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'Mafia martyr' Puglisi beatified Map of Palermo Italy
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2017-06-28 Cardinal Pell: Vatican treasurer charged with sex offences Melbourne
2. 2017-02-05 7% of Australian Catholic priests allegedly abused children Australia
D. 2017-01-08 Manila's Black Nazarene procession to draw million Manila
4. 2016-07-27 Cardinal George Pell denies child abuse claims Australia
F. 2015-12-19 Pope Francis approves miracle required to make Mother Teresa a saint Vatican
G. 2015-10-24 Catholic bishops end divisive synod on family Vatican
H. 2015-10-03 Vatican acts after Polish priest reveals homosexuality Vatican
8. 2015-08-17 Peruvian cardinal accused of papal plagiarism Lima, Peru
9. 2015-05-23 Romero beatification draws huge El Salvador crowds Saviour of the World square, San Salvador, El Salvador

  Brazil crowds greet Pope Francis
Cardinal Pell: Vatican treasurer charged with sex offences  The Vatican treasurer and Australia's most senior Catholic figure Cardinal George Pell has been charged with sex offences in Australia 7% of Australian Catholic priests allegedly abused children Manila's Black Nazarene procession to draw million Cardinal George Pell denies child abuse claims Vatican acts after Polish priest reveals homosexuality Romero beatification draws huge El Salvador crowds   Pope's synod setback on gay policy  Pope Francis has suffered a setback as proposals for wider acceptance of gay people failed to win a two-thirds majority at a Catholic Church... Synod signals Catholic shift on gays Pope opens synod on family life UN panel to Vatican: Kick out those who sexually abuse children Pope calls for radical Church reform Priest in Zanzibar attacked with acid a third time   Pope re-enacts Way of the Cross

year 2017 Top ^

Jun.28   Melbourne
Feb.5   Australia
Jan.8   Manila

year 2016 Top ^

Jul.27   Australia

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.19  Vatican  Pope Francis approves miracle required to make Mother Teresa a saint
Oct.24  Vatican  Catholic bishops end divisive synod on family
Oct.3   Vatican
Aug.17  Peru  Peruvian cardinal accused of papal plagiarism
May.23   El Salvador
Jan.31  Chile  President Bachelet proposes end to total abortion ban

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.26  Spain  Catholic sexual abuse case is Spain's biggest
Nov.24  Spain  Three priests, teacher arrested in sex abuse case
Oct.18   Vatican
Oct.13   Vatican
Oct.5   Vatican
Feb.18  Tennessee  US nun jailed for nuclear break-in
Feb.5   UN

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.26   Vatican
Oct.13  Amazon  Boat capsizes on Brazil's Amazon river, killing 12
Sep.15   Tanzania
Aug.31  Vatican  Pope Francis names Pietro Parolin as secretary of state
Jul.26   Rio de Janeiro  
  Pope Francis has joined crowds of Roman Catholic pilgrims in Rio de Janeiro for a re-enactment of Jesus carrying the cross to his crucifixion
Jul.22   Rio de Janeiro
  Pope Francis has been greeted by tens of thousands of Brazilian pilgrims as he began his first trip abroad since becoming head of the Catholic Church

May.25   Sicily  
  More than 50,000 people have attended the beatification of Don Giuseppe Puglisi, a Roman Catholic priest murdered by the mafia in 1993
May.8   Tennessee Nun guilty of nuclear site break-in Map of Oak Ridge Tennessee Tennessee  An elderly Catholic nun and two peace activists have been convicted for damage they caused while breaking into a US nuclear defence site Apr.13   Vatican   Pope sets up Vatican reform body
  The Catholic Church's new leader has appointed a group of top churchmen to advise him on how to reform the Vatican's often arcane bureaucracy
Mar.19   Vatican   Pope Francis inaugurated
  Francis was officially inaugurated Tuesday as the Catholic Church's 266th pontiff, before a crowd of tens of thousands bathed in sunlight
Mar.12   Los Angeles LA archdiocese payout over sex abuse  The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles is to pay out nearly $10m to settle four cases of sexual abuse by a former priest, Father Michael Ba... Feb.25   Scotland Archbishop resigns amid abuse claims
  Vatican   Pope amends Roman Catholic conclave law
  Pope Benedict XVI has amended Roman Catholic church law so that the conclave selecting his successor can be brought forward, the Vatican says
Feb.24   Scotland Archbishop contests 'inappropriate behavior' claim  Scotland's Roman Catholic archbishop cardinal Keith O'Brien is contesting accusations of 'inappropriate behavior' with priests

