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US Congress eases curbs on Cuba Clinton defends stance on human rights US drops 'enemy combatant' term
Iran's uranium 'enough for bomb' US ready to aid Mexico drug fight   Obama reaches out to Russia over Iran  The United States might not proceed with a missile defense system in eastern Europe if Iran drops plans for producing nuclear weapons Obama hails special relationship Obama downplays letter to Russia White House meets Darfur aid groups  Officials of Obama's administration have met with non-governmental organizations currently operating in Darfur Europe to be Obama's first overseas trip US 'not winning in Afghanistan'   Obama reversed stem cell ban

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Mar.1   Washington
Mar.3   Washington  
Mar.5   Washington  
Mar.7   Washington
Mar.8   Washington  
  President Barack Obama lifts restrictions on federal funding for research on new stem cell lines, a major reversal of US policy
Mar.10   U.S. Congress
Mar.11   Washington
Mar.13   Washington  
  The US is abandoning its use of the term 'enemy combatants' to describe terror suspects - ending a key policy of the Bush administration
Mar.14   Washington Obama warns of US food 'hazard' Mar.15   Washington Cheney defends Bush: 'Stuff happens' Mar.16   Washington     Obama anger at AIG bonus payouts  US President has expressed anger at $165m bonuses pledged to executives of bailed-out insurer AIG, calling the payments 'an outrage' Mar.17   Washington   US Treasury 'to reclaim AIG cash'  Huge bonuses paid by ailing insurer to its executives will be deducted from the firm's next bail-out payment   U.S. Senate   Bloody war crossing U.S. border  A war between Mexican drug cartels is no longer solely a south-of-the-border problem, members of Congress said at a hearing Mar.18   Washington   Fed pumps $1.2tn into US economy
  The Federal Reserve will buy almost $1.2 trillion worth of debt to help boost lending and promote economic recovery
  Washington Former Gen. Gration named Sudan envoy Mar.19   House of Representatives   US lawmakers vote for bonus tax  House of Representatives had voted in favour of a bill to levy a 90% tax on big bonuses from firms bailed out by taxpayers Mar.20   Washington   U.S. crew: 'Chinese aggression'   Pentagon video: Sailors aboard a U.S. ocean surveillance ship reacted with a bemusement to what they said was harassment by Chinese ships   Washington   U.S. suspended aid for Madagascar  The United States consider this week's forced departure of its president 'tantamount to a coup d'etat' Mar.21   Washington     Obama fends off Geithner doubters  President Barack Obama: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will not be allowed to resign amid criticism of his short term in office Mar.23   Washington   US unveils $1tn toxic asset plan
  The US has announced details of a plan to buy up to $1 trillion worth of toxic assets to help repair banks' balance sheets
Mar.24   Washington     Obama calls global economic cooperation  The President reached out to citizens of the world in an op-ed piece that ran in 31 newspapers around the globe   Washington   Fed wanted to block AIG bonuses  Federal Reserve boss Bernanke wanted to take legal action to stop insurer paying millions of dollars of bonuses but was advised against it   Washington   Obama to beef up Mexico border policy  The administration is sending hundreds of extra federal agents and new crime-fighting equipment to the border   Washington     Obama pledges economic recovery   Barack Obama sees signs of economic recovery, but urged them to be patient and look beyond their 'short-term interests' Mar.26   Washington   US plans to rein in Wall Street  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is outlining plans to strengthen government authority over the US financial system   Washington Obama 'to increase Afghan force'   Washington Director: Better Afghanistan intel needed Mar.27   Washington   US rethinks Afghanistan strategy  Obama has confirmed a fundamental rethink of US strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan to combat an 'increasingly perilous' situation Mar.28   Washington Obama plans climate change summit Mar.29   Washington   US to consult Pakistan on strikes  President Obama has said he will consult Pakistan's leaders before targeting militants in that country   Washington   U.S. prepared to hit targets in Pakistan  President Obama said that his administration remains prepared to order strikes against 'high-value' targets within Pakistan Mar.30   Washington   Obama gets tough with carmakers
  After ordering the resignation of General Motors chief, President Obama is to reveal how he plans to save the auto industry
Mar.31   UN   U.S. seeks seat on Human Rights Council  This is a departure from the Bush administration, which was often critical of the group

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B. 03-03 Obama reaches out to Russia over Iran Washington
C. 03-05 White House meets Darfur aid groups Washington
03-08 Obama reversed stem cell ban Washington
E. 03-13 US drops 'enemy combatant' term Washington
5. 03-16 Obama anger at AIG bonus payouts Washington
6. 03-17 US Treasury 'to reclaim AIG cash' Washington
H. 03-17 Bloody war crossing U.S. border U.S. Senate
8. 03-18 Fed pumps $1.2tn into US economy Washington
9. 03-19 US lawmakers vote for bonus tax House of Representatives

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North America
Bloody war crossing U.S. border
US lawmakers vote for bonus tax
U.S. seeks seat on Human Rights Council
US lawmakers vote for bonus tax
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Bloody war crossing U.S. border
U.S. Congress
Bloody war crossing U.S. border
US lawmakers vote for bonus tax
US lawmakers vote for bonus tax
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Bloody war crossing U.S. border

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