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US probe: airstrike killed 33 civilians  A military probe has found that an airstrike in western Afghanistan killed at least 33 civilians last month; 5 to 7 civilian deaths initially reported   Karzai fires commanders over civil. Deaths
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1. 2017-02-08 US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden Idlib, Northern Syria
2. 2016-05-04 Australian IS recruiter Neil Prakash killed in Iraq Mosul
3. 2015-10-18 Khorasan Group leader killed in strike, US says Northern Syria
E. 2014-12-07 Israeli jets 'strike near Damascus' Dimas, Damascus
F. 2014-08-24 Israeli airstrike levels 7-story building in Gaza Rafah, Gaza
2014-08-03 Airstrike hits UN school in Gaza as Israeli troops start redeploying Rafah, Gaza
H. 2013-12-28 Strike on Syria market 'kills 21' Aleppo
I. 2013-04-27 Israel responds to Gaza rocket fire with airstrike Gaza

ISAF: Haqqani network leader killed Taliban leader in Swat Valley killed Airstrike killed Afghan women, children Airstrike reportedly kills dozens General: Civilians among airstrike victims U.S.: Airstrike deaths 'likely' accidental   Israel hit Hamas rocket-maker's home  An airstrike Friday hit the central Gaza home of Imad Akel, who was a leading figure in developing rockets used to attack southern Israel   Airstrike on camp kills Hamas commander  Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni: Six days of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in response to Hamas rocket attacks have 'achieved changes' 15 militants killed in airstrike   Karzai appeals to Obama over deaths
US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden Australian IS recruiter Neil Prakash killed in Iraq Khorasan Group leader killed in strike, US says Israeli jets 'strike near Damascus' Map of Dimas Syria  Israel has been accused of carrying out two air strikes on Syria near the capital Damascus, according to Syrian and Lebanese television reports Israeli airstrike levels 7-story building in Gaza Airstrike hits UN school in Gaza as Israeli troops start redeploying Map of Rafah Israel  10 were killed in Gaza Sunday after a school sheltering displaced people was hit in an airstrike, as Israel signaled a possible scaling back of its troops Strike on Syria market 'kills 21' Israel responds to Gaza rocket fire with airstrike Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 17  The latest Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed a 12-year-old boy Sunday, bringing the death toll to 17 from two days of bombing Turkey raid kills 35 on Iraq border Map of Sirnak Turkey  A Turkish military airstrike across the border with Iraq killed 35 people who are now thought to have been smuggling cigarettes Israeli airstrike kills 1 in Gaza Obama expresses condolences to Pakistan U.S.-born Muslim cleric killed Map of Marib Yemen

year 2017 Top ^

Feb.8   Northern Syria

year 2016 Top ^

May.4   Mosul

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.18   Northern Syria

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.7   Damascus  
Aug.24   Gaza
Aug.3   Gaza

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.28   Aleppo
Apr.27   Gaza
Jan.31   Iran

year 2012 Top ^

Mar.10   Gaza  

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.29   Turkey
Dec.27   Gaza
Dec.4   Washington
Sep.30   Yemen
  Anwar al-Awlaki -- whose fluency in English made him one of the top terrorist recruiters in the world -- was killed Friday in an airstrike
 It was a joint U.S. military-intelligence operation. FBI: The killings of the cleric and computer expert Samir Khan could spark retaliatory attacks against the United States. The top terrorist recruiter was killed in a U.S. drone
Jun.30   Southern Afghanistan

year 2010 Top ^

Mar.6   NW Pakistan

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.1   Helmand
Sep.18   Yemen
Sep.6   Afghanistan
May.20   Washington
Jan.2   Gaza
Jan.1   Gaza  

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.6   West Pakistan
Nov.5   Kabul  
  The U.S. military was investigating claims a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan hit a wedding causing civilian deaths

Oct.8   Western Afghanistan
Aug.24   Kabul
  Afghan President has fired two military commanders in the wake of a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that killed 89 civilians
Aug.21   NATO     NATO denies airstrike killed French troops
  Le Monde said French soldiers involved in deadly fighting in Afghanistan this week were struck by NATO airstrikes
Jun.25   Sunni Triangle   U.S., Iraqi police in dispute over airstrike Map of Tikrit Iraq
  Police said a U.S. airstrike killed a family of 6, but the U.S. military described it as an attack targeting insurgents that killed one 'armed terrorist'
Jun.12   Pakistan   U.S. releases Pakistan airstrike video
  The U.S. military released video from an unmanned drone that it says shows airstrikes along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border targeted fighters
Jun.11   West Pakistan U.S.-led troops behind border deaths  Pakistan has expressed outrage at an airstrike in a disputed region along the Afghan border which it says killed 11 of its forces Apr.14   Gaza   Airstrike kills Palestinian militant
  The drone attack killed Ibrahim Abu Alba of the military wing of the Palestinian Democratic Front who was wanted by Israel
Apr.3   Basra U.S. in deadly airstrike on Basra house Mar.12   Helmand British airstrike kills Afghan civilians Map of Helmand Afghanistan
  The British troops were responsible for an airstrike that killed two women and two children. Insurgents fired upon the troops
Mar.1   Gaza Israeli airstrike hits Hamas premier's office Feb.27   Gaza Airstrike hits Gaza ministry building Jan.31   West Pakistan   CIA kills top al Qaeda terrorist   Abu Laith al-Libi, as a senior al Qaeda leader believed to have executed attacks against U.S., a wanted terrorist, was killed by an airstrik...

