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Senate bans 'partial birth' abortions   U.S., Britain, Spain plan Iraq summit  Leaders plan to hold a weekend summit aimed at salvaging the U.N. resolution on Iraq U.S. dismisses Chile's Iraq proposal Map of White House USA  A compromise proposal was dismissed by White House and State Department officials as a 'nonstarter'   Bush: Saddam has 48 hours to leave Iraq
US jubilant over al-Qaeda arrest  'That's fantastic!' was Bush's reaction on being told the news of Sheikh Mohammed's detention in Pakistan US mulls alternate war plans  US and British planes launched a raid which Baghdad said killed 6 people U.S. orders another 60,000 to Gulf  The new troops would bring the number of forces in the Central Command region to 310,000 U.S.: N. Korea plane intercept 'reckless'  Bush remained convinced there could be a diplomatic solution to the standoff over nuclear program Second resolution in doubt Rumsfeld denies Iraq disarming   Bush: Iraq is playing 'willful charade'  President Bush accused Iraq of hiding weapons of mass destruction U.S. reviews Korean, German bases  The United States says it is considering relocating or even withdrawing some American troops to 'lower the footprint' U.S., Russia nuke treaty ratified U.S. pushes for Iraq deadline  Officials are working the phones for a proposed resolution that would give Iraq until March 17 to disarm or face war   Powell: 'Progress' on deadline Map of White House USA  Secretary of State said the White House was 'making some progress with the elected 10 members' White House concedes U.N. defeat Map of White House USA

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  U.S. Senate
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  The White House paper said that the council was still divided and 'peaceful disarmament looks less and less likely'
Mar.13   U.S. Senate
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  U.S. President gave Iraqi President 48 hours for him and his sons to leave Iraq before military action begins
Mar.18   Washington   Pentagon: U.S. troops ready to attack  Senior officials say Bush orders could come as early as Wednesday night Mar.19   Iraq     U.S. Launches War Against Iraq
  After air raid sirens went off across Baghdad, anti-aircraft fire and explosions were heard
 Blair ordered British forces to take part in the action to protect against a new threat of 'disorder and chaos'. Saddam that denounced the U.S.-led military campaign as 'criminal'. A convoy of U.S. tanks rolled unopposed through the desert toward the Iraqi capital. Dozens of Iraqi troops surrendered with white flags to British marines.
  Washington     Bush: 'No outcome except victory'
  President told the world that the United States had launched a campaign to free Iraqi people
Mar.20   Washington FBI: Terror alert issued for Saudi national Mar.24   Washington   Pentagon: Iraq broke 'laws of war'  Iraqi troops are falsely indicating their willingness to surrender and fighting U.S. and allied troops in civilian clothes   Washington   U.S. pressures Russia over Iraq arms  The United States continued ask to rein in 2 companies it accuses of supplying military equipment to Iraq Mar.25   U.S. Senate     Senate reverses Bush tax cuts  The Senate has reduced the size of proposed tax cuts by 50%, from $726bn to $360bn Mar.26   Washington     Blair arrives for US summit  Prime Minister has arrived for talks with President Bush about the Iraq war Mar.27   Washington     Bush, Blair joint news conference
  Bush has said that thanks to US-led forces in Iraq the grip of terror is being loosened
Mar.28   Washington   Top Pentagon adviser resigns under fire  Richard Perle resigned as chairman of the Defense Policy Board, saying he wanted to defuse a controversy   Washington     Powell mulls 'bold initiative' for N. Korea  The initiative similar to Nixon's China initiative in the early 1970s, is an option for North Korea Mar.31   Washington   China, Israel cited for poor human rights  Iraq and the Central Asian states were also accused. Report accused China of numerous human rights abuses

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B. 03-01 US jubilant over al-Qaeda arrest Washington
C. 03-03 US mulls alternate war plans Washington
D. 03-03 U.S. orders another 60,000 to Gulf Washington
4. 03-04 U.S.: N. Korea plane intercept 'reckless' Washington
5. 03-06 Bush: Iraq is playing 'willful charade' Washington
03-08 U.S. pushes for Iraq deadline Washington
7. 03-09 Powell: 'Progress' on deadline White House, Washington
8. 03-11 White House concedes U.N. defeat White House, Washington


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