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  Russia air strikes 'killed 200 civilians'   At least 200 civilians have been killed in Russian air strikes in Syria, an Amnesty International report says, quoting witnesses and activis... Syria conflict: Dozens killed in suspected Russian strikes Syria air strikes 'kill 26 civilians' Syria conflict: Raqqa air strikes 'kill 32 IS militants'   UK launches first Syria air strikes
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1. 2017-05-25 US air strike on IS killed 105 civilians in Iraq's Mosul Mosul
2. 2016-10-29 Dozens killed as air strikes hit prison in Hudaydah al-Zaydiya, Hudaydah, Yemen
2016-09-17 US air strikes 'kill dozens of Syria government troops' Deir ez-Zor, Northern Syria
E. 2016-09-10 Syria conflict: Bombs rain down as truce hopes rise Idlib, Northern Syria
F. 2016-09-06 Yemen air strikes kill al-Qaeda fighters, says US Shabwah, Yemen
G. 2016-08-22 Turkey strikes IS and Kurdish positions in Syria Jarablus, Northern Syria
H. 2016-08-16 Russian bombers use Iran base for air strikes Hamedan, Iran
8. 2015-12-22 Russia air strikes 'killed 200 civilians' Northern Syria
J. 2015-12-20 Syria conflict: Dozens killed in suspected Russian strikes Idlib, Northern Syria

Syria conflict: Bombs rain down as truce hopes rise Yemen air strikes kill al-Qaeda fighters, says US   Turkey strikes IS and Kurdish positions in Syria   Turkey has bombarded so-called Islamic State (IS) targets in northern Syria amid reports Syrian rebels are to launch an offensive against the...   Russian bombers use Iran base for air strikes Map of Hamedan Iran
US air strike on IS killed 105 civilians in Iraq's Mosul Dozens killed as air strikes hit prison in Hudaydah US air strikes 'kill dozens of Syria government troops' Map of Deir ez-Zor Syria

year 2017 Top ^

May.25   Mosul

year 2016 Top ^

Oct.29   Yemen
Sep.17   Northern Syria
  The US-led coalition has admitted its planes carried out an attack in eastern Syria that the Russian army says killed at least 62 Syrian troops
Sep.10   Northern Syria
Sep.6   Yemen
Aug.22   Northern Syria  
Aug.16   Iran  
  Russia's defence ministry says it has used a base in western Iran to carry out air strikes in Syria using Tupolev-22M3 and Sukhoi-34

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.22   Northern Syria
Dec.20   Northern Syria
Dec.7   Northern Syria
Dec.6   Northern Syria
Dec.2   Syria  
  RAF Tornado jets have carried out their first air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed
Nov.20   Northern Syria Massive Russian air strikes on 'IS targets' Oct.27   Yemen Yemen conflict: MSF hospital destroyed by air strikes Oct.11   Moscow Syria conflict: Putin defends Russia's air strikes   Northern Iraq Turkish air strikes on PKK rebels as country mourns   The Turkish air force has pounded Kurdish militants a day after a deadly bomb attack on a rally for peace in the capital Ankara Oct.3   Geneva MSF condemns Kunduz air strikes   Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres has condemned 'in the strongest possible terms' deadly air strikes on its hospital in the Afghan ci...   Moscow Syrian crisis: Russia vows to intensify air strikes Oct.2   Northern Syria Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS' Oct.1   Paris Russia and France meet amid tensions over air strikes   UN Syria conflict: Russia defends air strikes Sep.30   Northern Syria     Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria Map of Lattakia Syria
  Russian defence officials say their aircraft carried out about 20 missions against the so-called Islamic State group (IS) on Wednesday
Sep.28   New York Russia considers joining anti-IS air strikes Sep.27   Northern Syria     IS conflict: France launches air strikes in Syria Map of Deir al-Zour Syria  French planes destroyed a training camp in the eastern town of Deir al-Zour, President Francois Hollande said Aug.16   Damascus     Syria conflict: Marketplace air strikes 'kill 80'   Syrian activists say at least 80 people have died in government air strikes on a marketplace in the rebel-held town of Douma, near Damascus Aug.1   Northern Iraq   Iraqi Kurds warn PKK amid Turkey air strikes  Iraq's Kurdistan region has urged Turkish Kurd separatist forces of the PKK to leave civilian areas amid continuing Turkish air strikes Jul.26   Turkey Turkish air strikes 'changing regional game', says PM Jul.25   Colombia Colombia suspends air strikes against Farc camps Jul.5   Northern Syria     ISIS crisis: Air strikes target Syria stronghold   The US-led coalition against the Islamic State group says it has carried out a series of air strikes in Syria on its main stronghold, Raqqa Jun.7   Yemen     Saudi Arabia air strikes kill 44 in Sanaa Map of Sanaa Yemen
  The strikes targeted the headquarters of Yemen's armed forces - controlled by Houthi rebels - and injured more than 100 people
Apr.26   Northern Syria Syrian air raids kill 34 in northwestern town Map of Darkoush Syria
  Syrian government aircraft pounded opposition-held areas on Sunday, killing at least 34 in one strike on a town near the Turkish border
Apr.21   Iran Iran urges aid effort as Saudi air strikes end

