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Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dies
Feb.14   Johannesburg

Political Leaders Main Event: Tsvangirai rul...
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B. 2013-08-01 Zimbabwe election was 'huge farce' Zimbabwe
2. 2009-06-21 PM defends Mugabe unity Zimbabwe
D. 2009-03-10 Mugabe attends S. Tsvangirai memorial Zimbabwe
2009-03-09 Tsvangirai rules out foul play in fatal crash Zimbabwe
F. 2009-03-08 Tsvangirai returning for wife's funeral Zimbabwe
G. 2009-03-07 Tsvangirai claims fatal crash deliberate Zimbabwe
7. 2009-03-07 Zimbabwe PM seeks Botswana care Botswana
8. 2009-03-06 Tsvangirai recovering in hospital Zimbabwe

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Time Human Rights Election, Vote
Human Rights
2018 2018
Human Rights
Election, Vote
2018 2018
Election, Vote
Human Rights
2013 2013
Human Rights
08/01 Zimbabwe election was 'huge farce'
Human Rights
2009 2009
Human Rights
Election, Vote
2009 2009
Election, Vote
06/25 Tsvangirai leaves embassy refuge
06/23 Mugabe rival seeks refuge in embassy
06/10 Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'run by military junta'
06/04 Tsvangirai arrested ahead of runoff vote
06/04 Opposition leader freed
06/22 Opposition pulls out of election
06/20 Mugabe challenger 'may quit poll'
05/10 Tsvangirai to run in second round
05/04 Tsvangirai delays runoff decision
05/02 Officials: rivals face runoff
05/01 Mugabe opponents face vote ultimatum
04/10 Opposition rejects run-off vote
04/05 Opposition: Runoff risks violence
03/28 Opposition leaders arrested
03/16 Tsvangirai leaves Harare hospital
03/14 Mugabe critic 'has cracked skull'
03/13 Opposition leader taken to hospital
03/12 Opposition tortured by police
Election, Vote
2007 2007
Election, Vote
Human Rights
2004 2004
Human Rights
Election, Vote
2004 2004
Election, Vote
06/06 Tsvangirai charged with treason
06/02 Tear gas fired at Harare marchers
02/03 Tsvangirai treason trial begins
Election, Vote
2003 2003
Election, Vote
03/20 Mugabe rival charged with treason
02/25 Mugabe opponent accused of treason
03/08 Presidential elections started

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Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dies  Morgan Tsvangirai, 65, a former prime minister, has died in South Africa, a senior official in his MDC party has said Zimbabwe election was 'huge farce' PM defends Mugabe unity   Mugabe attends S. Tsvangirai memorial  President Mugabe spoke at a memorial service for the wife of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who was killed last week in a car wreck Tsvangirai rules out foul play in fatal crash   Prime Minister said that he does not believe foul play was involved in a car wreck that killed his wife Tsvangirai returning for wife's funeral Tsvangirai claims fatal crash deliberate   Prime minister believes the truck driver that struck his car, killing his wife, deliberately drove toward them. He left a hospital Tsvangirai recovering in hospital PM's wife killed in car crash

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Feb.14   Johannesburg

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year 2009 Top ^

 Botswana  Zimbabwe PM seeks Botswana care
  Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was in stable condition and recovering from head injuries after a car wreck that killed his wife, Susan.    Susan Tsvangirai was travelling with her husband south of Harare when their vehicle was in co...
Feb.11   Tsvangirai sworn in as PM
  Opposition leader was sworn in as prime minister of Zimbabwe as part of a new unity government.    Zimbabweans hope will signal an end to the political and economic crises that have gripped the nation for months. The g...
Jan.22   Tsvangirai: cholera crisis 'man-made' Jan.17   Tsvangirai 'glad to be back' in Zimbabwe

