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  Trump's first UN speech met with criticism  Donald Trump's first major speech at the United Nations has been denounced by some of the member nations he singled out for criticism Aung San Suu Kyi to miss UN General Assembly. Myanmar

year 2017
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  Trump's first UN speech met with criticism

year 2017 Top ^

  Donald Trump's first major speech at the United Nations has been denounced by some of the member nations he singled out for criticism
Sep.12     Aung San Suu Kyi to miss UN General Assembly   Myanmar: Myanmar's de facto leader is to miss next week's UN General Assembly as criticism of her handling of the Rohingya crisis grows

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.6 Ex-UN General Assembly leader accused of pocketing $500,000 in bribes Sep.28 Raul Castro calls for US to lift trade embargo Sep.26 David Cameron to call for new Syria peace drive at UN China pledges $2bn for developing world

year 2014 Top ^

Sep.29     Netanyahu addresses Islamic terror in speech to UN  Israeli Prime Minister had high praise for Obama for leading the coalition attacking Islamic militants in Syria Sep.26 Abbas: Israel's Gaza war 'genocide'
Sep.24 French President: Islamic extremists beheaded French hostage Ukraine warns West against lifting Russia sanctions Mar.27     U.N. General Assembly: Crimean referendum invalid
  A resolution is calling the referendum to secede from Ukraine invalid. The vote was 100-11, with 58 countries abstaining
 Moscow formally annexed Ukraine's southern Crimea region days after the controversial referendum in which a majority of Crimeans voted to leave Ukraine for Russia

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.1 Germany and Brazil in UN spy draft Oct.16 UN to elect 5 new Security Council members Oct.1 Netanyahu: Don't be duped by Rouhani Sep.30 Syrian foreign minister: 'There is no civil war' Sep.25  Iran ready for talks, says president Sep.24     U.S., Iranian presidents share U.N. spotlight   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that nuclear weapons have no place in his country's security May.15  UN urges Syria political transition

year 2012 Top ^

Nov.30  Syria 'brutality' appals UN chief Nov.29   U.N. approves Palestinian 'observer state' bid
  The assembly endorsed an upgraded U.N. status for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the United States and Israel.    The resolution elevates their status from 'non-member observer entity' to 'non-member observer state,' the category which Palestinians hope ...
Sep.27  China hits out over islands at UN     Netanyahu asks U.N. to draw 'red line'
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exhorted the General Assembly to draw 'a clear red line' to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons   Mid-East leaders to address UN  Palestinian and Israeli leaders are due to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York shortly Sep.26     Ahmadinejad responds to Western jabs  European delegates got an unusual reprieve at General Assembly when the Iranian President offered them no reason to get up and walk out Sep.25     Obama delivers UN Assembly speech
  Barack Obama has told the UN General Assembly in New York that the US will 'do what we must' to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons Sep.4  Envoy warns UN on Syria conflict Aug.3 Russia condemns UN vote on Syria. Moscow Aug.2 Syria resolution set for UN vote Mar.2 Syrian 'crimes' against civilians Feb.16     UN assembly adopts Syria motion   The UN General Assembly has voted in favour of a resolution condemning human rights violations in Syria and calling for an end to the violence

year 2011 Top ^

Sep.26  West 'seeks to dismember' Syria Sep.23     Abbas submitted request for full member
  The Quartet negotiators has urged Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace talks within one month and aim for a deal by the end of 2012
 Addressing the General Assembly, Abbas urged the Security Council to back a state with pre-1967 borders and called to vote in favour of our full membership, in an unusually impassioned speech
Sep.22  Ahmadinejad: Iran is a model for the world Sep.21 Mideast peace keynote of Obama address Sep.20  General Assembly welcomes new Libyans

year 2010 Top ^

Sep.25  Abbas declares intent for peace Sep.23     US protest at Iran leader's UN speech
  The US and other delegations walk out as Iran's President Ahmadinejad questions the events of 9/11 Sep.9  UN urges Kosovo and Serbia talks Aug.19  Flood aid builds up after UN appeals Feb.26  UN presses for Gaza war investigation

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.5     Gaza war probes get U.N. approval  The General Assembly approved a resolution endorsing a U.N. report calling for both Israel and Palestine to carry out independent investigat... Jun.29 U.N. to discuss 'criminal' Honduras coup

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.24  India and Pakistan pledge talks Sep.23 Ahmadinejad: U.S. empire' nearing its end
Apr.18     Pope Benedict makes speech to UN  The head of the Roman Catholic Church has begun a speech to the United Nations on the final leg of his six-day US tour

year 2007 Top ^

Oct.1 Foreign Minister blames 'opportunists'

year 2006 Top ^

Oct.13     South Korean named U.N. leader
  The General Assembly has appointed S. Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon to serve as the next secretary-general.    Ban, 62, will be the 8th secretary general and the first from Asia since U Thant of Burma. Kofi Annan second ...
Sep.21     Abbas: Israel will be recognized  Palestinian President told the General Assembly that the planned national unity government will recognize Israel Sep.19     Bush: freedom or extremism  President challenged world leaders to do more to build democracy in the Mid. East in an address at the General Assembly Mar.15   New human rights body created  The General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to create 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, despite US criticism

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.17 Annan warns of nuclear spread Sep.14 Bush Addresses General Assembly Sep.13   U.N. reform agenda watered-down
  The General Assembly adopted a watered-down draft document on poverty, human rights and institutional reform Jul.11 Council enlargement debated Mar.8 U.N. call for ban on human cloning

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.21 Bush defends US Iraq policy at UN
Jul.20   U.N. votes against West Bank barrier  The General Assembly voted 150-6 to call on Israel to dismantle a barrier that would seal off the West Bank

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.23     Bush urges UN unity on Iraq  US President has told the General Assembly the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.12     Bush addressed U.N. on Iraq
  President Bush called on Saddam to comply with U.N. resolutions or face possible military action to remove him

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.11 Arafat asks to aid Mideast peace
Nov.10 Bush addresses UN Oct.1 NY mayor addresses UN Jun.26 Declaration of commitment on AIDS