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.28   Northern Nigeria Suicide attack at Nigeria church
Sep.1   Italy Church 200 years behind - top cardinal Apr.26   Washington   Catholic leaders skewer Paul Ryan Map of Georgetown University USA
  Rising Republican star has been condemned by Catholic leaders for saying his controversial budget plan was inspired by church teaching

year 2011 Top ^

Jul.25   Malta   Malta passes historic divorce law
  Parliament in mainly Roman Catholic Malta has passed an historic law legalising divorce which now only requires the president's signature
Jun.21   Northern Ireland   Second night of Belfast rioting
Map of Belfast United Kingdom
  Sectarian violence has flared for a second night near a Catholic enclave in east Belfast. A press photographer was shot in the leg
Mar.25   Oregon US priests in sex abuse pay-out

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.21   Vatican     Vatican plays down Pope's remarks
  The Vatican has played down the importance of Pope Benedict's remarks appearing to temper the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church to condoms
Oct.17   Vatican Australia got its first Catholic saint
Oct.10   Cuba   More political prisoners to be released
  3 Cuban political prisoners who were not part of an originally announced release, will nonetheless be freed, Cuba's Roman Catholic Church
Sep.16   London Papal state visit moves to London Aug.28   Belgium Cardinal condoned abuse silence  The former head of the Catholic Church in Belgium tried to stop a victim of sex abuse from going public with their story Aug.15   Southern France Bomb threat forces 30,000 to evacuate
Map of Lourdes France
  Tens of thousands of Roman Catholic worshippers were evacuated from Lourdes in southwest France after a bomb threat
Aug.7   Scotland Cardinal attacks US over Megrahi  The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has made an outspoken attack on the United States over the release of the Lockerbie bomb... Jul.7   Cuba Cuba to release 52 political prisoners  The prisoners are set to be freed and will be allowed to leave the country, Cuba's Roman Catholic church announced in a written statement Jun.24   Belgium Belgian Catholic offices raided in sex probe  Belgian authorities have raided the headquarters of the Belgian Catholic Church during an investigation into child sex abuse claims Jun.8   Vatican Police ask women priest activists to leave
  Activists campaigning for the Catholic Church to ordain women as priests were asked to leave the Vatican
May.22   Cuba Cardinal, Castro discuss detainees  Roman Catholic cardinal Jaime Ortega says he is in discussions with President Raul Castro to liberate some of the country's jailed dissident... May.2   Vatican     Pope's envoy to run discredited order
  Benedict XVI will appoint a special envoy to run a Mexican Catholic order whose founder abused minor-age seminarians and fathered children
Apr.19   Cuba   Cardinal Ortega says country is in crisis  The head of the Catholic Church in Cuba says it is in one of its worst crises in recent times and people are openly criticising the socialist... Apr.4   Vatican Cardinal rejects sex abuse 'gossip' Mar.29   Germany Church launches sex abuse hotline
  The Roman Catholic Church in Germany is launching a telephone hotline for victims of sexual abuse, that will be run from the city of Trier
Mar.25   Ireland Bishop 'sorry' for abuse failings   A Catholic bishop in Waterford, Ireland, apologized for his 'inadequate' response to complaints that a priest in his diocese had abused chil... Mar.20   Vatican   Pope says 'sorry' for Irish church abuse  Benedict XVI said he is 'truly sorry' for the abuse suffered by victims at the hands of Catholic priests in Ireland Mar.19  Vatican  Catholic abuse scandal goes global Mar.17   Ireland Cardinal apologizes for child abuse failures Mar.12   Vatican   Pope defends celibacy rule
  Benedict XVI has defended celibacy among priests, saying it was a sign of 'full devotion' to the Catholic Church

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.11  Vatican  Pope 'disturbed' by Irish clergy abuse Apr.20   Paraguay   President hit with second paternity claim  A second woman stepped forward to say that President Fernando Lugo fathered a child out of wedlock when he was a Roman Catholic bishop Mar.6   Brazil Lula 'rues' Church abortion move Feb.8  Berlin  Merkel phones pope over Williamson Feb.7   Germany Bishops: 'No room' for Holocaust denier

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.30   Somalia Insurgents want to raze churches
  Islamists began demolishing an old Roman Catholic church to replace it with a mosque
 Insurgents vowed to do the same with all other non-Muslim places of worship they find in the area
Aug.8   Dallas   17 people die when bus falls off bridge Map of Dallas USA
  Bus had substandard tire. The unlicensed bus was carrying 55 members of a Vietnamese Catholic group from Houston to Carthage, Mo.
Apr.20   Paraguay Exit polls projected Lugo winning Mar.13   Mosul Archbishop death condemned