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.2   Iraq     Iran 'conducts air strikes' in Iraq
Map of Diyala Iraq  American-made F4 Phantom jets conducted air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets in eastern Iraq during recent days Nov.8   Mosul   US air strikes target IS gathering in Mosul, Iraq
  Coalition air strikes have targeted a gathering of Islamic State leaders near Mosul in northern Iraq, the US says
Oct.14   Aleppo US steps up air strikes in Kobane
Map of Kobane Syria
  US-led forces have stepped up air strikes against Islamic State fighters threatening the Syrian town of Kobane, near the Turkish border
Oct.9   Aleppo Air strikes 'stall IS Syria advance'   US-led forces have continued air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants near the besieged Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobane Oct.8   Northern Syria   Kobane: New IS push amid US warning on air strikes Map of Kobane Syria
  Islamic State fighters have renewed their advance in the Syrian border town of Kobane, as the US warned air strikes alone could not save it
Oct.7   Aleppo Air strikes help Syria town curb IS Map of Kobane Syria
  The US-led coalition has carried out its most sustained air attacks so far on Islamic State fighters attacking Kobane
Sep.27   Northern Syria Al-Nusra issues threat over air strikes
  Syrian militant group al-Nusra Front has denounced US-led air strikes as 'a war against Islam'
Sep.26   Syria US says IS damaged by coalition air strikes in Syria
Aug.25   Washington US alarm at air strikes on Libya
  The US was 'caught off guard' by air strikes against Islamist militia in Libya by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from bases in Egypt
Aug.17   Washington     Obama: Air strikes on Iraq dam 'to protect US interests'
  US air strikes in support of Iraqi forces' efforts to retake the country's largest dam are aimed at protecting US interests there, President Obama says
Aug.9   Northern Iraq US in new strikes on Iraq militants   The US military says it has carried out four new air strikes on militants to defend civilians in northern Iraq   Gaza Gaza air strikes 'kill five' as rockets hit Israel
Aug.8   Northern Iraq     US steps up air strikes in Iraq   The US has launched two additional air strikes against militants from the Islamic State (IS) group in northern Iraq, the Pentagon has said Aug.7   Washington   Obama authorises US Iraq air strikes   US President Barack Obama says he has authorised targeted airstrikes against Islamic militants in northern Iraq, if they threaten US interests Jul.15   Jerusalem   Israel to intensify Gaza air strikes as truce falters   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has 'no choice' but to step up its strikes, after an Egyptian truce initiative failed Jul.9   Gaza     Hamas fires rockets amid Israeli overnight air strikes on Gaza   Palestinian militants have fired more rockets at Israeli cities after Israel carried out dozens of overnight air strikes on the Gaza Strip Jul.7   Gaza   Israel launches new air strikes on Gaza Strip   Israel has carried out more air strikes on the Gaza Strip, following dozens of rockets fired by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas Jun.22   Northern Israel   Israeli air strikes target Syria after Golan death Map of Golan Heights Israel
  Israel says it has carried out air strikes on military targets in Syria in response to the killing of a 15-year-old boy in a strike in the Golan Heights
May.26   Donbass   Ukraine launches air strikes against gunmen at Donetsk airport   The Ukrainian military launched air strikes against armed pro-Russian separatist rebels who seized the Donetsk International Airport May.20   Tribal Areas   Pakistan air strikes 'kill 32' Map of North Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistan air strikes kill at least 32 militants in North Waziristan including 'important commanders', officials say
Feb.24   Tribal Areas Pakistan air strikes in tribal areas Map of North Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistan's military have launched air strikes against suspected militant hideouts in the north-west, killing at least 27 people, officials say
Feb.1   Sinai Egyptian military says air strikes kill 13 Sinai militants
  Aircraft pounded suspected positions of al Qaeda-inspired fighters, as fears rise over an increasingly well-armed insurgency
Jan.20   Tribal Areas   Pakistan jets launch air strikes in tribal area
Map of North Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistani aircraft have conducted air strikes on suspected Taliban positions in North Waziristan, following a wave of attacks against security forces

