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B. 2008-10-19 Powell endorses Barack Obama USA
2. 2006-04-30 Powell wanted more troops in Iraq Washington
D. 2005-12-17 Powell raps Europe on CIA flights Washington
E. 2005-09-09 Powell criticises storm response Washington
F. 2005-01-09 Powell looks to tsunami long haul Washington
2005-01-05 Tsunami carnage shocks Powell Aceh
H. 2005-01-04 Powell: U.S. values in action Indonesia
I. 2005-01-03 Powell, U.S. team arrive in Thailand Thailand
9. 2005-01-02 Powell warns of more Iraq attacks Washington

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Location Visit War & Army
04/17 Powell plans visit to Syria
09/26 Powell: Insurgency in Iraq 'intensifying'
09/24 US stands firm on ousting Saddam
09/03 Powell rejects Iraq inspections offer
09/01 Powell: New Iraq arms probe needed
04/05 Israel given new pullout warning
04/04 Powell to be sent to Mid-East
Arab Countries
06/29 Powell warns Sudan to end attacks
09/14 Powell visits Iraqi gas attack town
05/02 Powell begins 'candid' Syria talks
War & Army
Arab Countries Arab Countries
War & Army
11/21 Powell on fresh Mid-East mission
05/11 Powell meets Sharon and Abbas
04/12 Powell postpones Arafat talks
04/11 Powell in Israel as campaign continues
War & Army
Israel Israel
War & Army
Jordan Jordan
War & Army
Jordan Jordan
War & Army
Southeast Asia
01/04 Powell: U.S. values in action
07/28 Powell arrived
War & Army
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
War & Army
War & Army
War & Army

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Powell endorses Barack Obama  Retired General and former Secretary of State endorses Barack Obama for President of the United States Powell wanted more troops in Iraq  Former U.S. Secretary of State said he had made a case to send more troops to deal with the war's aftermath Powell raps Europe on CIA flights  Former Secretary of State has indicated that Europeans are being disingenuous when they deny the knowledge   Powell criticises storm response

year 2008 Top ^

2008 Oct.19  

year 2006 Top ^

2006 Apr.30  

year 2005 Top ^

2005 Dec.17  
2005 Sep.9  
  Former US Secretary of State fails to understand why better preparations were not made before the hurricane
2005 Jan.9   Powell looks to tsunami long haul  The outgoing US secretary of state has said he will tell Bush that U.S. should provide long-term aid to the Indian Ocean 2005 Jan.5     Tsunami carnage shocks Powell  U.S. Secretary of State has taken a firsthand look at the tsunami-ravaged province by helicopter 2005 Jan.4     Powell: U.S. values in action  U.S. is throwing its financial and military weight into southern relief efforts not to gain favor in the Islamic world 2005 Jan.3   Powell, U.S. team arrive in Thailand  A delegation led by Secretary of State arrived in Bangkok, on the first stop of a tour to the tsunami-devastated regions 2005 Jan.2   Powell warns of more Iraq attacks  Secretary of State has warned of more violence in the run up to the elections at the end of the month

year 2004 Top ^

2004 Dec.30   Powell, Jeb Bush to lead U.S. team  A U.S. delegation headed by Secretary of State and Florida Gov. will travel to southern Asia to assess humanitarian needs 2004 Nov.21   Powell on fresh Mid-East mission  US Secretary of State has arrived for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders 2004 Nov.15     Rice to replace Colin Powell
  Stephen Hadley will be promoted to national security adviser
  Colin Powell resigns  Secretary of State told his senior staff that he planned to stay on until a replacement was confirmed 2004 Oct.26   China, Taiwan rebuff Powell effort  President Chen Shui-bian has defended his island's sovereignty after Powell did not consider the island as independent 2004 Sep.26   Powell: Insurgency in Iraq 'intensifying'  Secretary of State has said the conflict between US forces and insurgents is getting worse 2004 Sep.23   Powell in historic meet with Libya  For the first time in 25 years, a U.S. secretary of state has met with the Libyan counterpart 2004 Sep.9     Powell declares genocide in Sudan
  The Secretary of State has said the killings in Darfur region constitute genocide
2004 Jul.30   Powell in unannounced visit to Baghdad  U.S. Secretary of State Colin is slipping into the Iraqi capital to meet with U.S. and Iraqi officials 2004 Jul.6   Powell: Israel too slow on outposts  After a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister, Secretary of State said he was disappointed with the slow pace of dismantlement 2004 Jul.1   Powell meets N Korean minister  The US Secretary of State has held talks with the North Korean Foreign Minister, Paek Nam-sun 2004 Jun.29     Powell warns Sudan to end attacks  US Secretary of State has warned to end attacks by Arab militia in Darfur which have exacerbated a humanitarian crisis 2004 Jun.24   Powell confronts Iraq escalation  The US Secretary of State has admitted that it faces a serious problem with the insurgency in Iraq 2004 May.25   US firm on control of Iraq troops  Colin Powell has insisted that US forces will remain under American control after the 30 June handover 2004 May.16   Powell chides Arafat's terror talk  'Ultimately reform must come within,' U.S. Secretary of State said at the World Economic Forum 2004 Apr.3     Powell admits Iraq evidence mistake  US Secretary of State has admitted that evidence he submitted to the UN to justify war on Iraq may have been wrong 2004 Mar.16   Powell on trip amid offensive  US Secretary of State is in Afghanistan as a drive is under way against al-Qaeda and Taleban on both sides of the border 2004 Jan.26   Powell presses Putin on democracy  Blunt comments are suggesting the U.S. is worried about tendencies shown by the Russian leadership 2004 Jan.24   Powell casts doubt on Iraq WMDs  US Secretary of State has conceded that Iraq may not have possessed any stocks of WMDs before the war 2004 Jan.8   Powell responds to WMD report  Secretary of State defended his speech on the matter to the United Nations last February

