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Time Crime Visit
12/15 Chirac found guilty on corruption charges
09/04 Chirac trial due to open
03/07 Chirac goes on trial in France
2011 2011
09/21 Chirac to face trial by early next year
2010 2010
07/19 Chirac faces scandal judge
06/22 Chirac spurns scandal questioning
2007 2007
2006 2006
2006 2006
2005 2005
11/23 Chirac welcomes Merkel
02/21 Bush and Chirac find common ground
2004 2004
11/19 Chirac: U.N. should decide on wars
11/17 Blair and Chirac in London talks
03/16 Chirac, Schroeder pledge terror fight
2003 2003
11/24 Anglo-French summit
06/12 Chirac, Blair make up over Iraq
03/10 France, Russia threaten war veto
03/02 Chirac given rapturous reception
02/04 UK and France admit Iraq differences
07/14 Chirac gunman 'is neo-Nazi'
2002 2002
2001 2001
07/02 Chirac visits Putin

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  Chirac found guilty on corruption charges

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.15   Paris
  Former President Jacques Chirac was found guilty on charges stemming from his time as mayor of Paris and given a 2 year suspended sentence
Sep.4   Paris Chirac trial due to open Mar.7   Paris Chirac goes on trial in France

year 2010 Top ^

Sep.21   Paris Chirac to face trial by early next year

year 2007 Top ^

Jul.19   Paris Chirac faces scandal judge
Jun.22   Paris   Chirac spurns scandal questioning  The former French president has refused to appear as a witness in an inquiry into the so-called Clearstream affair Mar.21   Paris Chirac backs Sarkozy in poll race Mar.11   Paris   Chirac will not seek fresh term   Veteran French President has confirmed in a TV address that he will not be seeking a third term in office in April's election

year 2006 Top ^

Aug.25   Paris Chirac doubts Lebanon force size
Jul.14   Paris Chirac warns of 'African flood' Mar.31     Chirac to sign job law  French President will sign a youth employment law which has sparked mass protests Feb.15   Chirac orders 'toxic' warship home Feb.8   Paris   Chirac warns media over cartoons  French President has condemned as 'overt provocation' decisions to reprint cartoons satirising the Prophet

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.23   Paris Chirac welcomes Merkel
Nov.14   Paris Chirac vows firm action on unrest  French government decided to ask Parliament to extend emergency powers for 3 months to quell unrest Nov.6   Paris Chirac vows to punish rioters
  French President: The absolute priority is to reestablish security and public order
  Paris Chirac in crisis talks on riots  French President is holding crisis talks with key ministers about the growing wave of unrest Nov.2   Paris Chirac urges calm as riots spread
  French President has warned of a 'dangerous situation' following a 6th night of violence in poor Paris suburbs Sep.9    Chirac 'to miss' UN world summit Jun.4   Berlin Chirac, Schroeder urge EU action May.30   Paris Chirac set for government shakeup
  French President appeared set to replace his prime minister after voters rejected a proposed constitution for the EU May.3   Chirac urges French EU poll 'Yes Apr.14   Paris Chirac makes case for EU treaty  President has taken part in a live TV debate to persuade to vote in favour of the proposed EU constitution Feb.21   Belgium Bush and Chirac find common ground

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.19  England  Chirac: U.N. should decide on wars Nov.18   Chirac urges fairer world order
Nov.17   London Blair and Chirac in London talks Nov.16    Chirac questions US-led Iraq war Jun.29  Turkey  Bush rebuff to Chirac over Turkey Jun.28  Turkey  Chirac chides Bush over Turkey Jun.9   US Georgia Bush, Chirac let differences show Apr.29   Chirac defends EU enlargement Mar.28   Voters dump Chirac allies  Left parties have made strong gains in the second and final round of the regional elections Mar.16    Chirac, Schroeder pledge terror fight

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.17   Paris Chirac: Ban headscarves in schools  President has called for a law banning religious symbols in state schools and hospitals Nov.24   England Anglo-French summit
Aug.21   Heat deaths: Chirac pledges action Jun.12    Chirac, Blair make up over Iraq Jun.2     Bush to Chirac: Time to move on  Presidents talked through their differences in the 25-minute meeting at the G-8 summit Jun.1     G-8 leaders focus on common ground Map of Evian France  Leaders focused the first day of their summit on an effort to solve the economic woes of developing nations  Paris  Chirac welcomes Bush to G-8 summit Mar.20   Huge support for Chirac stance Mar.10   France, Russia threaten war veto  Chirac says France, like Russia, will vote against a second resolution that could lead to war against Iraq Mar.2  Algeria  Chirac given rapturous reception Feb.18   Chirac lashes out at 'new Europe' Feb.10   Paris Chirac, Putin: No need for war Feb.4    UK and France admit Iraq differences Jan.7   Chirac braces troops for Iraq war  President has given his clearest hint yet that France may participate in any military action against Iraq

year 2002 Top ^

Jul.14   Paris Chirac gunman 'is neo-Nazi'
  The man pulled out a rifle at Bastille Day parade just after President passed by. One shot was fired
Jun.16   Paris Chirac to begin assembling government  President has promised to deliver tax cuts, streamline the civil service, reform pensions and combat crime   Chirac allies 'win landslide'   Centre-right parties supporting President have won 399 of 577 seats in the second round of parliamentary elections Jun.9   Paris Centre-right 'heading for victory'  President Jacques Chirac's coalition government has made a strong showing in the first round of the parliamentary elections May.11    Chirac furious as fans boo anthem May.6   Chirac names moderate Raffarin as PM
May.5   Chirac to appoint new prime minister   Paris Chirac wins elections by a landslide
  Voters surged to the polls to keep out far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. The incumbent has won about 80% of the vote
May.4   Le Pen, Chirac ended campaigning Apr.23   Chirac rejects Le Pen debate Apr.21   Paris Shock success for Le Pen
  Early results suggest Jean Marie Le Pen is through to the second round to face the incumbent President Chirac on 5 May
Apr.19   Election wide open

year 2001 Top ^

Jul.2  Moscow  Chirac visits Putin Mar.28   Chirac rejects court summons