year 2013 Top ^

May.30   Syria     Assad warns Israel against air strikes
  Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has warned Israel that it will respond in kind to any future air strikes
Apr.14   Northern Syria   Air strikes in north Syria 'kill 25'
Map of Hasaka Syria
  At least 16 people have been killed in north-east Syria by government air strikes targeted rebel-held areas around the mainly Kurdish village
Apr.10   Northern Syria   Syria air strikes 'target civilians'
  The Syrian Air Force is carrying out both deliberate air strikes against civilians and indiscriminate attacks, a leading rights group has warned

year 2012 Top ^

Nov.16   Gaza     Israel air strikes hit Hamas HQ
  Witnesses reported extensive damage to the building, which Egypt's PM Hisham Qandil had visited on Friday Oct.18   Northern Syria   Syrian air strikes on rebel towns
Map of Aleppo Syria
  Air strikes on rebel strongholds, in Idlib and Aleppo, in northern Syria have killed dozens of people, activists say
Mar.10   Yemen Yemen air strikes 'hit al-Qaeda' Map of Bayda Yemen
  At least 17 al-Qaeda militants have been killed in air strikes in southern Yemen

year 2011 Top ^

May.23   Libya     Nato steps up Libya air strikes
Map of Tripoli Libya
  Nato planes have launched a series of air attacks on Libya's capital; they may be the largest so far of the campaign
Jan.6   Gaza   Israeli forces hit Gaza with air strikes
  There were no reports of casualties, Israeli officials and a Hamas official concurred
Jan.4   Gaza   Israeli air strikes hit Gaza
Map of Rafah Israel
  Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes Tuesday at two cities in Gaza, but there were no immediate reports of casualties

year 2010 Top ^

Apr.1   Gaza   Thirteen Israeli air strikes hit Gaza Strip  4 of the strikes took place near the town of Khan Younis, where two Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with Palestinian fighters last w...

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.27   Gaza     Israel renews air strikes on Gaza
  Israeli jets have launched new air attacks on the Strip, amid warnings that operations will continue until Hamas ends rocket fire from Gaza
Oct.28   Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers carried out air strikes
Jan.6   Gaza   Four dead in Israeli air strikes
  The fatalities included 2 women and a 17-year-old member of Hamas. 15 Palestinians were wounded

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.22   Northern Iraq Turkey in fresh Iraq air strikes
Jun.30   Gaza   Israel launches air strikes  Israel has launched 3 separate strikes in the Strip, killing 6 Palestinians, including a senior member of the Islamic Jihad May.17   Gaza Israel launches air strikes

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.27   Gaza Israelis launch air strikes
Aug.30   Western Iraq   U.S.: Air strikes kill seven insurgents
  The strikes have flattened safe houses used by militants linked to al Qaeda in western Iraq
Jul.15   Gaza   Israel launches more air strikes Map of Gaza City Israel
  Aircraft have launched fresh strikes against industrial targets in Gaza City and southern Gaza

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.26   Sadr City   US air strikes 'target Sadr City'
  US forces have carried out overnight air attacks in Baghdad's suburb. 2 people were killed and more than 40 wounded
Jul.18   Sunni Triangle   U.S. launches Fallujah air strikes
  Airstrikes, an Iraqi official said, left 14 people dead and three wounded
May.13   Gaza   Israeli air strikes hammer Gaza Map of Rafah Israel
  At least 11 Palestinians have been killed in helicopter strikes on Rafah refugee camp

year 2002 Top ^

Mar.6   Eastern Afghanistan   Heaviest air strikes against al-Qaeda
  Taleban and al-Qaeda holed up in the mountains and caves of eastern Afghanistan

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.9   Kandahar   Kandahar, Jalalabad, Herat attacked
  US forces destroyed or damaged 85% of first set of targets. First civilian deaths were confirmed

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