year 2003 Top ^

2003 Dec.15   Colin Powell has cancer operation
  Secretary of State has been admitted to hospital for prostate cancer surgery
2003 Sep.29   Powell: 'Build a new Middle East'  Secretary of State urged the Arab community to build a new Middle East based on religious tolerance 2003 Sep.26   Powell: Iraqi constitution in 6 months  Secretary of State would like to see a new Iraqi constitution ratified in about 6 months, with elections to follow 2003 Sep.14   Powell visits Iraqi gas attack town  US Secretary of State is ending his 2-day trip by visiting the site of one of the former regime's worst atrocities 2003 Sep.13   Powell in Geneva for Iraq talks  Kofi Annan says consensus between the 5 key members is 'essential and achievable' 2003 Aug.4   Report: Powell would not serve 2nd term  Secretary of State and his top deputy Richard L. Armitage will not serve a second term if Bush is re-elected 2003 Jul.10   Powell: Bush to make Liberia decision soon  President will decide in the next few days whether to send U.S. troops to enforce a cease-fire, Powell announced 2003 Jun.23   Powell: U.S. 'committed to Mideast'  'We must keep moving forward' Powell told a World Economic Forum meeting 2003 Jun.22   US criticises Israel strike  Powell has expressed concern about the Middle East peace process at a special session of the World Economic Forum 2003 Jun.8   Mid-East killings prompt US appeal  Powell has urged Israel and the Palestinians not to allow the violence to derail the search for peace 2003 May.11     Powell meets Sharon and Abbas  U.S. Secretary of State: Leaders agree on enough points of the road map to move forward with its implementation 2003 May.10   Powell urges action on Mid-East plan  After talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Powell said the new Palestinian leadership was prepared to move towards peace 2003 May.2   Powell begins 'candid' Syria talks  US secretary of state will discuss with President Assad what Washington calls the 'changed strategic situation' 2003 Apr.28   Powell, Jordanian minister laud 'road map'  Middle East peace plan to be introduced when Palestinian Cabinet in place 2003 Apr.22   US signals action against France  Powell has said France will suffer consequences for having opposed the US over the war with Iraq 2003 Apr.17   Powell plans visit to Syria  Secretary of State expects to travel to Syria to have discussions with President Bashar Assad 2003 Apr.15   Powell: No U.S. war 'list'  U.S. officials are accusing Damascus of allowing the former head of Iraq intelligence service to enter the country 2003 Apr.3   Powell courts EU, NATO leaders  U.S. Secretary of State held an intense round of talks aimed at easing tensions over the war in Iraq 2003 Apr.2   Powell backs post-Djindjic reforms  U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was 'absolutely delighted' with Serbia's commitment to reforms   Powell assures Turkey on N. Iraq  Secretary of State was continuing to work in an effort to keep Turkish troops from entering Kurdish northern Iraq 2003 Mar.28   Powell mulls 'bold initiative' for N. Korea  The initiative similar to Nixon's China initiative in the early 1970s, is an option for North Korea 2003 Mar.9   Powell: 'Progress' on deadline  Secretary of State said the White House was 'making some progress with the elected 10 members' 2003 Mar.5   Powell urges UN to confront Saddam  Secretary of State says Iraq is trying to deceive and divide the international community 2003 Feb.25   No N. Korea sanctions: Powell  The U.S. are hoping instead to increase diplomatic and political pressure on Pyongyang to rid it of its nuclear ambitions   Powell: Missile test 'no surprise'  U.S. Secretary of State was in South Korea for the swearing in of President Roh Moo-hyun 2003 Feb.5   Powell made evidence presentation
  Britain and France were at opposite ends of Security Council reaction after presentation of Iraq's noncooperation
2003 Feb.4   Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it'  Secretary of State will present a multimedia presentation to the Security Council and unveil video, slides and audiotapes 2003 Feb.3   Powell will offer no 'smoking gun' on Iraq  Secretary of State will show that Saddam Hussein is not complying with a U.N. resolution to disarm 2003 Jan.26   Powell: U.S. prepared to act alone  U.S. Secretary of State told European doubters that 'multilateralism cannot become an excuse for inaction' 2003 Jan.25   Powell: U.S. has 12 allies on Iraq  Secretary of State says the United States is counting on the support of a dozen countries with or without another resolution 2003 Jan.20   Powell: 'Time is running out' for Iraq  Secretary of State urged the United Nations to stand firm against Iraq, but other nations urged patience and caution 2003 Jan.17   Powell: 'a persuasive case' against Iraq
  Secretary of State said that the United States will have 'a persuasive case' by the end of the month 2003 Jan.6   Powell meets leading Cuban dissident  U.S. Secretary of State sought to energize Project Varela opposition campaign by meeting Oswaldo Paya

