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Italy earthquake: Search for survivors as death toll tops 240   Thousands of rescuers have searched through the night for survivors following Wednesday's earthquake in a mountainous area of central Italy Indonesia transport plane crash death toll rises Map of Medan Indonesia  Sumatra: Indonesian officials say 122 people are now known to have been on board a military Hercules C-130 plane which crashed in a residential area of Medan Pakistan heatwave: Death toll over 1,000 Map of Sindh Pakistan  Karachi: The death toll from a heatwave in Pakistan's southern Sindh province has passed 1,000, reports say   More bodies found on Malaysia mountain as quake death toll hits 13 Map of Mount Kinabalu Sabah Borneo Malaysia
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California (174)   Southern California Landslide (6)   USA Landslide (15)   Chile Fire (11)   Malaysia Earthquake (3)

Earthquake Main Event: California mudslides ...
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2018-01-10 California mudslides death toll rises with 17 still missing Montecito, Santa Barbara County, CA, Southern California
C. 2017-10-18 California hepatitis A outbreak death toll climbs to 19 San Diego
D. 2017-10-14 California wildfires: Death toll rises as blazes continue Santa Rosa, San Francisco Bay Area
E. 2017-10-12 California wildfires: Death toll climbs to 31 Sonoma County, San Francisco Bay Area
F. 2017-10-10 California fires: Scores missing as death toll rises to 15 Santa Rosa, San Francisco Bay Area
6. 2017-09-21 Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises as search for survivors goes on
7. 2017-09-10 Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises to 90 Oaxaca, Mexico
8. 2017-09-08 Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises as rescue begins Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico

California hepatitis A outbreak death toll climbs to 19. San Diego California wildfires: Death toll rises as blazes continue   San Francisco Bay Area: 40 people have died and hundreds are still missing after 6 days of wildfires that have devastated swathes of countryside California wildfires: Death toll climbs to 31. San Francisco Bay Area California fires: Scores missing as death toll rises to 15. San Francisco Bay Area Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises as rescue begins Sri Lanka mudslides: Death toll exceeds 200   Chile's worst wildfires destroy town, death toll at 10 Map of Santa Olga Chile
California mudslides death toll rises with 17 still missing Map of Montecito Santa Barbara County CA USA
  Southern California: Hundreds of rescuers are combing wreckage in Southern California for those missing after mudslides that have killed 17

year 2017 Top ^

Sep.21  Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises as search for survivors goes on
Sep.10  Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises to 90
May.19  Libya death toll 'rises to 140' at Brak El-Shati airbase
Mar.10  Cyclone Enawo: Madagascar death toll rises to 38
  Flames from one of Chile's worst wildfires completely consumed the town of Santa Olga as the death toll from the blazes since November rose to 10

Jan.25  Chile forest fires: Death toll now rises to six

year 2016 Top ^

Aug.7  Tropical Storm Earl death toll jumps to 38 in Mexico
May.17  Sri Lanka flooding death toll rises to 23
Apr.23  Ecuador declares national mourning as quake death toll rises to 646
Apr.16  Tenerife building collapse death toll rises
Feb.7  Death toll from Taiwan quake hits 34, hunt on for survivors

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.7  Romania nightclub fire: Death toll rises to 38
Oct.1  Hajj stampede: Iran death toll rises to 464
Sep.29  Yemen conflict: Wedding attack death toll rises to 130
Aug.14  Anger over missing firefighters as port death toll reaches 85
Aug.2  Myanmar floods: UN says death toll 'to rise'
Jun.26  Kuwait Shia mosque blast death toll 'rises to 27'
  Rescuers recovered the bodies of 11 more climbers from Malaysia's highest peak on Saturday, a day after it was struck by a strong earthquake
Apr.26     Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000   At least 3,218 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday, say officials Feb.28   Avalanche death toll rises as rescue teams clear roads Map of Panjshir Afghanistan
  Afghanistan: 186 people have been confirmed dead alone in the hard-hit Panjshir Province, 100 kilometers (60 miles) northeast of Kabul

