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Iran nuclear talks enter final day    Switzerland: Foreign ministers from six world powers and their Iranian counterpart have been negotiating in Switzerland ahead of a self-imposed deadline   Iran nuclear talks: World powers seek deal    Switzerland: Representatives of six world powers are intensifying talks with Iran on its nuclear programme, ahead of a 31 March deadline for a deal PM Alexis Tsipras warns of 'difficulties'. Athens   Army and rebels stall heavy arms pullout   Donbass: Ukraine's government and separatist rebels have failed to begin withdrawing heavy weapons from the front line, despite a Monday deadline Security Council rejects Palestinian statehood resolution   UN Security Council: The council, in a 8-2 vote voted down a Palestinian statehood resolution that set a deadline for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories by 2017 Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadline Map of Vienna Austria
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1. 2017-11-19 Mugabe faces looming resignation deadline Zimbabwe
2. 2017-01-31 Deadline passes for National Front leader to repay EU funds European Parliament, France
3. 2017-01-18 Gambia's President Jammeh refuses to leave office as deadline passes Gambia
E. 2015-07-09 Debt crisis: Deadline day for new proposals Athens
F. 2015-07-07 Floyd Mayweather stripped of WBO belt USA
2015-06-30 IMF payment missed as bailout expires Athens
H. 2015-05-31 US Senate in urgent surveillance debate as deadline looms U.S. Senate
I. 2015-05-06 Benjamin Netanyahu agrees coalition deal Jerusalem
J. 2015-03-31 Iran nuclear talks: Russia and Iran claim progress Lausanne, Switzerland

Deadline passes for National Front leader to repay EU funds. France Gambia's President Jammeh refuses to leave office as deadline passes   Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down despite the threat of military intervention by neighbouring states   Debt crisis: Deadline day for new proposals  Athens: Greece has until the end of Thursday to present new proposals to secure a third bailout from creditors and prevent a possible exit from the ...   IMF payment missed as bailout expires
  Mugabe faces looming resignation deadline

year 2017 Top ^

   Zimbabwe: Embattled President Robert Mugabe is facing a deadline set by his own party to resign after his surprise speech where he refused to quit

year 2015 Top ^

Jul.7  Floyd Mayweather stripped of WBO belt
  Athens: Greece has missed the deadline for 1.1bn payment to the International Monetary Fund, hours after eurozone ministers refused to extend its bailout

May.31  US Senate in urgent surveillance debate as deadline looms
May.6  Benjamin Netanyahu agrees coalition deal
Mar.31  Iran nuclear talks: Russia and Iran claim progress
Jan.4  Afghan leader queries exit deadline

year 2014 Top ^

   Austria: Foreign ministers trying to reach an agreement on nuclear program are considering extending negotiations, as Monday's deadline for a deal looms
 Iran talks: Diplomats push for Vienna deal Nov.3 Burkina army told to hand over power. Burkina Faso Jul.18  Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November Jul.3  Iran, world powers start final nuclear talks round Jun.16   Russia cuts gas supply to Ukraine after deadline passes   Russia on Monday cut gas supplies to Ukraine as a payment deadline passed and negotiators failed to reach a deal on gas prices and unpaid bills Jun.15  Ukraine faces halt to gas supply Mar.31  'Obamacare' enrolment deadline looms as interest spikes

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.24  'Obamacare' help offered amid rush Dec.3  Brazil grounds to miss Fifa deadline Oct.31   Syria met first weapons deadline: OPCW
  Syria has destroyed all its declared chemical weapons facilities, and all of the chemical weapons at inspected sites have been placed under seal
Oct.16 US Congress races to draft debt plan
. U.S. Senate May.11   Rafsanjani to stand in Iran election
  Iranian ex-President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has registered for June's presidential election, a few minutes before an official deadline

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.31   US to miss 'fiscal cliff' deadline   Washington: The US will miss a midnight deadline and head over the 'fiscal cliff'', after the House of Representatives said it would hold no vote on Mon... Aug.23  Lance Armstrong ends drug charge fight Jul.26   UN chief issues arms treaty plea
  Ban Ki-moon has urged states to bridge differences ahead of deadline for the draft of a new global agreement to control international arms sales
Jun.26 Californian city faces bankruptcy Map of Stockton California
  The city of Stockton looks set to become the largest US city to declare bankruptcy, after a deadline to make a deal with its creditors passed
Jun.23     Greece seeks austerity slowdown  Greece's new coalition government has proposed an extension to the deadline for it to reduce its budget deficit by at least two years, to 20... May.30 Syria rebels set 48-hour deadline Apr.10     Syria: Deadline passes, violence rages  Kofi Annan said that he was 'gravely concerned at the course of events' after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad failed to withdraw troops Apr.8     Poll nominations close in Egypt
  The deadline for registering as a presidential candidate has passed in Egypt, ahead of the country's first post-revolutionary polls
Apr.5 Ceasefire pressure grows on Syria
. UN Security Council Mar.7 Greece debt swap deadline looms

