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'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise. Antarctica COP21: Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'
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Main Event: Trump exits from Paris climate ...
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B. 2017-08-04 US notifies UN of Paris climate deal pullout Washington
C. 2017-07-08 G20: Leaders fail to bridge Trump climate chasm Hamburg
2017-06-01 Trump exits from Paris climate deal Washington
E. 2017-05-31 Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate deal' Washington
F. 2016-11-18 Climate talks: 'Save us' from global warming, US urged Marrakech, Morocco
G. 2016-09-02 China ratifies Paris climate agreement Beijing
H. 2016-04-22 Record turnout at UN boosts climate deal UN
I. 2016-03-30 'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise Antarctica
J. 2016-02-09 Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt U.S. Supreme Court

  Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate deal'  Washington: US President Donald Trump is poised to pull the country out of the Paris climate accord, US media report. EU and China rebuff Trump Climate talks: 'Save us' from global warming, US urged. Morocco China ratifies Paris climate agreement. Beijing Record turnout at UN boosts climate deal
US notifies UN of Paris climate deal pullout. Washington   G20: Leaders fail to bridge Trump climate chasm   Hamburg: Leaders of 19 nations at the G20 summit in Germany have renewed their pledge to implement the Paris deal on climate change, despite the US pulling... Trump exits from Paris climate deal

year 2017 Top ^

  Washington: There has been widespread international condemnation of Trump's announcement that the US is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris climate agreement

year 2016 Top ^

  Amid hope and hype, delegates have started the process of signing the Paris climate agreement at UN headquarters in New York

Feb.9  Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt

year 2015 Top ^

  Nearly 200 countries took part in tense negotiations in Paris over two weeks, striking the first deal to commit all nations to cut emissions.    The climate deal reached in Paris is 'the best chance we have to save the one planet we have',...
Dec.11 COP21: Climate deal text 'agreed' in Paris   Organisers of the climate talks in Paris say a final text has been agreed after nearly two weeks of intensive negotiations Dec.10  COP21: Climate summit inches towards deal Dec.5 COP21: Climate delegates agree draft deal text. Paris Nov.29 COP21: Rallies call for Paris climate change action   Hundreds of thousands are marching worldwide to demand action to stop climate change, but one protest in Paris was marred by violence Nov.28 COP21: Paris climate deal 'more likely' after terror attacks Sep.22   Pope Francis begins tour of the US Map of Andrews Air Force Base USA
  Washington: Pope Francis is expected to greet millions of American Catholics and address thorny issues like climate change and income inequality
Aug.3 Obama unveils Clean Power Plan. Washington Mar.22  Climate change: China warns of 'huge impact'

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.14 Deal reached at UN climate talks
Map of Lima Peru   Peru: United Nations members have have approved a framework for setting national pledges to be submitted to a summit next year Dec.13  Climate talks 'facing breakdown' Dec.12 Climate summit goes into overtime. Peru Final push at key climate summit. Peru Nov.2 Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 says IPCC. Denmark Sep.23  China and US pledge climate action Jun.1  Obama set to unveil climate policy May.6   US climate impacts 'far reaching'
  Washington: Climate change is having significant financial, ecological and human health impacts across the US, according to a new report
Apr.13 World must end 'dirty' fuel use - UN
Mar.31 Climate inaction catastrophic - US. Washington Mar.30 Climate impacts overwhelming - UN. Japan Feb.15 Kerry to urge climate change action. Jakarta Feb.10     Hollande arrives for US state visit
  Washington: French President Francois Hollande and US counterpart Barack Obama have issued a joint call for an 'ambitious' global climate change agreement
Jan.31 Bloomberg appointed U.N. envoy for cities, climate change
  UN: The billionaire media mogul has been appointed special envoy for cities and climate change, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced
Jan.16 UN urges action over climate change
  The level of greenhouse gases is rising rapidly and far greater global efforts are needed to tackle the issue, a leaked UN report has warned

