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  Pakistan border raid 'kills 25'   NW Pakistan: At least 200 Taliban fighters crossed from Afghanistan at seven military checkpoints and killed more than 25 soldiers and police   Gang rapes in Libya investigated  UN Tribunal: Security forces in Libya are allegedly using sexual enhancement drugs as a 'machete' and gang-raping women they stop at checkpoints Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas  The celebration sponsored by the Iraqi Interior Ministry and takes place in a public park in, ringed with security checkpoints Russia accused of abusing truce
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1. 2015-07-18 Islamists kill five at Egypt's Sinai checkpoints Sheikh Zuweid, Sinai
2. 2014-07-18 100 troops, workers killed when jihadis seized Syria gas field Homs, Syria
3. 2013-10-22 Attacks in western Iraq kill 7 police officers al-Rutba, Anbar, Western Iraq
4. 2012-06-04 Syria rebels 'kill 80 soldiers' in weekend clashes Syria
F. 2012-03-04 Iraq checkpoint attacks 'kill 21' Haditha, Western Iraq
2011-10-02 Hundreds of civilians flee Sirte Sirte, Libya
7. 2011-08-27 Pakistan border raid 'kills 25' Chitral, NW Pakistan
I. 2008-12-21 Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas Baghdad

  Hundreds of civilians flee Sirte Map of Sirte Libya
Islamists kill five at Egypt's Sinai checkpoints Map of Sheikh Zuweid Egypt  Suspected Islamist militants have attacked two military checkpoints in the Sinai peninsula, killing at least five soldiers 100 troops, workers killed when jihadis seized Syria gas field Map of Homs Syria  Militants from the Islamic State group attacked army checkpoints and seized the Shaer gas field in the desert region of Palmyra the day before Attacks in western Iraq kill 7 police officers Map of al-Rutba Anbar Iraq  Western Iraq: Seven police officers were killed and nine were injured Tuesday in a series of attacks at security checkpoints in the western province of Anbar   Syria rebels 'kill 80 soldiers' in weekend clashes  At least 80 Syrian soldiers were killed by rebels over the weekend in clashes and attacks on security forces checkpoints, an activist group ... Iraq checkpoint attacks 'kill 21' Map of Haditha Iraq

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  Western Iraq: Gunmen killed at least 21 policemen attacks on checkpoints in the western Iraqi city of Haditha. Dozens of attackers struck across the city

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   Libya: Hundreds of residents, in vehicles packed with belongings, are queuing at checkpoints leading out of the city


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  Paris: The US and France have accused Russia of failing to comply with the terms of its ceasefire with Georgia by creating checkpoints and buffer zones
May.12     Beirut peaceful as Hezbollah pulls back  Hezbollah militias pulled back from positions in western Beirut and government troops took over checkpoints there Mar.25 Relief agencies: Somalia too dangerous
  Nearly 40 relief agencies said they can't help millions of Somalis, blaming the existence of too many checkpoints and other dangers
Feb.19 Fire attacks protest Kosovo breakaway
  Angry Serbs torched checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo and triggered explosions to protest Kosovo's independence declaration

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Oct.31 PM orders opening of checkpoints
  Sadr City: U.S. and Iraqi checkpoints around Sadr City have opened with vehicles passing through unchecked

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May.29 Forces prepare Baghdad crackdown
   Iraq: Iraqi troops prepared to launch a major offensive and erecting checkpoints in advance of Operation Lightning

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Mar.1   Foot-and-mouth restrictions
  England: 32 farms are now known have been infected. The Irish Republic has set up extra checkpoints on the border

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Dec.30   Checkpoints removed at border   Serbia: Serbs and ethnic Albanians have removed 2 checkpoints in Kosovo following a pact brokered by NATO

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