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US demands security from Palestinians  The United States has said the priority for the new prime minister Qurei must be to clamp down on militants   Dalai Lama calls for U.S. help  On a 16-day visit the Dalai Lama has called on lawmakers to continue supporting the cause of human rights in Tibet Iraq's deterioration underestimated  The United States underestimated the degree to which the infrastructure deteriorated under Saddam Hussein Vigils mark 9/11 anniversary Map of World Trade Center USA
US stands by Mid-East peace plan  Washington remains committed to the roadmap despite the surprise resignation of the Palestinian prime minister   Bush to ask 87 billions more for Iraq

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Sep.6   Washington  
Sep.7   Washington  
  President has told the American people that Iraq is ''now the central front' in a global war against terrorism
Sep.8   Washington  
Sep.9   Washington  
Sep.10   Washington  
Sep.11   Manhattan  
  The 3,000 people killed in 2001 are being honored at the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon and in rural Pennsylvania
  Washington     Spy plane 'gave secrets to China'  Classified material aboard a U.S. plane that collided with a Chinese jet in 2001 was not entirely destroyed by the crew Sep.12   Washington     U.S. urges Israel not to expel Arafat  Bush administration concerned the expulsion would crush efforts to make peace in the Middle East   Washington   US attacks France's Iraq proposals  Powell has described as 'totally unrealistic' a French proposal to transfer power next month to a provisional government Sep.17   Washington     Bush rejects Saddam link to 9/11  President has said there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 11 September attacks Sep.19   Washington   15 dead in storm  Isabel storm force winds wrought havoc across north-east United States. Winds of up to 90 mph uprooted trees Sep.22   Washington   Mastermind reveals 9/11 plot details  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed tsaid the plot was 5 years in the making and that a wave of suicide attacks was supposed to follow   Washington     Bush unbending on Iraq  Going to war with Iraq was 'the right decision', President said Sep.23   Washington   Airman charged with Guantanamo spying  Airman Ahmad al Halabi, a translator at the U.S. Navy base, has been charged with espionage and aiding the enemy Sep.25   Washington   US seeks Moussaoui case dismissal  The request by prosecutors is designed to stop Mr Moussaoui's access to other terrorist suspects Sep.26   Washington     US-Russia summit tackles Iran
  Bush and Putin have started a 2-day summit, with divisions over Iran's nuclear programme looming large
Sep.27   Washington     Putin makes no commitment on Iraq, Iran  Russian President emerged from talks with Bush with no commitment on his country's cooperation Sep.29   Washington   White House vows help in CIA leak probe
Map of White House USA
  The White House will cooperate with the Justice Department in its initial inquiry, but will not launch an internal probe
Sep.30   Washington     Bush backs CIA leak probe Map of White House USA
  President has welcomed a Justice Department investigation into claims White House illegally blew the cover of an agent


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