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.23 Last-minute deal saves climate talks Map of Warsaw Poland
   Poland: UN climate talks in Poland have ended with delegates reaching a compromise on how to fight global warming
Nov.14     Japan slashes climate reduction goal
  Tokyo: Japan is to significantly slash its greenhouse gas reduction target in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Sep.27 Panel: Man-made warming 95% likely
. UN Sep.23   Human role in warming 'more certain' - UN climate chief
  Scientists are more certain than ever that greenhouse gases from human activities are heating the planet, the head of the UN's climate panel says
Aug.29   Largest ice sheet 'vulnerable' Map of East Antarctic Ice Sheet Antarctica
   Antarctica: The world's thickest ice sheet may be at greater risk from variations in the climate than previously believed
Jun.25   Obama to limit power plant emissions
  Washington: US President is preparing to lay out a package of measures aimed at curbing climate change, including limits on emissions from power plants
Apr.1 Melt 'causes Antarctic sea ice rise'
. Antarctica

year 2012 Top ^

Mar.17   Arctic climate 'tech fixes' urged
  An eminent UK engineer is suggesting building cloud-whitening towers in the Faroe Islands as a 'technical fix' for warming across the Arctic

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.13   Canada under fire over Kyoto exit
  Several countries have criticised Canada for formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change
Dec.12   Canada pulls out of Kyoto accord
  Canada will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the minister of the environment Peter Kent has said Dec.10 Climate talks end with late deal    South Africa: UN climate talks have closed with agreement on a package of measures described by the chair as 'balanced'. Talks on a new legal deal ill begin... Dec.9 UN climate talks heading to deal Map of Durban South Africa
   South Africa: Nations appear to be edging their way to agreeing that a process towards a new carbon-cutting deal should start in the New Year
Oct.25   China 'won't follow US' on carbon
  Beijing: The minister in charge of climate policy: China will not allow its carbon dioxide emissions per person to reach levels seen in the US
Jul.20 Climate change 'threatens peace'
  UN: Climate change poses a major threat to future peace and security, Achim Steiner from the UN Environment Program said

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.11 Climate summit agree on deal
Map of Cancun Mexico  Mexico: UN talks have reached a deal to curb climate change, including a fund to help developing countries, endorsing compromise by Mexico Dec.7 Climate warning at UN Cancun summit Map of Cancun Mexico
  Mexico: Ministers have begun talks at the UN climate summit in Cancun, amid warnings that time is running out to curb climate change
Oct.22   Arctic changes affecting climate elsewhere
  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: The Arctic's warming trend is beginning to affect the climate farther south
Oct.3 Global climate talks kick off in China
Apr.8   UN climate talks to resume Map of Bonn Germany
  Ruhr: The first round of UN climate talks since December's bitter Copenhagen summit opens with the future of the process uncertain
Jan.31   Nations in carbon emissions vow
  Global: Governments around the world have reaffirmed their plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions in support of Copenhagen climate summit

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.19 Climate deal meets UN qualification
Map of Copenhagen Denmark
   Denmark: Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed a US-backed climate deal in Copenhagen as an 'essential beginning'.    After intense wrangling, delegates passed a motion taking note of the deal, without formally adopting it. The accord includes a reco...
Dec.18 Obama announces climate deal with China. Denmark Dec.17 Climate deal looks close. Denmark Dec.16  Climate talks resume in Copenhagen Dec.15  Ministers lead climate change talks Dec.14 'Get to work', urges climate summit head
   Denmark: Danish minister Connie Hedegaard has urged delegates to 'get to work' after protests from developing nations forced a suspension of several hours
Dec.10  EU summit struggles on climate pledge Dec.8 Draft text divides climate summit
Map of Copenhagen Denmark
   Denmark: Documents leaked at the UN summit reveal divisions between industrialised and developing countries over the shape of a possible new deal
Dec.7 Climate protesters descend on summit Map of Copenhagen Denmark
   Denmark: The largest-ever gathering of climate protesters will assemble in Copenhagen for the long-awaited COP15 summit, raising the prospect of clashes
Dec.6   Key global climate talks begin    Denmark: Almost 100 heads of state have confirmed they will attend the 15th meeting of the Conference of Parties, or COP15 Dec.5  UN hits back at climate sceptics Climate change protests ahead of summit
  London: Demonstrations have been under way to urge action on climate change ahead of the Copenhagen summit
Dec.4   Obama to attend end of climate summit
  Washington: US President has changed his plans to attend the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen next week
Nov.28 Commonwealth leaders back climate fund   Trinidad & Tobago: A multi-billion-dollar plan is to help developing nations to deal with climate change and cut greenhouse gases Nov.27  UN chief urges to 'seal deal' on climate   Climate fund plan to help poor nations
   Trinidad & Tobago: UK PM Brown and French President Sarkozy have proposed a multi-billion-dollar fund to help developing nations deal with climate change
Nov.26 Commonwealth summit in targets climate. Trinidad & Tobago  China pledges action on climate change Nov.23  US will announce climate target Nov.22  60 world leaders to attend climate summit Nov.15  No climate deal seen by year's end Nov.14 Apec leaders in climate warning. Singapore Brazil and France in climate deal
  Paris: Brazil and France have agreed a common position on fighting global warming before UN climate change conference in Copenhagen
Oct.30 EU strikes climate funding deal   European Union: The EU has agreed a conditional deal on how to help other nations fight global warming, but set no figure on what it would pay Oct.29 East-west climate row at EU talks
   Belgium: EU leaders have begun a summit deeply divided over how much money to offer developing nations to cope with climate change
Oct.28  EU leaders brace for tough summit Aug.31   UN chief in Arctic climate visit
   Norway: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is visiting the Arctic Circle to draw attention to the need for action at climate change talks in December
Aug.10   Time 'runs short' on climate deal Map of Bonn Germany
  Ruhr: UN's top climate official Yvo de Boer: Time is running short to agree a new treaty on global warming amid deep divisions over key issues
Jun.26 US House supports emissions bill
  House of Representatives: The House has passed a climate change bill aimed at reducing the country's emissions and tackle global warming
Jun.10   Climate change may displace 200 million
  Global: A report for CARE that was unveiled at climate talks underway in Bonn, Germany; attended by delegates from 184 countries
May.29  Report: Climate change crisis catastrophic Mar.28   Obama plans climate change summit
  Washington: US President has invited figures from the world's 16 major economies for a meeting on climate change at the end of April
  Lights go out across planet for Earth Hour  Global: Lights were going out as millions of homes and businesses in major cities went dark for one hour to highlight concerns over climate change Mar.9   'More bad news' on climate change Map of Copenhagen Denmark
   Denmark: More bad news on climate change is expected as more than 2,000 climate scientists gather in Copenhagen ahead of political negotiations later
Jan.28 EU calls for global carbon market
  European Union: The European Commission has called for a global carbon trading market as part of a plan to tackle climate change

