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1. 10-01 Syria conflict: Russia defends air strikes UN
C. 10-02 Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS' Northern Syria
10-05 Russian warplanes violated its airspace Yayladagi, Hatay, Turkey
4. 10-06 Russia violation of Turkish airspace 'no accident' NATO
F. 10-07 Syria crisis: Nato to discuss Russia air campaign Syria
G. 10-08 Syria crisis: Russian Caspian missiles 'fell in Iran' Ghozghapan, West Azerbaijan, Iran
7. 10-09 Russia and US to resume Syria air safety talks Pentagon, Washington
8. 10-11 Syria conflict: Putin defends Russia's air strikes Moscow
J. 10-16 Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border Turkey

  Russia violation of Turkish airspace 'no accident'  Russia's violation of Turkish airspace over the weekend 'does not look like an accident', Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said   Syria crisis: Nato to discuss Russia air campaign
  Syria conflict: Russia defends air strikes   Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has defended his country's air strikes in Syria, saying they were targeting the same 'terrorist' groups as the...   Russia and France meet amid tensions over air strikes   President Hollande heads for talks with his Russian counterpart, amid fears Russia is carrying out indiscriminate air strikes on Syrian mili...   Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS'  Obama has said the Russian bombing campaign in Syria in support of al-Assad is driving moderate opposition underground   Syrian crisis: Russia vows to intensify air strikes   Russia has pledged to intensify its air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, saying the bombing has significantly weakened the mi... Russian warplanes violated its airspace Map of Yayladagi Hatay Turkey

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Oct.1   UN  
Oct.2   Northern Syria  
Oct.3   Moscow  
Oct.5   Turkey  
  Two Russian fighter jets Su-30 and Su-24 may have flown into Turkish air space accidentally, a senior U.S. military source said.    The first violation on Saturday, after which two Turkish F-16 jets were scrambled. Turkey s...
Oct.6   NATO  
Oct.7   Syria  
  Russia's growing military involvement in the Syria conflict is expected to be high on the agenda as Nato defence ministers meet in Brussels
Oct.8   Iran     Syria crisis: Russian Caspian missiles 'fell in Iran' Map of Ghozghapan West Azerbaijan Iran  Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea landed in Iran, unnamed US officials say Oct.9   Washington     Russia and US to resume Syria air safety talks Map of Pentagon USA  Russia has agreed to resume talks with the US on air safety during Syria bombing campaigns, says the Pentagon Oct.11   Sochi     Lewis Hamilton claims ninth win of season  Hamilton took advantage of more misfortune for Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg to ease to victory in Russian Grand Prix and extend his lead   Moscow     Syria conflict: Putin defends Russia's air strikes   Vladimir Putin has defended Russia's military operations in Syria, saying the aim is to 'stabilise the legitimate authority' of Syrian President al-Assad Oct.13   Syria     Syria conflict: US-Russia air safety talks after 'near miss'  The US and Russia are to hold new talks on air safety in Syria after it emerged combat aircraft from both nations came within miles of each ... Oct.14   Syria     1,500 Iranian fighters enter Syria under Russia's cover  Iran has sent around 1,500 fighters to Syria over the past few days, a regional official and Syrian activists claim Oct.16   Turkey   Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border  A Turkish jet shot down a Russian drone that entered its airspace near the Syrian border Friday, a senior defense official confirms Oct.21   Moscow     US attacks Moscow welcome for Assad
  The White House has strongly condemned a visit to Moscow by President Bashar al-Assad, criticising Russia for putting on a 'red carpet welcome'
Oct.23   Ukraine     Ban due on direct flights between Russia and Ukraine  Direct flights between Ukraine and Russia will stop on Sunday, as new sanctions initiated by Kiev come into effect Oct.29   South Korea   US jets intercept Russian warplanes off Korean peninsula   The US Navy scrambled four F/A-18 jets to intercept Russian warplanes which flew near a US aircraft carrier off the Korean peninsula, officials... Oct.30   Syria     Syria conflict: Russia warns US of 'proxy war risk'  Russia has warned of the risk of a 'proxy war' in the Middle East after the US said it would send special forces to Syria Oct.31   Sinai     No survivors on Russian airliner KGL9268
Map of Hasna Egypt
  Airbus A-321 has crashed in central Sinai killing all 224 people on board. It left the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, bound for St Petersburg
 Wreckage was found in the Hasana area and bodies removed, along with the 'black box'. The bodies of victims still strapped to seats. Russian President Putin has declared Sunday a day of mourning
  Sinai     Sinai plane crash: 'No SOS call' before disaster
  A Russian aircraft did not lodge an SOS call before crashing in Sinai, killing all 224 people on board, Egypt's civil aviation minister says
  Moscow     Putin declares day of mourning for 224 plane crash victims     Sinai     Sinai plane crash: Egypt dismisses IS claim   Egypt's prime minister said a technical fault was the most likely cause, dismissing claims from Islamic State militants that they were responsible

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