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  Obama tackles UK PM on Lockerbie  US President has voiced his disappointment directly to UK PM Gordon Brown over the release of the Lockerbie bomber US marks 9/11 amid shooting scare
Results needed soon in Afghanistan Firm cooperating in contractor probe Top Bush-era lawyer 'can be sued' Embattled Obama adviser resigns   Obama delivers school speech  The president delivered a hotly debated back-to-school speech to students across the country, urges students to work hard, stay in school U.S. to test carry-ons for explosives  The Transportation Security Administration is giving its airport checkpoint officers a kit to test for explosive powders Underfunding shackles NASA vision  A panel warns that NASA needs its annual $18bn budget boosted by $3bn if astronauts are to conduct missions like trips to the Moon and beyon...   Obama vows action on healthcare  President Barack Obama has said he intends 'to get something done this year' on healthcare reform   Obama urges action on healthcare

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Sep.3   Washington
Sep.4   Washington
Sep.5   Washington
Sep.8   Washington  
Sep.9   U.S. Congress  
  US President has made one of the most critical speeches of his presidency, as he faced Congress over his plans for healthcare reform
 He said that failure to introduce reform had led the country to breaking point and it was now time to act
Sep.10   Washington  
Sep.11   Washington  
  US President Barack Obama has led ceremonies to mark eight years since September 11, 2001, the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil.    The event was overshadowed by mistaken reports of a shooting...
  Washington   U.S ready for direct talks with N. Korea  In a dramatic policy shift, the administration said it is willing to engage directly as a way to bring the reclusive regime back to six-nation talks Sep.12   U.S. Congress   Tea party activists rally at U.S. Capitol  The conservative advocacy group Tea Party Express protest health care reform, higher taxes and out-of-control government spending Sep.14   Washington     Obama issues warning to bankers
  US President has warned bankers against complacency, saying that some in the industry are ignoring the lessons of the financial crisis
Sep.15   House of Representatives   US House rebukes heckler lawmaker  The House has voted to rebuke Joe Wilson, the Republican lawmaker who heckled President Barack Obama during a speech   Washington   U.S.: Venezuela could spark arms race  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: The United States fears recent weapons purchases by Venezuela could fuel an arms race in South America Sep.16   Washington   White House rejects racism claim  President Obama does not believe current criticism of his policies is based on the colour of his skin   Washington     US cut missile defence plan
  The US will abandon its plan to develop a missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic because Iran's missile program was less advanced
 Obama said there would be a 'proven, cost-effective' system using land- and sea-based interceptors against Iran's short- and medium-range missile threat
Sep.18   Washington   Terror probe suspect admits ties  24-year-old Najibullah Zazi who is a suspect in an alleged terrorist plot in the United States has admitted to having ties to al Qaeda Sep.19   Washington     Obama to meet Middle East leaders
  President Obama will hold separate talks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas, before a joint meeting
Sep.20   Washington   Obama rejects Russia missile link  The US president says his decision to shelve a missile defence plan was not dictated by Russian opposition Sep.23   Washington     US to talk to Burmese military  US Secretary of State says Washington will engage directly with Burma's military rulers in a bid to promote democracy there Sep.24   Washington   Sex trap tape 'doctored,' smear campaign  U.S.: A videotape on a Russian site allegedly showing a State Department employee having sex with a prostitute meant to discredit the man Sep.26   Washington     Hillary welcomes Iran inspection offer  US Secretary of State has given a cautious welcome to Iran's announcement that it will open a newly revealed nuclear plant to inspection Sep.28   Washington     US brands Zelaya return 'foolish'  Lewis Amselem, US ambassador to OAS: deposed Honduran President was 'irresponsible and foolish' to return before a settlement   Washington   U.S. Senator to meet Myanmar's PM  Sen. Jim Webb will meet with Myanmar's prime minister Monday on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City Sep.30   House of Representatives   U.S. to withdraw 4,000 troops from Iraq  The U.S. military commander in Iraq: The United States will withdraw another 4,000 troops in Iraq by the end of October

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B. 09-08 Obama delivers school speech Washington
09-09 Obama urges action on healthcare U.S. Congress
D. 09-11 US marks 9/11 amid shooting scare Washington
E. 09-11 U.S ready for direct talks with N. Korea Washington
F. 09-12 Tea party activists rally at U.S. Capitol U.S. Congress
6. 09-14 Obama issues warning to bankers Washington
H. 09-15 U.S.: Venezuela could spark arms race Washington
I. 09-16 White House rejects racism claim Washington
J. 09-16 US cut missile defence plan Washington

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U.S. Congress
09/09 Obama urges action on healthcare
09/12 Tea party activists rally at U.S. Capitol
09/15 US House rebukes heckler lawmaker
09/30 U.S. to withdraw 4,000 troops from Iraq
House of Representatives
09/15 US House rebukes heckler lawmaker
09/30 U.S. to withdraw 4,000 troops from Iraq

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