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.14   Australia sets new climate target
  Australia will start a carbon trading scheme by the middle of 2010, despite appeals from the business community for a delay
Dec.12 Mood mixed as climate summit ends Map of Poznan Poland
   Poland: The UN climate summit has ended with delegates taking very different views on how much it has achieved
EU leaders reach new climate deal. Belgium Dec.11 EU leaders focus on climate deal
   Belgium: Leaders are said to be close to a compromise agreement on how to achieve ambitious targets to fight global warming
Dec.6   No deal amid EU climate deadlock
  European Union: Sarkozy, the current EU president, says he has failed to break a deadlock with Poland and the Czech Republic over an ambitious climate change deal
Oct.2 Biden and Palin meet in TV debate. Missouri Sep.15   Melting Arctic shows need for climate pact
   Norway: Data showing sea ice may reach its lowest level on record underscores the need for governments to speed up talks on a new climate pact
Aug.1  Brazil launches rainforest fund Mar.20     McCain holds first talks with UK PM
  London: U.S. presidential hopeful met Gordon Brown to discuss Iraq, the world economy and climate change
Mar.14     Blair wants 'climate revolution'
  Japan: Former UK Prime Minister has called for a 'global environment revolution' to tackle climate change
  EU agrees climate plan deadline
  European Union: 27 heads of states have agreed to finish talks on an ambitious plan to fight climate change by the end of 2008

