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U.S. Supreme Court Race Issues (4)   Osama bin Laden, 2003   U.S. Supreme Court LGBT (10)   Texas LGBT (5)   U.S. Supreme Court, 2003
US in new global GM push  At a biotechnology conference Bush has called on Europe to end its moratorium on genetically modified crops Qatar man declared 'enemy combatant'  Bush designated Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, 37, suspected of being a sleeper operative an 'enemy combatant'   Musharraf: We are after al Qaeda  Pakistani have launched a massive hunt in remote border areas, Musharraf said at a joint news conference with Bush   Sources: Bin Laden letters urged attacks
U.S. to shake up Asian presence  Wolfowitz: Reports of permanent American bases in the Philippines and Australia are way off mark   Congress to get CIA's Iraqi WMD report  CIA will 'provide shortly' the 'underlying intelligence which was the basis' for Powell's pre-war presentation to the UN   Memoirs: Hillary's 'outrage' at Clinton lies  Bill lied to his wife about his affair with Monica until shortly before he had to testify to a grand jury investigation Pentagon: WMD report consistent   Pentagon denied that a Defense Intelligence Agency report from September 2002 in any way conflicted with U.S. claims   Mid-East killings prompt US appeal  Powell has urged Israel and the Palestinians not to allow the violence to derail the search for peace US threatens mass expulsions  13,000 Arab and Muslim men are facing deportation after co-operating with post-9/11 anti-terror measures   Bush confident of unearthing Iraqi WMD  President he remains 'absolutely convinced' evidence eventually will be found in Iraq   Bush rebukes Israel over air strike  President has sharply criticised an attack on a jeep carrying one of the most senior members of the Hamas in Gaza   Bush upbeat on Mid-East peace plan  President is determined to see the plan through, despite heightened tensions after 2 Israeli missile strikes in the Gaza   Hamas blamed for Mid-East violence  The United States has blamed the increase in violence on the militant group Hamas Church sex investigator resigns  Frank Keating has resigned after accusing bishops of blocking his work. He compared bishops to the Mafia U.S. pressures Iran over nukes  The United States will not tolerate building nuclear weapons and demanded Iran allow more detailed inspections Mixed ruling on affirmative action

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Jun.23   U.S. Supreme Court  
  The Supreme Court has struck down Michigan university admissions process which favoured ethnic minority candidates
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Jun.25   Washington  
  Al Qaeda leader sent a private message to followers in February, ordering them to attack the U.S. and its allies
  Washington     Bush: 'Hamas must be dismantled'  President is calling Hamas a terrorist organization bent on disrupting the peace process Jun.26   U.S. Supreme Court   Supreme Court overturns gay sex ban
  By 6-3 decision court has struck down a ban on homosexual sex in Texas
Jun.27   Washington   U.S. evaluates Operation Desert Scorpion
  A soldier was shot in the back of the head in a string of attacks against the coalition that shows no sign of slowing
Jun.28   Israel     Israelis, Palestinians invited to DC by Rice
  Prime Minister Abbas, his team of negotiators and the Israeli negotiators have been invited to Washington

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North America
06/02 Congress to get CIA's Iraqi WMD report
06/23 Mixed ruling on affirmative action
06/26 Supreme Court overturns gay sex ban
06/02 Congress to get CIA's Iraqi WMD report
06/02 Congress to get CIA's Iraqi WMD report
U.S. Supreme Court
06/23 Mixed ruling on affirmative action
06/26 Supreme Court overturns gay sex ban
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