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1. 12-27 Obama warns against irresponsible social media use Obama
C. 06-24 Trump accuses Obama of inaction over Russia meddling claim Washington
03-28 Trump signs order undoing Obama climate policies Washington
4. 03-04 Trump urged to back up claims his phones were tapped by Obama Washington
F. 01-17 Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence Washington
6. 01-12 Tearful Joe Biden awarded freedom medal by Obama Washington
7. 01-10 Obama speech: Democracy needs you Chicago
I. 01-04 Obama urges fellow Democrats to fight for Obamacare Washington


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Obama speech: Democracy needs you   Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for hacking  The administration announced its retaliation for Russian efforts to interfere with the US presidential election, ordering sweeping new sanctions Obama vows action against Russia over election hacks Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet at White House   Barack Obama in Cuba at start of historic visit   President Barack Obama is the first sitting US president to visit since the 1959 revolution, which heralded decades of hostility   Nancy Reagan death: President Obama leads tributes  US President Barack Obama has led tributes to former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who has died at the age of 94 Obama: US gun control inaction must end G7 summit: Obama and Merkel firm on Russia sanctions Obama and Castro in historic US-Cuba meeting   State of the Union: Obama demands spread of wealth   US President has declared an end to the financial crisis and pledged economic policies to benefit all Americans, in his annual address to Congress   Obama offer to 5m illegal migrants   Nearly five million people living illegally in the US can escape deportation under sweeping changes to the US immigration system MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama Obama: Russia should move troops Obama pledges action on inequality Obama announces plan to curb NSA Janet Yellen nominated by Obama to head US Federal Reserve Obama and Rouhani speak by phone   U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the first communication between U.S. and Iranian leaders since... Obama defends 'just' drones war Obama signs budget cuts into effect Obama pledges to reignite economy Obama sworn in as US president Map of White House USA  Barack Obama has officially been sworn in for his second term as US president in a small ceremony at the White House Obama's Pentagon pick stokes row President Obama praises US 'fiscal cliff' deal

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March 2017 ... more > Top ^
Mar.28  Washington  Trump signs order undoing Obama climate policies

January 2017 ... more > Top ^
Jan.17  Washington  Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence
Jan.10   Chicago
Jan.4  Washington  Obama urges fellow Democrats to fight for Obamacare

year 2016 Top ^

December 2016 ... more > Top ^
Dec.29   Washington
Dec.15   Washington

November 2016 ... more > Top ^
Nov.10   Washington

June 2016 ... more > Top ^
Jun.16  Florida  Orlando shooting: Obama condemns LGBT discrimination

April 2016 ... more > Top ^
Apr.1  Washington  Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama

March 2016 ... more > Top ^
Mar.20   Cuba
Mar.6   Washington

January 2016 ... more > Top ^
Jan.12  U.S. Congress  Obama puts 'focus on the future' in State of the Union address
Jan.5   Washington

year 2015 Top ^

Aug.3  Washington  Obama unveils Clean Power Plan
Jul.25  Kenya  Trials would aid fight against corruption - Obama
Jun.10  Washington  Obama 'to send 500 more troops to Iraq'
Jun.7   Bavaria
Apr.11   Panama
Feb.18  Washington  US 'war on those perverting Islam'
Jan.20   U.S. Congress

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.20   Washington
Oct.15  Washington  Obama: Ebola risk very low in US
Aug.7  Washington  Obama authorises US Iraq air strikes
Jul.18   Washington
May.10  Washington  Michelle Obama: Nigeria kidnappings 'unconscionable'
Mar.28   Washington
Jan.28   U.S. Congress
Jan.17   Washington

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.10  Johannesburg  Obama pays tribute at Mandela memorial
Oct.30  Washington  Obama pledges to 'fix' healthcare
Oct.27  Washington  Obama 'not told of Merkel bugging'
Oct.9   Washington
Oct.8  Washington  Obama: Republicans using 'extortion'
Sep.27   Iran
Aug.28  Washington  Obama 'sure Syria behind attack'
Jul.19  Washington  'Trayvon could have been me' - Obama
Jun.29  South Africa  Obama praises Mandela 'inspiration'
Jun.17  Northern Ireland  Obama and Putin push Syria G8 summit
Jun.7  Southern California  Xi Jinping joins Obama for summit
May.23   Washington
Mar.20  Tel Aviv  Obama on first Israel trip as president
Mar.1   Washington
Feb.12   U.S. Congress
Jan.20   Washington
Jan.7   Washington
Jan.1   Washington
  Obama has hailed a deal reached to stave off drastic taxation and spending measures as 'just one step in the broader effort to strengthen the economy'

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.21  Washington  Obama 'to nominate John Kerry' Dec.11  Washington  Obama recognises Syria opposition Nov.6   Chicago   Obama re-elected as US president
  The president earlier scored a big win in Pennsylvania. Obama also walked away with a win in the swing states of New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan
 Elsewhere, Obama and Romney each racked up expected victories in relatively safe territory. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, has called the president to concede the race
   Obama, Romney remain locked in tight race Nov.5   Ohio Obama and Romney push to the finish
Oct.31   New Jersey Obama visits storm disaster zone Oct.22   Florida Candidates spar on foreign policy Oct.16  New York  Obama hits back in fiery debate Oct.3   Colorado   US rivals square off at debate   US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are clashing over their economic proposals in the first of three presidential debates Sep.25  UN Gen. Assembly  Obama delivers UN Assembly speech Sep.11  Washington  Obama marks 11th 9/11 anniversary Sep.6   North Carolina Obama accepts White House nomination   Barack Obama has accepted the nomination of the Democratic party, and is delivering a speech telling voters they face a 'choice of a generat... Sep.4  North Carolina  First Lady rallies Democratic crowds Aug.20  Washington  Obama warns Syria on chemical arms Jul.22  Colorado  Obama heads to cinema attack city Jun.29  Colorado  Obama sees Colorado wildfire destruction May.21   Chicago NATO summit Oks Obama's Afghan timetable May.5  Ohio  Obama rally kicks off campaign Jan.24  U.S. Congress  Obama demands economic fairness Jan.5  Washington  Obama unveils smaller US military

