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  Khatami speaks on nukes, Jews  Former Iranian President: Dialogue and negotiation are the only ways to resolve the nuclear issue President urges Iranians to vote  Mohammad Khatami has urged to vote, to stop conservatives from winning control of parliament Khatami considers elections illegitimate  President said a deadlock had been reached in talks to overturn a ban on reformist candidates by the Guardian Council Moderates reject Khatami plea
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  Ahmadinejad lashes out at ex-presidents  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Mohammad Khatami and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani of colluding with his chief rival   Khatami won't run for president
  Former president blasts post-election trials  Mohammad Khatami blasted the trials of people arrested in demonstrations as an 'insult' to Iran and Islam   Ex-president seeks to free detainees

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  Iranians worried about their loved ones detained in the protests. Mohammad Khatami met with families of some of the people detained
  Iran's moderate former president will not challenge President Ahmadinejad in the upcoming presidential election

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Sep.7   Washington

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  Reformist lawmakers have refused call to end their protest over the disqualification of hundreds of candidates for parliament

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Dec.29   Southern Iran Khatami promises to rebuild quake-hit city
Map of Bam Iran  Iranian President has promised to rebuild the ancient city of Bam, which was leveled by a devastating earthquake Jul.12   Khatami offers to quit  Facing criticism within reformist party, President said that 'if this nation says that they do not want us, we will leave' May.28   Iran hits back at U.S. pressure  At the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Khatami denied U.S. charges that it is harboring al Qaeda May.12   Beirut Shiite Muslims cheer Iran's president  Tens of thousands whistled, cheered and waved flags as Mohammad Khatami drove through the streets of Beirut

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Jan.26     Annan thanks Iran for Afghan support  Secretary General was holding talks with President Mohammad Khatami

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Nov.11   UN   Khatami addresses 'Root of terrorism'  Iranian President expressed his sorrow for killed on September 11, but said the root causes of terrorism must be examined Aug.8   Khatami sworn in  President criticised Justice Department which has shut down dozens of newspapers Jun.10   Khatami promises democracy  President promised to heed his supporters' demands for justice and freedom. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for unity Jun.9   Khatami re-elected by landslide
  Reformist President receiving 77.4% of the votes to push forward to the controls of conservative clerics
Jun.5   Khatami presses U.S. on sanctions  Iranian president has said there will be no change in policies towards the U.S. unless Washington moves first May.28   Khatami pledged to pursue reforms  In a campaign speech President criticized jailing and harassing journalists May.4   Khatami seeks another term
  Current President, leader of reform movement, has registered to run in presidential elections on June 8
Mar.14   Russia Khatami praises Russian ties  Iran's President called on the countries to cooperate in regional security. Russia support for Iranian nuclear program alarms US Mar.12   Russia Iranian president visiting Russia  Khatami has arrived for a 4-day visit for expanding trade and technical co-operation

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Nov.26   Khatami says he is powerless  President Khatami accused his hard-liners of constitutional violations and said he powerless to stop them

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B. 2009-08-02 Former president blasts post-election trials Iran
2009-07-03 Ex-president seeks to free detainees Iran
D. 2009-06-03 Ahmadinejad lashes out at ex-presidents Iran
4. 2009-03-16 Khatami won't run for president Iran
5. 2004-02-16 President urges Iranians to vote Iran
6. 2004-01-30 Khatami considers elections illegitimate Iran
H. 2004-01-14 Moderates reject Khatami plea Iran
I. 2003-12-29 Khatami promises to rebuild quake-hit city Bam, Southern Iran

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03/16 Khatami won't run for president
2009 2009
Election, Vote
2006 2006
Election, Vote
09/07 Khatami speaks on nukes, Jews
02/16 President urges Iranians to vote
01/30 Khatami considers elections illegitimate
2004 2004
Election, Vote
2003 2003
Election, Vote
05/12 Shiite Muslims cheer Iran's president
Election, Vote
2002 2002
Election, Vote
01/26 Annan thanks Iran for Afghan support
06/09 Khatami re-elected by landslide
05/28 Khatami pledged to pursue reforms
05/04 Khatami seeks another term
03/14 Khatami praises Russian ties
03/12 Iranian president visiting Russia
Election, Vote
2000 2000
Election, Vote
2000 2000

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