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.6   Vatican Historic Saudi visit to Vatican
  King Abdullah has met Benedict XVI - the first audience by the head of the Roman Catholic Church with a Saudi monarch
Sep.20   Beijing Bishop gets Pope's approval
Sep.11  Zimbabwe  Mugabe critic quits as archbishop Jul.16  Zimbabwe  Mugabe critic sued for adultery Jul.15   Los Angeles LA cardinal offers abuse apology   Los Angeles Church 'agrees abuse pay deal'
  More than 500 people allegedly abused by LA Catholic priests are to receive a record-breaking compensation pay-out
May.8   Northern Ireland Power sharing begins Mar.26   Northern Ireland   Power deal marks 'new era'   Major Protestant and Catholic parties have hailed a deal to form a government as a 'new era of politics'

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.1   Southern California LA diocese settles abuse claims
  The largest Roman Catholic diocese in the US has agreed to pay $60m to settle lawsuits alleging sexual abuse
Oct.28   Vatican Pope urges action on sexual abuse
  Benedict IV: The Catholic Church must take all necessary steps to prevent occurrences of child sex abuse by clergy
May.13   China China installing another Catholic bishop May.4   Vatican   Pope excommunicates China bishops
  The Vatican has excommunicated 2 bishops consecrated to China's government-approved Catholic church
Apr.30   China China ignores Vatican over bishop
  The state-controlled Catholic church has ignored the Vatican's wishes and consecrated Ma Yingling, a new bishop
Mar.8   Ireland Priests hit by abuse claims Map of Dublin Ireland
  More than 100 Catholic priests in the Dublin region are suspected of having abused children in the last 66 years

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.23   Poland Tax cutter poised to win election   Warsaw Mayor Lech Kaczynski led presidential runoff after he stressed traditional Roman Catholic values Aug.29   Vatican   Vatican moves to end Church rift
  Pope Benedict has met the head of an ultra-conservative Catholic group expelled 17 years ago
Aug.21   Spain   Spain gets first married priest
  A Roman Catholic bishop on the island of Tenerife has ordained 64-year-old David Gliwitzki as a Catholic priest
Aug.18   Ruhr Rapturous German welcome for Pope   Benedict XVI has arrived in his native country for a Catholic youth festival in the city of Cologne Jun.20   Philippines Cardinal Sin dead Feb.7   Boston Priest convicted of raping boy
  A court has convicted defrocked Roman Catholic priest Paul Shanley of raping a boy at a church in the 1980s
Jan.17   Mosul Catholic archbishop kidnapped in Mosul

year 2004 Top ^

May.7   Chile Chileans granted right to divorce
  President Lagos has signed a new law giving Chileans the right to divorce, despite opposition from the Catholic Church
Feb.27   USA Church 'shamed' over sex abuse
  More than 4,000 Roman Catholic priests have faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years
Feb.16   USA Sex abuse priests: '4,450 accused'

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.16   Vatican John Paul marks 25 years as pope
Sep.9   Boston Diocese 'settles sex abuse cases'
  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese has agreed to pay $85m to more than 500 people who were sexually abused by priests
Jan.24   Colombia     3 freed, 2 journalists still captive
  The group released 3 Americans: journalist Pelton, Mark Wedeven, and Megan Smaker, to a Roman Catholic priest
Jan.17   Greece   Remote monks resist eviction
  The expulsion was ordered for opposition to reconciliation with Catholic church

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.13   Boston Cardinal Law quits over sex scandal  Archbishop has resigned amid accusations that he covered up paedophilia by Roman Catholic priests in his diocese Sep.5   Vatican     Pope: Bar deviants from priesthood
  John Paul II says the Catholic Church has not to let men with 'deviations in their affections' enter the priesthood
Aug.22   Northern Ireland Death threat footballer quits
  Neil Lennon, 31, a Catholic, says he is quitting international matches after a threat to have been made by the paramilitaries
Aug.9   Toronto Priest charged with sexual assault
  Rev. Fernando Pontes, 53, a Roman Catholic priest, has been charged with sexually assaulting a 38-year-old man
Jun.29   Northern Ireland   Catholic nationalists rioted  Catholics clashed with police following a controversial pro-British Protestant march Jun.13   Texas Bishops' summit makes apology  Bishop Wilton Gregory, the leader of America's Roman Catholic bishops made a frank apology to victims of predatory priests   New York   Godfather denied Catholic funeral Mass
Map of Brooklyn New York
  The family of John Gotti was denied permission to hold a funeral Mass by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
Jun.4   USA   Bishops draw up abuse response
  Roman Catholic bishops have drafted a national proposal on how to deal with priests who sexually abuse children
May.24   Vatican   Pope retires sex scandal bishop
  John Paul II has accepted the resignation of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Milwaukee
May.9   Netherlands   Thousands flock to honour Fortuyn
Map of Rotterdam Netherlands  Murdered politician's body is lying in state at the Roman Catholic cathedral in Rotterdam Apr.15   Vatican   Pope orders talks on US sex scandals  John Paul II has summoned leaders of the Roman Catholic church in the US to discuss disclosures of sex scandals Mar.29   Vatican     Pope cuts back Good Friday duties
  A frail John Paul II has scaled down his participation in the Catholic Easter programme because of ill health
Mar.24   New York Paedophile priests face crackdown
  The Roman Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Egan has publicly promised to take a tough line on priests who abuse children
Jan.28   Vatican   Pope tells lawyers to boycott divorce
  Pope John Paul: Roman Catholic lawyers should refuse to handle divorce cases
Jan.9   Northern Ireland   Riots near Belfast school
  Roman Catholics and Protestants clashed with police outside a Catholic girls' school. 2 people were shot

