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War & Army Main Event: Afghan troops urge Ka...
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2014-02-09 Afghan troops urge Karzai to sign security deal Kabul
C. 2013-11-25 Karzai stands by US deal delay Kabul
3. 2013-10-07 Karzai: Nato has caused suffering Kabul
E. 2013-08-27 Karzai condemns Afghan attacks Afghanistan
F. 2013-08-25 Karzai in Pakistan for key talks Islamabad, Pakistan
G. 2013-03-30 Afghan head set for Qatar talks Qatar
7. 2013-03-14 Karzai talk 'put Nato lives at risk' Afghanistan
8. 2013-03-10 Karzai rebuke for US and Taliban Kabul

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Karzai, 21st Century, Time by Topic
Time War & Army Crime Election, Vote
02/24 US forces 'must leave' Afghan region
02/16 Karzai limits Afghan air strike help
01/11 Obama and Karzai discuss endgame
2013 2013
Election, Vote
2013 2013
Election, Vote
War & Army
2012 2012
War & Army
2012 2012
Election, Vote
2012 2012
Election, Vote
11/16 Karzai aims to set limits on U.S. troops
06/18 Karzai: U.S. in peace talks with Taliban
03/06 Karzai rebukes US on child deaths
07/17 Key Karzai aide attacked
07/12 Karzai's half-brother shot dead
Election, Vote
2011 2011
Election, Vote
06/26 Karzai backs choice of Petraeus
2010 2010
04/01 Karzai accuses UN over election fraud
09/21 Karzai backs U.S. call for more troops
2009 2009
10/26 Afghan rivals row over poll chief
10/20 Karzai accepts election runoff
09/17 Karzai warns West over vote fraud claims
09/16 Karzai blasts EU over 'suspicious vote' claim
09/08 Recount clouds Karzai poll lead
09/06 Karzai closer to Afghan poll win
08/16 Karzai, rivals debate as elections near
11/26 Karzai defends Taliban peace move
07/06 Karzai orders probe into deadly U.S. strike
04/29 Karzai was warned of assassination plot
04/26 President flees ceremony attack
Election, Vote
2008 2008
Election, Vote
07/01 Karzai orders bomb deaths probe
06/23 Karzai blasts NATO over deaths
2007 2007
Election, Vote
2007 2007
Election, Vote
War & Army
2006 2006
War & Army
2006 2006
Election, Vote
2006 2006
Election, Vote
War & Army
2004 2004
War & Army
2004 2004
11/03 Karzai declared poll winner
10/24 Karzai wins Afghan majority
10/09 Karzai rivals demand new vote
War & Army
2002 2002
War & Army
09/05 Karzai escapes assassin
Election, Vote
2002 2002
Election, Vote
War & Army
2001 2001
War & Army
2001 2001
Election, Vote
2001 2001
Election, Vote

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US forces 'must leave' Afghan region   Karzai limits Afghan air strike help   Afghan security forces are to be banned from calling for foreign air strikes in residential areas, President Hamid Karzai has said   Obama and Karzai discuss endgame   President Barack Obama has welcomed Afghan President Hamid Karzai to the White House to discuss the future role of the US in Afghanistan Obama, Karzai sign partnership pact   Karzai 'plans talks with Taliban'  The Afghan government is planning to meet the Taliban in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to jump-start peace talks   Key Karzai aide attacked  Jan Mohammad Khan, a key ally of Karzai, is believed to have been killed in the attack   Karzai's half-brother shot dead

year 2014 Top ^

Feb.25  Washington  US plans full Afghanistan pullout, Obama tells Karzai
Feb.9  Kabul  Afghan troops urge Karzai to sign security deal

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.25  Kabul  Karzai stands by US deal delay
Oct.7  Kabul  Karzai: Nato has caused suffering
Aug.27    Karzai condemns Afghan attacks
Aug.25  Pakistan  Karzai in Pakistan for key talks
Mar.30  Qatar  Afghan head set for Qatar talks
Mar.14    Karzai talk 'put Nato lives at risk'
Mar.10  Kabul  Karzai rebuke for US and Taliban
Feb.16   Kabul
Jan.11   Washington
Jan.7  Washington  Afghan leader in crucial US visit

year 2012 Top ^

Jul.7  Japan  Karzai urges help for 'progress'
May.1   Kabul
Apr.16  Kabul  Karzai chides Nato over Afghan attacks
Feb.27  Kabul  Karzai condemns fatal bombing at airfield
Jan.27  London  Hamid Karzai in Britain for talks

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.6  Kabul  Karzai flies home after Afghan blast
Dec.5  West Germany  Taliban could return, Karzai warns
Nov.16  Kabul  Karzai aims to set limits on U.S. troops
Oct.5    Afghans 'foil Karzai death plot'
Oct.3  Kabul  Karzai: Pakistan in 'double game'
Sep.30  Kabul  Karzai gives up on Taliban talks
Jul.17   Kabul
Jul.12   Kandahar
  Ahmed Wali Karzai, the Kandahar provincial council chief, was killed during a gathering at the hands of a guard
Jun.23  Kabul  Karzai welcomes U.S. troop withdrawal Jun.18   Kabul Karzai: U.S. in peace talks with Taliban  The United States is involved in peace talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a youth group Mar.10  Southern Afghanistan  Nato 'kills Hamid Karzai cousin' Mar.6  Kabul  Karzai rebukes US on child deaths

year 2010 Top ^

Oct.30  Kabul  Karzai criticises US-Russia raid Oct.24  Kabul  Karzai stands by ban on security firms Oct.10    Karzai: 'Unofficial contacts' with Taliban Sep.4  Kabul  Karzai sets up Taliban talks body Aug.16  Kabul  Order on private security raising questions Jul.26  Kabul  Karzai: NATO strike killed 52 civilians Jul.19   Kabul Karzai seeks greater aid control Jun.26  Kabul  Karzai backs choice of Petraeus May.10  Washington  Hamid Karzai set for crucial US talks Apr.2  Washington  US concern at Karzai fraud claim Apr.1   Kabul Karzai accuses UN over election fraud
  Afghan President has accused foreign election observers of fraud during last year's disputed vote Jan.16   Kabul Lawmakers reject most of Karzai's picks

