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1. 2017-08-06 Mike Pence denies planning 2020 presidential bid Washington
C. 2017-06-15 Vice-President Pence hires lawyer Washington
2017-04-21 US to honour 'dumb' Australia migrant deal Sydney
E. 2017-04-17 US VP Pence arrives in Japan to focus on trade
F. 2017-04-16 Pence: US era of strategic patience with North Korea over Panmunjom, South Korea
G. 2017-01-12 Tearful Joe Biden awarded freedom medal by Obama Washington
7. 2016-10-04 Trump 'fool' and Clinton 'weak', say VPs
8. 2016-07-14 Donald Trump chooses Mike Pence as his running mate Indiana
J. 2016-07-09 Dallas shootings 'touched soul of nation' - Biden Washington

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Mike Pence denies planning 2020 presidential bid  US Vice-President Mike Pence has dismissed as 'disgraceful and offensive' a report suggesting he is preparing a run for president in 2020 US to honour 'dumb' Australia migrant deal  Mike Pence: The United States has confirmed it will be going through with a migrant resettlement plan made with Australia

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2017 Apr.21  


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Mike Pence denies planning 2020 presidential bid  US Vice-President Mike Pence has dismissed as 'disgraceful and offensive' a report suggesting he is preparing a run for president in 2020 Vice-President Pence hires lawyer  Mike Pence has hired an outside lawyer to handle his response to inquiries into possible ties between President Trump's campaign and Russia US to honour 'dumb' Australia migrant deal  Mike Pence: The United States has confirmed it will be going through with a migrant resettlement plan made with Australia US VP Pence arrives in Japan to focus on trade  U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Japan for the second stop of a 10-day Asia tour. The focus is expected to shift in Japan to trade Pence: US era of strategic patience with North Korea over  US Vice-President Mike Pence at the demilitarised zone (DMZ) has said his country's 'era of strategic patience' with North Korea is over   Tearful Joe Biden awarded freedom medal by Obama   President Barack Obama has awarded an emotional and surprised Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest US civilian honour Trump 'fool' and Clinton 'weak', say VPs   Donald Trump was likened to a 'fool or maniac' while Hillary Clinton was dismissed as 'weak and feckless' in a punchy vice-presidential debate   Donald Trump chooses Mike Pence as his running mate  Republican Donald Trump has selected Indiana governor Mike Pence to be his vice-presidential running mate, according to US media reports   Dallas shootings 'touched soul of nation' - Biden   The killing of five police officers in Dallas has 'touched the soul of the nation', US Vice-President Joe Biden said, while calling for national unity   Joe Biden's son Beau dies of brain cancer, aged 46 Map of Walter Reed Army Medical Centre Washington USA  Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of US Vice-President Joe Biden, has died of brain cancer Indiana law 'grossly misconstrued' says governor  Mike Pence has defended a new law that has unleashed a wave of condemnation across the country   Shots fired outside Joe Biden's house in Delaware   Shots were fired near US Vice-President's house in the state of Delaware, but he was away at the time, a Secret Service official has said Joe Biden warns Russia faces 'isolation'  US Vice-President Joe Biden has warned Russia faces 'rising costs and greater isolation' if it fails to respect the September peace deal in Ukraine Biden says Russia must 'start acting'   US Vice-President Joe Biden has said Russia must 'stop talking and start acting' to defuse the Ukraine crisis Biden in Seoul amid Asia tensions  US Vice-President is meeting South Korean leader Park Geun-hye on the Asian tour dominated by tensions over China's declared air defence zone Biden tells Chinese president of 'deep concerns' over air zone  The U.S. has 'deep concerns' over China's newly declared East China Sea air defense zone, Joe Biden privately told Chinese President Xi Jinping Biden arrives in China amid tensions   Joe Biden should not repeat 'erroneous remarks' on China's new air zone, Chinese state media warned, as the US vice-president arrived in Beijing Biden: US 'deeply concerned' by China's air zone  The US remains 'deeply concerned' about China's new air defence identification zone (ADIZ), Vice-President Joe Biden said as he began a tour of East Asia Biden to head US Newtown response  Obama is to announce that Vice-President Joe Biden will lead government attempts to respond to the deadly school shootings in Connecticut US running mates clash in debate Map of Danville Kentucky Kentucky