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.27   Pakistan 13 Christians shot dead
  The attack by gunmen on motorcycles took place during a service at a Roman Catholic church
Sep.3   Northern Ireland   Belfast appeal after school clash
  Police clashed with Protestants blocking the entrance to a Catholic school. Parents urged to take children by another route
Aug.29   Vatican   Married archbishop returns to fold
  Emmanuel Milingo has met his wife, Korean acupuncturist M. Sung, to say he is staying with the Catholic church
Aug.20   Northern Ireland Police plan gets Catholic backing
  Catholic SDLP urged Catholics to join a reformed police force
Jul.24   Vatican   War role inquiry suspended
  Jewish and Catholic historians have suspended research because the Vatican has failed to open archives
Jul.4   England     Blair meets with Irish PM
  Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern try to shore up the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Catholic killed in Northern Ireland
Jun.14   France Bishop on trial over abuse case
  Pierre Pican, Catholic bishop, has gone on trial for covering up the activities of a paedophile priest
Jun.8   Guatemala   4 convicted in murder of bishop
  A three-judge tribunal found 3 linked to the Guatemala military and Roman Catholic priest guilty of murder
Jun.7   Belgium Rwandan nuns guilty of war crimes
  Belgian jury finds 2 Catholic nuns guilty of helping Hutu militia butcher thousands of refugees during 1994 genocide

before year 2000
Oct. 11, 1962   Vatican   Second Vatican Council opens
  Vatican II addressed relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the modern world
Dec. 12, 1917   U. S. Midwest   Father Flanagan establishes Boys Town in Omaha
Map of Boys Town Nebraska USA  An Irish-born priest of the Catholic Church founded the orphanage known as Boys Town, which now also serves as a center for troubled youth Jul. 18, 1870   Vatican   Vatican Council proclaims papal infallibility  A dogma of the Catholic Church that states that, in virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error May. 5, 1821   United Kingdom Napoleon Bonaparte died on St. Helena Map of Saint Helena United Kingdom
  He reconciled with the Catholic Church. He died after confession, Extreme Unction and Viaticum in the presence of Father Ange Vignali
Sep. 16, 1810   Mexico   Mexican revolt against Spanish began Map of Dolores Mexico
  Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest, launches the Mexican War of Independence with the issuing of his Grito de Dolores, or 'Cry of Dolores'
Oct. 18, 1685   Paris Edict of Nantes revoked by Louis XIV  The Edict granted the Calvinist Protestants of France (also known as Huguenots) substantial rights in a nation still considered essentially Catholic Apr. 13, 1598   France Edict of Nantes promulgated Map of Nantes France  Signed by Henry IV of France, granted the Calvinist Protestants of France (Huguenots) substantial rights in a nation still considered Catholic Aug. 23, 1572   Paris St. Bartholomew's massacre of Huguenots
  The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre was a targeted group of assassinations, followed by a wave of Catholic mob violence
 Traditionally believed to have been instigated by Catherine de' Medici, the mother of King Charles IX, the massacre took place five days after the wedding of the king's sister Margaret to the Protestant Henry III of Navarre
Dec. 22, 1552   Southern China   St. Francis Xavier died   Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta was a Basque Roman Catholic missionary born in Kingdom of Navarre, and a co-founder of the Society of Jesus Dec. 13, 1545   Northern Italy   Council of Trent began   Was one of the Roman Catholic Church's most important ecumenical councils. Prompted by the Protestant Reformation Jan. 2, 1492   Spain   Spanish Army takes Granada from Moors
Map of Granada Spain
  The Granada War were military campaigns, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, against the Nasrid dynasty's Emirate of Granada
Jan. 6, 1412   France Joan of Arc born   'The Maid of Orléans' is considered a heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint Mar. 7, 1274   Italy     Thomas Aquinas dies   Italian Dominican friar and Catholic priest who was an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism Oct. 3, 1226   Italy Francis of Assisi died   Italian Catholic friar and preacher. He founded the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women’s Order of St. Clare Jul. 16, 1054   Rome   Excommunication of Churches  The break of communion between what are now the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches which began in the 11th century

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