The White House has warned that President Obama could veto a debt limit plan proposed by top House Republicans
  Washington     Obama and rivals trade debt blows
  US President and Republican House Speaker John Boehner have blamed each other for the standoff over the federal debt crisis
Jul.25   Washington   Clinton 'confident' over US debt
  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she is 'confident' the president and Congress will reach a deal to raise the US debt ceiling
Jul.24   Washington Geithner confident of US debt deal Map of White House USA
  The Treasury Secretary has said he is confident the White House and Congress will be able to agree a deal to reduce the US debt
Jul.22   Washington White House debt talks collapse Map of White House USA
  Republican House Speaker John Boehner has walked away from crunch debt ceiling talks at the White House with President Barack Obama
Jul.20   Berlin Germany and France in debt deal
  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have hammered out a common position on the euro debt crisis
Jul.16   Washington   Obama in debt deal crisis talks
  US President Barack Obama has held further private meetings with congressional leaders aimed at averting a US default
Jul.15   Washington Obama seeks end to debt showdown
  President Obama has said he is seeking a 'big deal' with Republicans to reduce the deficit and keep the US from defaulting on its debt
Jul.14   Washington US debt talks deadlock drags on  President Barack Obama has told lawmakers he wants agreement on a US debt deal in 24-36 hours, Republican and Democratic aides say Jul.13   Washington Moody's to review US debt rating
  Ratings agency has said it may cut the US AAA debt rating, citing the 'rising possibility' the US will default on its debt obligations
Jul.12   Ireland Irish debt rating cut by Moody's
  Ratings agency has cut the debt rating to junk status based on the 'growing possibility' that Ireland would need a second bail-out
Jul.11   European Union Stock markets fall on debt fears
  European stock markets fell heavily, weighed down by fears that the eurozone's debt crisis is spreading. In Italy shares fell 4%
Jul.10   Washington   US budget talks end with no deal Map of White House USA
  Talks at the White House to try to break the deadlock over the US national debt have broken up without agreement
Jul.5   Portugal Portugal debt downgraded to junk
  The credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Portugal's debt to junk status
  U.S. Congress   Obama to meet lawmakers over debt
  US President has called Democratic and Republican lawmakers to the White House for talks on raising the country's debt ceiling
Jun.23   European Union   EU leaders pledge to help Greece
  European Union leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to help Greece out of its current debt woes and maintain EU financial stability
Jun.19   Greece   Greek PM calls for unity on debt  Prime Minister George Papandreou has called on members of parliament to forge a 'national accord' to deal with the country's debt crisis Jun.14   Washington Bernanke warning on US debt limit
  The chairman of the US Federal Reserve has warned that the country's creditworthiness is at risk if its borrowing limit is not raised
Jun.2   Washington Moody's warns on US debt ceiling
  Moody's has warned it may downgrade the US debt rating if Congress fails to increase the US debt limit in the coming weeks and risks default

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.24   Ireland   Austerity: Higher taxes, fewer benefits
  The Irish government unveiled its 4-year plan as part of the painful measures the country must take to reduce its national debt
Aug.24   Paris     Tough return to work for Sarkozy
  French president is preparing for his first cabinet meeting after the summer break, under pressure to tackle soaring public debt
Jul.21   Haiti   IMF forgives Haiti's $268 million debt
  The executive board of the International Monetary Fund approved the cancellation of Haiti's $268 million debt to the fund
Jun.20   Russia Russians 'to cut gas to Belarus'
  President Dmitry Medvedev has told Russia's state-controlled gas monopoly Gazprom to cut supplies to neighbour Belarus over its debt
May.17   Greece EU to give Greece first tranche of loan
  Greece is due to receive the first tranche of a 110bn-euro loan to help it overcome its debt crisis
May.10   Global Shares and oil prices surge after EU deal May.8   Belgium   EU finance ministers to debate stabilisation
  The ministers are set to meet in Brussels to discuss establishing a new 'stabilisation mechanism' to prevent the Greek debt crisis from spreading
May.7   European Union Eurozone approves Greece bail-out
  Leaders of the 16 EU member states that use the euro have approved an 110bn euro loan to Greece to prevent its debt crisis from spreading
May.6   Japan Asia shares fall over Greece debt
  Japan's Nikkei lost 4%, while Australia's S&P - 2.8%, amid investor fears that Greece's debt crisis could halt the global economic recovery
Apr.27   Tokyo Asian stocks slide amid Greek debt crisis
  Asian stock markets have suffered big falls amid further signs that the Greek debt crisis is intensifying. Tokyo down 2.6%. Hong Kong's 1.3%
  Greece Greek bonds rated 'junk' by S& P's Apr.25   Greece   IMF debt talks are 'going well'  Finance minister George Papaconstantinou: Greece's talks with the IMF on emergency loans to finance its debt are going well Jan.7   Argentina President dismisses central bank governor

