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US 'grieving' after army shooting   President Obama has said the 'entire nation' is grieving after a shooting that killed 13 people at a Texas army base   Obama in 11th-hour health plea  US President is due to make an 11th-hour plea in person to lawmakers ahead of a crucial vote on his landmark healthcare reforms US House backs healthcare reforms
  Obama urges 'new Afghan chapter'  US President has urged Hamid Karzai to 'write a new chapter' in governing Afghanistan, after its disputed presidential poll CIA agents guilty of Italy kidnap US jobless rate rises to over 10%

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Nov.2   Washington  
Nov.4   Italy
Nov.6   Washington  
  US Labor Department: The unemployment rate in the US rose to 10.2% in October, which was its highest rate since April 1983
Nov.7   House of Representatives  
  House of Representatives  
  The House has backed, in a 220-215 vote, a healthcare bill in a step towards reforms promised by President Obama, despite strong opposition
 The bill aims to extend coverage to 36 million more Americans and provide affordable healthcare to 96%
Nov.8   Washington     Obama says health vote 'historic'  US President Barack Obama has hailed as 'historic' the approval of a health bill by the House of Representatives Nov.9   Washington   No Afghanistan troop decision made   White House National Security Adviser Jim Jones is vehemently denying media reports that suggest Obama has decided to send 40,000 troops Nov.10   Washington     Washington sniper is put to death
  John Allen Muhammad, the man behind the 2002 sniper attacks in and around DC, has been executed after a last-ditch appeal was thrown out
Nov.11   Washington     Obama in Afghan troop level talks
  US President has met his national security team to discuss strategy in Afghanistan as speculation mounts over a decision on troop levels
Nov.12   Washington   Obama orders base killings probe   US President Barack Obama has ordered a review of the way intelligence agencies handled information over an army major who killed 13 people Nov.13   Washington   9/11 suspects to be tried in U.S.  Five Guantanamo detainees, including mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be transferred to New York to go on trial in civilian court Nov.15   Washington   US demands Afghan 'bribery court'  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: The Afghan president must set up a 'major crimes tribunal' and an anti-corruption commission Nov.17   Washington   U.S. Army suicides set another record  Army officials maintain a trend downward could mean the service is making headway on its programs designed to reduce the problem Nov.19   Washington   US welcomed Van Rompuy's EU presidency  The US said the appointments would strengthen the EU and Europe's relationship with Washington Nov.20   Washington     US sets marker on Afghan corruption  Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said international donors must do more to ensure their aid does not encourage corruption in Afghanistan Nov.21   U.S. Senate   Healthcare bill passes first Senate hurdle  The Senate has narrowly voted,60 votes to 39, to hold a full debate on a bill designed to overhaul the country's healthcare provision Nov.23   Washington   Indian PM makes state visit  President Obama will welcome Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for an official state visit   Washington   Obama, advisers meet on Afghanistan  U.S. President Barack Obama met with his national security team on Afghanistan and Pakistan   Washington   US will announce climate target  The US will announce a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions before next month's UN summit Nov.24   Washington   Obama seeks Afghanistan closure  US President Barack Obama has said it is his intention to 'finish the job' in Afghanistan after eight years of conflict there   Washington   Pentagon preparing to send 34000 troops   The Pentagon is making detailed plans to send U.S. troops to Afghanistan in anticipation of Obama's decision on the future of the war   Washington   U.S. won't join landmine ban  The United States won't join its NATO allies and many other countries in formally banning landmines Nov.30   Washington   Obama issues new Afghan orders
  US President Barack Obama has issued new orders for the US military after deciding how many more troops to send

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B. 11-02 Obama urges 'new Afghan chapter' Washington
11-06 US jobless rate rises to over 10% Washington
D. 11-06 US 'grieving' after army shooting Washington
E. 11-07 Obama in 11th-hour health plea House of Representatives
F. 11-07 US House backs healthcare reforms House of Representatives
6. 11-09 No Afghanistan troop decision made White House, Washington
H. 11-10 Washington sniper is put to death Washington
8. 11-11 Obama in Afghan troop level talks Washington
9. 11-12 Obama orders base killings probe Washington

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US House backs healthcare reforms
Obama in 11th-hour health plea
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Healthcare bill passes first Senate hurdle
House of Representatives
US House backs healthcare reforms
Obama in 11th-hour health plea
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