year 2002 Top ^

2002 Dec.19   Powell: Declaration 'fails totally'  U.S. Secretary of State laid out the path for the United States as it continues to increase pressure on Iraq to disarm 2002 Dec.16   Powell: Iraq declaration has 'problems'  Secretary of State say that 'there are problems' with declaration to the United Nations about weapons programs 2002 Dec.12   Mideast aid plan aims to bridge gap  Secretary of State Powell announced a $29 million effort to bring about economic, political and educational reform in the region 2002 Oct.15   Powell meets British Foreign Secretary  Secretary of State said the administration can continue placing pressure on Iraq despite an increase in al Qaeda attacks 2002 Oct.4   Powell: Blix talks termed very constructive
  U.N. chief weapons inspector welcomed the passage of a new Security Council resolution to strengthen his authority 2002 Sep.24   US stands firm on ousting Saddam  Powell refused to rule out the possibility that the US might try to oust the Iraqi leader, even if he complies with UN resolutions 2002 Sep.15   Powell: It's too late for Iraq to negotiate  Secretary of State said that U.N. weapons inspectors must be allowed to go 'anywhere, anytime' if they returned 2002 Sep.13   Bush, Powell push for Iraq resolution  The United Nations must act quickly on Iraq to avoid unilateral U.S. action, U.S. President and Secretary of State said 2002 Sep.4   Powell heckled at Earth Summit  U.S. Secretary of State has faced a stormy reception as he sought to defend America's record on the environment 2002 Sep.3   Powell rejects Iraq inspections offer  The US Secretary of State hinted that the president is close to making a public declaration of his intentions 2002 Sep.1   Powell: New Iraq arms probe needed  Washington wants the first step to be the return of weapons inspectors to assess Saddam's arms capability 2002 Aug.8   U.S., Palestinian leaders call talks 'good'  Colin Powell and 3 top Palestinian officials had a 75-minute meeting on political, economic and security concerns 2002 Jul.28   Powell arrived  Secretary of State is making a 9-country Asia tour focussing on reducing tensions between India and Pakistan 2002 Jul.12   Arafat sent letter to Powell  Palestinian leader is urging U.S. Secretary of State in the lengthy letter to pressure Israel to take reciprocal steps 2002 Apr.15   Powell held talks in Lebanon and Syria  US Secretary of State is due to hold further talks with Sharon on Tuesday and with Arafat on Wednesday 2002 Apr.14     Powell talks peace with Arafat  US Secretary of State has spent 3 hours in talks with Palestinian leader to try to secure a ceasefire 2002 Apr.13   US approves Arafat-Powell meeting  Arafat has made a statement condemning 'all terrorist acts which target civilians', opening the way for a meeting 2002 Apr.12   Powell postpones Arafat talks  US Secretary of State has postponed talks with the Palestinian leader in the wake of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem 2002 Apr.11   Powell in Israel as campaign continues  US Secretary of State is on a mission to try to end soaring violence between Israel and the Palestinians 2002 Apr.5   Israel given new pullout warning  Colin Powell, has told Israel it should stop its military operations without delay 2002 Apr.4   Powell to be sent to Mid-East  Bush demanded that Israel withdraw its troops from the Palestinian cities, while accusing Arafat of betraying the hopes 2002 Mar.29   US plea to halt Mid-East carnage  Powell has called for restraint by Israel and the Palestinians, condemning terrorist attacks and cautioning Israel 2002 Mar.6   Powell condemns 'war on Palestinians'  Israel launched more attacks against Palestinian targets in the West Bank and Gaza 2002 Feb.5     US softens line on 'evil axis'  Secretary of State Powell has said America is willing to talk to states which Bush described as an 'axis of evil 2002 Jan.16   Powell boost for new Afghan leader  The US Secretary of State has pledged commitment to reconstruction in Afghanistan. Karzai vowed to root out corruption 2002 Jan.15   Powell on South Asia peace tour  US Secretary of State hopes to defuse tensions with India over Kashmir