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.19   Kabul Hamid Karzai sworn in for second term  Western leaders have urged Karzai to deliver tangible improvements in Afghans' lives Nov.2   Kabul Karzai vows to battle corruption
  Kabul Karzai declared elected president
  Afghan electoral officials declared incumbent President Hamid Karzai the winner of another term in office, after canceling second round of voting
Oct.31   Kabul Afghan rivals talk over vote boycott Oct.26   Kabul Afghan rivals row over poll chief Oct.20   Kabul Karzai accepts election runoff
  Afghan President bowed to Western pressure, agreeing to take part in a presidential runoff vote in two weeks
Oct.19  Kabul  Abdullah ready for runoff with Karzai Sep.21  Kabul  Karzai backs U.S. call for more troops Sep.17   Kabul Karzai warns West over vote fraud claims Sep.16   Kabul Karzai blasts EU over 'suspicious vote' claim Sep.12  Kabul  Karzai maintains lead in Afghan election Sep.8   Kabul Recount clouds Karzai poll lead  Latest results from presidential election show President Hamid Karzai with 54.1% of the vote after 92% of polling stations declared Sep.6   Kabul Karzai closer to Afghan poll win Aug.29  Kabul  Karzai extends poll lead Aug.27   Kabul US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks' Aug.26  Kabul  Karzai maintains lead in vote count Aug.25   Kabul Partial results put Karzai ahead in vote Aug.16   Kabul Karzai, rivals debate as elections near  President Karzai, heavily criticized for skipping a candidates' debate, met two of his political rivals in a nationally televised debate May.6   Washington   Obama hails unity over al-Qaeda  US President has said after meeting his Afghan and Pakistani counterparts that they are united in the goal of defeating al-Qaeda Apr.4   Kabul Karzai to review move toward sharia law  Amid mounting pressure from the West, Afghan President says his government will review a recent version of a law that legalizes marital rape Feb.28  Kabul  Afghan president urges April poll

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.26   Kabul Karzai defends Taliban peace move
Aug.24  Kabul  Karzai fires commanders over civil. Deaths Jul.20  Kabul  Obama meets with Afghan president Jul.6  Kabul  Karzai orders probe into deadly U.S. strike Apr.29   Kabul Karzai was warned of assassination plot Apr.26   Kabul President flees ceremony attack   Hamid Karzai and other quickly scrambled toward safety when the sound of gunfire and explosions interrupted a military ceremony Feb.7   Kabul Karzai denies tensions with West

year 2007 Top ^

Aug.6  Washington  Bush and Karzai vow 'an end to Taliban' Aug.5  Washington  Karzai and Bush in security talks Jul.1  Kabul  Karzai orders bomb deaths probe Jun.23  Kabul  Karzai blasts NATO over deaths Jun.10    Karzai survives assassination attempt

year 2006 Top ^

Oct.27   Kabul Karzai condemns civilian deaths
Sep.27   Washington   Bush meets with anti-terror allies   U.S. President appealed Karzai and Musharraf to put aside their increasingly public differences Sep.26  Washington  Bush talks with Karzai Jun.22   Kabul Karzai criticises foreign tactics May.23   Kabul Karzai orders 'human shield' probe May.18   Afghan toll: Karzai lays blame Mar.5  Pakistan  Musharraf blasts Afghan leader

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.12    Karzai urges terror fight rethink May.23  Washington  Bush rejects Karzai army demand May.22  Washington  Karzai demands 'justice' from U.S. May.21   Kabul Afghan president pressed on opium
May.20  Kabul  Karzai angry at US Afghan 'abuse' Mar.17   Kabul Karzai announces election delay

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.7   Kabul Karzai Sworn in as President  Hamid Karzai was sworn in as Afghanistan's first popularly elected president, promising to bring peace to the nation Nov.3   Kabul Karzai declared poll winner
  Incumbent has been declared the winner of first direct presidential election Oct.24   Kabul Karzai wins Afghan majority
  Interim leader has won a majority of estimated votes cast in landmark presidential elections
Oct.13   Kabul Karzai rival ends election boycott Oct.9   Kabul Karzai rivals demand new vote  All but 2 of the candidates laid down charges of voter fraud and vowed to discount any results Mar.31   Berlin Kabul 'needs aid in war on drugs' Mar.27   Kabul Elections to be delayed

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.3    Rumsfeld visits

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.5   Kabul Karzai orders security review
  Kandahar Karzai escapes assassin  Kandahar governor wounded; gunman wore army uniform the new Afghan army. A bodyguard and shooter were killed Jun.24   Kabul Karzai swears in cabinet Jun.13   Kabul Karzai elected head of state  Karzai received more than 80% of the votes of loya jirga. His closest rival was a woman Feb.9   Kabul Karzai frees 300 Taleban soldiers Jan.24  Kabul  Annan arrives to back Afghan leaders Jan.16  Kabul  Powell boost for new Afghan leader Jan.7  Kabul  Blair visits Afghanistan

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.22  Kabul  Karzai appealed for billions of dollars Dec.21   Kabul Swearing-in of interim government
  Ceremony attended by representatives from every province. 30-member government is to be headed by Hamid Karzai
Dec.18    Karzai ready for foreign troops Dec.4  Ruhr  Karzai to head Afghanistan Nov.2    Taleban hunt Karzai