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.19   Tsvangirai threatens to halt unity talks  The man who would be prime minister said his party will withdraw from efforts unless 42 abducted members of his party are freed Nov.9  South Africa  Tsvangirai rejects compromise offer Sep.15     Rivals sign power-share deal
  President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai set aside deep differences to sign a deal intended to end the violent crisis
Sep.11     Rivals agree unity deal   The opposition leader Tsvangirai and President Mugabe to share power. Tsvangirai would be prime minister with Mugabe president Sep.7   Tsvangirai: No deal better than bad deal Aug.12   Mugabe agrees deal without Tsvangirai Jul.28   Mugabe rival offered vice presidency Jul.21     Rivals sign deal on talks  President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have signed an agreement for formal talks Jul.2   Mugabe rival rejects unity call Jun.25   Tsvangirai denies peacekeepers request  Opposition leader denied writing an editorial that appeared in a British newspaper under his name calling for armed international peacekeepe...    Tsvangirai leaves embassy refuge Jun.23   Mugabe rival seeks refuge in embassy Jun.22   Opposition pulls out of election
  Morgan Tsvangirai is pulling out of presidential run-off as there was no point running when elections would not be free and fair
 Tsvangirai called on the global community to step in to prevent 'genocide'
Jun.20   Mugabe challenger 'may quit poll' Jun.10   Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'run by military junta' Jun.4   Opposition leader freed  Morgan Tsvangirai has been released by police without charge after being detained for about 8 hours   Tsvangirai arrested ahead of runoff vote  Police have detained presidential contender, just weeks before the June 27 runoff election against President Mugabe May.30     Challenger blasts Mugabe's rule  Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described the country under President Mugabe as an 'unmitigated embarrassment' to Africa May.25   At funeral, Tsvangirai criticizes Mugabe May.24   Tsvangirai returns home  Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai returned to Zimbabwe for the first time since leaving the country after the controversial March 29 election May.23   Tsvangirai to return May.17    Mugabe rival fears 'assassination' plot May.10   Tsvangirai to run in second round May.4   Tsvangirai delays runoff decision May.2   Officials: rivals face runoff  A runoff has been declared in presidential election after officials said main Tsvangirai won 47.9% of votes, compared to 43.2% for Mugabe May.1   Mugabe opponents face vote ultimatum Apr.21    Opposition turns to UN Apr.17    Tsvangirai: U.N. must act on Zimbabwe Apr.10   Opposition rejects run-off vote Apr.5   Opposition: Runoff risks violence   The opposition candidate Tsvangirai who contends he is the victor in presidential election says he is against a runoff with President Mugabe

year 2007 Top ^

Mar.28   Opposition leaders arrested
  Police stormed the main opposition party's headquarters and arrested its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai Mar.16   Tsvangirai leaves Harare hospital
Mar.14   Mugabe critic 'has cracked skull' Mar.13    Defiant Tsvangirai to 'fight on'   Opposition leader taken to hospital Mar.12   Opposition tortured by police
  Top opposition leaders were assaulted by police who broke up a prayer meeting planned to protest government policies.    Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Movement for Democratic Change ...
Mar.11   Opposition leader arrested

year 2005 Top ^

Apr.1    Opposition: election 'being rigged'

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.15   Tsvangirai innocent of treason  High Court has acquitted the opposition leader of charges he conspired to have President Mugabe assassinated

year 2003 Top ^

Jun.6   Tsvangirai charged with treason  Opposition leader has been charged with treason following a speech in which he threatened anti-government protests Jun.2   Tear gas fired at Harare marchers
Feb.4    Opposition 'sought Mugabe murder' Feb.3   Tsvangirai treason trial begins

year 2002 Top ^

Mar.20   Mugabe rival charged with treason
Mar.8   Presidential elections started Mar.7    Last day of campaigning Feb.25    Mugabe rival brushes off treason charges     Mugabe opponent accused of treason  Morgan Tsvangirai is to face charges of offence punishable by death - over an alleged plot to assassinate President Jan.9    Army weighs in against Mugabe foe

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.22    Opposition: We will win May.7    Opposition leader appears in court