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9/11 Attack, 2001   Osama bin Laden, 2001   Washington Terror (124)   New York Rescue (9)   Washington Rescue (3)

Disasters Main Event: Terror attacks hit U.S.
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B. 09-06 Feds drop Microsoft breakup Washington
09-11 Terror attacks hit U.S. World Trade Center, Manhattan
3. 09-12 Rescuers struggle at Pentagon Washington
4. 09-13 5,000 people remain missing New York
F. 09-14 America mourns its dead Washington
G. 09-18 Bush sees hope for Middle East Washington
H. 09-20 Bush addresses nation in Congress U.S. Congress
I. 09-20 Blair ready for long battle Washington

Rescuers struggle at Pentagon  Between 100 and 800 people may have been killed when part of the 5-sided structure collapsed and burned 5,000 people remain missing
Bush, Fox meet at White House  Mexican President seeks wide-ranging immigration agreement this year including a blanket amnesty for illegall immigrants Feds drop Microsoft breakup  Justice Department will not ask that company be broken in two during the next phase of antitrust case   Fox, Bush promote partnership  Presidents tout the contributions of immigrants and benefits of free trade. Fox addressed a joint meeting of Congress   Terror attacks hit U.S. Map of World Trade Center USA

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Sep.5   Washington  
Sep.6   Washington  
  U.S. Congress  
Sep.11   Manhattan  
  3 commercial jets crash into World Trade Center and Pentagon. Both towers collapsed. United Airlines plane crashed
 2,973 people died. 19 terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Passengers and members of the flight crew on the Flight 93 attempted to retake control of their plane from the hijackers. The plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Sep.12   Washington  
Sep.13   New York  
  New Yorkers are carrying photographs of their missing relatives to trace them. 190 people died when a plane crashed into Pentagon
Sep.14   Washington     America mourns its dead
  President Bush is attending a service at the national cathedral
Sep.15   USA     Bush says US is at war
  President views Osama Bin Laden as the main enemy
Sep.17   Washington   Bush ponders hits on terror chiefs  President may lift the ban on assassinations overseas. Measures could include phone tapping and tracing laundered money Sep.18   Washington     Bush sees hope for Middle East  Palestinians announced a ceasefire and the Israeli military began to withdraw Sep.19   Washington     Bush met Megawati  U.S. President attempts to build a global coalition against terrorism Sep.20   U.S. Congress     Bush addresses nation in Congress
  President is singling out Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organisation. Bush creates High Office of Homeland Security
  Washington     Blair ready for long battle  British Prime Minister Tony Blair has vowed United Kingdom was prepared for a battle against terror Sep.21   Washington     US have enough evidence  Powell said there was sufficient evidence to bring Osama Bin Laden before US court for crimes against humanity Sep.22   Washington     Bush holds council of war  President has been consulting top military advisers. Warplanes are being sent to bases near Afghanistan Sep.23   Afghanistan     US confirms losing spy plane  Colin Powell has dismissed fears that US forces could get trapped   Washington     US to produce Bin Laden evidence  Colin Powell said the in the next few days evidence will be put before the world Sep.25   Washington     US warns of long campaign  Defence Secretary Rumsfeld has said there will be no single co-ordinated assault at the start of fight against terrorism Sep.26   Washington     Chechens told to break with Bin Laden   White House has called on rebels to cut all links with international terrorism Sep.28   Washington     Bush met King of Jordan  President praises the Middle East for co-operation with global campaign against terrorism Sep.29   Washington   US peace protests draw protest  5000 people took to the streets to protest against the use of military force Sep.30   Washington     US unmoved by Taleban statement  Defence Secretary doesn't believe the Taleban's statement that Bin Laden is under their control

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North America
Fox, Bush promote partnership
Bush addresses nation in Congress
Bush says US is at war
Terror attacks hit U.S.
Terror attacks hit U.S.
5,000 people remain missing
Fox, Bush promote partnership
New York Your ad is here Your ad is here
Terror attacks hit U.S.
Terror attacks hit U.S.
5,000 people remain missing
Your ad is here
U.S. Congress
Fox, Bush promote partnership
Bush addresses nation in Congress
Your ad is here Your ad is here Your ad is here
Fox, Bush promote partnership

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