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.29 Italy ferry death toll rises to 10
. Greece Oct.14  Ebola death toll 'rises to 4,447' Oct.11     Syria: Kobane siege death toll 'passes 500' Map of Kobane Syria
  Aleppo: At least 553 people are said to have died in a month of fighting for Kobane, the Kurdish town just inside Syria under Islamic State (IS) attack
Aug.17 Fears of disease as Nepal flooding death toll passes 100 Map of western Nepal Nepal
  Nepalese authorities on Monday feared an outbreak of diseases as they attempted to reach thousands of people stranded by flooding
Aug.12     Ebola death toll tops 1,000
  West Africa: The first two doses of an experimental serum created to treat Ebola went to American missionaries
Aug.5  Officials say death toll from weekend earthquake rises to 589 Aug.2 China gives Xinjiang death toll
. Western China Jul.12 UN calls for Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire as death toll tops 120. UN Security Council Jun.4     Ebola death toll hits 208 in Guinea Map of Guekedou Guinea
  Some 208 people have now died from the Ebola virus in Guinea after a deadly spike in recent days, world health officials say
May.4 South Korean ferry death toll rises to 242 Apr.30   Afghanistan flood death toll rises
Map of Jowzjan Afghanistan
  Northern Afghanistan: The death toll from last week's flash floods in northern Afghanistan now stands at almost 150. Some areas are still completely cut off
Apr.27   Saudi Mers death toll passes 100 Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia
   Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia says more than 100 patients infected with the Mers coronavirus have now died since the outbreak began in 2012
Mar.25 US mudslide death toll rises to 16   Washington State: Authorities say they have recovered the bodies of two more people killed in a massive mudslide in the US state of Washington, bringing the total... Feb.23     Capsizing death toll rises to 8 Haitians
   Dominican Republic: The bodies of 3 more Haitians have been recovered by Dominican Republic, raising the death toll to eight from a capsizing of a smuggler's boat
Feb.12     'Surge' in Syria fighting death toll
  Activists in Syria have reported a surge in fighting across the country, amid attempts to broker a peace deal in Geneva

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.13     Typhoon Haiyan death toll tops 6,000 in the Philippines
Map of Tacloban Philippines
  Southern Philippines: Nearly five weeks after Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines, the government now says more than 6,000 people have been reported dead
Nov.15     Typhoon death toll climbs past 3,600   Southern Philippines: More than a week after Typhoon Haiyan laid waste to much of the central Philippines, a health official said that some victims are living off... Nov.11  US Marines land in Philippines as official death toll rises Oct.18     Mali boat death toll 'doubles to 72' Map of River Niger Mali
  The Malian authorities say 72 people are now known to have died when a boat capsized a week ago on the River Niger
Oct.14     India relieved at low cyclone death toll   At least 21 were killed as a direct result of the cyclone Phailin. The last time a storm as powerful struck, 10,000 people died Oct.7     Lampedusa boat disaster: Death toll rises to 232 Map of Lampedusa Italy
  Southern Italy: Italian divers have recovered dozens more bodies from a boat carrying African migrants that sank on Thursday
Oct.2  Rescuers find 10 more bodies after storms, death toll at 157 Sep.28   Mumbai building collapse death toll rises to 42
  At least 42 people are now known to have died when a four-storey residential building collapsed in the western Indian city of Mumbai
Sep.23   Mexico storm death toll rises to 110
Map of Guerrero Mexico
  The number of people confirmed to have died as a result of Tropical Storms Manuel and Ingrid in Mexico now stands at 110
Sep.20 Mexico storms death toll rises to 97 Sep.19   Mexico storms death toll rises to 97 Map of La Pintada Mexico
  In the village of La Pintada, near the Pacific coast, a landslide partially engulfed the town
Aug.18  Philippine ferry disaster death toll rises to 52 Jul.25     Syria death toll rises above 100,000
  UN: More than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict in Syria, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said
Jul.19   Canada rail disaster death toll at 47: police
Map of Lac-Megantic Canada
   The final death toll of a train derailment that flattened part of a Quebec town two weeks ago will likely stand at 47, Canadian police said
Jul.7  Canada runaway train death toll rises May.7 Bangladesh death toll climbs above 700 May.2 Dhaka collapse death toll passes 500. Bangladesh Apr.5   20,000 birds slaughtered as bird flu death toll rises
  Shanghai: Chinese authorities have killed more than 20,000 birds from a live-poultry trading zone in Shanghai after an unusual strain of bird flu Jan.27     Curfew issued as Egypt death toll rises Map of Port Said Egypt  Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy imposed a 30-day curfew on Port Said after dozens of people were killed in riots that followed death sentences Jan.20  Hostage death toll 'rises to 48' Jan.12     China landslide death toll rises Map of At least 46 people including children are now known to have been killed by a landslide in China%27s southern Yunnan China
  Southern China: At least 46 people, including children, are now known to have been killed by a landslide in China's southern Yunnan province, state media report
Jan.3     U.N.'s Syria death toll jumps dramatically to 60,000-plus
  The overall death toll in devastated Syria has surpassed an estimated 60,000 people, the United Nations said Wednesday

