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  Bush: All Americans can be proud  President Bush said that President-elect Obama's victory in the election was 'a testament to hard work, optimism and faith'   Obama builds up White House team  Barack Obama has started forming his administration by asking Rahm Emanuel, a former adviser to Clinton, to be his chief-of-staff Obama and Bush to meet next week US jobless rate at 14-year high  The jobless rate rose to 6.5% in October, the highest rate since March 1994. US employers cut 240,000 jobs in October U.S. study likely to say Afghanistan 'dire' Obama 'to use executive orders'   Bush calls meeting with Obama 'friendly'   President Bush had a 'relaxed' meeting with President-elect after he and first lady Laura Bush welcomed their successors to their future home   Obama 'to curb lobbyists' reach'  US President-elect will usher in new rules to restrict the role of lobbyists as he puts together his administration Paulson: US bail-out working  US Treasury Secretary: The $700bn bail-out package has already 'clearly helped stabilise' the financial system Car wrangle looms in US bail-out  Leaders of the Democratic Party, which now has a majority in Congress, have confirmed they are working on a car industry rescue plan U.S.: N. Korea mustn't impede inspections   CIA: Bin Laden 'cut off from al-Qaeda'  Osama Bin Laden is isolated from the day-to-day operations, but that the organisation is still the greatest threat to the US World leaders grapple with crisis
  Dems retains control of House of Reps  The Democratic Party picks up at least five seats in the Senate   Barack Obama wins presidential election

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Nov.4   U.S. Congress  
  As polls closed on the West coast, the senator was projected to receive enough electoral votes to pass the 270-vote threshold
  Obama is projected to win California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Virginia. Democratic Senator says 'change has come to America', after being elected the first black president of the United States
Nov.5   Washington  
Nov.6   Washington
Nov.7   Washington  
Nov.9   Washington
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Nov.13   CIA  
Nov.14   Washington  
  The world leaders gathering for economic summit may be looking ahead to his successor. Bush is ready to defend Western-style capitalism.    Divisions have emerged between Europe, which wants stricter ma...
Nov.15   Washington   New trade deal by 'end of year'  World leaders have reportedly decided to aim for a new agreement on global free-trade - 'by the end of the year'   Washington     Bush: G20 committed to free trade   Talks commenced at the G20 summit where the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies are gathered to discuss ways of tackling the financial...   Washington     Summit pledge to 'restore growth'
  Global leaders at the G20 financial summit have pledged to work together to restore global growth
 The leaders were determined to work together to achieve 'needed reforms' in the world's financial systems'
  Washington Medvedev eager to talk with Obama Nov.17   Washington     Obama vows to 'work with' McCain  US President-elect and his former rival John McCain have vowed to work together in a 'new era of reform' to restore trust in government Nov.18   U.S. Congress   US car firms ask for $25bn aid
  The bosses of Ford, GM and Chrysler, have asked Congress for a $25bn bail-out and warned of broader risks to the US economy.    The United Auto Workers is willing to make key concessions to help the Detroit Three carmakers secure vita...
Nov.19   Washington Iraq pact calls for troops to leave by 2011 Nov.20   U.S. Congress   No agreement for US car bail-out  Politicians have told the crisis-hit 'Big 3' carmakers to come up with their own viable recovery plan if they want a $25bn government rescue   Washington Obama 'set to offer Clinton job' Nov.21   New York   US shares up on 'Treasury choice'  US shares have risen sharply, following a report that Obama has chosen his treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, reassuring investors Nov.23   U.S. Congress     Democrats eye huge economic boost  Senior Democrats in the Congress are considering backing a huge economic stimulus package to try and steer the country clear of recession   Washington   Citigroup secures U.S. government lifeline  The government outlined a massive rescue package that would inject another $20 billion into the banking giant, shares of which have plunged Nov.24   Washington     Obama pledges 'jolt' to economy   US President-elect has promised the rapid implementation of a multi-billion-dollar package to deliver a 'jolt' to the ailing economy Nov.25   Washington   US Fed announces $800bn stimulus
  The Federal Reserve is to inject another $800bn into the US economy in a further effort to stabilise the financial system
  Washington     Gates 'to stay as Pentagon chief' Map of Pentagon USA  Defence Secretary Robert Gates is to stay on in charge of the Pentagon when Obama takes office as president, according to media reports

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North America
11/04 Dems retains control of House of Reps
11/18 US car firms ask for $25bn aid
11/23 Democrats eye huge economic boost
11/18 US car firms ask for $25bn aid
11/20 No agreement for US car bail-out
11/21 US shares up on 'Treasury choice'
11/23 Democrats eye huge economic boost
U.S. Congress
11/04 Dems retains control of House of Reps
11/18 US car firms ask for $25bn aid
11/23 Democrats eye huge economic boost
11/18 US car firms ask for $25bn aid
11/20 No agreement for US car bail-out
11/23 Democrats eye huge economic boost

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