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.15  US sets terms for climate talks Dec.14     Climate deal sealed by US U-turn
  Bali: Delegates at the UN summit have agreed a deal on curbing climate change after days of bitter wrangling  Deal 'omits specific cuts'  Climate talks 'on brink' of deal Dec.13  Climate talks near end amid row  EU, U.S. in climate deal standoff Dec.11  'Crunch time' for climate change Dec.8   Global rallies: Act now on warming
  Skiers, fire-eaters and an ice sculptor joined in worldwide demonstrations to draw attention to climate change and push to fight global warming
China leads cuts protests. Bali Dec.5 Australia to be 'climate bridge'
  New PM has told China he will act as a bridge between Beijing and the developed world in negotiations on cutting greenhouse emissions
Dec.3   U.S. to be urged over climate pact
  Bali: Faced with melting polar ice caps, climate experts at a U.N. conference urged quick action toward a new international pact
Dec.2  World climate summit begins Nov.17 U.N. delivers chilling conclusion on climate   UN: Climate change is 'severe and so sweeping that only urgent, global action' can head it off, a scientific panel said in a report on global wa... Nov.10     U.N. chief sees Antarctic meltdown
   Antarctica: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the Antarctica to see firsthand the impact of climate change and the melting of glaciers
Sep.25     UN chief calls for global action
  Ban Ki-moon has told global leaders the world faces 'a daunting array of challenges', poverty , climate change, the conflict in Darfur
Sep.23 World leaders at climate summit
  UN: Leaders of 80 countries are expected to attend a special meeting to discuss the effects of global warming and the ways to combat it
Sep.6  Bush, China's Hu tackle thorny issues Jul.6   Live Earth concerts kick off
  Sydney: 24-hour global concert series to raise awareness about climate change got a traditional Aboriginal welcome Jun.3  China puts economy before climate PM pledges climate plan
   Australia: John Howard has announced a shift in policy, promising to set up a carbon trading scheme to cut pollution
May.25  US 'opposes' G8 climate proposals May.3 Deal struck at UN climate talks. Thailand Apr.29  Costs to take center stage at climate talks Apr.6  Billions face climate change risk Apr.5  Warming 'already changing world' Mar.12  Climate bill set to be unveiled Feb.6   Climate change 'affecting' China
  At least 300,000 people in north-west are short of drinking water because of unseasonably warm weather
Feb.1   Warming 'very likely' human-made
  Paris: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Climatic changes seen around the world are very likely to have a human cause Jan.27   Blair sees hope of climate deal
   Switzerland: UK Prime Minister has told the World Economic Forum a breakthrough on long-term climate change goals could be close
Jan.23 Green agenda for global leaders Map of Davos Switzerland
   Switzerland: Climate change, the rise of Asia will dominate the agenda when the World Economic Forum starts in Davos

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.17   Nairobi climate talks end in deal
   Kenya: A review of the Kyoto Protocol was settled to the advantage of developing countries
Nov.15  UN: Climate change deniers 'out of time' Nov.14 Major climate change forum begins
   Kenya: The ministers from around the world will look at ways of moving beyond the Kyoto Protocol
Nov.5 Africa focus for climate summit
   Kenya: The latest round of UN climate talks will focus on helping poorer countries adapt to a changing climate
Oct.30 Warming 'may cause economic chaos'  London: A top economist: Climate change could devastate the global economy on a scale of the 2 world wars Sep.20 State sues car firms on climate
  California: California is suing 6 carmakers for costs associated with their cars' gas emissions
Aug.24   Climate blamed for early springs
  European Union: A study has provided 'conclusive proof' that climate change is responsible for spring arriving earlier
Jan.10   Private firms 'can help climate'
  Sydney: US Energy Secretary Bodman has said the private sector will solve the problem of climate change

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.10 Deal reached at climate conference. Canada  US 'close to climate agreement' Dec.9  UN poised for new climate talks Dec.7  UN climate talks enter key phase Dec.3   Thousands rally against U.S. climate stand
  Montreal: Thousands of environmentalists marched in Montreal to urge to do more to curb global warming
Nov.27 Montreal climate summit to begin
  The first United Nations climate conference since the Kyoto agreement came into force
Jul.28 EU pushes binding climate deal
  European Union: The European Union will push for legally-binding global restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions
Jul.27  6 nations agree new climate pact Jun.6  Blair flies in for Bush meeting

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.16   Climate change 'ruining' Everest
  Nepal: Environmentalists are calling for the mount to be put on a UN danger list because of global warming
Nov.4     Putin clears way for Kyoto pact
  Moscow: President has signed the ratification, clearing the way for the global climate pact to take force early next year
Sep.29 Russia 'to ratify climate treaty'  Moscow: The government is expected to announce that the country will ratify the Kyoto Protocol

year 2002 Top ^

Feb.3  Enron's Lay refused to testify

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.9  Climate treaty set to be ratified Jul.23 Deal reached at climate talks
   Germany: A compromise deal forward the Kyoto pact has been agreed to cut greenhouse gases
Jul.20   Climate talks
  Ruhr: Environment ministers are struggling to salvage the Kyoto agreement with little progress
Apr.6   EU takes Kyoto fight to Moscow
  The international tour aimed at support for the climate treaty that U.S. has pulled out of the agreement

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.26  U.N. climate summit collapsed Nov.24 World Climate Change conference. Netherlands Nov.20     Chirac attacks U.S. over pollution
   France: At U.N. conference on climate change

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