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.4 Arab League issues Syria new deadline
. Qatar Sep.9 Deadline for towns' surrender passes. Libya Sep.4     Libyan rebels close to Gadhafi stronghold   Fighters pushed to the outskirts of Bani Walid, setting the stage for possible clashes ahead of this week's deadline Aug.2 US debt-limit bill heads to Senate. U.S. Senate

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.31 Ouattara: Gbagbo deadline to step down
. Ivory Coast Aug.24 General warns on Afghan deadline. Washington May.13 Red-shirt supporter Gen Khattiya shot
   Thailand: A renegade general who backs anti-government protesters has been shot, shortly after a deadline for troops to seal their protest camp passed

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.16 Ousted Zelaya has deadline. Honduras Sep.18   California faces prisons deadline
  Governor Schwarzenegger has just hours in which to submit proposals to reduce the state's prison population by 40,000
Jul.1     Ousted Honduran leader delays return
   Honduras: President Zelaya said he will not return to his home country until at least Saturday, after a three-day international deadline to reinstate him
Jun.29 U.S. deadline sparks Iraq celebration. Baghdad Jun.27   Sunday deadline for election complaints
  Iran: The Guardian Council reminded opposition candidates in the disputed presidential election that they have until Sunday to lodge any more complaints
  Iraq secures cities for US exit
  The authorities are tightening security in preparation for next Tuesday's deadline for US soldiers to pull out of the country's cities
Apr.27 GM to cut total of 21,000 US jobs. Detroit Apr.21 Deadline passes for Tamil rebels. Sri Lanka Jan.1 Gazprom cuts off Ukraine's gas
   Russia: Russian energy monopoly cut off supplies of natural gas to Ukraine after a payment deadline expired

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.17   Obama plans Guantanamo deadline
  USA: Barack Obama has said he aims to close the detention centre and put a clear end to torture in the US within 2 years of becoming president
Nov.26 Iraq delays vote on future of U.S. troops
  Baghdad: Iraqi lawmakers postponed a vote to set a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops because the nation's 3 major factions continue tussling
Jul.25 Karadzic appeal deadline passes. Serbia Jul.15 Anwar Ibrahim arrested   Malaysia: Police arrested Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, less than an hour before a deadline for him to appear at police headquarters Jul.8 Iraq official: U.S. could be out by 2011. Baghdad Mar.28 Iraq extends militiamen deadline. Basra Mar.14 China sets protest deadline. Tibet   EU agrees climate plan deadline
  European Union: 27 heads of states have agreed to finish talks on an ambitious plan to fight climate change by the end of 2008
Mar.11   Deadline to quit for Governor Spitzer
  New York: State Governor Eliot Spitzer has been given a deadline to step down or face impeachment over allegations that he hired a prostitute

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.9   Time up for Kosovo status talks   European Union: EU foreign ministers will meet to discuss the future of Kosovo, as the UN's deadline for an agreement on the final status arrives Nov.8 Musharraf sets election deadline. Pakistan Jul.23 Deadline looms for hostages. Afghanistan Jul.22 Taliban extend deadline for hostages. Afghanistan Apr.25 US House votes for Iraq deadline  House of Representatives: The House of Representatives has narrowly approved a bill making further funding of the war in conditional on a timetable for a US troop pul... Apr.13 N Korea reaches nuclear deadline. North Korea Mar.27 Senate votes for Iraq deadline
  U.S. Senate: The Senate has endorsed a deadline of March 2008 for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.29  Army head sets coup deadline Oct.28 Bolivia agrees new energy deals
  Bolivia has agreed deals with 10 foreign gas and oil firms, just before a deadline for foreign firms to agree contracts
Sep.6   World powers meet for Iran talks
  Berlin: Senior diplomats to discuss what to do with Iran after it ignored a U.N. deadline to freeze its nuclear program
Aug.30  Defiant Iran set to spurn deadline Jul.31   U.N. issues nuke deadline for Iran
  UN Security Council: The Security Council passed a weakened resolution giving until Aug. 31 to suspend uranium enrichment
Jul.28   Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council are giving Iran until 31 August to suspend uranium enrichment
Jul.4   Iran defiant on nuclear deadline
  Iran will issue its reply in August to the Western plan for incentives and talks over the nuclear program
Jul.3 Militants' deadline expires  Gaza: A deadline set by Palestinians holding an Israeli soldier has passed without news of his condition   Iran given deadline on nuke crisis
  Western powers have set July 12 as a deadline to suspend the enrichment and agree to talks on its nuclear program
Jun.6  Abbas extends deadline for Hamas May.27   Hamas rejects Abbas' plan deadline
  Gaza: The government rejects the 10-day deadline to accept a plan for a Palestinian state to exist alongside Israel
May.2  New deadline for Darfur agreement Apr.29   Pressure grows for Darfur peace
   Nigeria: African Union negotiators are increasing pressure on all sides in the conflict to meet the deadline for a deal Feb.27     EU gives Serbia deadline on Mladic
   Belgium: Foreign ministers threatened to freeze talks with Serbia on its EU membership bid
Feb.10     Jill Carroll's kidnappers set 'final deadline'
   Kuwait: Kuwait TV reported that U.S. journalist's kidnappers set a deadline of February 26 for their demands to be met

