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Arrest Main Event: Pakistani police arrest P...
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B. 2014-03-31 Musharraf charged in treason case Pakistan
C. 2013-12-23 Musharraf faces trial for treason Pakistan
D. 2013-11-17 Pakistan to try ex-President Musharraf for treason Pakistan
E. 2013-08-19 Musharraf charged over Bhutto case Pakistan
5. 2013-04-20 Musharraf in custody for two weeks Pakistan
2013-04-19 Pakistani police arrest Pervez Musharraf Islamabad, Pakistan
7. 2013-04-18 Musharraf placed under house arrest Islamabad, Pakistan
8. 2013-04-18 Court orders Musharraf's arrest Pakistan
J. 2013-04-16 Musharraf barred from May polls Pakistan


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  Musharraf charged over Bhutto case  Ex-President Pervez Musharraf has been indicted on 3 charges over the 2007 assassination of opposition leader and former PM Benazir Bhutto   Pakistani police arrest Pervez Musharraf Map of Islamabad Pakistan

year 2014 Top ^

Mar.31    Musharraf charged in treason case

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.23    Musharraf faces trial for treason
Nov.17    Pakistan to try ex-President Musharraf for treason
Apr.20    Musharraf in custody for two weeks
  Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has been arrested on charges relating to the unlawful detention of judges in 2007
Apr.18   Musharraf placed under house arrest   Court orders Musharraf's arrest Apr.16   Musharraf barred from May polls Apr.12    Musharraf acknowledges secret U.S. deal on drones Apr.7    Pakistan approves Musharraf poll bid Mar.24   Karachi   Musharraf returns to Pakistan
  Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has arrived back in Pakistan, ending four years of self-imposed exile and defying death threats
Mar.23    Pakistani Taliban vows to kill Musharraf

year 2012 Top ^

Jan.8    Musharraf will return to Pakistan this month

year 2011 Top ^

Feb.12     Pakistan seeks Musharraf's arrest  A Pakistani anti-terrorism court has issued an arrest warrant for former military ruler P over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007

year 2010 Top ^

Apr.17    Party: Musharraf failed to protect Bhutto

year 2008 Top ^

Aug.18     Musharraf resigns
  Pakistani President announced his resignation Monday after weeks of pressure to relinquish power
 Pervez Musharraf told the nation in a TV address that he would step down. Sumroo, speaker of the Senate and a political ally of Musharraf, will lead the country until a new election is held by parliament. It is unclear whether Musharraf, who took power in a coup in 1999, will face prosecution now that he is out of power
Aug.16    Musharraf 'running out of time' Aug.13     Musharraf calls for reconciliation  Embattled President called for political reconciliation and gave no indication of the growing possibility of his impeachment Aug.12  NW Pakistan  2nd assembly urges Musharraf to resign Aug.11    Pressure grows on Musharraf to quit Aug.7   Musharraf faces impeachment fight  The head of ruling coalition announced that the government will move to impeach President Pervez Musharraf Jul.4    Musharraf accused of N. Korea nuke deal Mar.25    Musharraf swears in old foe as new PM Feb.20   Musharraf reaches out to rivals Feb.19    Musharraf rules out resignation Feb.18   Musharraf party 'lagging in poll'
  The opposition parties are well ahead in the country's elections. The ruling PML-Q would be consigned to the opposition if results were confirmed.    Supporters of opposition parties including Sharif's PML-N and ...
Jan.20  Belgium  Musharraf begins European visit Jan.11    Musharraf rejects UN Bhutto probe Jan.6    Musharraf: Bhutto death her own fault Jan.4    Musharraf denies Bhutto death role Jan.3    Musharraf: Bhutto inquiry 'unsatisfactory'