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.23   U.S. Congress Obama beats Congress in tax fight
Sep.19  Washington  Obama outlines US deficit plans Sep.17  Washington  New Obama plan to tax wealthiest Sep.8  U.S. Congress  Obama unveils crucial jobs plan Aug.2   Washington Obama signs bill to end default threat   President Barack Obama has signed legislation to increase the US debt ceiling and avert a financial default after Congress voted Jul.31  Washington  Obama announces US deficit deal Jun.22  Washington  Obama orders cut in Afghan force May.20  Washington  Obama and Netanyahu admit 'differences' May.19   Washington   Obama made major Middle East speech   President Barack Obama has given a key US policy speech about the Middle East and the wider Arab world May.6   Kentucky Obama meets Bin Laden raid team May.5  Manhattan  Obama in 9/11 tribute after B Laden death May.2  Washington  Obama: World 'safer' without Bin Laden Apr.29  Alabama  Obama visits tornado-ravaged zone Apr.27   Washington Obama releases birth certificate   The White House releases President Barack Obama's birth certificate, in response to persistent rumours he was not born in the US Apr.19  Washington  U.S. first lady's plane aborts landing Jan.18  Washington  Obama hosts China's Hu at dinner

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.22   Washington Obama signs law ending military gay ban  US President Barack Obama has signed a landmark law allowing gay people serving in the military to be open about their sexuality Dec.6   Washington Deal reached on Bush era tax cuts
Jun.24  Washington  Obama and Medvedev hail 're-set' ties Jun.23  Washington  Obama fires US Afghan commander Jun.15  Washington  Obama in national address on oil Apr.13  Washington  Obama: 'Real progress' at nuclear summit Apr.8  Moscow  Obama, Medvedev sign arms treaty Jan.21  Washington  Obama pushes new bank regulation

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.1  Upstate New York  Obama: 3-year plan to end Afghan war Nov.17  Beijing  Trade focus for Obama talks Oct.9   Norway Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize   Obama said that he was 'surprised and deeply humbled' by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award him the 2009 Nobel Peace Pri... Sep.9   U.S. Congress Obama urges action on healthcare
  US President has made one of the most critical speeches of his presidency, as he faced Congress over his plans for healthcare reform Jul.22  Washington  Obama defends health care reforms Jul.20   Washington Obama hails Apollo 11 astronauts  President has praised the 'heroism' of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins who made the first landing on the Moon 40 years ago Jul.10  Ghana  Obama's trip sends message to Africa Jun.6  France  Leaders' tribute to D-Day heroes Jun.4   Egypt Obama speaks of tensions with Muslims
Apr.29  Washington  Obama marks 100th day in office Apr.17  Trinidad & Tobago  Obama offers Cuba 'new beginning' Mar.20  Iran  Obama offers Iran 'new beginning' Feb.26   Washington Obama to pull troops from Iraq in 2010 Feb.18   Washington Obama's housing plan 'to help 9m'  The plan will provide refinancing to 4 to 5 million 'responsible homeowners' and a 'homeowner stability initiative' to reduce monthly paymen... Jan.23  Washington  Obama reverses abortion-funding policy Jan.22   Washington Obama signs order to close Guantanamo  President Obama issued 3 executive orders to demonstrate a clean break from the Bush administration Jan.20   Washington President Obama sworn into history
  Barack Obama launched his presidency before an estimated 1.5 million people on the National Mall with somber yet confident tones
 After being sworn in as the first African-American US leader, President Obama uses his inaugural address to pledge a 'new era of responsibility. He said the country will overcome its serious economic and international challenges

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.5  Global  World leaders hail Obama triumph Nov.4   Washington Barack Obama wins presidential election
  As polls closed on the West coast, the senator was projected to receive enough electoral votes to pass the 270-vote threshold.    Obama is projected to win California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Virginia. Democratic Senator s...
Oct.7  Tennessee  McCain, Obama trade blows on economy Sep.26   Southern U.S. McCain and Obama spar in first debate Aug.28   Colorado Obama launches historic campaign Aug.22   Chicago Senator Joe Biden is Obama's choice Jul.19  Kabul  Obama opens foreign tour Jun.7  Washington  Clinton backs Obama and bows out Jun.3   U. S. Midwest Obama winner of Democratic race
  Democratic presidential candidate has earned enough delegates to clinch his party's nomination, US media have projected.    On the final day of primary voting, Obama won the day's other primary, in Montana....
Feb.26  Ohio  Democrats meet in crucial debate Feb.12  Washington  Obama, McCain sweep Potomac primaries Jan.3  Iowa  Huckabee and Obama take Iowa wins

year 2007 Top ^

Feb.10  U. S. Midwest  Obama launches presidential bid