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.11   Typhoon death toll climbs past 700 in Philippines
Map of Mindanao Philippines
  Southern Philippines: The death toll from the destructive typhoon Bopha has climbed above 700, authorities said, warning that the final number may be much higher
Dec.4 Philippine death toll from Typhoon Bopha rises. Southern Philippines Nov.19     Gaza death toll 'rises over 100'
  At least 105 people have died in the Gaza Strip in six days of violence, Hamas officials say, as Israeli forces continue their bombardment Nov.9 Sri Lanka jail death toll rises Map of Colombo Sri Lanka
  At least 27 people have died in clashes between inmates and guards at Sri Lanka's Welikada prison in the capital Colombo, authorities say
Nov.1  Sandy death toll keeps climbing Oct.8     US meningitis death toll rises
  USA: Eight people have now been killed and 97 others sickened by an outbreak of fungal meningitis in nine US states
Sep.26     Day death toll in Syria hit 343
  The death toll in Syria hit 343 Wednesday, the highest daily toll since unrest broke out in March 2011
Sep.7 China's quake death toll rises
. Southern China Jul.27   China doubles Beijing flood death toll
  Chinese authorities have more than doubled the official death toll from last weekend's flooding that swamped highways, homes and farms
May.30 Death toll from Italy earthquake rises
. Northern Italy Mar.28  Renewed clashes raise the death toll to 50 Feb.3   Afghan civilian death toll rises
  Afghanistan: The number of civilians killed and injured in the Afghan conflict has risen for the fifth year in a row, a UN report reveals

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.1   U.N. puts death toll at 4,000 in Syria
  UN: The Arab League and other world powers boosted pressure on the al-Assad regime to end its nearly nine-month-long crackdown on demonstrators
Aug.31   Nigeria floods death toll rises Map of Ibadan Nigeria
  At least 102 people are now thought to have been killed by floods in and around the south-western Nigerian city of Ibadan
Apr.18  Japan death toll rises to nearly 14,000 Mar.21  Hope dwindles as death toll mounts Feb.24  Quake's death toll rises Feb.18 Rising death toll in Libya unrest. Eastern Libya Yemen death toll climbs in unrest Map of Sanaa Yemen
  Hurling rocks and brandishing sticks, supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh plunged into a crowd calling for the longtime president's ouster
Jan.16   Brazilian flood death toll nears 600 Map of Nova Friburgo Brazil
  Rio de Janeiro: Most of the deaths were reported in the cities of Nova Friburgo and Teresopolis, located in a mountainous region northeast of Rio
Jan.15 Death toll rises to 549 in Brazil flooding. Rio de Janeiro