year 2001 Top ^

2001 Dec.10   Russia, U.S. close on weapons cuts  President Putin and Colin Powell came nearer to an agreement on reducing the arsenal of offensive arms 2001 Dec.3   Europe anti-terror summit  Foreign ministers of the 55-nation OSCE opened a 2-day conference. Powell to join the session 2001 Nov.20   Powell pledges U.S. commitment  Secretary of State is sending Gen. Anthony Zinni to work with Israel and the Palestinians 2001 Nov.14   U.S. to call for Israeli withdrawal  Colin Powell is expected to call for a major withdrawal from Palestinian territories 2001 Nov.7   U.S. will deal with Iraq eventually  Powell says it will be part of war against terrorism once U.S. had finished the campaign in Afghanistan 2001 Oct.21   Campaign may end by winter's start  Colin Powell said winter conditions would place constraints on operations 2001 Oct.16   Powell arrives in India  Secretary of State touched down in the Indian capital hours after meetings in Pakistan   Powell met Musharraf  US and Pakistan have said their goal is a broad-based multi-ethnic government in Afghanistan 2001 Oct.15   US and UN talk post-Taliban rule  Powell said the United Nations will play a leading role   Powell arrived in Pakistan  US Secretary of State is looking to talk to Pakistan's leaders about Afghanistan's political future 2001 Sep.23     US to produce Bin Laden evidence
  Colin Powell said the in the next few days evidence will be put before the world   US confirms losing spy plane  Colin Powell has dismissed fears that US forces could get trapped 2001 Sep.21   US have enough evidence  Powell said there was sufficient evidence to bring Osama Bin Laden before US court for crimes against humanity 2001 Aug.2   China denies Powell TV deal  Foreign Ministry said state-run TV told U.S. officials it would edit the interview which was broadcast before Powell left 2001 Jul.30   Push for Indonesia military ties  U.S. Secretary of State Powell and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld met Australian counterparts 2001 Jul.28   Powell visit 'very productive'  U.S. Secretary of State discussed with President Zemin and Premier Rongji human rights and exporting ballistic missiles 2001 Jul.27   Powell arrives in China  U.S. Secretary of State will try to improve and to meet President Zemin, Premier Rongji and Foreign Minister Jiaxuan 2001 Jul.24   Powell arrives in Hanoi  U.S. Secretary of State arrives for ASEAN forum 2001 Jun.28   Powell, Arafat meet  U.S. Secretary of State and Palestinian Authority President met to strengthen a cease-fire 2001 Jun.7   U.S.-North Korea talks  Powell met with South Korean Foreign Minister. Talks will cover arms, humanitarian needs 2001 Jun.3   Israel considers cease-fire response  Powell urges caution in suicide bombing response 2001 May.29   NATO foreign ministers meeting  Agenda: Security in the Balkans, defence and Iraq. Powell to reassure NATO over Balkans 2001 May.26   Powell meets Kenya's president  U.S. Secretary of State discussed the 1998 Embassy bombing and the conflict of Sudan 2001 May.2   Powell, Peres talks  Secretary of State and Israeli Foreign Minister discussed the Egyptian-Jordanian peace initiative 2001 Apr.11   U.S. joins Balkans peace mission  Colin Powell has held meeting with foreign ministers from the 6-nation Contact Group to tackle problems in the Balkans 2001 Apr.6   Powell: Detainees looked good  Secretary of State said there was movement in negotiations to release 24 military personnel in China 2001 Apr.4   Powell sends letter to China  U.S. Secretary of State sends personal letter to Chinese vice premier to end the standoff over the U.S. Navy plane and its crew 2001 Apr.2   U.S. approves aid to Yugoslavia  C. Powell has decided that Yugoslavia qualifies for $50 million aid, following Milosevic arrest 2001 Feb.24   Powell visits Middle East  Powell met with Mubarak, Barak and Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov and is preparing for meetings with Sharon and Arafat 2001 Feb.10   USA apologies after sub hits boat  Powell telephoned Japanese Foreign Minister. Rescuers are combing the waters for survivors 2001 Feb.4   AIDS a national security problem  Powell said US need to do more to fight the disease that is killing millions of people in Africa

year 2000 Top ^

2000 Dec.16   Powell named as secretary of state
  Bush named former U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman as first African-American secretary of state