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  US vice-presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan have clashed in their one and only debate, as polling shows the US election race tightening
2012 Mar.6   Biden in Honduras amid drug debate  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden vowed to help Honduras and other Central American nations defeat drug traffickers and fight corruption

year 2011 Top ^

2011 Dec.20   Biden urges Iraq to resolve disputes  US Vice-President Joe Biden has urged Iraqi leaders to work together to avert renewed sectarian strife 2011 Dec.1   Biden honors U.S., Iraqi troops  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to the sacrifices of U.S. and Iraqi troops at a ceremony for service members from both nations 2011 Aug.20   Biden assures China on US debt  United States Vice-President Joe Biden, who is visiting China, has said the US would never default on its debt

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2010 Jul.4   Mortars hit Green Zone during Biden visit  Three mortar rounds struck harmlessly inside Baghdad's Green Zone during a weekend visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden 2010 Jul.3   Biden arrives in Iraq for July 4  Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Iraq with his wife Saturday to celebrate the Fourth of July with American troops 2010 Mar.9   Biden condemns new Israel housing units  Vice President Joe Biden the United States condemns Israel's decision to build 1,600 housing units in a Jerusalem neighborhood 2010 Mar.8   Joe Biden in Israel to press peace talks  US Vice-President has arrived in Israel to promote a new round of Middle East peace talks more than a year after they stalled 2010 Jan.23   Biden pledges Blackwater appeal  US Vice-President says the US government will appeal against a court ruling dismissing manslaughter charges in the shootings case

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2009 Jul.12     Cheney 'ordered CIA to hide plan'  The head of the CIA has accused former US Vice-President of concealing an intelligence program from Congress 2009 Jul.5   Biden strikes tough note on Iran  US Vice-President has hinted the administration will not restrain Israel if it decides on military action to remove any Iranian nuclear threat 2009 Jul.4   Biden presides as troops become citizens  Vice President Joe Biden celebrated American patriotism and mocked the ghost of Saddam Hussein during a Fourth of July visit to Iraq 2009 Jun.14   Biden has 'doubts' about Iranian election  U.S. Vice President expressed doubts about the validity of Iran's presidential election, but said it would take more time to analyze the results 2009 Jun.1   Cheney: No link between Saddam, 9/11  Former Vice President is arguing that Hussein's previous support for known terrorists was a serious danger after 9/11 2009 May.5   Biden prods Israel on settlements  Vice President prodded Israel to halt the expansion of its settlements on the West Bank toward ending the conflict 2009 Mar.28   Biden appeals to G20 protesters  At a G20 warm-up meeting in Chile, US Vice-President has called for G20 protesters to give governments a chance to tackle the economic crisis 2009 Feb.7   Biden: US seeks to rework foreign ties  The new US administration is determined to strike a new tone in its relations around the world, Vice-President has told a major security forum

year 2008 Top ^

2008 Oct.2   Biden and Palin meet in TV debate
Map of St Louis Missouri  The two vice-presidential candidates have traded blows on the economic crisis, taxes, climate change and Iraq in their first TV debate 2008 Sep.5   U.S. risks Russia row with Ukraine backing  U.S. Vice-President Cheney met with Ukraine's pro-Western president Yushchenko in the capital of Kiev 2008 Sep.4   Cheney: Georgia will be in our alliance  U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said the U.S. firmly backs NATO membership for Georgia
 US Vice-President has condemned what he described as Russia's 'illegitimate' attempt to change Georgia's borders
2008 Jul.17   Gore challenges US to ditch oil
  The Nobel laureate and ex-VP has urged Americans to abandon electricity generated by fossil fuels within a decade 2008 Mar.23   Cheney meets Palestinian leaders  Vice-President has said peace between Israel and the Palestinians will require painful concessions on both sides 2008 Mar.22   Cheney backs Israel over security  Speaking in a press conference US Vice-President has given strong backing to Israel ahead of talks with Palestinian leaders   Cheney: unshakable commitment to Israel  Vice President arrived in Israel, where he pledged America's 'enduring and unshakable' commitment to the security of the Jewish state