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.14     Haiti cholera death toll passes 900
  917 people have died from the bacterial infection, while there have been some 14,642 hospitalizations
Nov.6 Cholera death toll rises in Haiti
Oct.26   Volcano eruption death toll hits 25 Map of Mount Merapi Indonesia
   Indonesia: The ash levels had subsided a little, but that their readings suggested there would be more volcanic activity soon
Oct.24 Cholera death toll jumps in Haiti Oct.2  Blasts death toll now stands at 12 Sep.1   Year's US death toll in Afghanistan highest
  In only eight months, 2010 has become the deadliest year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 321 troops have died so far in 2010
Aug.25   Mudslides death toll at 38
Map of Yunnan China
  Southern China: 54 people still missing. A bridge was built Tuesday linking the disaster-hit area to safer lands
Aug.20   Mudslide death toll in China rises Map of Gansu China
  Western China: The death toll from the mudslides in a northwestern Chinese province now stands at 1,407
Aug.10 China landslide death toll soars. Western China Aug.1  Disagreement over Iraq death toll Jul.31 Pakistan flooding death toll reaches 800. NW Pakistan Jun.18 Kyrgyz leader: Death toll much higher. Kyrgyzstan May.30   Guatemala storm death toll rises
  A powerful tropical storm Agatha has claimed at least 40 lives in floods and mudslides
Apr.19   Quake death toll climbs above 2,000
  Tibet: Another 195 people were still missing. 12,135 people were injured, of whom 1,434 were in serious condition
Apr.16 PM visits quake zone as death toll climbs  Tibet: As rescuers raced against the clock to pull survivors from the rubble, Wen Jiabao traveled to earthquake-devastated zone Apr.8   Mine death toll at 12
Map of Shanxi China
  China: The death toll in flooded Wangjialing mine has risen to 12, and crews were working to rescue 26 miners who remain trapped
Mar.2     Death toll at 795 in Chile quake Map of Concepcion Chile
  The tally likely will increase in coming days as search-and-rescue crews dig into collapsed buildings and discover more bodies
Jan.14 Earthquake death toll 'may be 50,000'. Haiti

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.21 Coal mine blast death toll reaches 87
. Northeast China Oct.1   Ketsana death toll exceeds 300
  Manila: Ketsana is barreling toward Laos after leaving a trail of destruction and death across southeast Asia
Sep.28  Flood death toll rises Aug.26  Typhoon death toll higher than feared Aug.13  Mudslide death toll rises Aug.12  Typhoon death toll mounts Aug.3   Plague death toll rises
Map of Ziketan China
  Western China: A third man has died of pneumonic plague in north-western China where a town of more than 10,000 people has been sealed off
Jun.9  Hotel attack death toll rises Mar.13   Mall fire death toll hits 7 Map of Dhaka Bangladesh
  Bangladesh: Authorities found seven bodies in the charred remains of a massive 22-story Bashundhara City shopping complex. 15 people were injured
Feb.24     Fire death toll reaches 210 Map of Victoria Australia
  Melbourne: Victoria Police are still working to identify all the victims of the fires that have raged. At least 2,029 homes have been destroyed
Jan.27     Cholera death toll nears 3000
   Zimbabwe: 2,971 deaths since the intestinal disease began in August, with 56,123 cases reported
Jan.11  Israel calls for patience as death toll 900 Jan.1  Gaza death toll 400 as airstrikes continue

