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Asia slumps amid bail-out U-turn   The Nikkei share index dropped more than 6.3%, while stock markets in South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia were all down more than 5% Car wrangle looms in US bail-out  Leaders of the Democratic Party, which now has a majority in Congress, have confirmed they are working on a car industry rescue plan Paulson: US bail-out working  US Treasury Secretary: The $700bn bail-out package has already 'clearly helped stabilise' the financial system No banks bail-out fund for Europe
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Aid Main Event: Portugal reaches deal on bai...
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B. 2011-07-12 Irish debt rating cut by Moody's Ireland
2011-05-03 Portugal reaches deal on bail-out Portugal
D. 2011-04-17 Talks on Portugal bail-out terms Portugal
4. 2010-11-28 EU close to agreeing Irish rescue Ireland
5. 2010-05-17 EU to give Greece first tranche of loan Greece
G. 2010-05-07 Eurozone approves Greece bail-out European Union
7. 2010-05-01 Greek leaders meet to discuss bail-out Greece
I. 2010-03-12 EU close to Greece bail-out deal Greece

US to unveil new bank bail-out Bush unveils $17.4bn car bail-out  The government will provide $17.4bn in loans to troubled carmakers GM, Chrysler and Ford US car bail-out fails in Senate  A $14bn bail-out package for the beleaguered US car industry has died after failing to get enough support in a procedural vote US House backs car industry plan  The House of Representatives has approved a $15bn bail-out of the car industry after the White House and Democrats reached an agreement White House cool on car bail-out   The White House has given a cool initial reaction to a plan by Democrats in Congress for a $15bn bail-out of the 'Big Three' US car firms No agreement for US car bail-out  Politicians have told the crisis-hit 'Big 3' carmakers to come up with their own viable recovery plan if they want a $25bn government rescue US car firms ask for $25bn aid
Irish debt rating cut by Moody's Portugal reaches deal on bail-out  Caretaker prime minister Socrates has announced that he has reached agreement on a bail-out from the EU and the International Monetary Fund Talks on Portugal bail-out terms EU close to agreeing Irish rescue   European finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to finalise the details of a bail-out worth more than 85bn euros for the Irish Republic   EU to give Greece first tranche of loan  Greece is due to receive the first tranche of a 110bn-euro loan to help it overcome its debt crisis   Eurozone approves Greece bail-out  Leaders of the 16 EU member states that use the euro have approved an 110bn euro loan to Greece to prevent its debt crisis from spreading   Greek leaders meet to discuss bail-out  The government is due to meet shortly to discuss the terms of a deal with the European Union and IMF to rescue the nation's embattled econom...   EU close to Greece bail-out deal  The EU is poised to reach agreement on a multi-billion euro bail-out after weeks of crisis. The package would provide loans and guarantees US Treasury 'to reclaim AIG cash'

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Jul.12   Ireland
May.3   Portugal
Apr.17   Portugal

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Nov.28   Ireland
May.17   Greece
May.7   European Union
May.1   Greece
Mar.12   Greece

year 2009 Top ^

Mar.17   Washington
  Huge bonuses paid by ailing insurer to its executives will be deducted from the firm's next bail-out payment
Feb.10   Washington

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Dec.19   Washington
Dec.11   U.S. Senate
Dec.10   House of Representatives
Dec.8   Washington  
Nov.20   U.S. Congress  
Nov.18   U.S. Congress
  The bosses of Ford, GM and Chrysler, have asked Congress for a $25bn bail-out and warned of broader risks to the US economy
 The United Auto Workers is willing to make key concessions to help the Detroit Three carmakers secure vital aid US House backs car industry plan White House cool on car bail-out US car bail-out fails in Senate

Nov.12   Japan
Oct.4   Paris
  France, Britain, Germany and Italy have agreed to work together to support financial institutions - but without forming a joint bail-out fund
Oct.3   House of Representatives House backs $700bn bail-out plan
  The House of Representatives has passed by 263-171 vote a government plan to rescue the US financial sector
 The package is to buy the bad debts of failing financial institutions on Wall Street. The vote was the second in a week, following its shock rejection of an earlier version. Bush praised lawmakers for their spirit of co-operation before signing the bill into law
Oct.1   U.S. Senate Senate backs new bail-out bill   The Senate, 74 to 25, has approved a new version of a $700bn rescue plan for the troubled US financial system   U.S. Senate   Senate urged to back crisis bill  Democratic and Republican Senate leaders have appealed for a new version of a $700bn Wall Street bail-out to be approved in a key vote Sep.30   Washington   Bush warning over bail-out delay   US President has warned the US economy is at a 'critical moment', and vowed to get his Wall Street rescue plan through Congress Sep.29   House of Representatives Wall Street bail-out goes to vote Sep.28   Washington Obama and McCain back bail-out package Sep.27   U.S. Congress 'Great progress' in US bail-out   U.S. Congress US edges closer to bail-out deal
  Republican and Democratic Party lawmakers are getting closer to agreeing a massive rescue plan to aid the financial markets
Sep.25   Washington Wall St rescue plan 'needs work' Sep.24   Washington   Bush: Bail-out 'vital to easing crisis'   US President: Americans must support a massive bail-out of financial markets to ease a 'serious financial crisis'   Washington   Bernanke demands bail-out action
  The chairman of the Federal Reserve has urged politicians to 'act quickly' to support the proposed $700bn bail-out of the financial markets
Sep.23   U.S. Senate Congress cool after bail-out plea   U.S. Congress Paulson eyes rescue plan backing  Treasury Secretary is to urge a key Congressional hearing not to delay a $700bn bail-out of the US banking system Sep.22   Global   Shares slide amid bail-out fears
  Shares in Asia opened lower, following a sharp slide in the US, amid uncertainty about the impact of the massive US financial bail-out plan

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