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.27   Sri Lanka   Airstrike 'destroys Tamil base'
  A Tamil naval base in the north was destroyed, a day after a fierce sea battle and a wave of infantry attacks
Nov.28   Afghanistan Airstrike 'kills road crew'
  U.S.-led coalition killed 14 road construction workers in airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan because of mistaken intelligence reports
Oct.14   Israel Israel targeted 'Syrian reactor' Oct.2   Jerusalem Israel confirms airstrike in Syria
  Israel is allowing the first publication of reports it struck an unspecified 'military target' deep inside Syrian territory
Sep.11   Syria     Syria complains about Israeli airstrike
  Syria accused Israel of a 'flagrant violation' of its obligations when it carried out an airstrike inside Syria last week
Sep.6   Syria Israeli airstrike targeted nuclear reactor
  New York Times: An airstrike targeted a partially built nuclear reactor that was years away from completion.    Syria has said its air defenses opened fire on warplanes a...
Aug.8   Sadr City   Raid, street fighting leave 40 dead  Iraqi and the coalition killed about 30 people in Sadr City, most of them in an airstrike, as they targeted a militia with links to Iran Jun.24   Gaza Isl. Jihad member killed in Israeli airstrike Jan.11   Somalia Official: strike missed al Qaeda suspects
  None of the top 3 terrorists were killed in a U.S. airstrike, but Somalis with close ties to al Qaeda were killed
Jan.10   Somalia U.S. strike kills suspect in '98 bombings

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.23   Afghanistan   U.S.: Top bin Laden associate killed  Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani was killed by an airstrike while traveling by vehicle in a deserted area Nov.4   Gaza   Israeli strike kills militant commander
  An airstrike killed a commander in the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigade when the car he was riding in was struck
Aug.7   Beirut PM: 40 killed in airstrike. 1 only died Jul.30   Southern Lebanon Qana attack stirs worldwide outcry Jul.25   Southern Lebanon   Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post
  The strike is killing at least two of the agency's observers, according to the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon.    The observers were Austrian, Finnish, Canadian and Chinese UNIFIL said there had been 14 incidents of fire close to t...
Jul.11   Gaza Israel hits Gaza with new strikes Jun.16   Gaza   Palestinians: 1 killed in Israeli airstrike  A strike targeted a car carrying 2members of an Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror cell Jun.8   Iraq   U.S. airstrike kills al-Zarqawi Map of Baquba Iraq
  Al Qaeda in Iraq leader, the coalition's most wanted man in Iraq, was killed near Baquba
 U.S. and Iraqi officials first revealed the news to reporters. U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell: two F-16s dropped two 500-pound bombs on a safe house 6 people, including and a key al-Zarqawi lieutenant, spiritual adviser Sheik Abd-al-Rahman, were killed in the strike Bush: Al-Zarqawi's death gives Iraq a chance to 'turn the tide' in the fight against the insurgency
May.20   Gaza   Israeli airstrike kills senior militant
  Mohammed Al Dahdouh was Islamic Jihad's most senior militant in the Gaza coastal area
May.5   Gaza   Israeli airstrike kills 5 militants
  Those killed were at a base used by the Popular Resistance Committees, that attacked Israel with rockets
Apr.8   Gaza   6 dead in second day of strikes  An Israeli airstrike targeted a training camp. At least 5 more people were injured, some critically Jan.17   Pakistan 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike
  The purported airstrike aimed at al Qaeda's No. 2 leader in a Pakistani border village
Jan.14   Pakistan Al-Zawahiri not among 18 killed in airstrike
  Pakistani intelligence official: al-Zawahiri was not killed in a CIA airstrike on a remote village
Jan.13   West Pakistan Airstrike targeted al-Zawahiri
  A CIA strike on a building in village near the Afghan border may have killed Osama bin Laden's most-trusted aide

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.21   Gaza     Israeli airstrike kills top Hamas leader  Adnan al-Ghoul was known as a master bomb maker. One of his bodyguards also killed Oct.11   Sunni Triangle     U.S. bombs al-Zarqawi meeting place Map of Falluja Iraq
  An airstrike destroyed a building in Falluja used as a meeting place by wanted terrorist and his followers
Oct.8   Sunni Triangle   Falluja airstrike kills 14
  An emergency room doctor said the airstrike hit a wedding celebration. U.S.-said the strike targeted terrorists
Sep.8   Sunni Triangle     Airstrike targets 'Zarqawi house'
Map of Falluja Iraq
  A 'precision' strike has targeted a building in Falluja that was being used by followers of terror mastermind
Jun.19   Sunni Triangle Airstrike on al-Zarqawi safe house kills 18 Apr.17   Gaza     Hamas leader killed in Israeli airstrike
Map of Gaza City Israel  Abdel Aziz Rantisi was killed Saturday in Gaza City by an Israeli missile. The helicopter strike also killing 2 others

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.6   Gaza   Hamas founder wounded in airstrike  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin vowed 'jihad will continue' after being targeted in an Israeli missile strike Apr.7   Iraq   Airstrike targets senior Iraqi officials  The U.S. military dropped 4 2,000-pound bombs on a building in a residential neighborhood of Baghdad Mar.20   Mosul Airstrike hits north as tanks roll from south   Coalition forces bombed city of Mosul. A convoy of U.S. tanks rolled unopposed through the desert toward Baghdad

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.25   Southern Iraq   Coalition airstrike kills 8
  U.S. and British airstrike on civilian installations
Jul.22   Gaza   12 dead in airstrike   The Israeli military launched an airstrike at night in a residential area of Gaza City. About 150 people were wounded

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