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.29   Musharraf cracks down on rioters Dec.15   Musharraf lifts emergency rule
  President lifted a 6-week-old state of emergency and said that he imposed it as a last resort to save Pakistan from destruction Dec.9    Musharraf promises 'fair' elections Nov.29  Washington  US hails Pakistan leader's pledge   Musharraf vows to end emergency   Pakistan's President, addressing the nation, has announced that he intends to lift a state of emergency on December 16 Nov.28   Musharraf sworn in for second term
Map of Islamabad Pakistan  President Musharraf was given the oath of office by newly-installed chief justice at a ceremony in the presidential palace Nov.27   Rawalpindi Musharraf steps down as army chief Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan  In a highly emotional speech, Pakistani President stepped down from his position as army chief, announcing his retirement Nov.26   Musharraf to quit army 'this week' Nov.22   Court upholds Musharraf election Nov.17    US tells Musharraf to step back    U.S. envoy meets with Pakistani leader Nov.16    Musharraf pours scorn on Bhutto Nov.15   Musharraf set to unveil new team Nov.13   Bhutto to Musharraf: Step down Nov.11   Musharraf: I am safeguarding Pakistan Nov.8   Musharraf sets election deadline Nov.7   Washington Bush urges Musharraf on election Nov.6    Top judge attacks Musharraf rule Nov.5  Washington  U.S. to Musharraf: Cut army ties Nov.3   Musharraf imposes emergency rule
  President Pervez Musharraf has declared emergency rule and suspended the constitution. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has been replaced.    Troops have been deployed inside state-run TV stations. The independent channels have gone off air. Chief Justice Chaudhry, who condemned the moves, has been being confined to the Supreme Court with 10 other judges. The court was ...
Oct.6    Musharraf call for Pakistan unity   Musharraf 'elected for third term'   Supreme Court could still choose to disqualify the U.S.-backed general, effectively holding the country in political limbo Oct.5   Musharraf faces election setback
Oct.2    Musharraf appoints army successor Sep.28   Musharraf wins ruling on army role   Supreme Court dismissed legal challenges to President's bid for a new five-year term Sep.20   Al Qaeda declares war on Musharraf Sep.17   Musharraf to 'give up army post'  The chief lawyer for the President says he will give up his post of army chief soon afterwards if he is re-elected Aug.30   No decision yet from Musharraf on army Aug.29    Bhutto: Musharraf to quit as military chief Aug.11    Musharraf 'to join Afghan jirga' Aug.9    Rice sways Musharraf on emergency Jul.28  Abu Dhabi  Musharraf in talks with Bhutto Jul.7    Musharraf issues mosque ultimatum Jul.6    Guns fired near president's plane Jul.5   Musharraf orders mosque pause Mar.20   Musharraf forges ahead amid chaos Mar.12   Country's top judge suspended  Lawyers protest against Musharraf. They have boycotted courts across Pakistan in protest at President's

year 2006 Top ^

Sep.28  London  Blair, Musharraf meet Sep.27   Washington Bush meets with anti-terror allies
Sep.21   Musharraf 'U.S. threatened to bomb us'  Musharraf: U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age if he did not help war on terror Sep.6  Kabul  Musharraf in Afghanistan Mar.5    Musharraf blasts Afghan leader Mar.4    Bush, Musharraf show solidarity

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.22    Drop off supplies, Musharraf urges Jul.29   Madrassa foreigners 'must leave'
May.31    Al Qaeda suspect bound for U.S. Apr.18   New Delhi India and Pakistan say peace 'irreversible' Mar.20   Thousands rally against Musharraf

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.18    Musharraf to stay on as army chief Dec.5   Musharraf: Bin Laden Trail Has Gone Cold
Sep.15   Musharraf plans to keep army post Jul.5   Iron Curtain Between West, Muslims May.31   Musharraf vows to quell violence Feb.5    President pardons nuke scientist Jan.23    Musharraf: We will act over nukes Jan.4   India, Pakistan leaders meet  President Musharraf welcomed Prime Minister Vajpayee

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.31    Parliaments seal Musharraf rule Dec.25   Musharraf survives two-pronged attack  Would-be assassins launched a 2-pronged suicide attack against a convoy, the second attempt to kill the President in the last 12 days Dec.14   Near miss for Musharraf convoy  An explosion has gone off just seconds after the President's convoy passed by. No-one was hurt Jun.24  Washington  Musharraf: We are after al Qaeda

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.9    Musharraf promises 'clean' elections Aug.13    Musharraf vows to crush militancy Jun.6    Musharraf seeks to reassure US Jun.1  India  India rules out Musharraf meeting    Musharraf: Nuclear war unthinkable May.27    Musharraf: Pakistan does not want war Apr.30   Musharraf won referendum
Jan.12   Musharraf declares war on extremism  President pledged to punish hard anyone responsible for extremism in Kashmir or involved in religious intolerance

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.8  England  Musharraf visits England Nov.7    Musharraf: Ramadan warning Oct.8    Musharraf wants talks with India Oct.5    Blair praises Pakistan's support Sep.19    Pakistan warns of 'destruction' Jul.15   India India, Pakistan cordial summit
Jul.13  New Delhi  Musharraf arrives in New Delhi Jul.4    Kashmir solution is top priority Jun.20   Musharraf assumes presidency  Military ruler has been sworn in and replaced President Rafic Tarar Jun.19  India  Pakistan-India set summit date