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.10  Deadline passes; no word on hostages Dec.7  Hostage deadline is extended Aug.22 Iraq delays vote on draft constitution. Baghdad  Official: Iraq to draft constitution on time Aug.21 Deadline looms without deal
   Iraq: Deadlocked communities are no closer to agreeing a new constitution with hours remaining until the deadline
Aug.15     Constitution deadline extended  Baghdad: National Assembly voted unanimously to extend for a week the deadline to complete talks on the new constitution Aug.13  'Progress' on constitution Jul.30 Iran sets deadline on nuclear deal
  Iran would not resume uranium enrichment and would continue talks with the EU

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.18 Iran given new nuclear 'deadline' Jul.15  Egyptian hostage in Iraq faces deadline Apr.16 Bush, Blair affirm June 30 Iraq handover. Washington Jan.15     9 cities meet Olympic deadline
   France: Paris, London, Madrid, New York, Rio de Janiero, Moscow, Leipzig, Istanbul, Havana are hoping to stage the 2012 games

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.29  Congress issues Iraq deadline to CIA Sep.12  Protest over nuclear deadline Aug.15   Microsoft fights 'flawed' worm
  There were few early signs of network congestion following the deadline for part 2 of an internet attack by MSBlast Jul.26  Arroyo sets deadline for mutineers Jun.21 French set 72 hour Bunia gun deadline
   Congo: The force sent to protect civilians set a deadline for gunmen to leave the town
Mar.10  UK pushes new Iraq initiative  Russia ready for Iraq veto Mar.9  Powell: 'Progress' on deadline

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.14 Argentina faces fresh default
  Deadline looms for the repayment of $800m of World Bank debt after already being granted a 30-day grace period
Sep.27   U.S. calls for Iraq deadline from U.N.
  Washington: U.S. wants the Security Council to give Iraq one week to decide whether or not to accept a new resolution
Aug.29   UK looks at Iraq weapons deadline
  Britain may consider pressing for a deadline to comply with United Nations resolutions on weapons inspections Aug.8  Farmers defy deadline Jul.3   Deadline looms for war court deal
  UN Tribunal: Washington argues that American troops must be granted immunity from prosecutions by the new international court
Mar.31 Families stage vigil. Hong Kong Feb.1   Confusion over US journalist's fate
  Pakistan: A deadline set by Mr Pearl's kidnappers expired. E-mail was saying he had been killed
Jan.14   President sets talks deadline
   Colombia: Pastrana has told left-wing rebels they have 6 days to produce concrete results in peace talks

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.14   Argentina meets debt deadline
  Argentina narrowly avoiding a default by paying a $700m instalment on national debt
Dec.11  al Qaeda surrender deadline passes Sep.5   Battle for racism talks compromise
   South Africa: U.N. conference is tryinge to meet a deadline to resolve a row over Israel. France warned that 15 states could pull out
May.10  Albanian PM urges Macedonia deal Apr.5   Beheading deadline pass
   Philippines: Muslim rebels have decided to postpone an execution of a U.S. hostage
Mar.17   Bosnia Croats delay self-rule  Bosnian Croat nationalists have set a new deadline for 2 months' time

year 2000 Top ^

Sep.26     Opposition claims victory. Milosevic denies
   Serbia: Opposition leaders have given the government a deadline to release results or they will declare Kostunica the winner

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