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.29  Gaza death toll exceeds 375 Dec.1  Melamine death toll rises Jun.27     Allied death toll reaches 7-year high
  Afghanistan: The number of U.S. and allied troops killed in Afghanistan in June has reached 40, the highest monthly toll of the 7-year-old war
Jun.24     Quake death toll to 'exceed 80,000'
  Sichuan: Officially 69,181 people are dead with another missing 18,498
Jun.1   Iraqi, American death tolls drop in May  The number of deaths among Iraqi civilians, police and insurgents fell sharply, and the monthly death toll for U.S. troops hit its lowest since... May.22  Quake death toll passes 50,000 May.15  Quake death toll could reach 50,000 May.13  Quake death toll tops 12,000 May.12     Quake death toll 50,000
  Sichuan: 80 percent of the buildings collapsed in the Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County after the 7.8-magnitude quake
 Several hundred students are also feared to be buried in collapsed school buildings. 'Five million' homeless in quake. A frightened schoolgirl was pulled safely from the rubble of a school dormitory. More than 4.3 million homes collapsed or sustained damage
May.6     Cyclone death toll jumps to 22,000
   Myanmar: 41,000 missing after the catastrophic cyclone that battered the country. The U.N. estimated up to a million could be homeless.    Aid agencies begin what they expect to be a major relief operation to help tens of thousands left without clean water an...
May.5   Virus death toll hits 26 Map of Anhui China
  China: EV-71, hand-foot-mouth disease, has struck 11,905 people and has proved fatal in 26 cases, all of them children
Myanmar death toll 'could reach 10,000' Mar.25   Protesters claim death toll now 140
  Tibet: Chinese government restrictions have made it difficult confirm the number killed
Mar.22   Attack brings U.S. death toll near 4,000
  Baghdad: 3 soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb that struck their vehicle while they were on patrol
Mar.7 Bombings death toll hits 69
  Baghdad: Prime Minister al-Maliki has denounced the twin bombing attacks that ripped through a commercial district as 'a heinous crime'
Jan.8     Opposition: Death toll 1,000
   Kenya: Under U.S. pressure, Kenya's president and his chief rival agreed to talks and made other concessions to end their election dispute
Jan.7  Opposition cancel rally as death toll climbs

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.4 Miners on strike over death toll Map of Johannesburg South Africa
  Johannesburg: Tens of thousands of striking miners took to the streets in Johannesburg in a protest over safety levels in the industry
Nov.20  Pipeline death toll at 40     Helicopter crash raises death toll
  Baghdad: The 2 coalition service members were killed and 12 were hurt in a helicopter crash
 Villagers dispute cyclone death toll Nov.18   Cyclone death toll surpasses 3,000
  Bangladesh: The number of dead killed from Cyclone Sidr is expected to rise as the country continues to assess the damage  Cyclone death toll hits 2,000 Nov.17  Cyclone death toll hits 1,700 Nov.9 Blast death toll reaches 75
  Northern Afghanistan: Officials determined that 59 schoolchildren and 5 teachers were killed and 93 children and 3 teachers were wounded
Sep.6   Hurricane Felix death toll nears 100    Nicaragua: Rescuers searched for survivors. The bodies of 25 fishermen were found along Miskito Coast, believed to be from a group of 109 Miskito India...  Felix death toll rises above 40 Aug.10  Monsoon death toll reaches 2,000 Aug.6  Monsoon recedes, death toll rises Aug.5  South Asia flood death toll rising Jun.8  Cyclone death toll reaches 35

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.3     Typhoon death toll may be 'thousands'
   Philippines: Relief efforts faced delays for survivors of Durian. More people are believed to be buried under the mud
Dec.2     Typhoon death toll rises above 300
   Philippines: Another 293 people were missing in the wake of Durian, which triggered massive flooding and volcanic mudslides
Oct.16  Coalition death toll in Iraq reaches 3,000 Aug.13     Typhoon death toll hits 163
  China: 163 people missing, as some victims were evacuees who died when buildings used as shelters collapsed
Jul.22   Tsunami death toll rises to 650
   Indonesia: 100 new bodies have been found in recent days. More than 300 are still missing
Jul.21   Heatwave death toll rises  USA: Severe heat across has claimed at least 22 lives around the US. Four people died in Chicago Jul.17  Java tsunami death toll increases May.31  Quake death toll surpasses 6,200 Jan.25     China bird flu death toll hits 7
  Western China: A woman in southwestern China has died from bird flu

