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China CO2: 'Coal error' caused wrong calculations  Confusion over the types of coal being burned in power stations has caused a significant overestimation of the country's carbon emissions Father and seven children found dead at home   Rodney Todd, and his seven children have been found dead at their home in Maryland, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning Abbott vows quick action on asylum  PM-elect Tony Abbott has said his top priorities are to abolish a tax on carbon emissions and to stop asylum-seekers arriving by boat European forests near 'carbon saturation point'  European forests are showing signs of reaching a saturation point as carbon sinks, a study has suggested Australia carbon tax to cost $3.5bn  The Australian government says its plan to scrap an unpopular carbon tax will cost A$3.8bn ($3.5bn; 2.3bn) Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark   Daily measurements of CO2 at a US government agency lab on Hawaii have topped 400 parts per million for the first time Australia enacts carbon-tax law   Australia introduces its highly controversial carbon tax, targeting the country's 300 worst-polluting companies Aviation plea over EU carbon tax  Seven leading European aviation companies have written to political leaders complaining about a recently introduced EU carbon tax Carbon emissions 'will delay Ice Age'  Human emissions of carbon dioxide will defer the next Ice Age, say scientists China 'won't follow US' on carbon  The minister in charge of climate policy: China will not allow its carbon dioxide emissions per person to reach levels seen in the US Australia to tax carbon polluters  The Australian government has unveiled plans to impose a tax on carbon emissions for the worst polluters at A$23 per ton New record in world CO2 emissions  Worldwide carbon emissions hit a record high last year, casting doubt on plans to limit global temperature rises to 2C Muscovites struggle to breathe
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1. 2017-10-22 More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life' Germany
2. 2017-01-31 Carbon monoxide killed six teens found in hut Arnstein, Bavaria
D. 2016-02-09 Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt U.S. Supreme Court
2015-12-05 COP21: Climate delegates agree draft deal text
F. 2015-08-19 China CO2: 'Coal error' caused wrong calculations China
6. 2015-04-07 Father and seven children found dead at home Princess Anne, Maryland, Mid-Atlantic states
H. 2013-09-07 Abbott vows quick action on asylum Australia
8. 2013-08-18 European forests near 'carbon saturation point' European Union
J. 2013-07-15 Australia carbon tax to cost $3.5bn Australia

Carbon monoxide killed six teens found in hut Map of Arnstein Germany  Six teenagers, all aged 18 or 19, found dead in a garden hut in the German state of Bavaria died from carbon monoxide poisoning, police have said   Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt  President Barack Obama's plans to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide from US power plants have been stalled by the US Supreme Court COP21: Climate delegates agree draft deal text Map of Le Bourget Paris France
More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life'

year 2017 Top ^

Oct.22   Germany  
  All sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oceans more acidic, a major new report will say
Jan.31   Bavaria  

year 2016 Top ^

Feb.9   U.S. Supreme Court

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.5   Paris
  Delegates at a UN climate conference in Paris have approved a draft text they hope will form the basis of an agreement to curb global carbon emissions

Aug.19   China  
Apr.7   Mid-Atlantic states  

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.7   Australia  
Aug.18   European Union  
Jul.15   Australia
May.10   Hawaii  

year 2012 Top ^

Jun.30   Australia
Mar.11   European Union
Jan.9   Global

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.25   Beijing  
Jul.9   Australia
May.30   Global  

year 2010 Top ^

Aug.6   Moscow
  The acrid smoke, from thousands of square miles of wildfires, drove carbon monoxide levels in Moscow 5 times higher than what is considered safe
Jan.31   Global   Nations in carbon emissions vow  Governments around the world have reaffirmed their plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions in support of Copenhagen climate summit

year 2009 Top ^

Jul.19   India India resists hard limits on emissions
  U.S. Secretary of State Clinton praised India's efforts to reduce carbon emissions, but India's environment minister said the country won't agree Jul.15   London Low carbon way 'to reshape lives'  Plans to generate 1/3 of UK electricity from renewables by 2020 form the centrepiece of government plans for a low carbon future May.3   Australia Australia delays emissions scheme Jan.28   European Union EU calls for global carbon market
  The European Commission has called for a global carbon trading market as part of a plan to tackle climate change

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.18   USA   Nasa set to launch 'CO2 hunter'
  The space agency is set to launch a satellite that can map in detail where carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere
Dec.14   Australia   Australia sets new climate target
  Australia will start a carbon trading scheme by the middle of 2010, despite appeals from the business community for a delay
Dec.12   Belgium EU leaders reach new climate deal
  The leaders have reached a deal on a package of measures to fight global warming. The plan sets out how countries will cut carbon emissions.    Sarkozy said something 'quite historic' had happened in Brussels. The leaders also ...
Dec.2   China   11 pupils killed by carbon monoxide Map of Shaanxi China
  11 schoolgirls in northwest province died from carbon monoxide poisoning after they used a school-provided charcoal heater to warm the dorm room
Apr.14   China China 'now top carbon polluter'
  China has already overtaken the US as the world's 'biggest polluter'. The country's greenhouse gas emissions have been underestimated

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.14   Australia Australians named worst emitters
  A study of the power stations has shown the extent to which developed countries produce more carbon dioxide per head than emerging economies
Jun.3   Australia PM pledges climate plan
  John Howard has announced a shift in policy, promising to set up a carbon trading scheme to cut pollution
May.17   Antarctica   Polar ocean 'soaking up less CO2'
  One of most important absorbers of carbon dioxide is failing to soak up as much of the greenhouse gas as it was expected to
Mar.12   London Climate bill set to be unveiled  The government is due to announce the bill aiming to cut Britain's carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by the year 2050

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.27   Global   Carbon emissions show sharp rise
  The Global Carbon Project: The rise in humanity's emissions has accelerated sharply
Sep.4   Antarctica   Carbon dioxide levels higher
  The study of ice drilled out confirms that levels are substantially higher now than at anytime in the last 800,000 years
Mar.13   USA   Sharp rise in CO2 levels recorded
  US scientists have recorded a significant rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Jan.10   Sydney First meeting for 'Kyoto rival'
  The first ministerial meeting of a alliance promising economic growth with low carbon emissions has opened

year 2001 Top ^

Aug.31   Tokyo Tokyo explosion and fire kills 44
  Most victims in a mahong parlor on the third floor died by carbon monoxide poisoning. Several jumped from windows

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