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  U.S. presses Beijing on N. Korea  Condoleezza Rice, leaves for a trip throughout Asia in a bid to maintain a unified world diplomatic front   Rice: Resolution sends 'clear message'
Blunt U.S. warning to North Korea  The U.S. envoy to nuclear talks says the United States will not tolerate a nuclear North Korea Internet sex scandal engulfs D.C.   House Speaker Hastert's office was notified of concerns about then-Rep. Foley before 2005 US House leader 'will not resign'  House of Representatives Speaker Hastert has apologised over a sex scandal involving a fellow Republican U.S. calls for sanctions against N. Korea  The United States circulated a draft resolution to U.N. Security Council calling for stiff weapons sanctions U.S.: North Korean test 'went wrong'  The United States believes the blast was relatively small   Bush: N. Korea a 'threat to peace'   President Bush: N. Korea's claims of a nuclear test establish Pyongyang as a 'threat to international peace' $1 million for arrest of US al Qaeda  Adam Yahiye Gadahn as indicted on treason charges, the first person charged with the offense during the war on terror Evidence of radioactivity from N. Korea

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  The evidence is preliminary. The U.S. will be in a position to confirm N. Korea's claim
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  Secretary of State said the U.N. resolution was a message that Pyongyang must 'make a new set of calculations'
Oct.17   Washington   Bush signs US terror trial bill  The bill sets standards for the interrogation and prosecution of foreign terror suspects held by the U.S. Oct.18   Washington   US adopts tough new space policy  The policy aimed at protecting US interests in space and denying adversaries access there for hostile purposes Oct.20   Washington     Bush holds Iraq strategy talks
  Gen. John Abizaid arrived for meetings with the President Bush, Rumsfeld and Casey
Oct.21   Washington     Bush to rethink Iraq strategy  US President has said military tactics will continue to change to deal with the threat posed by insurgents Oct.22   Washington   US official retracts Iraq remarks  The state department official who said that the US had shown arrogance and stupidity in Iraq has apologised Oct.23   Washington   US says Iraq must improve policy Map of White House USA  A senior White House adviser Dan Bartlett said Iraq must take more responsibility on security and political issues Oct.24   Washington   Bush team defends US Iraq plans   Top members of the government have offered their backing to President's policy Oct.25   Washington     Bush warning on Iraq terror risk   President has said that success in Iraq is vital to US interests and to defeat of extremism in the Middle East   Washington   Bush 'dissatisfied' with Iraq war
  US President says he is unhappy with the progress, admitting that an upsurge in violence is a 'serious concern'
Oct.26   Washington   Bush signs Mexico fence into law
  US President has authorised 700 miles of new fencing along the border, in a move to curb illegal immigration
Oct.27   Washington     Bush enters Cheney 'torture row'  Bush has reiterated his position that the administration does not condone torture, following comments by Vice President Oct.30   Washington   Pentagon mounts media offensive  A new unit focuses on promoting its message across 24-hour rolling news, and particularly on the internet


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