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.8   Dubai Utility faces $2B debt demand
  The credit downgrades of government-owned companies have triggered a payment clause on a debt issued by the emirate's utilities provider
Nov.29   Dubai Stocks plunge as debt crisis fears continue
  Shares in Dubai's and Abu Dhabi's main stock markets dived at least 6% after property developer asked for trading to be suspended
Nov.27   Dubai Dubai debt woes 'a drama, but no crisis'
  Market experts say the debt revelations will not lead the global economy back into recession, but have seriously damaged the Emirate's standing Nov.10   China Chinese credit card debt mounts
  Credit card issuance is up 32 percent in the past year. Credit card debt is up more than 130 percent to $838 million
Nov.1   New York CIT Group files for US bankruptcy
  The lender has filed for bankruptcy protection, after a debt-exchange offer to bondholders failed. The reorganisation plan will reduce debt by $10bn
Mar.18   Washington   Fed pumps $1.2tn into US economy
  The Federal Reserve will buy almost $1.2 trillion worth of debt to help boost lending and promote economic recovery

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.13   Ecuador Ecuador won't pay foreign debt interest
  President Correa said he will not pay interest on the nation's foreign debt and that he was prepared to accept any consequences
Dec.9   United Kingdom Miner Rio Tinto cuts 14,000 jobs
  The world's third-largest mining firm is cutting jobs as part of plans to reduce its debt by $10bn by the end of next year
Oct.7   New York Wall Street flat as Fed unveils new plan
  The Federal Reserve announced plans earlier to buy-up short-term debt, a.k.a. commercial paper, directly from companies
Sep.21   Washington   Paulson wants a speedy debt deal
  Treasury Secretary has urged Congress to move quickly to pass a $700bn package to tackle the worst financial crisis for decades
Sep.20   House of Representatives Crisis talks over 'toxic debt' rescue plan
  Lawmakers were to hold urgent talks with Treasury and Federal Reserve officials to nail down details of a $700 billion economic rescue plan
Sep.19   Global Global markets post massive gains Jul.6   Dubai UAE to cancel all of Iraq's $7B debt  Dubai has forgiven the nearly $7 billion Baghdad owes it, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki announced Apr.17   Washington     Brown: Bush owed huge debt of gratitude
  Bush and British Prime Minister discussed a range of topics including terrorism, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran and economic issues
Jan.15   New York   Citigroup's $9.8bn sub-prime loss
  The banking giant has reported a $9.83bn net loss for the last 3 months of 2007 caused by a $18.1bn exposure to bad mortgage debt

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.12   Liberia   IMF ready to cancel Liberia debt
  The International Monetary Fund has secured sufficient funding to start cancelling Liberia's debt to the international agency
May.18   Shanghai   Africa's borrowing itch a theme
  African Development Bank annual meeting: A debt write-offs by international financial institutions and Western governments is $50 billion

year 2006 Top ^

Apr.20   Nigeria Nigeria settles Paris Club debt
  Nigeria is becoming the first African nation to settle with its lenders to clear the way for greater spending

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.24   Washington   IMF committee backs debt erasure
  A deal by the world's richest states to erase debt of up to $55bn owed by the poorest has been backed
Jun.11   East Africa   Cautious welcome for G8 debt deal
  Some of the poorest countries have welcomed a relief deal made by their richer lenders
  London G8 ministers back Africa debt deal
  Finance ministers have agreed to cancel up to $55 billion worth of debt owed by the world's poorest nations
Jun.10   England Hopes raised of Africa debt deal
  An agreement between the United States and Britain is writing off $16.7 billion owed by 18 countries
Jun.7   Washington US and UK 'close to Africa deal' Apr.16   Washington G-7 finance leaders focus on oil, debt
  G-7 officials said surging oil prices could crimp the economy and they pledged to limit the fallout
Jan.23   Argentina   Debt offer draws support
  In the first week of the debt swap, creditors holding 23.2% of debt in default had signed up for the offer
Jan.12   France   Creditors back tsunami debt relief
  The Paris Club of 19 creditor nations has agreed to a moratorium on debt repayment by Indonesia and Sri Lanka
Jan.4   England     G-8 may freeze debt payments
  The world's richest nations are likely to agree to freeze repayments for countries devastated by the Asian tsunami

year 2004 Top ^

Jan.26   Italy   Parmalat debt grows to 14bn euros
  Parmalat owes almost 8 times what the company claimed when it went bust in December

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.16   Germany   Joint plan to relieve Iraq debt  The U.S., France and Germany have agreed on a plan to provide the Iraqi government with 'substantial' debt relief Oct.2   Rio de Janeiro   Debt scam exposed
  The authorities have uncovered what is thought to be a multi-million dollar tax fraud
Jan.16   Argentina   $1bn debt default avoided
  Argentina clinched an aid deal with the IMF to refinance its short-term debts

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.14   Argentina Argentina faces fresh default
  Deadline looms for the repayment of $800m of World Bank debt after already being granted a 30-day grace period
Jul.23   USA   Enron scandal hits US banks
  Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase stand accused by US congressional investigators of helping Enron hide billions in debt
Jun.26   Canada World's richest give $1bn to poorest
  G8 will reduce the debt repayments for up to 22 African states under the Highly Indebted Poor Countries initiative
Jun.14   Brazil   Brazil expected to draw on IMF loan
  Government will draw down $10 billion amid market concerns over the large debt burden ahead of October presidential elections
Feb.13   Washington     Bush welcomes Musharraf
  US President pledged help towards erasing $1bn of Pakistani debt

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.23   Argentina Debt payments suspended Dec.14   Argentina   Argentina meets debt deadline
  Argentina narrowly avoiding a default by paying a $700m instalment on national debt

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.14   Cuba     Putin Condemns Embargo  Russian president and Fidel Castro talked on trade, debt issues

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