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2007 Oct.12   Gore says prize must spur action
  Al Gore says his Nobel Peace Prize is a chance to 'elevate global consciousness' about the threat posed by climate change
  Gore shares Nobel Prize with U.N. panel  Ex-Vice President and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the Nobel Peace Prize for work to raise awareness about global warming
 The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited 'efforts to build up and disseminate knowledge about man-made climate change'
2007 May.9   Cheney visits unannounced  Vice President arrived to tell Iraq's government 'it's game time' and to persuade the Iraqi Parliament to forgo its 2-month recess
 Talks with PM Maliki focused on the operation to curb violence in and around Baghdad
2007 Feb.23   Cheney warns on Chinese build-up  US Vice-President has saying Chinese were at odds with the country's stated peaceful aims
 He praised China's role in a nuclear deal with North Korea
2007 Jan.24   Cheney: Talk of blunders is 'hogwash'  Vice President dismissed the suggestion that blunders may have hurt the administration's credibility on Iraq

year 2006 Top ^

2006 Jul.13   Cheney sued in CIA identity case  A former CIA officer Valerie Plame whose identity was leaked to the media is suing US Vice-President 2006 Feb.15   Cheney talks about accident  Vice President took responsibility for shooting a friend during a weekend hunting trip 2006 Feb.14   Man Cheney shot has heart attack  Harry Whittington, 78, suffered a heartbeat irregularity caused by a pellet lodged in his heart 2006 Feb.12     Cheney shoots man in hunt error
  The Vice-President has accidentally shot and injured a man during a quail hunting trip

year 2005 Top ^

2005 Dec.19   Cheney attends parliament ceremony  U.S. Vice President celebrated a milestone in Afghanistan's transition; National assembly took its first oath 2005 Dec.18   Cheney visits officials, troops  Vice President paid a surprise visit to Iraq as part of a six-nation tour 2005 Dec.6   Cheney: Terrorists win if we leave Iraq  Vice President argued against an early withdrawal of U.S. forces, saying that would be unwise in the extreme 2005 Nov.16   Dick Cheney lambasts Iraq critics  Vice-President has launched a vitriolic attack on politicians who accuse the White House of misusing intelligence 2005 Oct.28     Lewis Libby quits Cheney office
  chief-of-staff to Vice President has resigned after being charged with perjury over an investigation
    Prosecutor to seek Libby indictment  The special prosecutor in the CIA leak probe, plans to ask to indict Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff 2005 Sep.8   Cheney embarks on hurricane tour  Vice-President has arrived on the country's Gulf coast for a tour of the areas worst affected by Katrina 2005 Jul.18   Cheney aide 'confirmed CIA agent'  Time magazine reporter: Cheney's chief of staff confirmed the identity of a CIA agent

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2004 Nov.13   Cheney taken to hospital for tests  Vice President underwent tests at a hospital after experiencing shortness of breath 2004 Apr.14   Cheney links HK stance to Taiwan  Vice President suggested there is a link between efforts to restrict self-government in Hong Kong and dealings with Taiwan 2004 Apr.10   Hostages overshadow Cheney's visit  U.S. Vice President brought a message of solidarity to a nation torn over its commitment of humanitarian forces in Iraq 2004 Jan.24   Cheney adrresses European nations  US Vice-President has urged to do more to support global democracy and defeat terrorism

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2003 Dec.9   Al Gore endorses Howard Dean  Gore endorsed Dean's bid for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination 2003 Apr.8   Democrats call Halliburton probe  2 congres members called for an investigation into whether the company Cheney once headed has received special treatment

year 2002 Top ^

2002 Dec.15   Gore will not run for president in 2004
  Former US Vice President only last month re-iterated that he was the true winner of the 2000 presidential race 2002 Dec.7   U.S. senators visit Kurds  Chuck Hagel and Joseph Biden met politicians and victims of Saddam's regime in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq 2002 Oct.31   Mondale accepts nomination for Senate  Former Vice President accepted the Minnesota Democratic Party's nomination and will run a 5-day race 2002 Aug.26   New Cheney warning on Iraq  Vice-President has given a strong warning that the US cannot deal with Saddam Hussein through a policy of containment 2002 Aug.4   Gore pens blistering critique of Bush  Former Vice President is accusing President of serving 'powerful interests' rather than the American people

year 2001 Top ^

2001 Jun.30   Cheney get heart implant  Vice President had a heart monitor device to keep track of his heart rhythm and slow it down 2001 Jun.29   Cheney to have defibrillator implanted  Vice President will likely have a small device implanted to monitor and slow abnormal heart rhythms 2001 Mar.5   Cheney had heart surgery  Doctors reopen artery in Vice President's heart

year 2000 Top ^

2000 Dec.7   Court ends hearing on Gore appeal  The Florida high Court concluded a hearing on appeal to force a recount of some 14,000 ballots in 2 counties 2000 Aug.14   Democrats select Gore, Lieberman
  Democratic faithful assembled in the Los Angeles selects Vice President and Sen. Lieberman to head ticket
2000 Feb.2     Gore, McCain tops in nation's first primary  Arizona GOP Senator savored his victory in New Hampshire