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.5   Hurricane Stan's death toll climbs to 135   El Salvador: Heavy rains pounded Central America, pushing rivers over their banks and unleashing a string of deadly mudslides Aug.27  Monsoons pushing death tolls Jul.29  Rain death toll reaches 850  Rain death toll nears 750 Jul.27  Monsoon death toll soars Jun.23   Flood death toll 'over 500'   Southern China: Summer floods have forced over one million from their homes. Southern China submerged beneath muddy waters May.13  'High death toll' Apr.3  Marburg death toll climbs Mar.29  Quake death toll rises Mar.27     Ebola-like virus death toll rises
   Angola: People have been warned against travel to Angola after the death toll from the Marburg bug rose to 121
Mar.3   U.S. death toll in Iraq passes 1,500
  Bombers struck 2 Iraqi security targets, killing 5 police officers near the Interior Ministry in Baghdad

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.31  Aid struggles to arrive as death toll 135K  Tsunami death toll tops 135,000 Dec.30  Tsunami death toll tops 116,000 Dec.27  Asia quake death toll tops 23,000 Dec.26     Asia quake death toll 13,000   Indonesia: Massive tsunamis triggered by the largest earthquake to shake the planet in more than 40 years wiped out coastal areas Asia quake death toll tops 4,700. Sri Lanka Oct.23 Quakes: Death toll rising to 15. Japan Sep.20  Flood death toll nears 600 Sep.17   U.S. death toll at least 22 in Ivan's wake  Alabama: Residents in 5 states face homes sheared from their pilings, power outages, floodwaters, looters and a missing alligator Sep.7     U.S. death toll in Iraq passes 1,000
  More than three-quarters have died in combat, and 647 of have been killed since Bush declared an end to major combat Aug.14  Hurricane Charley death toll at 13 Aug.1   Supermarket fire death toll tops 300
   Paraguay: The fire broke out at the Ycua Bolanos supermarket while it was crowded with Sunday shoppers. Dozens were injured
May.29  Quake death toll rises to 45 May.25  Caribbean floods death toll soars Apr.25  Train disaster death toll rises Jan.17  Blast kills 5. U.S. death toll tops 500

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.28   Gas death toll reached 233 Map of Chongqing China
  Southern China: Emergency workers searched the remote, mountainous area near the city of Chongqing for survivors and more bodies
Aug.5   Fire death toll mounts
   Portugal: The government declaring a national disaster as the worst blazes in a generation spread across the country killing 11 people
Jun.7     Heat wave death toll passes 1,400
  Southern India: Rains cooled some parts of India scorched by a heat wave. State of Andhra Pradesh is the worst-affected
May.22  Quake death toll tops 800 Apr.19     SARS death toll rises
  Canada: A 99-year-old man has died, bringing the death toll from SARS in Canada to 14
Apr.9     Ebola death toll reaches 120
   Congo: 135 cases had been recorded since the virus struck in January
Feb.21  Nightclub fire: Death toll at 95 Feb.4   Ferry death toll revised by 700
   Senegal: More than 1,800 people died in the September sinking, the prime minister said

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.1  New quake as death toll hits 29 Sep.11   Flood death toll is 21
  Southern France: There are still 12 people missing in Gard, the area worst hit by the floods. Trains suspended across southern France
Aug.24     West Nile death toll climbs to 16 Map of West USA
  USA: The mosquito-borne virus has now infected 371 people. Officials fear virus will soon reach West Coast

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.25   Tornado death toll is 11
  USA: Hundreds homes and businesses destroyed
Nov.14   Floods Death toll could rise to 1,000
   Algeria: Emergency teams sifted through tons of thick mud and debris
Jan.27   Quake death toll could be 15,000
  Gujarat: Survivors waited for supplies. Rescuers had pulled more than 3,200 bodies
Jan.26 Quake death toll could reach 1000
  India: Rescuers dug through collapsed buildings for survivors

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